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Always You. Chapter 8

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She realized that I’m not ready to back down so her hard glare softened.
“I really hate the dark….for tonight we can leave the lights on, tomorrow,we can turn it off….we can be regulating the nights like that”She suggested, calmly.
My eyebrows creased… I didn’t know Megan could talk calmly.
For Peace’s sake, I agreed.
I grabbed a pillow and a blanket then strode over to the couch.
“Thanks”She murmured and walked over to the bed.

I wish I could understand her better so that we won’t kill each other before the two weeks end.
Why does she loves being aggressive?
Did she had a boyfriend before who broke her heart and then she sworn to be iron lady…sworn to get her revenge by being violence?
I laughed at that thought…but then again…she had always been this way since she started Prestige high school.
Did she had the heartbreaker of a boyfriend in her former school?
A loud noise interrupted my sleep.
I turned to her direction and realized that she was fast asleep and snoring.
Can’t Megan ever have anything good about her?
I covered my ears with the pillow.
But her snores kept on vibrating the bedroom.
This is torture.
I couldn’t sleep.
I stood up and walked over to the bed.
I covered her face with a pillow.
She didn’t even move.
She sleeps like a log of wood.
Her snores continued behind the pillows.

I ruefully sank back on the couch… turns out I’m not really going to sleep tonight.

At some point in the middle of the night,I finally fell asleep but it was so uncomfortable sleeping on the couch.

I jerked awake by a loud sound.
What a way to wake up.
I slowly sat up and found Megan watching TV.
The volume was extremely loud.
I won’t be surprise if she has ear problems too… everything is bad about her.
I had a sweet dream though…that I was in Paris with another woman who would readily do everything I wanted without being a total bitch.
Too bad… I’m still stuck with Megan.

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I have to compose myself.
I’m not a psychopath like her so I have to stop exchanging words with her.
It’s clear that she still needs to grow up….common sense isn’t common to her at all.

“Good morning”I greeted trying to be the great person that I am but she ignored me.
“There’s a kitchenette in here,we can go out to get some groceries or we can just order, which would….”
“Let’s order”She cut in, looking suddenly excited.
I bit back a laugh….she was looking so grumpy before.
At the mention of food…she has transformed into a smiling mess.
“What would you like to eat?”
Now,she looked confused.
“I haven’t tried french delicacies before”
“Well,we can order Chinese and you can try creme brulee and Petit-four….they’re great”I offered.
Who ever thought talking about food would make us communicate calmly with each other?

A few minutes later found us eating and watching TV.
I hated the love story being shown.
The male lead was practically crying because the female lead broke his heart.
Like seriously ….what the f*ck?
Cry because of a woman.
I can’t imagine myself doing that sh*t.
I couldn’t summon up courage to tell Megan to change the channel…. I just didn’t want any arguments today.
I’ve had enough yesterday….it was f*cking stressful.
“I mentioned yesterday that lovers need to know everything about themselves….. let’s start with the process of getting to know each other”I began.
She turned to face me and I noticed a stain on her T-shirt.
She can’t even eat elegantly.
“What’s your favorite colour?”I asked.
I swallowed.
That usually signifies danger.
It suits her.
Everything about her is dangerous.
“What about you?”She asked.
“I don’t have, I’m not the kind of guy who has favorite colours… I might like blue today or green tomorrow…”
“You’re indecisive”She sneered.
“No. I just don’t have any preferences when it comes to colours”
“What type of movies do you prefer?”I asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“What about you?”
“I prefer action movies too but I don’t practice what I watch”I replied indirectly insulting her.
Unluckily for me,she got the message.
Her gaze hardened.”So I practice what I watch?”
“Be civilized,we don’t really have to argue all the time”I snapped.
“The only person uncivilized here is you”
I shook my head choosing to ignore her.
“How long should we tell him we’ve been together? People don’t get engaged overnight”She chided.
“Seven months”
Her jaw dropped.”Just seven months and we’re engaged already?”
“We fell in love so fast….you fell for my charisma,my different ways of making you smile.”
“You’re such a smooth talker”
“It’s all for the fell for my good looks….”
“Who’s deceiving you?”She asked.
I frowned.
Her opinion about my looks doesn’t matter.
Many sophisticated and normal women have told me that I’m more than handsome so I don’t need any abnormal woman telling me otherwise.
“What if he asks what you love about me?”
I frowned.
What do I like about her?
I can’t even think of any lie.
“I’ll leave that for later…. he might ask where we met?”
“We can say we met at the mall”
“Meeting at malls is too common…we can say we met at a park where I saved you from almost getting raped”
She burst into laughter and I laughed too thinking about how absurd that sounded.
Save Megan from rape?
She would murder the rapist herself.
I stared at the wall clock.
I had somewhere to be.
“I’ll be leaving now… probably back by evening”I announced.
“Knock yourself out”she said.
‘B*tch’I thought.

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I stood by the window staring at the tall beautiful buildings and the people moving about.
This wasn’t how I planned my first visit to Paris.
I thought I would get to explore all the fun places.
Braden would never agree to give me a tour.
I was dressed in a small tank top,a tiny white panties and my freaking knee high socks.
Living alone for years made me love dressing like this.
Since Braden won’t be here till evening… I figured I could dress like this.
I walked into the kitchenette with my iPod.
I turned on my favorite song…. setting my iPod to the highest volume.
I felt like dancing.
I just wanted to drown in the music and forget about stupid Braden and my great urge to explore Paris.


Finding out William’s whereabouts with my private investigator took a shorter time than I expected so by 2: pm… I was heading back to the hotel.
I wish I could go clubbing.
I seriously miss s*x already.

When I walked into the suite….the volume of the music was thunderous.
What the f*ck is wrong with Megan this time?
I walked into the kitchenette and frozed on the spot.
She was just on a tank top and panties.
Her socks made her look s*xier.
I suddenly imagined f*cking her with her socks on.
How can she be dancing in these?
I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.
My imagination was nothing compared to what her curvy body really looks like.
She looks enticing….I could see every curve of her little,compact body.
I shouldn’t want to take off those panties but I want to.
She gripped the edge of the fridge… hooked her leg around it and swiveled.
Her body moving to the beat of the music….sh*t…to the beat of my damn pulse.
I just stood by the doorway,my throat drying out…palms sweating and my d*ck doing what it did best.
Twitching in my pants….
I quickly organized my thoughts.
This is Megan.
I can’t get hard because of her.
She seemed to finally noticed my presence.
“Jesus!”She screamed and quickly hid under the table.
“Braden,is that you?”She asked in disbelief.
I smirked…

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Braden has seen Megan’s panties o
She will die of shame today.