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Always you. Chapter 14

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I stayed at the bathroom longer than necessary.
I’m feeling uneasy to face Braden.
How could I have let him eat me out last night?
And can I survive the remaining days with him and not want more?
Still unclad, I reached for my cellphone and log into social media.
I searched for pictures of Braden Cromwell.
Our engagement pictures also turned up.
The comments from different women nearly gave me a heart attack.
Most of them thought the engagement wouldn’t last long.
Why am I feeling hurt by that?
Of all people I should know that this is ending very soon.
I also came across pictures of him with different Ladies.
All the women he was with looked so gorgeous…so classy…so sophisticated.
I even recognized some as TV stars.
Their body features were amazing too.
I stood up straight and stared at my body.
My bo*bs were small same with my a*s.
That suddenly made me extremely sad.
What is wrong with me?
Why am I sad that my body is great enough for Brad?
I don’t usually care about these things.
I’ve never degraded myself…
What has Braden done to me?
My phone beeped,it was a message from Landon.

*Thought about you all night long and I had to get flowers as beautiful as you.I left them with your fiance.Please read the card attached and get back to me*

No one has ever gotten me flowers before.
Who knows?
I might find my match with Landon.
Clearly,Brad and I are incompatible.
Landon had promised to teach me french and take me on a tour around Paris.
So spending some time with him won’t hurt, right?
I quickly got dressed and I walked out of the bathroom.
I found him on the phone probably with Noah because he was talking about company stuff.
I sat on the bed intending to tell him where I’m heading to as my eyes scan the room for my flowers.
“All the redundancy packages concluded?….And the cost?…..jeez….that was one expensive mistake….And Jeff?”
I glanced at him looking rakishly handsome in just a T-shirt and jeans.
He is someone girls like me aren’t supposed to dream of.
“Have Audrey send me the schematics.Bud said he’d cracked the problem….”
Braden laughed.
That strangely ingnited my system.
I need to get away from this hotel.
I really need to go out with Landon.
By the time I get back, maybe I can think straight again.
“No,Friday….. there is a plot of land here that I’m interested in……Yeah get Marco to call…. no tomorrow… I want to see what Paris will offer if we set up a new branch here”
He turned to face me..”If their incentives are attractive enough… I think we should consider it….yeah Detroit has it’s advantages too and it’s cooler..”His face darkens momentarily.”Don’t forget to tell Marco to call…. tomorrow…. not too early”He hung up and stared at me and I remembered that he’s seen me beneath my clothes.
I suddenly feel too exposed.
His face was unreadable and the silence stretched between us.
Okay…my turn to talk.
“Landon sent me flowers,where is it?”

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That stupid pr*ck’s name is Landon.
I don’t even like the name.
My need to see Megan unclad again is momentarily forgotten as I start to think back as to why I disposed the flower.
She stood up, starting to look pissed.
“Where is it?”
For some reason,I felt anxious,I racked my brain but couldn’t think of anything.
“I threw them away”I admitted.
Her eyes flared.”What?Why?”
Now I’m asking myself that same question.
Why did I dispose her flowers?
I tried to respond but my mind was suddenly blank.
“I thought you might not like it….they weren’t even roses”
“Who says I like roses?And when did you start knowing what I like?”She thundered.
Now she’s angry and I’m angry too.
Jesus!Now we were back to arguing.
“Why will you be getting worked up over another man’s gift? You’re engaged to be married to me!”I blurted out surprised at my outburst.
She also seemed surprised by my words because she blinked several times before speaking.
“You and I know that isn’t true.For God’s sake,you and I know that we are never getting married so cut the crap and tell me the real reason why you threw away my gift?”
Running my hand through my hair for the hundredth time in the last five minutes,I decided it was probably better to just come clean.
“I don’t know, okay?!”I shouted back.
“I just… f*ck!”I scrubbed my hands over my face.
I don’t seriously know why I acted like that.
I just didn’t want another man buying her gifts.
That’s pretty normal, right?
I brought out my cellphone.
“What are you doing?”She asked.
“If you want flowers, I’ll get you flowers of all kinds”I replied and placed my order.
“You have a serious problem,dude”Megan snapped and sat down on the bed.
I have a serious problem and I don’t know what it is.
Few minutes later,the delivery arrived.
Megan’s jaw dropped seeing the different flowers.
“This will only occupy space in the suite”
“It doesn’t matter.Now,you don’t need any flowers from anyone”
“This can’t make up for Landon’s flowers”
Can she just stop calling that guy’s name?
“Why are you acting as if you’ve known him your whole life?He might be a rapist,an armed robber,a……”
“Christ! Landon’s a perfect gentleman”
I felt slapped.
Why am I affected that she’s praising another man?
This sh*t isn’t funny anymore and the conversation is making me upset.
She stood up again and grabbed her purse.
I lifted an eyebrow at her.
“I’m just going down the hallway to Landon… he’s teaching me french today”
My heart seized!
Megan and that douchebag alone in a suite.
Not gonna happen.
Should I buy a chain or something?
Megan needs to be tied to the bed at all times.
No one needs to see that p*ssy that I’ve seen.
Jeez….I really need to work on myself.
This isn’t me!
I’ll figure out what’s happening to me later….as for now…. She isn’t going anywhere.
“You don’t need to learn how to speak French….
“I want to”She cut in.
“Then I’ll teach you, I’ll teach you French…. I’ll even add bonus….I’ll teach you Spanish,Italian,Chinese…just name it”
“You’re acting really strange today”She commented.
I know.
“Even if I wanted to accept your offer to help me,Landon said he’ll give me a tour….”
“I’ll give you a tour,I know all the fun places”
She stared at me, weirdly.
I’m feeling pretty weird right now.

