February 2, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 90

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 90

Rose’s POV

“Leave or I will do something even worse.”Brandon said. There were chaos in his face and that really made me scared.

” You slapped me?” Jack asked Brandon.

“Yes, I do. What will you do….Leave now?” He barked on Jack and Jack came to me.

“Let’s leave.”He said as he held my wrist.

Brandon double crossed us and gave Jack blow in the nose, he staggered back and fall to the floor even as his nose bleeds.

“I will wound you, brother.” Brandon yelled angrily and I just stood still.

Brandon held me and dragged me out.

All my efforts to yank my hand away from his grip was fruitless, I turned back and saw Jack standing with his hand on his bleeding nose and watched as Brandon took me away.

I was inside Brandon’s car as he drove.

“Where are you taking me too?” I asked and his weird face melted, it was only a fake smile that he now put on.

“My love.” He said and I felt like slapping him but I knew he’s dangerous.

We arrived at a very empty street and he took me into a solitary house, As we entered, I saw many men standing with guns.

I sighted Ethan being tied to the chair while two dogs squatted behind him.

“Ethan!* I screamed and I tried to run to him but Brandon’s men wouldn’t let me.

” I just want you to watch me kill him, If he is alive, he won’t let me actualize my dream.” Beandon said and stretched the gun at Ethan.

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“Don’t kill him , please….please.” I pleaded and Brandon only smirked.

*I’m not a killer but I’m really desperate to have you.” He said and released the bullet into Ethan.

Ethan fell and my head ached.

I let my head fall as bitter tears poured from my eyes.

“I’m sorry, my Love?” Brandon said and his men carried me inside his car.

I didn’t have any strength to fight anymore, I just felt like dying.

He has taken the only thing that matters to me and he thinks he will have me?

Even my dead will despise him.

Ethan’s POV

I was seated before my mom, I was telling her how Brandon kept coming after my wife and if it is right to kill him.

“It will be a crime to kill him, but there are other severe punishment you can give him.” my mom said.