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My V Husband. Chapter 91

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 91

Ethan’s POV

“Other severe punishment like what?” I asked my mom.

My phone rang and it was from one of my men.

“Hello Howard.” I said into the phone.

“The man that acted as you had been killed, this is really painful, should we act already?” He asked..

“My wife might get hurt, just keep tracking them, I will send an order soon.” I said.

“Alright, sir.”He hung up and my heart bleeds.

I had paid the man that acted as me handsomely and promised that nothing will happen to him, he was on a facial skin mask that looks like my face , driving my car on the day Brandon thought he kidnappd me.

We had an inside source that was among Brandon’s men, he was the one that informed me about Brandon’s plan.

I explained what just happened to my mom.

” He even killed someone? Oh no! He’s a beast. ” My mom said and sat upright.

*Have you made love with your wife, yet?” She asked.

“No but soon, she’s scared that I may have stroke if we end up making love.” I said.

“Actually, I pity the poor girl, it’s being five months in marriage and she is still a still v@g—1n, she still love you with passion. Well, nothing will actually happen if you make love with her, I just want to test your partner’s loyalty and gladly, Rose had flawlessly passed.”My mom said.

” I should feel happy about this but why do you make my sister and I see Romance as something evil, it would have broken my marriage if not for the deep love Rose had for me.” I said.

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My mom looked away and her eyes became pregnant with tears! “It’s a very sad story.”

She looked into my eyes and further said; “People don’t just make decisions, there is always a reason.”

I nodded and didn’t disturb her any further.

At least, she has now given my wife the permission to make love with me.

“Mom, before I give the order for them to attack Brandon and save my wife, what punishment can I give Brandon?” I asked.

“Inject him and make him paralysed, the paralysis will lead to stroke , he will be alive but useless. He would not be able to ease himself when he wish, he would depend on someone all his life….it’s the greatest punishment that no man will ever pray for.” My mom said.

“Thanks mom.” I said and called Howard.

“Go ahead and save Rose, kidnap Brandon and keep him at the ware house, i will be there soon.”