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The remaining part of that day was spent stealing glances at each other,I didn’t even bother to insist on going out.
Who knows….he might hide the key next.
What the hell is wrong with him?
Acting all possessive….
It’s not as if he really wants to buy me gifts or teach me those languages or take me on a tour.
He just wants to replace everything Landon plans on doing for me.
We are not really engaged so he should stop making this feel real.
He should mind his f*cking business.
‘Just listen to yourself’My subconsciousness chided.
I’m saying he should mind his business when I can’t mind mine…..when I just feel angry that he might still want Talia.
What’s it to me anyway?
My phone beeped.
I unlocked it.

*You didn’t show up as plan,baby*

It was from Landon.
As I punched my keyboard….Braden grabbed my phone from me.
“What now?”I scowled.
“If you really want to text someone,you can text me”
“We’re just in the same room!What do I need to text you for?”I asked, exasperatedly.
He turned on my phone and was intending to reply Landon.
“Give me my cellphone”I yelled reaching out for it but he lifted up his hand.
I suddenly realized how tall he is.
“Stop this madness and give me my phone”I shouted jumping to meet his hand.
I stopped when I realized that I was rubbing myself on him.
My eyes travelled down between his legs and my breath caught seeing a bulge.
“Do you know how many times you’ve given me a f*cking hard-on?”He asked placing my phone on the table.
“That was your fault not mine”I turned around but he held me back slamming my body directly onto his.
“You rubbed yourself on me….stop playing games with me,Meg.You let me eat you out last night….I know you’ve been trying to pretend nothing happened last night….well it did and now it left me wanting to f*ck you”
His words were so dirty,yet they sparked such conflict inside my head.
I want him to take me too but I’m scared what having s*x with him would do to me.
“Let’s add s*x to the deal”He announced.
Slowly,I looked up to meet his eyes.
They were filled with lust and I actually felt my legs weaken at the intensity.
His hand came to grip my face,his thumb brushing across my bottom.
Our gazes locked,our quickened breaths sounding around us.
I have always been outspoken…. tough….but right now…I think I’ve lost my voice and my self-control.
Goose bumps spread across my skin.
“Tell me what you really want,Megan.”He said,his breath warm against my ear.
My fear of inadequacy was gone and I just wanted him to claim me.
His fingertips moved up my arm and slipped the thin strap of my shirt off my shoulder….his lips lightly brushing over my skin.
“Tell me you want me”He whispered against my skin.
My body instinctively leaned into him,my head tilting slightly allowing him easier assess.
Moving my ponytail over my shoulder,his soft lips moved across my back.
My breath was deep and every nerve in my body was responding to him.
“I want you,Braden”
I heard myself saying.
And then he claimed my lips.
The moment we kissed,my body gave up fighting and I couldn’t get close enough.
My hands dove into his hair pulling him to me.
Our kisses were frenzied and teasing,our hands searching for skin.
He ran his hands down to my a*s, lifting me slightly.
I gasped as I felt his er£ction pressed against me.
His hands slid into my trousers and cupped my a*s over my panties.
He quickly pulled me over to lay flat on the bed.
With the way,he was staring at me,he was definitely going to devour me.
I should tell him I have never done this before so that he could easy on me this first time.
Before I could speak he kissed me again, grounding his hardened c*ck against me.
Pulling one side of my tank top down.He took one of my n!poles into his mouth.
My head fell back.
His mouth was so hot on my bre@st….so tantalizing.
I squirmed on the bed not wanting him to stop his assualt on my n!pole.
The shrill sound of the doorbell made him take his mouth away.
Damn it!
“So help me,if it’s that stupid Landon, I’m going to beat the shit out of him”Braden growled getting off the bed.
I felt disappointed too as my n*pples still tingle….still hard and aching for Braden’s mouth.
I slowly sat up when he was taking too long at the door.
Then I heard a voice.
A voice that made me quickly cover up my body.
A voice that made me feel intimidated.
I didn’t expect she loves him that much to track him down to this hotel.

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