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Always you. Chapter 10 and 11

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“I’m Megan Reid”I shook his hand.
He stared at my ring.”You’re….”
“I’m engaged”I cut in.
His voice was beautifully accented.
“C’est un homme chanceux(He’s a lucky man)”
I frowned.”I told you that I don’t understand French”I reminded.
“My bad. I was just wondering why all the beautiful women I meet are always taken.Anyway,where is he..your fiance I mean?”He asked.
“He had somewhere to be”
“You are heading out too?”
“I was taking a walk around the hotel and you know…try out more french delicacies”
“Mind if I join you?”
I shrugged and we strode into the restaurant.
We got seated and he ordered most of the meals for me.
He’s such a gentleman…
Not like someone I know.
“What are you doing in this hotel?”I asked.
“My house is under renovation so I have to crash here for a while”He replied.
He told me about his job,his hobbies..at some point he started speaking french again.
“I would really love to know how to speak French”I said.
“I could teach you”He offered.”I live at room 407”
“Oh I think it’s on the same floor because mine is 402”
“That’s great then…. I could teach you so much more,magnifique(Gorgeous)”He muttered, darkly.
We exchanged contacts and I think he’s a nice guy.


Today was great.
William Auguste wants us to meet more and talk about business.
He even invited Megan and I to his daughter’s show tomorrow hosting at Opéra Bastille.
She is a primal Ballerina.
I know nothing about his family though.
When I got back to the hotel,I thought I might find Megan bored as hell but I found her on the bed obviously texting and chatting with someone on the phone.
She barely acknowledged my presence.
I told her about the show and that was it.
She was back to her phone.
Who the hell was she texting?
Who f*cking cares?
It’s none of my business.
But I keep hearing the beep sound of her phone.
I really wanted to know.
Don’t get the wrong idea…I just wanted to know because I’m more like her boss here.
It’s normal that I’m damn curious, right?
I hope it’s not a f*cking guy.
Which guy in his right mind would even be interested in Megan?


The following evening found Braden and I seated among a huge crowd in an Opera.
The ballerinas were performing a “Giselle Ballet.”
I watched them highly intrigued by their high level of flexibility and stamina.
I can’t imagine myself twisting and turning like that.
The other dancers exited the stage remaining just one who was still twirling to the beat of the slow sad song.
I figured she might be the lead dancer.
She looked awefully familiar.
I leaned closely and gulped when I recognized her.
I stared at Braden thinking he might’ve seen her too but he was leaning heavily on his seat and it seem as if he would sleep off any minute.
Talia was here.
She and Braden had something together long ago and strangely I didn’t want them to meet again now.

The show was finally over.We exited the hall and found William outside.
“Megan,dear.Did you enjoy the show?”He asked, cheerfully.
“Yes.Thanks a lot for inviting us”I replied.
“I must say the dancers are really skilled”Braden commented.
I fought against laughing at him….he hardly watched the show.
“Daddy”Someone squealed running towards our director.
My eyebrows creased to see Talia again.
She hugged William.
“Thanks for coming, Dad”
What the f*ck?
Talia is William Auguste’s daughter.
“Talia?”Braden choked out seemingly surprised.



