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Always You. Chapter 13

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Everything softens….
I’m still kissing her and she is reciprocating deeply.
This doesn’t feel like the hate f*ck that it’s supposed to be but I don’t really care.
I suddenly craved to taste her.
I’m telling myself that I shouldn’t….
Megan is someone I despised but now I don’t know where this desire to f*ck her senselessly is coming from.
My hands ran through her bre@sts and I squeezed hard.
On cue,she suddenly moved back as if that made her remember that we shouldn’t do this.
“I…am…we shouldn’t… I’m going to sleep”She stuttered looking highly disoriented.
Then she got off her chair and walked away.
I sighed staring at my hard-on.
How can I survive the remaining days with her when I’m starting to want her?

I couldn’t sleep.
I have wanked twice and I still can’t get rid of my hard-on.
I just need to look at her slender frame on the bed and I’m as hard as a f*cking rock.
Man…this is getting f*cked-up.
I stood up and turned to face the window trying to clear my head, trying to think of something else… trying not to think about screwing Megan.
But thoughts of how she will taste send cvm dripping out of my c*ck and my heart is about to burst from my chest.
I never thought I would be a guy who couldn’t control his c*ck but man, I can’t beat off my hard-on.
What is wrong with me?
Why isn’t my d*ck listening to me?
As if it ever listens but this is Megan…she f*cking kicked my d!ck and now I want that d!ck inside her body?
I’m officially crazy!


I toss and turn in bed for an hour or so.
I can’t sleep.
All I can think of is the feeling of Braden’s lips on mine.
How badly I wanted it again.
They were so soft and warm.
I loved having his arm draped over my shoulder.
I know this is all pretend,that our engagement isn’t real but now it’s hard not to get caught up in all the lies.
I shake my head and tried to clear these thoughts.
I flip over and try to go to sleep but it’s no use.
Eventually,I sat up and peeped on Brad, he’s not on the couch.
I stood up and saw him at the corner of the room staring out the window into the night.
I could see the side of his face.
He was frowning slightly,rough stubble covered his slightly pointed chin.
I wanted to touch him.
He seems to be lost in thoughts.
I just stood there… watching him
He has such broad and powerful shoulders.
His body is that of an athlete….I know underneath his t-shirt, he had to have tough abs.
When we were kissing earlier,I held onto them…they were rock solid.
I clenched and unclenched my hands a few times.
I know I should turn away and try to sleep but there is something inside me that needs to be sated.
A quiet desire that has been building.
I have never been so horny my entire life.
And this time,I don’t want to touch myself.
I want him to touch me.

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I stepped forward,I slowly approached Brad, coming up behind him on silent feet.
I touched his shoulders with my hands and turned him around to look at me.
He seemed startled by my presence but when he eyes locked on mine,I know he can tell exactly tell what I want just by the way I’m looking at him.
I pulled him down to me and start kissing him madly.
This time,his lips are hot and hard against mine.
His tongue worked its way through my lips and twist with mine.
He grabbed my *ss, lifting me up off the floor and pulled me against him.
He is so strong.
My legs wrapped around him to pull him even closer….ever so tighter.
I want to be as close as possible to him.
He sat me down on the couch and pulled off my shorts.
I’m not wearing any panties and at that moment,I start to have second thoughts about this.
I shouldn’t be doing this.
I shouldn’t be crossing the line.
I shouldn’t be letting him see my p*ssy but when he squatted down and slowly kissed me all the way up from my feet…to my calves…my inner thighs….and eventually inches away from my p*ssy.
My thoughts shattered.
I could feel myself getting w€tter at every touch of his lips.
“Raise your shirt up”He instructed.
With shaky hands, I pulled up my shirt, exposing my belly and the curve of my bre@sts.
“All the way,I want to see everything”
I lifted it up higher and my bre@sts popped free.
I shuddered when he brought his hand to them.
“F*ck…I never knew you were this beautiful, Megan”He murmured.
I’ve never had a guy eat me out before.
I’m nervous and bit my lip in anticipation.
I’ve had fantasies of moments like this before but now it’s happening for real.
Instead of stopping this….I can’t wait to know how it feels.
Braden looked up at me and smiled.
He then kissed my tummy all the way down to my p*ssy.
He sucked on my cl*t which sent zings of electricity through my body.
I grind my hips but he doesn’t pull back.
He licked me harder and teased me more with his tongue.
“Ahh”I gasped just when I think this is sweet enough,he w€t his finger and slid it into my body.
The slight firmness of his finger caught between my p*ssy walls drives me wild.
He twisted and turned a little until he found my G-spot and stroke it relentlessly.
I hold onto the back of the couch to keep my body from twitching too much from the pleasure.
I am a m0aning mess but I can’t understand what I’m saying.
He continues to kiss me down there while his finger slid in and out of my p*ssy.
His tongue lapping all of my exposed parts.
It’s a sensation I’ve never felt before.
No maturbation technique in the world could replicate it.
My whole body is aching with wonderful pleasure,my stomach tightening but he doesn’t stop.
“I’m…. I’m… I’m gonna come….”I murmured, breathlessly.
“Yeah….give it to me, baby”He replied, seemingly breathless.
And just like that,waves of pleasure shot through me as I reached climax.
Now he stood staring at me,as if asking for my permission to get on with it.
To f*ck me with his d*ck?
I suddenly recalled how this is supposed to be.
No s*x.
I have crossed a line.
I have let him see me.
Let him touch me….but I don’t think I am ready for his d*ck.
“This shouldn’t have happened”I said standing up and realized that my legs are still weak.
I know he was going to protest so I hurried over to the bed.
“What the f*ck!”He cursed under his breath.

