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My V Husband. Chapter 84

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 84

Rose’s POV

I was wondering why Ethan really wanted to tell me how the prayer went, as much as I resisted myself from not checking what he wrote, I find myself holding the book.

I read what Ethan wrote and my eye archened


What sort of prayer was that?

I became uneasy cause I do not even know where they had taken Ethan to this morning.

I walked out of the room wondering where Ethan was. I saw a man who seem to be a worker there.

“Do you know where my husband is?” I asked him.

“Yea…he’s eating the supper of the morning with the mistress.”

“Supper!” I repeated cause it sounded so strange to me.

“Take me there please!” I said and he lead me to a room.

“Right here, but you should not disturb them.”The man said and walked as away.

I opened the door slightly and peeped, I saw the woman dressed like some masquerade and Ethan standing before her.

I noticed Ethan was taking his face close to the woman

What could he want to do? When it looks like his lips would land on hers, jealousy made me screamed and they both turned towards me.

I walked there and exchanged glances at the both of them.

” What is going on here? Why did you want to kiss her?” I asked Ethan

” I wanted to explain to you yesterday but you would not let me…” Ethan answered.

“woman of man, stay away from the dealings of the spirit, this is part of the prayer.”The woman said solemly to me.

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” What kind of prayer allows my husband to kiss you?” I was disgusted and wasn’t finding her actions genuine anymore.

“The ways of men are not the ways of the spirit. I’m a mistress not a slù—-T and many people had come here and receive their freedom, you simply have to corporate. you are only spending three days here, why not be cool?” The woman asked.

“Will you be cool if an acclaimed mistress s—–K your husband’s d——!k?” I asked the woman and she turned to Ethan surprisingly.

“Did you tell her?” The woman asked Ethan.

“She found out.” Ethan replied and the woman closed her eyes.

“You spoilt yesterday’s prayer, I’m sorry but I hear the spirit saying you will now spend seven more days….you see, you made the spirit prolonged your days, I told you guys to cooperate but you won’t listen.” The woman said.