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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 51

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 51

Elizabeth’s POV

I went back to my seat, this time, Mr Ashley Romeo didn’t even look at my side. He simply walked away like he didn’t know I resumed work there.

I was so angry that he ignored me and didn’t give me much honour as I had expected.

Anyway, we would see when we get home.

After I was done with work, I waddled out angrily without greeting anyone. After I got outside, I reasoned that I will have to start chattering a cab home.

A whole me? A wife of Mr Ashley Romeo.

He couldn’t even arrange how I would get home.

My phone rang as I stood waiting for a cab.

I checked whom the caller was and it was Mr Ashley Romeo.

“I guess you are done with work?” He asked.

“Don’t talk to me, so you were pretending like you did not know me, right? A good husband would have introduced me to all his workers, come and see how your workers were speaking to me anyhow, what nonsense!” I said but there was silent from his end.

“Hello! hello!” I further said but got no response.

I checked the screen of the phone and saw that he had hung up.

“Jërk!” I mumbled and a jeep parked before me

“Please come in, Mrs Romeo, Mr Ashley Romeo had ordered me to transport you home.” He said.

“Tell him I’m not riding!” I said expecting him to urge me to enter.

“Okay.”He replied and drove away.

All those that are working with him are really crazy? how could he just drive away?

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Didn’t he know I didn’t even mean it.

Well, I’ll get a cab.

I waited for one more hour but I don’t know what was going on, all the cans I was stopping to transport me were not waiting.

A jeep parked before me and I saw another man inside.

” Mr Ashley Romeo wanted to ask if you are now interested in going home or you had like to stand here till night?”He asked indifferently.

I felt like throwing something to his face.

“Are you guys joking with me or what? What nonsense is this? Anyway, come and open this door for me.” I requested.

“I’m not your husband ma’am, please open the door yourself and enter or I will take my leave.”He said.

I opened the door, walked in and knocked the man on his head.

Very rude of him, let me see if he’s going to lay hands on Mr Ashley Romeo’s wife.