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Always you. Chapter 24

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Everyone deserves a chance of true love.
A chance of happiness.
A chance to love and be loved in return.
It’s still fascinating how happy Braden is about our baby.
I definitely thought he wouldn’t want a child….but he keeps reminding me that he feels so blessed around me…not only did he pop my cherry but he knocked me down with his child for good.
I know how many women I had embarrassed to keep off my man.
It’s not easy because of his past reputation but I don’t let that get to me anymore.
Those are his past.
I am his present.

The hall was filled to its capacity but Brad had already reserved a front-row seat for me.
It was a night of celebration for Cromwell’s Tech.
With William’s partnership,Braden had successfully pulled off a project which earned him a great amount of profit.
I sat down, crossed my legs and focused intently on his handsome face as he began speaking about his success.
My heart gladdened when he mentioned my name as one of his biggest motivation.
The audience was riveted, hanging onto his every word.
And I had been intrigued too…until the deep, masculine timbre of his voice started doing things to me.
Sweet…..dirty things…
Before I knew it,I was imagining the rough stroke of his hands on my body….his mouth between my thighs….his tongue licking the moist flesh of my p*ssy.
As an hungry ache spread from my pelvis to my bre@sts,I had to uncrossed and crossed my legs, inadvertently drawing Braden’s attention.
Our eyes met and held.
I bit my lower lip, taking a shallow breath.
The inhalation sent his gaze to my bre@sts.
Without glancing down,I knew that my n*pples were thrusting brazenly against my blouse.

Braden’s nostrils flared,his hand curling around the edges of the wooden lectern.
Just a brief clenching of fingers,but it was enough to send a naughty thrill of excitement through me.
He faltered with the microphone for a moment, losing his train of thought.
His black lashes swept downward as he glanced at his notes.
Before members of the audience could stir and glance around curiously,he had recovered his composure and smoothly talked on.

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Though he hadn’t looked at me again,I knew he was hyperaware of my presence.
I sensed his agitation as he fought to remain focused on his speech.

When it was over,he was mobbed by people who were eagered to know more about him.
He patiently answered their questions, flashed killer smiles,collected business cards and posed for photos all the while tracking me around the room as I smiled and chatted with the other attendees.
Once the crowd began to thin,Brad made his way over to me.
Without a word,he gently cupped my elbow and guilded me from the hall.
I didn’t have to ask where we were going.
I thought we were going to his house but instead of ushering me out to our chauffered car,he led me down an empty corridor toward the rear staircase.
He moved with unerring purpose, making me wonder when he had the opportunity to learn the layout of this building.
The thought fled my mind the moment he shoved open the staircase door and pulled me after him.
Once the heavy door swung shut,I didn’t have time to worry that someone might wander upon us.
Frankly,I didn’t care.
Braden hiked my skirt up my thighs, ripped my silk panties off my legs then stood and pushed me up against the wall.
I was already soaked,my juices were smearing the tops of my thighs.
As he touched the glistening w€tness,his eyes blazed with desire.
He licked his coated fingers, nostrils flaring with carnal pleasure.
Then he grabbed my wrists in one hand and pinned them above my head as he reached down with his other hand to unzip his pants.
I wrapped my shaky legs around his waist,then he thrust deep into me, driving his d*ck so deep that my spine contracted.
We both gasped and shuddered, violently.
His hand gripped my buttocks as he began pumping into me,one long stroke after another.
I wanted to touch him…to rake my manicure nails across his Armani-clad back but his hard strong fingers kept my wrists shackled to the wall.
It was thrilling, intoxicating,wildly erotic.
He hadn’t spoken a word since we left the hall and neither did I.
Even if I had wanted to speak,the maelstrom of sensation pounding through my body made coherent speech impossible.
We kissed, frantically,panting hotly into each other’s mouths as he thrust into me.
Deeper and deeper…..harder and faster until his hips were surging so powerfully that my bre@sts bounced and my bound hands kept slapping the wall.
Only when we exploded together did he groan.
A raw,primal groan that reverberated throughout the staircase and sent chills down my spine.
Releasing my hands,he leaned his forehead against mine.
“See,woman. I tried to be good but you just had to be bad”
I giggled.”What did I do now?”
“You almost made me say nonsense on the stage, teasing and making me melt with those long legs of yours”
I grinned.”I did get punish for that, didn’t I?”I asked pointing at the cvm dripping down my thighs.
He smiled.”Go clean up”He gestured at a restroom down the hall.
“There’s somewhere I have to take you to”
He winked at me.”It’s a surprise”
“What about the party?”
“Noah can handle the rest of the evening”He assured.

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I smiled excitedly staring at a gazebo.
I think we are going to have dinner here.
So romantic!
Braden came in front of me, leaning down,he kissed me,hard.
When he pulled away, I’m breathless and desire is racing round my body.
He gazed down at me and in the glow of the strip of light coming from inside the gazebo,I could see that he is anxious.
I reached up and caressed his face, running my fingers through his sideburns and along his jaw to his chin then let my index finger touched his lip….he relaxes a bit.
“I’ve got something to show you in here”He murmured and opened the door.
The harsh light of the fluorescents illuminated the impressive motor launch in the dock, bobbing gently on the dark water.
There’s a row boat beside it.
Braden led me to the other part of the room which was filled with flowers,there were flowers everywhere.
Someone had created a magical bower of beautiful wild meadow flowers mixed with glowing fairy lights and miniature lanterns that glow soft and pale round the room.
My face whipped round to meet his and he’s gazing at me.
“You are the heart and flowers type of girl and I just want to show you that I can be that type of guy too….I can be anything you want”
I blinked at him, highly touched by what he had arranged for me.
“You have my heart forever,baby”
He waved toward the room.
“Here are the flowers and it’s going to be like this every single day…. I’m not promising every day would be blissful but I just want you to know that it’s going to be always you and I’ll keep choosing you every single moment of my life.”He added.
“Brad, it’s lovely”
I can’t think of what else to say.
My heart is in my mouth as tears pricked my eyes.
Before I knew it,he goes down on one knee in front of me.
Holy hell…I did not expect this.
He had removed the fake engagement ring from my finger while I was asleep…I had been pestering him to give it back but he had said the ring was insignificant because it wasn’t given to me for the right reason.
Now,he is doing this again….for real….for all the right reasons in the world.
My breath hitched.
From his inside jacket pocket,he brought out a ring and looked up at me….his eyes bright and raw….full of emotion.
“Megan Reid. I love you. I want to love,cherish and protect you for the rest of my life.Be mine.Always.Share my life with me.Will you marry me?”
I blinked down at him as my tears fell.
Oh my man…my Braden.
I love him so much….all I can say as the tidal wave of emotion hits me is….”Yes”
He grinned, relieved and slowly slid the ring into my finger.
It’s beautiful,an oval diamond in a platinum ring… Jeez… it’s big…big but oh-so simple and stunning in its simplicity.
“Oh Braden”I sobbed, suddenly overwhelmed with joy and I joined him on my knees,my fingers fisting in his hair as I kissed him….kissed him with all my heart and soul.
Kiss this precious man who loves me as much as I love him.
And as he wrapped his arms around me,his hands moving to my hair,his mouth on mine,I know I will always be his and he will always be mine