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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 57

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 57

Elizabeth’s POV

“Right here, ma, the dog hardly come out but you can go in and deal with it and all you want.” Sam said and walked away.

I watched Sam fade out of sight.

I opened the door and I looked around but couldn’t find a thing, light shone everywhere and the house is just a single room but was designed beautifully.

There were small stepping there, a little pulpit was built. A toilet and dinning was built in the same room.

Everywhere was neat but I still couldn’t find the dog.

As I took a step forward, I heard a very thick groan, it was hard that everywhere vibrated.

The door behind me closed all of a sudden and I turned.

I went to the door and tried to open it and saw that it had been closed.

“Sam! Sam!” I called his name severally but got no response from inside.

I am not even with a phone to call Mr Ashley Romeo

Why in the world will this stupid Sam lock me up here? I’ll report him to my husband.

I hit the door many times, then I turned.

Where is the dog, even?

I heard a loud groan this time and then from a corner of the pulpit, the dog stood with its full stature.


Is this a dog?

The dog is taller than me, he is big and fat, his teeth were pointed , big and white. His smell covered everywhere and he groaned louder.

He looked at me and didn’t move.

Is this the dog that ate my food?

Oh? I should have just let him eat everything, this one is too big to be dealt with.

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The dog started approaching me, a step after the other.

I summoned little courage and walked towards it.

I paused on seeing the way it was shaking his head and breathing.

“Hey dog! I came to play with you.” I said.

The dog shook his head and barked at me.

His bark vibrated in the room very strongly that I staggered back and fell with my @-ss to the floor.

I quickly picked myself up and said; “Seiously, I came to play with you.” The dog kept coming after me and I was moving back fearfully.

“Mr Ashley Romeo!” I screamed his name when it started looking like the dog will eat me up.