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The Accīdental Bride. Chapter 55

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Accīdental Bride

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 55

Elizabeth’s POV

“You should leave, Nancy.” Mr Ashley Romeo said to the woman.

“You are married, for real?” She asked in shock.

“But it’s barely two months.” She further said.

“It’s too late, please leave.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

“This is not fair!” The woman said and dragged her luggage towards the exit.

“No, I did not believe this….I did not.” She said and turned back.

“She is just your maid, I’m not leaving?” The woman said and Mr Ashley Romeo faced me.

He buried my cheek in his hand and planted his l-ips on mine, he ki-ssed it softly.

The woman furrowed her brow in shock.

Mr Ashley Romeo placed his hand on my b—-t and played with it

“Do you still not believe?” Mr Ashley Romeo asked Nancy.

Herr mouths were already dropped open.

She dragged her luggage without saying a word and walked away.

After she had walked away, Mr Ashley Romeo said; “I’m sorry for touching you th-ere without your perm-ission.”He said.

Huh! I actually did not count it before until he said it.

” That’s not fair , Mr Ashley Romeo, I’ll do my own.” I said and his face gleamed in surprise.

“Is this a joke?” He asked as he adjusted back.

I moved close to him.

“You think telling me ‘sorry’ alone will make me forgive you for tou-ching my b—–t? oh no!” I said and took steps to him.

“But you are my wife?” He asked.

“Which gives me the right to do mine.” I said and he , then stood still.

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I went to him and ùn-zī—-P—pēd his trø—-sër. I br—ught ou—;t his d–!–!k and pla-yed with it.

I returned it and z;up!pëd it.

“Are you satisfied?”He asked.

” It’s lo-ng.” I said and chuckle.

“Would you like to have it in–side you?” He asked.

“You are still a fake husband, will you eat? ” I asked.

“If it’s delicious.” He said and I walked back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

After I had cooked, I served breakfast and called him to come and eat.

He sat before me and took the first spoon.

“Bitter!” He said and stood.

“Huh! my food is bitter?” I stood and went to doublecross hm.

“Bitter or sweet, you must eat that food.” I said to him.

“I have something else that is sweet that I can eat.” He said.

“Really? and what’s that?” I asked.

“Your lips.” He answered and ki-ssed me.