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Always you. Chapter 7

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He’s going to pay for this.
As if disorienting me with that kiss wasn’t enough,he had the nerves to make jest of me.
He’s trying to look cool and collective as if he isn’t scared that I had just threatened to fight with him.
It’s been a while since I last fought…almost two months ago.
I could use this opportunity to loosen up some bad energy.
When we got to the hotel,my jaw dropped in awe.
This was paradise.
Braden brought down our luggage… I was expecting him to carry mine but he tossed it at my direction adding fuel to my anger.
We walked in and he booked a suite.
“We can’t share a room”I snapped.
“We’re engaged…. it’s only reasonable if we share a room and you’re in no position to complain…you just have to shut the fvck up and do as you’re told”
My jaw dropped.
Who the fvck does he think he is?
I felt more eagered to fight this out with him.

Getting into our suite, I momentarily forgot my anger.
This was going to be a lifetime experience.
I stared at the couches then at the bed.
I felt like jumping on it.
The colours of paintings on the wall were fascinating.
I had to hold myself back from touching the wall.
I didn’t want him to see how new all these places were to me.
He was used to luxury and used to sophisticated women too.
He walked into the bathroom and I took that opportunity to explore the suite… running my hands through the walls….. jumping on the bed.
When I turned on the TV…the settings were in French and I couldn’t understand anything.

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I uploaded most of the nicest pictures of Megan and I…. announcing my engagement to the public.
William Auguste is going to see this and know that I’m on my way to become a family man.
I laughed at how absurd that sounded.
I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon.
Won’t I get bored of screwing one woman?
It’s fun taking different women.
Hearing some of them m0an so sweetly… While some m0an as if my d!ck is scattering their uterus.
I can’t wait for all this to end….go back to Chicago and start fvcking again.
In a few minutes,many comments already popped up on my post.

*Who the fvck is she?*

*Brad, I thought you said you loved me*

*I can’t believe this.Daddy…’re mine*

*This engagement isn’t going to last… I can bet on it*

*Give me a second chance,Brad*

*Woah, she’s so lucky*

I smirked and put down my cellphone.
I love when girls go crazy about me.
What can I say?
I’m a catch.

I walked out of the bathroom and found Megan rolling and giggling on the bed.
I shook my head.
I’m sure she has never seen a bed this big before.
“Try not to embarrass yourself”I teased and that did it.
It was as if her past anger at the car had resurfaced.
“fvck you!”She thundered and lunged towards me.
I ran off,…and quickly grabbed a pillow.
I’m not going to fight with her but I have to protect my d!ck just in case.
I placed the pillow in front of my package as we ran around the room.
“Calm down!”
“You shouldn’t have messed with me”She retorted.
This was crazy….being pursued by a girl.
Any man who ever marries her would die of frustration…. that’s if she ever gets married.

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Soon,we got tired and sat on the floor.
“I’m going to let this slide”She said, breathing heavily.
She had definitely lost all her power for fighting tonight.
“I hate you”I muttered.
“The feeling is mutual,asshole!”she replied.

After resting for a while… I stood up.
“Megan…why can’t you just….for once in your life be a normal woman?”
She glared at me.”The only one abnormal here is you”
“I told you for this set-up to work… we need to put our differences aside,you need to tame this dubious character of yours,we can’t go fighting in front of William”
“Go fvck yourself”She took the remote control and turned on the TV.
“This damn thing won’t stop communicating in French”She hollered.
I sighed.
Now,she was mad at the TV.
This woman is mentally deranged.
I picked up the remote control and changed the settings to English.
“French is the main language here.It’s not their fault that you’re dumb”
She stood up and I know she’s about to fight me.
I had dropped the pillow.
Oh No!
“Megan, please no fighting!”I begged.
She smiled, triumphantly and sat down.
I only begged for the sake of my d!ck.
Noah will pay for this when I get back.
It’s his fault that I’m in this terrible condition.

“We have so many things to talk about…like where we met,our preferences,our likes and dislikes,These are questions people who are engaged should know.William might be the nosy type so we have to be prepared”
“Can we talk about this, tomorrow? I’m already stressed out by a certain someone”
I scoffed.”You’re the one who’s stressing me out”
“I’ll ignore that because I need my beauty sleep now”
I laughed.
Ugly sleep.
I couldn’t say that out loud because I wanted her to go to sleep already.
She might be less annoying when sleeping.
Does she snore?
“The bed is mine…the couch is yours”She announced.
I frowned.”I’m paying for everything, I’m the boss here…how come you have to chose?”
“If you want to die….come close to the bed”She threatened.
I released a rueful breath…. I’m going to be the bigger person here and let her sleep on the bed.
There’s no use arguing with a loose cannon.
I switched off the lights.
I suddenly felt a movement in the darkness.
She turned on the lights.
“Are you nuts?why the hell did you turn off the lights?”She barked.
“You said you were going to sleep… I’m also going to sleep too so….”
I turned off the lights.
She turned it on again.
“I can’t sleep with the lights off!”
“I can’t sleep with the lights on”I thundered.
What’s her problem?
Do we really have to disagree on everything?
I’m the boss here, I can’t let everything go the way she wants.
I turned off the lights.
She turned it on.
Looks like we’re not sleeping tonight!

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