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Always You. Prologue And Chapter 1

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Women are lovely set of beings.
Nice and soft but there’s an exemption and that exemption is Megan Reid.
She is the most annoying woman I know and in high school,she was always behaving as if she had superpowers….like strong woman or Supergirl.
She had even kicked me between my legs,she kicked me hard.
For days,my d!ck hurt badly.
And I hated her since then.
I couldn’t be more happy when I finished high school…. extremely happy that I’ll never see that obnoxious young lady again.

Now I’m a multimillionaire whose business is about to be shaken because of a scandal.
My instructions were simple….scour the city for a fake fiancee who’s not my type at all.
Have her on my jet Monday morning,dressed appropriately for a vacation in Paris.
I need a woman believable enough to convince a certain client that I’ve changed my Playboy ways.
But I need someone totally opposite from the models and socialites I usually have on my arm.
I need somebody too annoying to tempt me…no emotional entanglement…. business only!
If she’s unfazed by my looks and wealth…all the better!
Should be easy, right?
Apparently,it fvcking didn’t go easy for me because my P.A got me Megan Reid.Worse,he paid her already!
What was he thinking?
Yes,I said annoying but I didn’t mean Megan,the most frustrating woman in the world.





“Who’s your daddy?”
Ava or Anna,I think one of the two is her name…. can’t really remember but she wriggles beneath me and giggles as I smack her ass.
“Braden”She replied.
“I can feel your pvssy clenching around me so tight,you wanna cvm on my big fat cock, don’t you?”
“Oh…fvck…yes.. Daddy”
“You’re a very bad girl, I’m going to punish you”
“fvck me however you want”She said,her breath catching in her throat.
She was lying over my desk,her skirt pulled up to her waist,her thighs creating a framework where I’m digging into, relentlessly.
I met her at a club last night but I was with another woman,Rose.
We had a quickie in the bathroom then I took Rose home.
I didn’t expect this lady would stalk me already and come to my office for another romp.
And heck… I could never turn down an opportunity like this.
I smacked her a few more times,my hand meeting her bare flesh,her pert bottom all pink now and she gasped.
I continued thrusting in and out of her.
It feels so good.
Who can ever get enough of this?
Was it Ava or Anna?
I still can’t remember.
How am I supposed to keep all their names straight in my head?
I can’t exactly ask her now….not now that I’m fvcking her brains out.
What’s the point of finding out anyway?
I know I’ll never see her again no matter how much she wants to see me.
But she would definitely not forget my name in her lifetime.
“Braden…..we shouldn’t be doing this in your office…I thought… Oh…I thought you would take me to your house”
The fvck do I care if we shouldn’t be doing this.
We’re doing it anyway.
Because we can.
Because I can.
No one can tell me what to do or point fingers at me anymore.
I own the company.
Hard work,a lot of hardwork, inspiration, imagination and a few lucky breaks and I’ve made a mint…more money than I know what to do with.
These days I work hard but I fvck more.
I get to screw a lot of women.
It seems fair to me.
I worked for it.
The women are adults and I never lead them on.
I give it to them straight when I take them home.
They seem to think it’s a joke the way I treat them…as if treating them mean to keep them keen was actually a thing.
Maybe it is.
But it works. I don’t bother with the ones who play hard to get.
Who has time for games when I could be fvcking someone more willing?
Let some other guy deal with that crap.
The women know the score.
If they hope for something more, it’s not my fault.
Getting them out with sweet words and no tears after the event is all that matters and if they call later,I have my PA screen their calls.
I need never be bothered by a woman again.
I know this woman beneath came here for s£x and she doesn’t mind being fvcked in my office.
She only said that so I would think she has some decency in her.
She m0aned,loudly.
“Bad…bad girl…. coming here to fvck me in my office, taking your panties off for me”
My words seem to turn her on more than ever but she has to protest.
They all do.
“I… I… I didn’t come here to fvck”She replied.
“But that’s exactly what you’re doing so the point is moot,and that makes you very bad”
I smacked her ass a couple more times.
Even the normally well-behaved ones seem to like it.
I expect it makes them feel better about what they are doing.
And then I fvck her harder grabbing hold of her bre@sts, pulling them out of her bra.
I like something to hold onto and this girl has got a lot to grab.
“Ah… Brad… I’m bad for only you”
They often say that but I don’t agree.
They’re bad for all the men in their lives.
I tell them what to do during s£x, I love to be in control.
But it’s up to them whether they do it or not.
There’s no fun in forcing the issue.
I assume they’ll comply with my commands and it’s rare that they don’t.
Easy enough to put a girl in a taxi and send her home if she doesn’t.
There are plenty of willing women enough for any guy for a lifetime.
“You have a meeting at one…. oh shit!”
It was Noah!
He knows what I’m like.
He had screened enough of my calls but I gave him the impression that I won’t fvck around again after my last scandal.
He walked out of my office as I came hard.
“Who was that?”Ava or Anna asked… getting up from the desk..her face flushed.
“My P.A”
“Do you do this often?in your office?”
“Liar”She pouted for a moment but then she was smiling again.
“Can I see you again?”
“I have your number,you gave it to me last night remember”
“So I did.Call me”She said, slipping on her panties and straightening her clothes.
“Anna….my name’s Anna”She corrected.
I shrugged, nonchalantly.”My bad”
With one last kiss,she left my office.

