November 29, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 97

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My VHusband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 97

Ethan’s POV

I arrived at the warehouse and the first image I saw was that of Jack, he was bruised and wounded.

I ran to him and sat beside him.

“Your own brother tortured you like this?” I asked Jack.

“I had thought he would kill me ,thanks for saving me.” He said and I nodded.

“You should go home, I’ll send a doctor to come and attend to you.”

He nodded and stood.

I ordered two of my men to escort him home.

I then went to meet Rose, she was just staring around like a dummy.

“Rose, are you scared?”I asked her.

” I do not understand all that is going on, I’m so confused.”She said and I only smiled.

“Everything will be clear soon.” I said knowing fully well that the solution will be produced by my men.

I went to the second large room in the warehouse, that was where Brandon and his men were tied at.

My eyes met with Brandon and he spat angrily from where he was.

His spit never reached me cause he was a distance away.

“You! you tricked me, you will regret it.” He said and I smirked.

“With what I will do to you, you will live the rest of your life miserably.” I threatened and he laughed.

“Have you found the solution?” He asked and I walked out.

I waited a minute for the head of my men and he came.

“We searched everywhere but could not find the solution, he must have kept it somewhere else.” The man said.

Okay… I never knew he would be so smart like that.

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At least, he’s now in my custody.

I commanded my men to bring him to the first room and tie him to the chair.

I stood before Brandon with an electric metal in my hand, it had been plugged into the light already.

I placed it on his lap and I watched as his laps melted, he cried hard even as his body shook like he would die.

“We can end this now, just give me the solution, my wife needs to remember her past.” I said to Brandon but he scoffed.

“Release me so I can go and get it for you, your wife will never recollect anything for the rest of her life if you kill me.”He said

” I won’t kill you, I’m not a criminal but I will do something worst.”