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Always you. Chapter 17

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It was the heat of Braden’s touch that awakened me.
Slowly opening my eyes,I stared down at his hand resting on my n@ked thigh.
The warmth of his skin set off a tingling ache between my legs.
Memories of last night flooded through my head.
I feel sensitive all over…my lip…my bre@sts.
It must be the feeling of losing one’s virginity to someone.
I know I should be freaking out right now but strangely I don’t regret it.
Instead I want more.
I froze recalling how insatiable I had been after adjusting to his size.
Damn!I love his c*ck already.
Maybe I should try putting outside my fears and just enjoy the few times I have with him.
I stared at Braden’s face, marveling at how sleep softened his masculine features and made him boyishly beautiful.
As if sensing my gaze,he suddenly stirred.
I watched as his black lashes fluttered and swept upward to reveal hazy dark eyes.
He stared at me for a moment,then smiled a lazy smile.
“Hey,pretty lady”His sleep-roughened voice made me shiver.
“Hey”I smiled almost shyly.
I swallowed as I watched him stretched,his thick muscles contrasting and relaxing.
“I wonder what time it is”I said,my eyes not leaving his body.
Braden glanced at the wall clock.
“Almost nine”
“I didn’t realize how hungry I was until now”
He snickered.”Me too”
But neither of us moved.
As we stared at each other,Braden took my chin between his thumb and forefinger and lowered his head.
I felt his breath across my face and then he kissed me.
His lips sliding slowly and sensually over mine.
I shuddered as my eyes fluttered close as I got lost into his kiss.
As his hot tongue flicked out to tease the seam of my lips,my n!poles tightened.
I opened my mouth and his tongue stole inside to stroke mine.
I m0aned with pleasure,need pulsing between my thighs.
I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer.
He groaned against my mouth,his thick shaft against my stomach.
The heat of his body was enough to scorch me.
Cradling my head between his hands,he deepened the kiss.
His lips devouring mine with a searing intensity that left me breathless and intoxicated.
This man could kiss.
“You’re sore, aren’t you?”He asked, breathlessly.
I’m sore but deliciously sore.
“You almost ruined me,Mr Cromwell”I joked.
He laughed.”On the contrary,Miss Reid.You almost drained all the energy in my body.”
I giggled and stroke his d*ck.
“Baby,you had more than enough last night and I don’t want you to get overdosed”
I laughed.”Is that even a thing?”
“Well it is now.But seriously, you’re sore and I don’t want to add to it this morning.Besides,we need to eat breakfast and by noon, I want to take you out,we could start with seeing a Parisian beach”
My heart warmed at that thought….maybe when we get back… he’ll take me to cloud nine again.

