February 3, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 89

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 89

Rose’s POV

I was still on phone with Jack.

“What do we do?” I asked.

“I’ll be at your house soon.”He said and I hung up.

I became restless and started walking to and fro the room.

How in the world did this stupid Brandon get hold of my husband?

Few hours later, Jack arrived.

While still standing, I asked; ” Jack, how will you tell your brother to release my husband?”

“I should have let him remained blind, his mom and him are against me, they said they would have you forcefully…” Jack said with a tone of regret.

I bite my lips painfully and went to sit on the hand of the chair.

“Should I report to the cops?”

“The prove are not substantial, he can claim that he never had your husband in custody. ” Jack said still standing.

“You can have your sit.” I finally said what I should have said since.

“No….I’m fine. I’m only thinking of how I can help you.” He said and the door opened.

Brandon walked in with a chuckle and clapped.

“Brother, what are you doing here?” Brandon was asking Jack.

“Came to pay a visit to the wife of my best friend, and you, what are you here for?” Jack asked.

“Well, I came to see my love.” He said and smiled.

Jack shook his head and took steps towards him.

“Don’t come to me brother, stay away.”Brandon said as he stretched his hand signalling for Jack to stop.

” We need to talk Brandon.” Jack who had paused walking, said.

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“You have noting to tell me than telling me to release Ethan and let him be with his wife.”Brandon said.

” But where were you when he treated me as his dogs for three days?” Brandon screamed angrily.

“Don’t make me angry brother?” Brandon further said calmly.

“Remember Ethan paid for this eyes you now use, is this how to be grateful?” Jack asked.

“I would have been grateful if he was not the one that removed the eye in the first place. Brother, I do not want to be rude, please leave.” Brandon said, more like a polite order.

“I’m sorry but I can’t leave Rose lonely here.” Jack said and Brandon shot him an annoying look.

Brandon walked to him and slapped him hard.

“Do you realize I’m your elder brother?” Jack asked holding his cheek.

“Which is why I’m still respcting you.” Brandon replied angrily.