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I disposed the condom in the bathroom and when I came back into the office,I found Noah already seated.
“Seriously?”He began.
I sat on my swivel chair preparing myself for his sermons.
Noah and I are pretty close so we don’t use formalities when addressing each other.
“Pictures were taken of you screwing a model in a fvcking parking lot,even if we have taken down that news, people are still talking about it.You promised to stay on a low and few minutes ago I saw your cock deep inside a woman’s pvssy, I’m tired of seeing that shit”
I rolled my eyes… sometimes,he behaves like a fvcking saint.
“It’s not my fault that women want me and aren’t you supposed to be at the restaurant eating lunch?”
“Yeah but the food didn’t go down my throat when I saw our scale….many investors are washing their hands off you, Brad”
I swallowed hard.”What do you mean?”
“With one scandal to another,they believe working with you is a big risk…and the risk isn’t worth taking”
“What about William Auguste?”
“He said he only works with family men.”
“What the fvck is wrong with him?How does being a family man make a business….”
“He doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have a family all of a sudden,he wants a responsible man”
“I’m a responsible man”
Noah laughed.”Yeah…by fvcking 24/7″
“Shut the fvck up…William is the biggest client of all time, getting him to work with us wasn’t easy….with the way things are going…if we lose his partnership too, I could get bankrupt.”
I thought about my mom…she would be so ashamed of me.
I was raised by a single mom.
Apparently,she was my father’s mistress and when he found out she was expecting,he didn’t want to have anything to do with her.
Over the years,I had found out that he was a senator but I also don’t want anything to do with him too.
My mom provided everything I needed while growing up.
She made sure I lacked nothing and when I became rich…I bought her a mansion.
She had stopped working and was now among some elite clubs in Chicago.
I can’t imagine myself starting from scratch again.
What would I say to her?
I have to fix this.
“If William wants a responsible man,I would be that responsible man!”I declared.
Noah stared at me, sardonically.”How?”
“I just have to show him that I’m about to be a family man.I’ve left the past behind me and I’m a man with stability”
“Left the past behind you?…You just fvcked…”
“It’s just temporary,man.If you don’t wanna go jobless,you shut the hell up and help me out”
It was as if he just realized that if I go down,he goes down too.
He wouldn’t want to start looking for a job all over again.
“What’s your plan?”
“First off,is William still in Paris?”
I sat up.”Good. I need you to get the Pilot ready,by Monday morning, I’ll be heading to Paris with my fiancee, it’ll be like a coincidental meeting, just leave the rest to me”
Noah grimaced.”Need I remind you that you don’t have a fiancee”
“Get me one!”I ordered.
I stood up from the chair.”Get me someone who isn’t that beautiful…someone who’s really annoying… I’ll be spending two weeks with her so if she’s annoying,I won’t be tempted to just be in bed all day with her….instead,I can focus on work”
Noah sighed.”I have this annoying neighbour though,she never replies to anyone’s greetings,she has this tough look…’
I frozed instantly.”I don’t need a grumpy woman or a fighter”I warned.
Suddenly a face popped into my head.
Megan Reid.
Even after so many years…. Any time,I hear or see a guy being kicked between the legs…. I think of her.
Anytime, I see an aggressive girl, I think of her.
I can’t believe I still hate her this much.
Thank God, I’m never going to see her again.

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