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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 59

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 59

Elizabeth’s POV

“Please.” I finally succumb to Mr Ashley Romeo’s request and the door opened by itself.

I ran towards it and ran out.

I sighed heavily as I leaned my two hands on my knees.

“Sam, Sam!” I shouted angrily looking for Mr Ashley Romeo’s driver.

I met him drinking in the little open shed that was created beside the garage.

“You….why did you lock me up?” I yelled angrily at him.

“You should calm down, Mrs Romeo. I didn’t lock you up.” He said gently.

“So who did?” I asked, this time my voice was getting lower.

“Ask Mr Ashley Romeo.” He said and I pouted my lips at him.

I felt like drawing his ear painfully.

I eyed him, hissed and walked away.

“You forgot something!” He said and I paused. I turned to him angrily.

“What?” I inquired angrily.

The man drank more from his bottle and ignored me.

“What?” I screamed.

The man turned to the right side and sang as he drink.

All of Mr Ashley Romeo’s worker just takes after him.

He just told me that I forgot something and now he’s not telling me what I forgot.

But….did I even bring something here in the first place? How is it possible for me to forget something?

“What?” I screamed into his ears this time.

He jerked and then faced me. “Respect. Take it along to Mr Ashley Romeo.” He answered and walked away.

So that was what he said I forgot?

“Jerk!” I mumbled and walked back inside to Mr Ashely Romeo.

He was now on the couch.

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“What are you trying to do to me, Mr Ashley Romeo?” I asked angrily. “And please don’t tell me to call you baby.”

“Baby, I only allowed you deal with that dog.” He answered.

“Who is your baby? That dog almost tore me apart. Did you know what people will be saying if the dog kills me? that Mr Ashley Romeo killed his fake wife with dog?”

“But who would tell the people, nevertheless, you would not die, no harm will befall you too. As my fake wife, I will protect you.” He said.

“If you can not love me, stop saying you will protect me, how can you protect someone you did not love?” I asked.

“We had an agreement and I’m a man of my words.” He said and stared at me.

“Maybe one day, I’ll love you.” He said further.