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Always You. Chapter 4

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I wouldn’t say Megan and I became friends but I became the only one whom she isn’t hostile to.
We didn’t get to go home together again but we talked a little in school.
“Strong woman is only nice to you,what have you done to her,Brad?”Martin,one of my friends asked.
Josh and Felix cooed.
We were at the eatery.
I shrugged.”Nothing. I just think maybe we misunderstood her, she’s not so bad”I said.
“Hmm,do you like her?”Josh asked.
I frowned.”Seriously guys?Is there anything wrong….”
“Like who?”I heard Talia asked behind me.
This girl has to fvcking chill.
“Strong woman”Felix replied.
“Is that true,Brad?”She asked.
I turned to face her.
“Talia, it’s high time you stop monitoring everything about me”I warned.
She looked at me as if I had slapped her and then angrily stormed off.
“Talia is fvcking glued to you”Josh chided.
I seriously haven’t given her any reason to think I like her.
Why can’t she just back the fvck off?


I miss my mom.
I miss my dad.
I miss my old friends.
I don’t think I would ever have any friends in this school.
All the kids are always looking for one way or the other to pick on me.
I can’t let them intimidate me.
So if anyone dares to step on me…..I’ll make sure they regret it.
Braden Cromwell seems nice.
Though,we ain’t that close but he’s the only one who talks to me.
He jokes a lot.
And I wish I can stop taking some of his jokes seriously.
I can’t help but feel angry all the time and I think maybe he’s not so nice after all.
Why would the most popular boy in school want to be friends with me?

During recess,I made my way to my locker.
As I flung open the door….I gasped.
Different dirty papers, cardboard papers and used tissue papers fell from my locker.
It was so dirty and rage consumed me.
Many students passed by and laughed at me.
The tissue papers was the most annoying sight of all…some contained blood.
Three girls stood close to me.
I know one was Talia.She behaves like the queen of high school.
“Oops,I knew Brad would surely welcome the new girl like this,he always does this to all the newbies”the girl beside Talia said.
My fist clenched!
Braden did this!
“He shouldn’t have messed it up like this…so bad of him”Talia said, sarcastically.
The girls laughed and walked off.
No wonder he was nice to me.
He was going to prank me just like he does to all the new students.
Well,he just made the big mistake of his life and I’m going to also do something to him that he’ll never forget.

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My teammates and I were running around the basketball court.
We were working ourselves out… waiting for the Coach to arrive.
“BRADEN!”Someone shouted my name.
I stopped running and turned towards the direction of the voice.
I saw Megan walking hurriedly towards me.
“Hey,Meg. what’s….”
Words failed me when she striked a kick…. brutally hitting my d!ck.
I fell on the floor in the kneeling position, clutching between my legs painfully.
“fvck! Megan….what…. what’s wrong with you?”I thundered.
“Don’t you ever prank me again”She warned and walked off.
My friends rushed towards me.
“I thought you said we misunderstood her”Josh asked, mockingly.
Tears flooded my eyes but I fought them back.
I can’t cry… I’m a man.
But my d!ck hurts like fvck.
“I heard her locker was filled with dirt…..she claimed that you did it”Felix informed me.
Who has that fvcking time to pick up dirts?
She had jumped into conclusion because I was the only one who talks to her.
I wished I avoided her like a plague.
Damn you,Megan!
I just kneeled down there,still clutching my legs while some students sympathized with me.
I had heard people say how painful it is to have an attack on one’s d!ck….but I never expected it to be this painful.
I couldn’t even walk home properly.
I can’t even fight with her because I don’t have the nerves to.
If she can beat Trevor up….then she’ll kill me.
She’s a fvcking monster.

“Honey,what happened to you?”My mom asked when I got home.
She had noticed that I wasn’t walking properly.
I have tried different walking posture but the pain refuse to lessen.
“I hurt my foot during practice”I replied.
“Let me see”
“No!”I said backing away from her.
She frowned at me.
“I’m fine,I can take care of myself”With that, I hurried off.
“Brad,if you come home injured again,you’ll quit playing basketball”She threatened.

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I showered with cold water hoping it would cool down the pain but it didn’t.
I laid down to sleep but I couldn’t sleep.
I blew on my d!ck but the pain was only worsening.
How dare that small girl?
I love being friendly but that doesn’t mean I don’t get angry.
She’s a bitch!
She just stepped on the Lion’s tail.
fvck you,Megan!