January 27, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 88

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 88

Rose’s POV

After I had got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the confidence of Ethan’s mom. She doesn’t even feel remorseful.

Did she really expect her children to remain v@-gin in their marriage? That won’t work for a long time.

My phone beeped and on checking whom the caller was, it was a private number.

I pressed the red button and adjusted well on the chair.

The phone beeped again and it was the same private number, I was now getting pissed.

I wanted to press the red button angrily but my hand slide to the green.

“My Love.” The voice sounded.

The voice doesn’t sound like that of Ethan at all.

I reasoned and asked; “Brandon?”

“My name sounds the sweetest in your mouth, I have missed you.”

“Brandon, are you a døg? can’t you stay where you belong for crying out loud?” I asked.

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“Remind me where I belong please? I already told my girlfriend I never loved her. You see this world of love is quiet crazy! My girlfriend loves me but I never loved her and I was being honest with her. I love you but you never loved me, why is the cycle of love that way? ” He asked.

“I do not have time for you, I didn’t even want to pick this number. Anyways, I would be reporting to my husband that you called and trust me…you will be losing more than eyes when he gets hold of you this time.”I threatened.

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” Aww…. He must be a legend, your husband is with me…. he will be here as my dog for a long time.” He laughed and I stood immediately.

Ethan went to work and had not come back, has he hurt him?

“Check your message and see the picture of Ethan.” Brandon said and I quickly checked.

I saw the picture of Ethan tied to a chair and dogs were around him.

My heart bleeds in pain and anger arose in me.

“Brandon, are you crazy? ” I yelled and hung the phone up.

I dialed Jack’s number immediately.

“Jack, are you aware that Brandon is taking revenge on Ethan, he had locked Ethan up with the dogs?”I asked.

” I was not aware but I’m certain he is up to something evil .”