I reclined on a chaise lounge along a stretch of white sand beach sheltered by swaying palms.
Braden had gone for a swim but I wasn’t much of a swimmer.
I was just enjoying the view….. feeling relaxed with a fruity cocktail and a novel.
But my drink sat untouched and my novel completely forgotten.
I had found something better to stimulate my imagination.
And I wasn’t alone, judging by the riveted gazes of several other women lounging on the beach.
From behind a pair of sunglasses ….I watched as Braden swam toward the shore,his strong limbs slicing cleanly through the shimmering turquoise waters.
As I watched,pulse thudding,his head broke the surface of the water.
And then came the rest of him, rising slowly from the waves like some mythical sea god.
Broad shoulders,abs ripped with muscles, powerful thighs and sculpted calves.
I smiled recalling how we had laughed and chatted during breakfast,it was as if we were real couples but we aren’t and that hurts a great deal.
He smoothed water off his face, oblivious to the predatory stares of females on the beach.
Many of whom would fantasize about him when they made love to their partners tonight.
Would they just stop staring at my man already?
Their hungry eyes followed him as he sauntered across the sand,skin glistening in the sun, testosterone seeping from every pore.
I realized I was gawking and quickly dropped my gaze.
Moments later,Braden reached the palm-thatched hut where I laid in the shade, pretending to be absorbed in my book.
“Man,that water feels good.Why don’t you put that book down and go for a swim?”He suggested.
“I will.Later”Unable to resist,I peeked over the top of my novel to watch as rivulets of water trickled down his chest… inching over the hard,sinewy muscles before disappearing into his dark swim trunks.
The w€t material clung to his powerful thighs, drawing my gaze unerringly to the thick bulge at his groin.
Gulping hard,I jerked my gaze back to my book, trying to ignore my throbbing bre@sts and pulsing cl!t.
No such luck.
Braden finished drying himself off then stretched out on the lounge chair next to mine with his hands clasped behind his head.
I felt him studying me,felt the heat of his eyes slowly roaming down my bare legs.
“It must not be very good”He drawled.
“Your book.Must be a snoozer”
I frowned.”What makes you say that?”
“You’re practically on the same page you were on when I left you over an hour ago.”
My cheeks heated.”How do you know that?”
Braden chuckled.”I noticed”
Unnerved by the thought and annoyed with myself for not owning a damn e-reader,I shifted uncomfortably on my chair.
“The book’s great.I’m just reading slow, savoring every word.”
“Uh-huh”He wore a small, smile that made me wonder whether he’d caught me watching him while he swam.
“I’ve also been enjoying the scenery”I hastened to add.
His smile deepened but all he said was.”It’s beautiful”
For a moment,we gazed across the shimmering expanse of the Parisian sea….which was rimmed by lush palm-fringed bays and towering emerald mountains.
A distant sailboat drifted lazily across the horizon and bright sunlight glinted off the frothy waves lapping the shore.
To our right, perched on a cliff overlooking the water.
“Excuse me,sir”A young woman appeared balancing a drink on a small tray.
Her tropical shirt and khaki shorts easily identified her as the beach’s resort employee.
She smiled shyly as she handed the cocktail to Braden.
“For you,sir.From the woman in yellow at the bar”
I followed Braden’s gaze across the beach to the Cabana where an attractive,leggy woman sat alone at the counter watching him.
When their eyes connected,she smiled alluringly and raised her own glass in a small toast.
Lips curving into a smile,Brad winked at her.
Seeing the way my eyes narrowed,the resort employee gave me an apologetic look.
“She assumed you two weren’t together”
“Is that so?”I asked, coolly.”And what made her assume that?”
The woman looked uncomfortable.”She said you two didn’t look good together”
My heart sunk.
I shot a glance at Braden as he brought the glass to his mouth and drank.
“Mmm, that’s good.What is it?”He asked the departing employee.
She smiled over her shoulder.”A hole in one”
“Please tell the lady I appreciate the drink but I’m taken”
The woman nodded and walked off.
I grabbed the drink from him and emptied the content into the sand.
“Hey….what was that for?”
“You threw my flowers away, remember”I reminded.
He frowned.
“If you need any f*cking drink,I’ll get it for you”I added turning back to face my book.
“It was just a drink”He protested.
“And those were just harmless flowers you threw away!”I shot back.
His frown deepened.
“I don’t want us to argue and I certainly didn’t come here for that”Braden drawled.”Why don’t you go for a swim with me?”
I shook my head.”No thanks”
“Why not?”
“I don’t feel like swimming right now and…..HEY!”I cried out as he suddenly plucked off my sunglasses and effortlessly swept me into his arms, unleashing just a hint of the brute male strength he possessed.
I glared up at him, instinctively clinging to his neck as he strode purposely from the palm-thatched hut.
Ignoring the heat of his body penetrating mine,I demanded.”What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Getting you w€t”
He said winking at me.
I know he meant my clothes getting w€t but my mind went straight to the dampness between my legs.
“I don’t want to get w€t”I whined, teasingly…. absorbing the flex and glide of his hard pectoral muscles as he carried me across the beach.
Several other sunbathers sat up quickly and peered at us over the rims of their sunglasses.
The women’s envious expressions told me they would gladly trade places with me in a heartbeat.
“This is ridiculous,Brad”I complained as we reached the shore.”You can’t make me go swimming if I don’t want to”
“Aw, don’t be such a spoilsport,Baby”
He slanted me a grin.
Looking at his sensual mouth just inches from mine,I wanted to kiss him so badly.
When our eyes caught and held,a current of pure s£xual tension sizzled between us.
I can’t wait to get back to the hotel….and he better not talk about me being sore again.
After a long, supercharged moment,I averted my gaze and commanded.”Put me down this instant”
His eyes glinted with mischief.
“If you insist”
And without further ado,he tossed me unceremoniously into the water.

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I don’t want us to argue even if I have been boiling inside.
I couldn’t even concentrate on swimming while she lay on the chaise lounge reading a book.
I caught a lot of men staring at her.
Christ….they should take their eyes off what’s mine.
That was why I walked back to her and insisted she took a swim with me so that every damn man on this beach would know that I own this woman.
I recalled when she had poured my drink away.
I guessed that was payback time for throwing away her flowers too.
I think she’s jealous.
And f*ck me.
I am jealous too.
I have never had a jealous bone in my body until this trip.
I hate to admit what’s happening to me but I can’t stop it..
I’m losing myself to Megan.
Nothing…. absolutely nothing had prepared me for the sweet agony of losing my heart to a woman.
As I watched Megan surfaced from the cold water gasping and sputtering indignantly.
“I can’t believe you just did that!”
I laughed.”You told me to put you down”
“You know damn well what I meant”She shrieked, swiping water from her eyes so she could glare at me.”I swear,Brad.You drive me crazy sometimes!”
‘I know the feeling’I thought,my mouth running dry at the sight of her n!poles outlined sharply against the w€t fabric of her cover-up.
When she arched her neck back to smooth water from her hair,blood rushed straight to my groin and made my d*ck throb.
“I got you in the water…. mission accomplished”
She rolled her eyes”Whatever”
As she spun away and began wading toward the shore.
I reached out and caught her around the waist.
“Braden”She giggled as I playfully dragged her backwards.
Squirming out of my grasp,she turned to face me.
“Will you stop trying to manhandle me?”
I smiled.
God…. she’s beautiful when she’s all riled up.
Hell …. she’s beautiful… period!
I looked around hoping no man is staring at my strong woman…my walking w€t dream.
I’m determined to prove to her that I am the only one she’d ever need.
Without realizing it,we had drifted closer together,nudged by the gentle waves lapping at our bodies.
“The water feels good”She admitted.
“Told you”
“Let’s race”
I stopped,brows furrowing.
“Yeah”She pointed to a distant with buoy bobbing in the water.”That will our finish line”
I chuckled softly.”I don’t think racing is a good idea.”
“Why not?”
Because I don’t want to swim anymore.
I want to carry her back to the hotel, strip her n@ked,lick every inch of her beautiful body and bury myself deep inside her w€t heat until she scream and beg for mercy.
Aloud…I drawled.”I don’t want you to get angry if I win”
She huffed.”You ain’t winning.This race would be different from other races…. you’ll allow me swim a far distant from you before you take off”
I laughed, highly amused”That’s cheating, sweetheart”
“You’re freaking good at swimming,let me win,huh”She pleaded touching my chest.
As if I had been charmed,I nodded.
I patiently waited until she’d put enough distance between us and then started after her.
Ready or not….here I come.