To say I’m surprised to see Talia is an understatement.
Noah had always warned me to know more about my investors….but I feel there’s no use in knowing their private lives.
I should’ve listened to Noah.
At least I wouldn’t have been this shocked.
Then again…she looks really classy now…she had always been classy but her elegance has increased so there’s nothing to be worried about…we’re no longer in highschool and she’s not that girl that didn’t allow me have a breathing space.
I recalled her last name was Auguste too but I never met her dad then because she had told me he was hardly ever at home.
“Braden….. Megan”She muttered equally shocked to see us.
I had eventually dated for about two months….her constant fight for me was becoming unbearable so I figured if I dated her,I might like her….but it was hell.
She always wanted public attention everywhere we go….in class….in the locker room…in the basketball court…just name it.
I felt bored when I was with her.
I’m not saying she’s a bad person… she’s a great person but we’re just incompatible.
I don’t know about now though….but we’ve grown up and I’m sure with how hot she is…she might’ve found someone who loves her.
“You guys know Talia?”William asked.
“Yeah….we went to the same highschool, it’s quite a surprise that she’s your daughter”I replied.
I glanced at Megan…she looked uncomfortable.
“What are you two doing here?”Talia asked, meekly.
“I invited them,dear. Brad and his fiancee are here on a trip so I’m using the opportunity to….”
“Fiancee?”Talia asked as if she has never heard that word before.
Her eyes raked through Megan from head to toe…and I can tell that she’s still a snob.
Megan surprised me by wrapping her hands around my arm.
“Yes.Brad and I are getting married soon”She replied flashing her engagement ring at Talia.
I want to believe that this is part of the pretense and not this two women trying to fight for me.
“That’s great news, congratulations you two…. who would have thought….”Talia paused and turned to face her father.
“Dad,why not invite Brad and Megan to the gala you’re hosting on Friday….I’m sure Megan would be thrilled to attend…she probably hasn’t been to any one before”
I could sense a hint of mockery from her voice.
I’m surprised at how calmly Megan took that in.
I would really love to attend that gala.
William could introduce me to more people but then I’m not sure about Talia’s attitude.
I strangely don’t like that she might try to make Megan feel bad about herself.
When did I start caring about how Megan feels?
This is business!
And business should come first.
“So Braden,do you have any plans for Friday night?”William asked.
“We don’t.We would love to be at the gala, won’t we,Honey?”I asked Megan.
She seem indecisive but she simply nodded.
“I’ll send you the location,Brad…”
One of William’s men walked up to him, he excused himself and strode away.
“We should better get going now, I’m pretty tired”Megan announced.
“No problem.Thanks for coming.”Talia turned to face me and offered me a sly smile.”See you soon,Brad”

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The beep sound of Megan’s phone weren’t making me concentrate on anything again.
Who the hell is she texting?
I sure hope it’s not a man.
I had gotten up twice to ask her but I sat right back on the couch.
It’s none of my business….it’s none of my business…. I kept repeating like a mantra.
And besides…she definitely wasn’t texting a guy.
We barely spoke to each other since we got back from the Opera.
Was she upset about seeing Talia?
Certainly not….there was nothing to be upset about.

I stared at my watch for the umpteenth time.
Megan was taking too long to get dressed…and just this morning we had argued hotly because she didn’t like the dress I got for her to wear to the gala.
I think it’s classy.
She thinks it’s too revealing.
I wonder why she was acting like a nun….
I had to practically beg her to accept the dress.
Megan never ceases to make me angry.
When she walked out of the bathroom.
I forgot to breathe….
I should’ve listened to her and gotten this damn dress changed.
Had she always been this beautiful?

She had let down her hair,her make up was moderate…..my gaze traveled downward,her bodice was low and the thrust of the corset beneath it lifted her bre@st delightfully.
All I have to do was to pull it down and I would see her n*pples.
How would they feel like in my mouth?
How does her m0ans sounds like to have her n*pples stimulated?
My c*ck pressed against my zipper.
My whole body came alive like a punch to my system.
I turn around and quickly adjusted myself because my hard c*ck is obscene in these pants.
I don’t know how she would react if she notices this….there should be no s*x between us but my c*ck isn’t listening to me.
What is wrong with me?
I just stared at her and I’m at full attention.
Get it together,Brad.
Taking a few deep breaths,I got my body under control the best way I can.
I turned around and moved closer to her….
I wonder how her hair looks like after being freshly f*cked.
My thoughts raced….on one hand… I’m fantasizing about what I want to do to that s*xy little body and on the other, I’m beating myself up over how I shouldn’t be having these thoughts.
I try to focus on anything but my forbidden fantasies.
“You look lovely”I managed to get out and unexpectedly she blushed seeming shy.
I had never seen her this way before.
It made her look so innocent….Christ!
She’s a bombshell.

