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Always You. Chapter 5

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Now we were on our way heading to Paris.
Just the two of us and our pilot in my jet.
Noah didn’t come with us.
He has to be in charge of my business and give me daily reports.
I took a deep breath.
Even if I’m with the most pesky person in the world,I have to get this under control.
This isn’t high school.
We’re no longer classmates.
For an arrangement like this… I’m like her boss and she’s my employee.
She has been paid so she must work for it.
She walked out from the adjoining bathroom…sat on a chair beside me then fastened her seatbelt.
“We need rules so that we can both coexist for two weeks”She began.
I agree.
We need some fvcking rules.
I’m a little bit calm now and she seemed calm too.
“Rule no 1….no holding of hands”She announced.
I turned to face her.
“We only have to do that when we’re close to my client”I informed her.
She shrugged.”Okay.Rule no 2…..no kissing”
“We also might do that when we’re close…..”
“NO KISSING!”she declared.”I won’t let you kiss me”
I huffed.”Who wants to kiss those unattractive lips?”
She glared at me and her fist clenched.
Before she could do anything,I quickly stated my rule.
“No fighting”
She chuckled.”If you behave then no one would physically get hurt”She looked down between my legs.
I placed my hand on it.
“This isn’t high school,Meg.You have to behave like my employee… I don’t fight with women but if you try anything stupid,I’ll beat you black and blue”I threatened.
I saw her throat convulsed as she swallowed.
I smirked inwardly,maybe she thought I had acquired some fighting skills too.
She continued.”I don’t care if I’m somewhat like your employee, if you break any of my rule
you’ll regret it”She warned, harshly.
I sighed, heavily….still wondering why…why did it had to be Megan?
If it was someone else,she would listen to me without being a total bitch.
“And lastly,no s£x”She added.
I laughed.”I would never stick my d!ck into that pvssy.I’m sure it’s not even…..”
Before I could finish,she flung her hands towards me.
I quickly held her arms, stopping her from hitting me.
Gosh! This is so frustrating.
“I said…NO FIGHTING!”I thundered.
“You would speak to me with respect,Brad!”She yelled.
“Respect,my ass!Stop being aggressive, times have changed.I’m your boss now so you have to do what I say”I said, sternly.
She finally calmed the fvck down and settled fully on her seat.
“I hate that I have to do this with you”Megan said.
“If there’s any word greater than hate….then that would be use to describe how much I despise you”I retorted.
Our teeth clenched,anger boiling within us, we turned to face the opposite direction.
This wouldn’t be easy at all.
After staring out through the window for some time, I noticed she had fallen asleep.
I took a blanket but on second thought,I covered only her face.
It was annoying just to see her stupid face.

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It was noon the following day when we arrived in Paris.
Braden was driving with dark shades on.
He was probably heading to a hotel.
I stared at his face longer than necessary.
‘He had gotten more handsome….so manly’My subconscious mind cooed.
I quickly looked away.
Handsome my foot!
Why does it have to be Braden?
I wanted to have a nice time in Paris not to be quarreling everyday with my arch enemy.
After what happened in highschool….we never spoke to each other again.
We avoided each other like a plague.
He was a proud prick and I wondered why girls were always falling for him.
There’s nothing attractive about him.
On Valentine’s day that year,his locker were filled with gifts….the gifts were practically falling on the floor.
I wonder why they would waste their money on this asshole.
He also dated Talia.
They were all over each other….even kissing in class.
It was clear that they had broken up now.
I wonder why.
Then again, it’s none of my business.
Braden pulled over in front of a building.
“This isn’t the hotel where we’re staying…. William wouldn’t be convinced easily that I’m engaged until it’s made public.Get down and follow me”He ordered.
I gnashed my teeth.
I hate being ordered around and it’s especially irritating to be ordered around by Braden.
I followed him into the building.
He seem to know the place like the back of his hand.
His clothes looks expensive and he even has a private jet.
He had made it big in life.
I know Talia and the others might also be successful too.
But me…..
Anger started building within me again.

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We walked into a room decorated with balloons.
There was a guy with a Nikon on a strap around his neck.
“Ready?”Braden asked.
“Pardon?”I glanced over at him….then around the room again.
It was so lovely.
“He’s here to take our picture…. I’m going to propose to you and you’re going to act all emotional….cry if you have to….be dramatic”He explained.
I frowned.”You didn’t tell me we would be….”
“There are many things we would do, Megan.You have to work for that money”
I sighed, heavily.
I didn’t bargain for this.
I just thought I’d act like his fiancee only in front of his client.
Would there be more?
Like fake hugs and kisses?
Is there even anything like fake hugs and kisses?
Braden reached into his pocket and drew out a velvet box then dropped to one knee in front of me.
I suddenly found it hard to breath.
“Make this look real,Megan.If you could fabricate a smile and some tears,it would be very helpful.Or just continue looking shocked, okay?”
“Are you getting this?”He asked the guy with the camera,who had started clicking away.
The snap of each captured image stuck in my ears.
Braden opened the box and took my left hand.
“Will you marry me?”He asked.
He looked so sincere…so serious.
My actual response would have been,’No…I won’t marry you in a million years’ But I had to play along.
I have been paid for this and it wouldn’t seem fair if I ruin this for him no matter how much I hated him.
I extended my left hand and put on the most fakest smile ever.
“Yes”I replied.
“Smile bigger”The camera guy said.
“Shut the fvck up”I snapped at him.
It’s not easy to smile over something so unreal.
“I’ll let this one slide because you the photographer but be warned, dude”
The camera guy gave a wry chuckle and continued bouncing around, snapping pictures.
Braden removed the ring from the box and slid it onto my finger.
“Seriously,guys.Try to put on some emotions,if anyone sees these pictures, they’ll surely know you’re just pretending….you two are just stiff”The camera guy said again.
Braden ran a hand through his hair, looking tired.
“You two should hug….get locked into a warm embrace”He suggested.
Braden slowly closed the distance between us and then pulled me into his chest.
We were barely hugging.
“Jesus Christ!”The camera guy exclaimed.”What’s the problem?Brad,you warned me to make sure the pictures look perfect…most of them are far from perfect.Don’t tell me that you don’t know how to hug…your bodies are merely touching.This is my last attempt to helping the two of you…..Kiss her,Braden.A hot, passionate kiss”
My jaw dropped.
I stared at Braden.
He stared at me.
Not happening!