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In Love With An Hijabite. Episode 38

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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE ( She is a Muslimah…. He is a playboy )

© Authoress Adesewa



Beverly Hills, California.


Ever since the holiday started I’ve been going to my dad’s company during the weekdays and my weekends are now free.

I’m at the field and we just finished our match.

I’m waiting for Brayden to finish what he’s doing with Scarlett so we can start heading home.

I came in Brayden’s car this morning so I have to wait for him.

” Hi Xavier ” Kiyah’s brother said.

” Jamal, how have you been?” I asked.

I haven’t seen him for over a month now due to exams and the court case.

“I’m fine, you?” he asked back.

“I’m fine also. Is Kiyah here” I said.

” Yeah. There she is” he said pointing at Kiyah who was walking with two ladies on Hijabs.

” I have to go. See you later Xavier” Jamal said and he run off to join his teammates.

I wanted to ask him about the two ladies with Kiyah but he’s gone already.

I brought out my phone and I logged into my instagram account to know how many people have followed me on my new account.
I deactivated my old instagram account and this new one is just three days old.

I was surprised to see that I have 5k followers already.

” Hi Xavier ” Kiyah greeted.

” Hi Kiyah ” I replied.

She is here with Scarlett and the two ladies I saw with her earlier.

Jace has travelled to France to meet Laura because senator Jackson wants to spend time with him and his daughter.

Kiyah haven’t introduced the two ladies and I didn’t want to be too forward so I didn’t ask her.

” Kiyah, don’t you think you should introduce us to your friend?” One of the ladies asked.
She is taller than the silent lady but not as tall as Kiyah.

” Xavier, meet my best friends. This is Zainab and this is Fateemah” Kiyah said.
The quiet lady is Zainab and the one who talked earlier is Fateemah.

” Nice to meet you girls. I’m Xavier” I said.

” He’s really hot” the bold lady said quietly but I still heard.

” I’m not deaf, you know” I said with a smirk while Kiyah and her friend blushed crimson.

They sat down on a chair opposite mine and I asked questions to know them more.

“Can I know you better? ” I asked the girls.

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” Yeah” Fateemah said while Zainab didn’t talk at all.
I guess she is the shy type.

” Okay, what are your likes and dislikes, Zainab” I asked just to hear her talk.

” I like watching movies, shopping and listening to Nasheeds… I dislike reading, gossips and telling lies” she said.

“Wow, that’s nice. Nasheed is like you guys gospel songs right? I asked her.

” Yeah ” she said.

” Okay, Fateemah what is your future ambitions?” I asked.

” Firstly, I’m not called Fateemah, just call me Teemah. To answer your question, I’m not sure of what I want to be.
Today, I might dream of becoming an actress and tomorrow I’d like to be a lawyer.
I’m only studying Medical lab science because I love the course at that time. Now, I really feel like switching to education” she said.

” May Allah help you” I said and the girls all looked at me as if I said something wrong.

“Huh?” Kiyah said.

” Ameen” Teemah finally replied.

” Hmm, why did you say Alkah and not just God?” Kiyah asked.
She is always curious, I observed.

” I noticed you and Khaleed prefer to say Allah instead of God” I said.

” Yeah though it’s basically the same thing” Teemah said.

” Can I ask you all a question though? ” I said to them.

” Which kind of question?” Scarlett asked.

” It’s based on your faiths. How can you believe there is a power out there which is in control of the universe” I asked.
The question has been on my mind for as long as I can remember.
My parents are not religious and I don’t also believe in any gods.

” Wait, I thought you are a Christian so why are you asking this question?” Kiyah asked.

“I’m not. The only religious person in my family is my grandma and she died years ago” I explained.
My grandma died two years after my mom died.
I’ve lost a lot of people who matter most to me.

” Okay. I never knew you are an atheist though. You asked why I believe there is a God. At first, I only believed in God because I was brought up to believe that but as I grew up I became more convinced that truly there is God” Kiyah said.

