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Always you. Chapter 19

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My breath escaped me in a shaky rush as he lifted me from his lap and set me down on my feet.
Holding my gaze,he reached beneath my dress, making me shuddered as his palms carressed my thighs and buttocks.
Gripping my silk panties,he dragged them down my legs.When I stepped out of them,he stood and picked me up, carrying me to one of the upholstered chairs.
I stared up at him as he set me down and spread my legs, hooking them over the curved arms of the chair so that my s*x was completely bared to him.
I trembled hard, feeling vulnerable and deliciously aroused.
He swore gutterally,his eyes nearly black as he stared at my womanhood.
“You have such a pretty p*ssy,Baby.So damn pretty”
My cheeks heated as he sank to a crouch between my legs and licked me.
One swipe that sent shards of pleasure stabbing through me.
I groaned,arching into his mouth and he growled hoarsely.”And you taste so f*cking good”
His tongue flayed the sensitive nub of my cl*t with slow,hot licks that felt so incredible,tears prickled the backs of my eyes.
I don’t think I would ever let anyone eat me out….only one s*x Lord could.
He stroked my cl*t and sucked the swollen flesh of my labia with just the right amount of pressure.
“Uhhh”I m0aned,my fingers gripping the arms of the chair…my hips rocking against his mouth.
This man could teach a master class on the art of cunnilingus and I’d gladly volunteer to be his test subject every time.
“Braden”I sobbed as he lapped at my cream… holding my quivering thighs apart,he stabbed his tongue into my p*ssy, bringing me to a hard, shuddering climax that made me scream.
My body was still shaking from the aftershocks when he lifted me from the chair and sat down with my legs straddling his lap.
His nostrils were flared,his lips glistening with my juices.
He pulled my dress up and over my head and tossed it aside.
When the cool air hit my skin, I shivered.
Murmuring with husky appreciation,he lowered his head and closed his mouth over one bre@st.
I gasped,my n*pples elongating into tight, aching points as he suckled me.
I closed my eyes and arched my head back as he cupped my bre@sts and lifted it higher and deeper into his hungry mouth.
“Oh God!”I m0aned,the hot stroke of his tongue sending jolts of pleasure to my womb.
His mouth moved from one tit to the other, leaving my n*pples w€t and throbbing for more.
I ground against his thick er£ction,the soft cloth of his pants rasping against my cl*t and the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs.
He raised his head from my bre@sts and took my mouth, kissing me deeply and ravenously.
Sucking his tongue,I reached down and began unbuttoning his shirt.
I got only halfway before impatience made me yank the rest open, popping and scattering buttons across the floor.
“Sorry”I breathed against his mouth, ripping the shirt off his broad shoulders.
His low chuckle dissolved into a groan as I flicked my tongue against a flat dark n*pple.
I licked the other then kissed my way down his muscular torso as I quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly.
Rising from his lap,I knelt between his legs and tugged his pants and briefs down his ankles.
As his heavy shaft jutted free,saliva pooled in my mouth.
I wrapped my fingers around the thick base and leaned down, stroking my tongue over the plump head.
Braden jerked and swore hoarsely as pearly beads of precvm leaked out.
I lapped at the w€tness like candy then opened wide and took his engorged length down my throat.
He growled with pleasure,his d*ck impossibly thickening inside my mouth that I almost feared I wouldn’t be able to do this right.
I breathed deep, inhaling his heady masculine scent.
And then I relaxed my jaw and began sucking him, hollowing out my cheeks to intensify the suction.
“Baby”Braden groaned, shoving his hands into my hair.”Ah…f*ck….that feels good”
I glanced up his body to meet his eyes, trembling at the raw hunger I saw in his gaze.
I took his shaft deeper, scraping my teeth along the edges just enough to make him shudder and m0an at the resulting sensation.
His fingers bit into my scalp as I sucked him harder….my hand massaging his swollen balls until they tightened.
Braden thrust his hips forward, f*cking my mouth as saliva and precvm dripped from the corners.
Suddenly,he tensed and fisted his c*ck, pumping his hot seed down the back of my throat.
I swallowed every drop, savoring his clean,salty taste.
Gasping for breath, Braden closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the chair.
“F*ck! I didn’t know you could do something like that!”He exclaimed.
I grinned, highly pleased with myself.
I could do a lot more things for him.
Pulse racing,cl*t throbbing…. I rose from my knees and climbed back into his lap.
I knew it wouldn’t take him long to regroup.
My Braden possessed the kind of stamina that belonged in a world record book.
Straddling his thighs, I kissed his chin and rubbed my drenched cleft against the short,springy curls covering his groin.
Sure enough,his c*ck swelled and sprang to attention.
My heart thundered as he lifted his head and met my hungry gaze.
He smiled, seductively and licked at my lips then grasped my hips and impaled me on his hard shaft.
My breath hissed out of me as my muscles clenched tightly around him, making him groan.
I bit my lip and gripped his shoulders as he began rocking inside me.
Slowly, languorously… Taking his time.
I stared at his eyes in dazed fascination, marveling how well he knows how to f*ck me.
Needing him to move faster, I squeezed my muscles around his c*ck.
His eyes flashed and he smacked my ass, sending spikes of tingling heat to my womb that almost made me come.
