March 22, 2023

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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 58

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 58

Elizabeth’s POV

A screen appeared before me and I quickly took my face there, I saw Mr Ashley Romeo and the environment he sat looked like he was at the dinning.

Same dinning that I had just left.

“Mr Ashley Romeo.” I screamed and he took a spoon full of the food before him.

“It’s delicious, come and join me.”He said and took another spoon.

” It’s now that my food are delicious? tell your driver to come and unlock this place now, why will he lock me with this beast you call a dog?” I asked but Mr Ashley Romeo only poured himself a drink and drank using one eye to look at me.

He placed the cup on the table and smirk faintly.

“Are you enjoying your new home?” He asked.

“Which new home? will I be living with this dog?” I shouted.

“I thought you said you wanted to deal with the dog, please deal with it. In fact, bet it mercilessly.” Mr Ashley Romeo said and the screen I was from watching him went off.

I took my eyes back to the dog who was looking elsewhere with his tongue pouted out.

I looked around and check if there are other exits but there are none.

My eyes met with that of the dog and it groaned like it was angry.

It started running towards me and I began to run around the room hoping that it would not catch up with me cause that would mean my death.

The dog paused all of a sudden and went behind the pulpit that he had stood from.

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I sighed and wondered what made it go back.

The light on the screen came up again and I was stunned at what was written on it; “In a rich man’s house, anything is possible.”

Mr Ashley Romeo then showed up in the screen.

“Have you dealt with the dog?” He asked gently.

“Release me from here.” I screamed angrily and he shifted back instinctively like I was before him.

“I will…” He said and took another cup of wīne. “…if you say ‘please'”

“What! why must I say ‘please’. Better open this door now?” I threatened.

“Or what? ” He asked and seem to press something under the dinning table.

The dog stood again and barked at me angrily.

“What are you doing to me , Mr Ashley Romeo?” I asked loudly almost crying.

“Say , ‘please’ and I will get you out of there.” He said.