” I’m also certain that there is God. I believe he died for our sins so we can have eternal life” Scarlett said.

” Ukthi, I need water” Jamal said breathlessly.
He was running from the field to where we all sat.

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Kiyah gave him a water bottle from the bag she was holding.

When Jamal left, I resumed the conversation with the girls.

” I’ve heard all what you said. If I’m convinced enough that there is a God then I’d believe in him” I said to them.

” Okay, best of luck with your quest” Teemah said.

Brayden came over to join us and then my phone begin to ring.

The call is from my family doctor. It has been a while since I saw him or spoke with him.
I picked the call eventually.

Xavier you need to come to the estate quick. Your dad is in grave danger”

What happened to him?”

I can’t tell you over the phone. You have to come fast”

Alright. I’d be there soon”

I cut the call and I turned to Brayden.

” Dude, please I need to go to the estate as fast as possible” I said.

” What’s the emergency? ” he asked.

He knows I rarely go to the estate.
The last time I was there is when we had an awkward family dinner and I was asked to be the managing director of the company here in Beverly Hills.

“I don’t know exactly but the doctor said I have to come fast” I explained.

Kiyah wanted to go with Brayden and I but I asked her not to bother.

I got down from Brayden’s car when we arrived at the main house.

I rushed into my dad’s room and I was surprised to see that it has been turned into a mini hospital.

” Doctor, what happened to him?” I asked.

” He slumped on his way to the bathroom and he’s in dangerous condition due to his sickness” Doctor said.

” Hope he’s going to be okay? ” I asked.

” We can’t say for now. It wouldn’t have been this worse if he’d stated his chemotherapy treatment like I told him” the doctor said and I frowned.

” Chemotherapy for what?” I asked him.

” Didn’t you know he has cancer?” he asked.

Oh no, this is the worst thing that has happened to me this year.

I know I’m not fond of my dad but I don’t want to lose him either.

He’s the only family member I have left.
No matter how much I despise him, nothing can change the fact that he is my biological father.

The magnitude of the doctor’s statement made me sway and I felt Brayden pat my shoulder gently.

I sat down beside my dad and I looked into his blue eyes which were tightly shut at the moment.

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How I wish we were like normal families but sadly we are not.

My mom was madly in love with my dad when I was growing up. My dad probably loved her as well but he was never at home as he was busy climbing the societal ladder so he rarely have time for us.
My mom died because of my dad and I also would have died if not for luck.


I’ve asked for permission to visit Mr Austin at home since yesterday when we got home from the field.

Teemah and Zainab offered to follow me so we are all going together.

We took a taxi to the estate.
The taxi wasn’t allowed to enter the estate.

I called Xavier’s number and it ringed for a while before he picked up.

Hi, I’m outside the estate but the guards said we can’t come in”

give the phone to the guard”

I gave the guard the phone and after some seconds he gave me back my phone.

” I’m sorry ma’am. I was just following the protocols” the guard said.

” No problem” I said.

The guard asked us to step out of the taxi and he asked the taxi driver to leave.

A car came to pick us at the gate to the main house.

We were led to a room that has been converted into a hospital room.

I saw Mr Austin lying on the bed looking very pale.

It’s hard to believe that few days ago he was bustling with energy at the shopping centre. Now, he’s looking so fragile.

” Hi girls ” Xavier said.
He was looking stressed. We all returned his greeting.

” Za…za…Zakiyah” mr Austin managed to say as I sat down close to him.

” Get well soon sir” I said to him.

” You came” Mr Austin said in a quite firm voice.

” Yes sir” I said.

I prayed for him to get well and my besties also prayed for him as well.

I wanted to leave after the prayers but Xavier stopped me when I was outside his dad’s room.

” How did my dad know you?” Xavier asked.

I should have known he’d ask me.

” He came to our house to apologise on behalf of your stepbrother after I came back from the hospital” I said to him.

” Okay. I was surprised when he called your name” Xavier said.

” Goodbye Xavier” I said.

” Goodbye girls” he said to us.

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