I heeded the silent rebuke and before long,he was moving deeper and faster,each stroke searing the sensitized flesh of my p*ssy.
My pulse soared as I caught his rhythm and began riding him,bre@st bouncing and hips pistoning back and forth on his thighs.
“F*ck….Megan”He panted as he licked and sucked my bottom lip then coiled his tongue around mine.”Can’t get enough of you,baby”
I m0aned.”I don’t want you to.Ever”
The chair creaked and rocked as he slammed into me, thrusting so hard that I half expected the seat to collapse beneath us.
“Oh f*ck”I mewled as spasms of raw pleasure shafted through me.
“Yes,baby”He whispered roughly against my parted lips.”What do you need?”
“You… just….you”
“You got me”His eyes blazed fiercely into mine.”All of me”
I shuddered and leaned back on his muscular thighs, so far back that my hair hung almost to the floor.
His c*ck feels too good inside of me.
Braden groaned,his hands cupping my a*s as he drove his shaft harder, deeper, drilling into me until I arched my spine and came with a primal cry.
He screamed my name as he climaxed,hot jets of semen spurting out of him to flood my p*ssy.
My body clenched as his c*ck pulsed and throbbed inside me for several moments.
As he slowly pulled me back up,my eyelids drooped and I slumped against him…. spent and boneless.
“I can’t move”I croaked.
He chuckled softly.”Then don’t. I like you just where you are”
‘That makes two of us’I thought languidly as his hands stroked up and down my back,a soothing caress.
Neither of us spoke for several minutes, our hearts beating heavily against each other’s ribs,sweat cooling slowly on our skin.
I found myself reeling on the times we’ve had s*x without condoms.
I had taken some pills but I know I’ve missed so days.
F*ck….it feels so amazing to have him come inside of me.
I’m still positive about this.
I can’t be all that fertile, right?
I sighed and lifted my head from Braden’s shoulder to smile at him.
“Now that we’ve worked up an appetite, let’s eat”

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We dined on the balcony.
Candles glowed on the small table,the flames flickering and dancing in the gentle summer breeze.
I sat on Braden’s laps as we took turns feeding each other from the same plate of spicy crab linguini.
I had tasted this before but tonight it tasted even better than ever.
I twirled a few strands of linguini around the fork and slid it between his lips, watching him as he chewed then closed his eyes and groaned in husky satisfaction. “I think this is the best damn meal I’ve ever had”
I smiled, licking a dab of sauce from the corner of his mouth and purring.
“I was just thinking the same thing”
He kissed me, softly.”As much as I’m enjoying this meal. I can’t wait for dessert”
“I think we can have truffle tart with strawberries”I suggested.
“That’s not what I have in mind for dessert”
“No?”I raised a brow at him.”What do you have in mind?”
A purely carnal gleam lit his eyes.
My stomach quivered and I smiled,demurely.”I’m not on the menu”
“Then we’ll just have to create a new one, won’t we?”
As he leaned closer to recapture my lips,I pulled back with a soft laugh and reached for a glass of Chablis we were sharing.
As I took a sip, Braden took the fork from my other hand and twirled it into the linguine noodles.
When I set the glass down,he held the fork up to me and I opened my mouth.
He slid it inside, watching the way my lips closed around the warm tines.
Before I could stop him,he leaned over and stole another kiss flavored with spices, succulent crab and white wine.
“Umm”He rumbled, appreciatively.”Delicious”
I licked my lips.”Indeed”
Setting the fork down.Braden pulled me closer to his chest, brushing my hair over one shoulder and nuzzled the nape of my neck.
I sighed at the warmth of his lips and the soft scrape of his beard of my skin.
“Do you realized that I’ve spent most of this evening on your lap?”
Brad nibbled my neck.”You don’t hear me complaining”
I smiled, closing my eyes.”No,I don’t”
“And you won’t. I love having you on my lap”As he reached inside of my robe and gently cupped my bre@st,I gasped and swatted his hand away.
“Stop that”I jokingly scolded clutching my robe together and knotting the sash.”I’m trying to enjoy a civilized meal here”
“Baby”He drawled.”You’ve made me quite uncivilized”
“Oh really?”I sneered, laughing.
I glanced at the moonlit sky suddenly wondering if things would be like this when we get to Chicago.
Would he still have time for me?
Braden held my cheeks, bringing my attention back to him.
“What is it?”
“C’mon.We should always tell each other everything”He coaxed.
“I was wondering how often we would be together and just chill like this…you know…when we get back to Chicago”
“As often as we can.We can always sleep over…at my place or yours… I also want to see you everyday, sweetheart”
I smiled feeling so happy at how excited he sounded about our relationship.
“I want us….I want this to work… I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you. I adore you,Megan”He leaned his forehead against mine and whispered.”I love you”
I stared at him completely short of words.
He didn’t just like me…he loves me?
As if he senses that I’m unable to believe that,he added.
“I don’t want to rush things with you.You’re too beautiful for that.I’ll spend every day showing you how true my feelings are for you.But remember our promise,Megan, I won’t hurt and you shouldn’t either”
I nodded.
How did I get so lucky?
“Time for dessert!”He announced standing up and taking me with him.
I giggled feeling so content.