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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 60

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 60

Elizabeth’s POV

-Following day-

I woke up very early so I won’t be punished by his stubborn workers again, but Mr Ashley Romeo had already dressed before I wake.

I have never woken before him.

“Wait for me!” I said and ran to the bathroom and bath quickly.

Before I came back, I couldn’t find Mr Ashley Romeo in sight anymore.

I was pertubed and wondered if he had left or not.

I saw a note on the bed and I picked it. It reads; “Tell Sam to bring you to work.”

It only meant that he had left.

He would not even wait for his wife, ouch! I don’t like him for that.

Isn’t he proud of me? Can’t he imagine both of us walking inside his company one day.

I know what to do, I will wake up early tomorrow morning so I can go to work with him.

As I dressed, I thought about that silly Sam.

He’s no better compared to Mr Ashley Romeo, I hope he doesn’t misbehave today.

After I was dressed, I knew better not to cook cause it will only take time.

I do not want his strong head workers to punish me like the previous day.

I walked outside and saw Sam leaning by his car and pressing his phone.

I walked to him and said; “I’m ready.”

“For?”He asked still pressing his phone.

” Are you alright? so you did not know I’m saying I’m ready to leave for work?” I asked shooting him a look of disdain.

He paused what he was doing on his phone and said; “Good morning.”

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He then opened the drivers seat and walked in.

“I don’t get, am I suppose to open the door myself? do you realize that this is the wife of your boss standing before you?” I asked.

“I’m a driver not a slave! I also want to reach somewhere, if you are not ready, I can start going.” He said and started the car already.

“I will make sure you are fired.” I said and opened the door to the car.

I walked in.

There was silence in the car till I got to where the company was.

I stepped down and closed the door angrily, I checked my watch and found out that I was not late.

I walked inside the elevator that would uplift me up and I saw Mr Ashley Romeo inside. He did not act like he knows me from Adam.