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The hall is big.
Above are different shimmering chandeliers.
The tables are all starched linen,crystal glasses,silver cutlery and white rose bouquet.
An old-world, sophisticated charm pervades the wood-paneled room.
I was seated beside Braden.
William had reserved this table for us and he had informed us that he and Talia would be joining us after greeting other guests.
I felt somewhat annoyed that Talia would be sitting with us too.
I don’t get why I’m upset anytime I see her.
Maybe it’s because she’s more beautiful than me….she’s s£xier than me…. she’s richer than me……And if Braden ends up with someone like that he’ll never have to worry about getting bankrupt for the rest of his life.
I bit my lower lip trying to stop myself from having these thoughts.
What if Braden ends up with her?
It shouldn’t matter to me but strangely it does.
I stared at the trappings of wealth around me….
I feel like I don’t belong here…. I’m relieved Braden bought me an elegant dress,though it’s uncomfortable as f*ck…..but wearing one of my dresses to this place would have made me look like a pauper.
Oh God.
When did I start thinking less about myself?
And tonight…. I can’t stop glancing over at him..he looks heart-stoppingly handsome in black tuxedos.
I quickly shook my head and organized my thoughts.
This is Braden Cromwell and I shouldn’t think of him as handsome or anything.
Talia walks over and once again, I’m intimidated by her beauty,she looks like a goddess.
I wonder what was going on in Braden’s mind.
He must surely find her mesmerizing.
He might want to continue their past relationship.
I wish I could stop thinking about Talia and Braden….
I wish it didn’t bother me so much.

After William joins us,some more small talk is made,the salad course is brought out… it’s a nice mix of kale and arugula with wallnuts and cranberries.
A raspberry vinaigrette is offered as a dressing.
The previous day, Braden had taught me how to handle fine dining.Which knife,fork or spoon to use first.
The timing of the courses..even how to properly use and re-fold your napkin after use.
I looked around the table to see which fork everyone is using when I remember that you always work in from the outside when it comes to utensils.
I reached over and took the small fork furthest away on my left.
A waiter comes by and asked if I would like fresh pepper and I declined.
Another comes by and asked if I would like parmesan cheese.
I say yes and he manually shaves off a few slices for me onto the salad.
I took a bite and it was indeed scrumptious.
I don’t even like these kind of dishes that much before but I realized that the best ingredients do matter and that is one reason the rich do eat so well.
An appetizer course of chill shrimp cocktail and deep-fried calamari comes out.
I do admit I love these dishes… I have never seen shrimp this large before.
I have to be reserved and only take one at a time from the flatware.
I wanted to scarf them all down in a ravenous manner but I can’t do that in public.
Not when Talia keeps on glancing at me as if waiting for me to make one mistake.
Dinner finally arrives and it is filet mignon wrapped with bacon.
The sides are grilled asparagus and a sweet potato topped with cinnamon,brown sugar and butter.
I cut into my steak and bring a piece to my mouth.
It tastes like heaven.
Oh what have I been missing!
“Last night,my dad told me about Cromwell Tech and I was really impressed by your success,Brad… I always knew you’d turn out great”Talia began.
“Thank you”Braden beamed.”I know being a primal ballerina isn’t easy too….”
“What can I say? I’m really skilled”She cut in, proudly and turned to face me.
What now?
“What do you do for a living,Meg?”
“I work as a waitress”I replied.
“A waitress?”She asked in disgust.
If it was before…when I wasn’t a thinking mess, I would just give her a piece of my mind but strangely I just stared at her.
“Yeah.She’s a waitress and she’s extremely good at what she does.She sometimes want to cater for her own needs even if we argue about that all the time,she just don’t want me spending too much on her,She’s the most sassy woman I know”
I can’t help but smile…he’s actually speaking up for me?
He’s actually putting Talia in her place for me?
“You’re one lucky man,Brad.Some ladies out there only want squander a man’s wealth”William commented.
“I’m among those who are blessed then.My only fear is that most of her customers are freaking hot”He joked.
William laughed while Talia seem as if she would murder me with her eyes.
She obviously still has something for Braden.
I turned to face Brad.
“You know no man can be compared to you”I said, lovingly.
He grinned and kissed me lightly on the lips.
William was all smiles but Talia stood up and excused herself.

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Few minutes later, I’m still feeling giddy as to how Braden spoke up for me.
‘But what he said are all lies’My subconsciousness sneered.
And once again I’m reminded that he only said that because he wanted William to think he had found a perfect woman.
Braden hates me.
And why am I suddenly feeling hurt by the reality now?
I’m alone at the table but when I looked up, I saw Braden and Talia talking a few feet away from me.
Was fate playing with us right now?
Was it creating a chance for Braden and Talia to be together again?

Why do I keep feeling bothered by this?
It should be none of my business.

I walked into the washroom,to my relief,it was empty.
I bent and splashed water on my face.