Even as I tried to sleep….my body is still clenching minutely.
I can’t cross another line with him.
I’m frightened that wouldn’t be okay for me.
I’m starting to love the new bubble I was nestled in with Brad but I’m afraid at how easily it would pop.

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I want Megan
All I can think of is how her bre@sts felt in my hands few minutes ago.
She didn’t even let me suck on them.
I want to feel her again.
I want to f*ck her but I can’t….I shouldn’t.
What happened should be considered a mistake.
We need to move on and remember that this engagement is fake.
But f*ck me.
I wanted that mistake to happen again.
I’m in the bathroom with my fist squeezed around my d*ck as I stroke hard, pretending it’s her p*ssy around it instead of my hand.
I remembered her opening…. it’s so small and tight that I almost thought she has never had a d”ck in there before.
She can’t possibly be a virgin.
She’s almost in her mid-twenties.
Who is still new to s*x at that age?
Maybe it’s been awhile since she was last f*cked.
It took my sheer iron will that I didn’t walk to that bed and force her to continue what she started.
But I don’t f*ck a woman against her will.
I jerked off hard recalling her pink p*ssy and just thinking about how hard I want to f*ck her.
An image of how her p*ssy clenched and her cvm leaked out sent me cvmming too.
Big cream spurt over my c*ck.
I’m spent as I wring out the last of my orgasm.
Damn! that was intense.
I quickly wash up and made my way back to the couch.
Maybe I can finally get some sleep.
As I collapsed on the couch….. I recalled how sweet she tasted…her pale pink n*pple….how lovely to hear her m0an in pleasure.
My d*ck hardened again.

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The following morning….
After careful deliberation within myself.
I’ve come to a conclusion that s*x should be part of the deal.
That would be okay, right?
Wanking isn’t working for me anymore and this is her fault for suddenly turning into a temptress.
If she refuse,I’ll have to f*ck her into submission.
She f*cking came onto me last night.
And after I made her come….she left me hanging.
That isn’t fair!
I pace around the suite waiting for her to come out from the bathroom.
The doorbell rang.
I frowned…I didn’t order anything.

I walked up to the door and opened it….
A blond-haired guy about the same height as me stood before me.
I instantly didn’t like him.
And he was holding flowers.
Maybe he got the wrong suite.
“Morning, I’m here to see Megan”
My eyes widened.
How the f*ck does he know my Megan?
Jesus!…Did I just say my Megan?
“We’re friends and I got something for her”
I glared at the flowers then at him.
“She isn’t in”
“I texted her,she told me she has no plans of going out today”
So this is the douchebag that she’s been texting?
“I decide if she’s in or not and I’m telling you that she’s not in”I made to lock the door but he stopped me.
“Could you kindly give her these flowers for me?”
The nerves of this guy…
“For f*ck’s sake, she’s engaged to me”I announced.
He shrugged.”I know”
I know I’ve been with a lot of women.
I can’t even count them but I always respect ‘the ring’
I don’t go after Married women or women who are soon to be married.
So this f*cking guy has to respect my ring.
“And you think buying her gifts would make her leave me for you?”I asked, incredulously.
He smirked.”I’m just trying my luck”
I scoffed.
This guy is so arrogant…
So full of himself….
Megan is never going to text him again under my watch.
I grabbed the flowers from him.
“Now f*ck off”
He smirked once again and walked away.
I walked down the hall and disposed the flowers in a trash can.
On second thought,I brought it out again and stepped on it several times before dumping it inside the trashcan.
If Megan wants flowers….I would get her flowers myself!