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My V Husband. Chapter 95

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 95

Brandon’s POV

“But brother, why will you betray me?” I asked Jack.

I had tied him upside down, he was hanging in the air.

My boys had just finished flogging him.

“I regret to have you as a brother.”Jack said and I grinned.

” Funny! I have never seen you as one. So you really think you can manipulate me into giving you the solution? do you realize how much I love Rose? she’s my life and I’ll do anything to have her. See me, one handed but I won’t stop. I had never fallen in love all my life and even when I tried to, It wasn’t working. I dated Sonia for many years but I was still not in love. ” I said to Jack.

“You can kill me already. You will never have Rose.”He said.

That hurts me, he had said that many times and I have slapped him but he was so obstinate.

I brought out the solution that will make Rose recover her memory and took it to Jack’s sight.

” Here it is, but unfortunately, only I have in the world and its just one. You must be foolish to think you can just get it from me.” I said and tapped his cheek.

Jack spat at me.

I laughed hard and cleaned it, I walked back to my seat.

“Boss, you’ve got a call.” One of my men approached me.

I collected the phone from him and picked it.

“Brandon!”The voice came.

I knew at once that it was Ethan

” I had been expecting your call, you best friend is not smart at all.”I said.

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“You want Rose or something else?”He asked.

” Rose and nothing else.” I replied.

“How can we see, I’ll take her along with me and you can have her.” Ethan said and I thought for a while.

“Why don’t you just send her here plus why will you just give her to me, what did you want in return?” I asked.

“I want all this to be over ,but I will be the one to decide where we will meet. I will give you Rose and you can even decide to still let Jack be with you, I don’t care. Just let’s see so all this can be over. I want to live a peaceful life.” Ethan replied.

“Hum! Send me the address, I can’t wait to have Rose as my wife….” I said and hung up.