October 1, 2023

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Always You. Chapter 6

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I nervously stared at Braden.
I haven’t been this nervous my entire life.
Maybe it’s because I’m going to get kissed for the first time but I hate it that it’ll be by someone I despised.
What’s even wrong with me?
I shouldn’t be haboring any thoughts of getting kissed by him.
“No kissing”I mouthed.
He moved closer to me.
“At some occasions,we have to put our differences aside.I’ve spent a lot of money on this and you can’t let it all go to waste”
He moved his face closer to mine.
“It’s just one harmless kiss”He whispered.
Who cares about making his/her first kiss special anyway?
I’m not even going to let him see that I’m some inexperienced girl.
It’s just a kiss.
I felt a wave of heat hitting upon my cheeks and a familiar scent followed through.
I turned my head in surprise and found myself staring at his face.
He was staring at me so passionately that one might definitely believe that I’m his fiancee.
His lips were almost touching mine…his gaze seemed to fall on my lips as he looked down.
My lips trembled, involuntarily.
He was too close to me…. I took in a breath, unintentionally.
The tension heightened… Leaning down…he pressed his lips to my mouth.
His lips were unexpectedly soft, almost like rose petals.
They were warm and moist.
Gently,my mouth slid over his.
I sip and sucked until his lips finally parted.
His tongue slid into my mouth …the soft caress sent a pulse through my body like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
I never knew a kiss could be like this.
He’s so tentative.
My eyes were closed but I didn’t know how or when I did that.
I vaguely heard myself m0aning into the kiss.
I felt my body heating up and a numbing sensation traveled from my head to my toe…then to my s£x and reached my heart eventually.

A discreet cough from the photographer made us realized that we were kissing each other hungrily.
We instantly pulled back.
The photographer laughed.”And that was great but I have taken more than enough pictures already and I was starting to get scared that you two might start undressing each other”
Braden cleared his throat.
I glanced at him…. I know I look disoriented but he looked as cool as a cucvmber.
That was one hell of a kiss.
This was probably nothing to him.
It’s nothing to me too….I think.

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Megan’s not a bad kisser after all.
I didn’t expect she would have some sweetness in her.
I wonder if her pvssy…..what?
Snap out of it,Brad.
This is Megan.
The kiss was great and all but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s aggressive.
Who knows….she might even be aggressive in bed too.
She might be those type of women who loves to pull men’s hair when they go down on them.
Don’t get me wrong… I love when women run their hands through my hair during s£x but I hate it when they pull it as if they wanna pull everything away from my scalp.
She might be those type of women who might hit you if you ain’t stroking her G-spot well enough.
She might be those type who doesn’t know how to suck a d!ck too.
Scraping her teeth along as if it’s beef…she might even bite me.
My left hand moved to my d!ck involuntarily.
Megan is definitely off limits in bed.
She might be capable of more terrible things that I don’t wanna experience.

I was riding towards our hotel,I glanced at her….she had been quiet ever since we kissed….and her face is still so red like a tomato.
I wanted to laugh.
Don’t tell me she was highly affected by that?
She looked like a teenager who had just gotten kissed for the first time.
I gasped.
No way!
That wasn’t her first kiss, right?
“Was that your first kiss?”I asked.
I’m damn sure it’s not.
She’s might be twenty-three or twenty-four.
Who hasn’t gotten kissed at that age?
Especially in this generation.
“No,why are you asking?”She snapped in her usual annoying tune.
“It’s as if your cheeks are about to be on fire”
She immediately covered her face with her hands.
“It’s not…. it’s just… it’s been long since I kissed anyone”
I laughed.”Then again….how will anyone even want to kiss you?When your mates are getting kissed constantly… you’re busy fighting all the eligible bachelors…”I paused seeing her glaring at me.
“You broke my rule of no kissing today so I’m going to break your rule of no fighting too”She threatened.
I swallowed.”I’m driving”I reminded.
“When we get to the hotel…”She drawled
Why am I feeling scared because of this psychopath?
I can’t start fighting with a woman…it’ll be as if I’m a psycho too.
Should I beg her?
Should I offer her a peace offering?
Oh God!
Maybe I should start learning karate too.

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