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Afflicted. Episode 6 and 7

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Episode 6
Kesewaa blinks the tears out of her eyes as she looks at Akoto.
This man has loved her, has respected her, and has taken care of all her needs for almost four years.
He has never touched her in any s£xual way, but has waited patiently for the day they will be married.
Oh, A. N! My love!
She is walking towards him with arms stretched, when it happens!
Up in his office, still facing the window, Reverend Obuobi moves the toffee in his mouth to his molars.
Aaaand… it happens!
He chomps down hard on the candy between his teeth, breaking it to pieces in his mouth!
In Akoto’s house Maame Akua suddenly makes a guttural noise deep down in her throat, and all eyes turn to her.
She is trembling, and the Bible drops from her hands.
She sways, and as she looks at them, sweat covers her face, and her eyes begin to roll!
Her irises roll upward, and suddenly her whole face becomes slack, her mouth opening and saliva drooling out.
Kesewaa looks on with sudden fear!
It is happening!
Just as Reverend Obuobi has warned!
This is it!
Akoto has planned blindness and paralysis for her, and the pastor has said God will reverse it and put it on Akoto’s mother!
Only the white sclera of Maame Akua’s eyes are showing.
(slurring, drooling)
I can’t… oh, Lord! Akoto, my son, I can’t see anything… I can’t feel my body!
Suddenly her fingers begin to coil into claw-like appendages!
Her legs, and her arms, and her neck twist round at awkward angles, and her jaw slacks further, emitting thick foamy saliva, and then she begins to fall!
Akoto and Amina are running towards her.
The distraught man catches his mother before she falls down, and he begins to shout in anguish!
Mother! Mother! Oh, Mother!! Kes, please, call an ambulance! Quickly, please!
Tears are flooding Kesewaa’s face as she looks down at them.
She is weeping and shaking her head.
She points an accusing finger at Akoto.
Thank you, Akoto! Thank you very much! So this is what you planned for me! If it hadn’t been for the prayers of Reverend Obuobi, I’ll be the one lying down like this!
Akoto looks at her with total incomprehension.
Goodness me! What did you say? What are you talking about, my love…what is the meaning of this?
I never realized you could be so wicked, Akoto! How could you? How could you do this to me? May God forgive you!
Kes! What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see what’s happening?
(in great emotional pain)
What? What’s the meaning of this? What’s going on?
Kesewaa runs past them.
She goes outside, jumps into her car, starts up, and speeds out of the house, leaving Akoto holding his mother, shocked and staring after her with sadness, incomprehension and mounting horror!
Episode 7
It is a Friday night at Golgotha Heights International Church.
The Church auditorium is filled, with all terraces taken.
This is an unprecedented phenomenon.
It is a huge church, and can take a great number of people, but it has never been filled like this before.
Reverend Ebow Obuobi’s fame has spread, and many people have come to experience the awesome powers of the man of God.
Bishop Osuanyi had given a spirit-filled talk earlier, but the congregation had been dull, barely receptive of him, and this now bothers him very much.
He had quickly ended his talk and invited Reverend Ebow Obuobi to begin the revival, and the grounds had been shaken with the roar of appreciation, adoration and worship for Ebow Obuobi.
Ebow, wearing an all-white flowing gown, takes the microphone and struts on the podium, relishing the deep awe he brings on the people.
They scream and applaud and get into a frenzy.
Cameras click and camcorders roll as many in the congregation try to capture an image of him, or to record his session.
Before I begin my sermon this night, I’ll like to call on Sister Kesewaa to give us a song ministration. I really love that Liberian song of worship you sang two days ago, my dear Kesewaa. Please, give me a rendition of that song!
Kesewaa, sitting with her parents in the front row, stands up.
Wearing a stunning blue-black evening dress that Akoto has bought for her several months ago, she looks like an angel as she mounts the podium and receives the microphone from the pastor.
She turns, faces the crowd, and smiles.
The bandsmen begin the slow, melodious rhythm that goes with the song, and Kesewaa raises the microphone to begin singing.
That is when she sees Akoto walking down the aisle towards her.
Kesewaa gasps, her breath catching with trepidation.
She has not seen him in a week since that incident in his house.
She had not picked his calls.
He had used other numbers to call her, and she had picked, but the moment she heard his voice she had cut the call.
Akoto had come around the house, and although she had been around her parents had told him she was not in.
He had come to her workplace, but she had instructed the security men not to allow him inside.
As he walks towards her now she looks around desperately but there is no escape.
She can see from the angle of his head and from his gait that he is very angry indeed.
Her terrified eyes watch him approaching, and she seems lost, but just then the Reverend Obuobi comes to stand by her side.
All eyes are on Akoto now as he pushes his way to the front.
Mr. Nyantakyi stands up to stop him, but Akoto shoves him aside and climbs the podium.
Kesewaa looks down, and then she switches off the microphone so that her words will not carry to the other members of the congregation.
Akoto is wearing black trousers and a beautiful batakari.
He stands glaring down at them.
Akoto, please, don’t make a scene. I’m sorry, but it is over between us. You have to accept that and move on.
Akoto points a finger at her, and she can see the terrible pain in his eyes.
He looks so shattered, and tears shimmer in his eyes.
Kes! So what Amina told me is true? You allowed the lies of this fraud to come between us?
Stop it, Akoto! Don’t insult the man of God and bring curses on yourself!
Man of God? You think he’s a man of God because of the cheap miracles he’s been performing?
Bishop Osuanyi is now close to them, and he utters a cry of agitation.
Hey, young man, don’t insult God’s anointed or you’ll bring curses on yourself!
Akoto! It is over! Can’t you understand it? It is over! I love you, but I can’t be with a man who deals in the occult, a man who consults demons and the powers of darkness”>darkness for money!
You believe that crap, Kes? You know I’ve always been a Christian! My father was a pastor, and I grew up under the feet of God! I’ve worshipped my God in truth and in spirit all my life! Everything I have, is a blessing from God! You think this pastor is the real deal? He’s a fraud, I tell you, a hungry fraud! He has the powers of evil, and leading all of you astray!
You better keep that mouth of yours shut, young man. You don’t know who you’re insulting. I can make your life miserable in just a second! I see the shadow of death following you, and unless you humble yourself and allow me to lift it off you, it will soon break you to pieces!
Akoto turns on him fiercely, and his eyes drill into the man of God with relentless wrath.
Did you all hear that? Did you hear that, Bishop? The Bible says we should test the spirits, and I ask you, have you tested the spirit behind this man? Did you hear him saying HE can make my life miserable, that HE sees the shadow of death around me, that HE can lift death off me?
The fury in his eyes was absolutely dreadful now.
Are you people blind? This man doesn’t use the name of Jesus Christ! It’s all about him, him, HIM!! He wants you to believe he’s powerful, and not the power of God in him, because he doesn’t have the spirit of God in him! Remember, God punished Moses for leading the Israelites astray and not telling them God was responsible for giving them water from the rocks! This man wants you to believe the power comes from him, and yes indeed, it does, because it is he rather who deals with the occult powers to deceive you blind Christians!
Shut up, Akoto! Just shut up! It is over between us! Why can’t you understand that? God saved me from a terrible future! I hear your mother is still in hospital, blind and paralysed! It could’ve been me! Please, if you want the house and the cars and everything you gave me you can have them back! But please, leave me alone!
The tears suddenly spurt out of Akoto’s eyes as he looks at Kesewaa dazedly, shaking his head numbly as if she has physically struck him.

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