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Always you. Chapter 20

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“No,your hips are too small in that one”Talia said before shuffling out of the dressing room.
I rolled my eyes.
I should’ve stayed at the hotel instead.
I’m feeling really bored.
Talia comes back into the room,a bright orange dress hanging over her arm.
I looked at her in the mirror and suddenly,I don’t feel so beautiful.
I quickly shook my head trying to assure myself that I’m the one Braden wants.
“Here,try this one”She said.
“I think I should better get going now, going shopping for a lot of clothes is not my thing”I replied.
She let out a laugh,and it’s the first time in my life I ever thought a laugh could be filled with sophistication.
She even laughs classy.
“I’ve not even told you my purpose of suggesting we meet up”
I gulped.
Why did I even think we could ever have a normal peaceful hangout?
“I heard you and Braden are going back home tomorrow. I would really hate to see wedding pictures of the two of you…. I’m used to getting everything I want, Meg but why is getting Braden so difficult?”
I can’t stand listening to this woman’s pathetic words.
“I didn’t want it to come to this but I want you to let go of Braden”
I scoffed.”Seriously?Talia, aren’t you tired of chasing after a man who doesn’t want you?”
“He is just being manipulated by you….if you don’t let him go, I will ruin him”She threatened.
I blinked surprised by her outburst.
She moved closer to me.
“I found out Cromwell Tech is struggling.Braden needs my dad’s partnership more than anything.But he’s my dad”She said, proudly.”I can cook up a nice story against Braden… against Cromwell Tech and my dad would wash his hands off him”
I bit my lip hard that I tasted my own blood.
I can’t believe I’m in this spot right now.
“You think this would make Brad love you?”I asked.
“Oh!He wouldn’t know anything about this because I’m sure you won’t want him to start from scratch all over again”
“Why do you hate me this much, Talia?”
“Because you’ve always been an obstacle to the love Braden and I have.You tried to come between us in highschool but I made sure you did something that would make him hate you.Now I want you to do the same,do something that would hurt him…that would make him hate you…that would make him never want to see you again….who knows?
He told my dad about his plans of building a branch here,he might just settle down with me”
How can I do this to Brad?
“I know this is hard for you but if you love someone,you would do anything for that person.This is the only thing you can do for him, Meg.Even if I end his career, you’re the one who’s gonna feel guilty because you had the chance to make him someone greater.Brad and I are from the same world.You don’t fit in.You can never fit in.The choice is yours”She drawled.
I felt like my brain is a jumbled mess of emotions and I have no idea what to do.
I’ve spent years just going through the motions and now I feel like everything around me is crumbling down and I’m overwhelmed.
Pushing the blue dress down my body,I let it pool at my hips.
I grabbed my own halter dress and slid it over my head, slipping my flats back on.
“You really shouldn’t wear flats, you’re already so short”
Ignoring her comment,I grabbed my purse hanging on the hook on the wall and make a retreat out of the dressing room.
I’m glad that Talia doesn’t follow me.
She probably thought I’m looking for another dress but I’ve just got to get out of here.
Stepping to the curb, I hailed a cab and got in.
“Where to, miss?”
“Just drive”
I don’t know what to do at this point.
I recalled every second of last night.
“I love you”
Unbidden tears rolled down my cheeks as his words filled my head.
I recalled the amount he paid me.
He had spent a fortune on this trip and his main aim was to get an investor who would save his company from going bankrupt.
All those were going to go to waste because of me?
I can’t let that happen to him.
I can’t live with it knowing all I had to do was let him go and he’ll still have all his assets.
I’m so f*cking unlucky.
I’m a badluck.
Why did I ever think I could have a life with Braden?
But I think it’ll be bearable to know he didn’t lose everything because of me.
I can survive through that, right?
More tears gushed from my eyes.
I have to hurt him.
I have to make him hate me.
Then I have to move on with my life without him.


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Why the f*ck aren’t they picking up their phones?
I tried Talia’s cell again in frustration as I pace uneasily in my suite.
It’s freaking late and Megan’s yet to return to the hotel.
“Brad,now don’t freak out…..”
“What’s going on? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you or Meg for hours”I barked into the phone.
“She angrily stormed out of the mall, she’s pretty dramatic.I’m not surprised, it’s her nature”Her voice is tart.
“What do you mean she stormed out of the mall.Where is she?”
“I have no idea”
“Are you kidding me right now?You suggested you hang out with her and now you’re telling me you have no idea where she went to.What the f*ck is wrong with you?”
“Calm down,Brad…”
“Don’t f*cking tell me to calm down!”
What the hell was I thinking letting Talia hang out with her?
She must’ve said something to upset Megan.
I’m such a dumb*ss.
I should really control my jealousy…I had thought she would be with f*cking Landon so I thought making her hang out with Talia would make me feel at ease.
I wish I can turn back time.
“What did you say to her?”I asked.
“Nothing…we were just….”
“Shut the f*ck up.I can’t believe you made her upset.She’s the most important thing to me in this world and you just…you just…”
The words burst out from me.I feel like something I truly want might just slip through my fingers.
I breathed deep, filling my lungs with air, trying to calm myself.
I want to go through the phone and choke this b*tch to death but I can’t.
“Which way did she go?”
“I don’t know.By the time I realized she wasn’t coming back into the dressing room,I walked out just in time to see her get on a cab and take off”
“F*ck!”I muttered but I’m somewhat relieved she wasn’t abducted or something horrible.
“Looks like you’ve got the evening off.How about I come over and we finally get that one-on-one time you’ve been needing?”
Biles rises in my throat at the thought of Talia touching me.
My c*ck belongs to Megan and not knowing where she had gone to is driving me insane.
“Talia.I tried to be polite with you because your father is an important client. I don’t know if he brings personal issues to business but f*ck you.Tell you what,even if it takes time, I’ll always find another investor but I can never find another Megan!”I hung up and raced out of the suite.

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Standing in front of the hotel’s building, I am confused as hell.
I have no idea where she’s gone and I don’t know where to start looking.