December 3, 2022

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My V Husband. Chapter 85

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 85

Ethan’s POV

Rose and I were still before the mistress, I smirked and said; “The spirits may tell you to prolonge our days to 100 years, my wife and I are leaving.”

Rose and I walked away from the mistress and went to our room, we started packing our little luggage.

“I told you?” I said to Rose.

“I was only trying to help.”She answered.

” I know and I appreciate that.” I said and we both walked outside the room.

We walked towards the exit of the building but could not find anyone at the gate that leads outside the place.

I turned and saw that there were no one around unlike when we came when we saw many people tropping in.

“What’s going on?”I asked Rose.

” No idea.” She replied and we both walked back to the mistress’s room.

She squatted on the floor before a calabash that had fire on it

“Excuse me, we did not see someone to open the gate for us, what is going on?” I asked.

The mistress opened her eye and said; “The spirits wants you to stay.”

“What are you talking about, are you forcing us to stay or what?” Rose asked and took steps closer to the woman.

I pulled her back and thought intently.

“Have you kidnapped us?” I asked.

“The spirits are the ones working, stay seven more days and the gate will be opened.”The woman said and Rose rose her head to me.

I walked to the woman and pulled her up.

I dragged her like a dog to the gate and ordered; ” Open this door.”

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“How dare you embarrass a woman of god?” She asked.

“A woman of god that has never received a responding slap. Open that gate.”

The mistress furrowed her brow and two men walked towards us.

“Mistress, what is going on?”They faced her and ask.

Before she could respond, I said to those men; ” Who would open this door?”

“I have the keys but I can only open it at the order of the mistress.” One of them answered.

“Oh! command them.” I ordered the mistress.

“I can’t disobey the spirits, they want you to stay for seven more days, even if it is to force you.” She said and I smirked.

She definitely doesn’t know me.

I charged at the two men and beat them blue black.

I took the keys out from the pocket of the one that had it and opened the gate.

I threw it back at the stupid mistress and we walked to our car and drove off.