I let her win. I made her smile…I made her laugh and I swear right now… being with Megan Ried ….. I’m the happiest person in the world.

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I don’t think I can ever forget today or this visit to Paris.
As we headed back to the hotel,Braden held my hand with one of his and expertly drove with the other.
How I wish this could be real.
How I wish he was really mine.
He came to a halt in the parking lot of a supermarket.
“I wanna quickly get something”With that,he got down and walked away.
Minutes later,when he returned,I realized he had gone to buy a pack of condom.
Shrills ran down my spine as I recalled that I didn’t take the pills.
He probably thought I had taken care of that already.
I quickly tried to calm myself down.
The last thing I wanted was to get pregnant for someone whom I can’t have a future with.
I mentally calculated my ovulation period.
Maybe I’m just overthink everything.
It was just one night.
“She said you two didn’t look good together”
My fist clenched as these words ran through my head.
I suddenly felt so angry.
So angry at Braden for making me so f*cking emotional.

“Are you okay?”Braden asked when we got back to the hotel.
“Yeah…. it’s been a long day..I just want to sleep”I replied, laying on the bed and facing the wall.
I felt him lay beside me.
“Hey… I know something’s bothering you…you didn’t like the beach?I have other cool places in mine to take you to…. tommorow…we could visit….”
“And then what?Have all the women drooling over you?”I asked, angrily.
“Is this about that drink?….I didn’t ask for it”
“You winked at her!”
“It’s just…..”
“Just go…leave me alone… find somewhere else to knock yourself out”
I didn’t mean a word of it.
I want him to stay and hold me and tell me that he wants me for real….that he wants me as much as I want him.
“Seriously! I can’t believe we’re arguing over something like this…..what about you? I had to practically drag you to swim with me so that those f*cking assholes would stop staring at you but I didn’t make a big deal out of it unlike you”
I scoffed.
I didn’t notice any man staring at me so I think he’s lying.
“I don’t want to see you… just leave”I thundered.
“Damn you, Megan!”He slammed back and to my surprise,he got off the bed and walked out….. out of the suite.
What is happening to me?
Should I just push aside these feelings and enjoy just the s*x?
But it f*cking hurts…I don’t want to be a fake fiancee any longer.
I’m in love with him.
And admitting this also hurts.
I pulled the blanket over my body.
He f*cking left.
Didn’t he see that I meant the opposite of what I said?
Where would he go to?
A club….he would definitely meet a lot of women tonight.
Would he go to Talia?
Tears flooded my eyes.
I wish he would come back.

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And then,I heard the sound of the door.
It was quiet, opening and closing softly.
Was it him?
I sat up in bed, trying to understand if I’d really heard the sound or not.
I could just be paranoid, hearing things that my mind invented.
Then he stepped into the room,his shirt already gone and his jeans coming undone.
He didn’t leave!
I moved to my knees and reached for him, needing that strong body on mine….I needed his warmth to make me forget about all my insecurities.
He got his jeans off then moved towards me.
“I’m here,baby”
My arms circled his neck and I kissed him, kissing him with passion.
I fell back and pulled him with me.”Don’t leave….”
“I won’t”He tugged off my panties and separated my thighs with his knees.
Slowly,he slid his hot c*ck inside me.
“I can…. I can…..Ahh”I m0aned and pulled on his hips as I felt his big d*ck all the way inside of me….. filling me…. stretching me in an exquisite way.
“I can be the woman you want”I kissed him hard on the mouth, feeling him so thick and deep.
His hand fisted my hair and he deepened the angle… giving me more of his c*ck.
He breathed into my mouth and gave me slow and deep thrust.
“You’re the woman I want….. you’re the woman I need.”