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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 61

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 61

Elizabeth’s POV

Mr Ashley Romeo and I were still inside the elevator.

“Mr Ashley Romeo.” I called but he only pocketed and was looking at the wall of the elevator.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, won’t you answer me?” I asked but he didn’t act like I was speaking.

I get it, he wants me to call him baby.

“Baby, what’s up?” I asked but he still didn’t respond.

The elevator finally paused when it got to the floor of my office.

He pressed the button there and it opened, he walked out and I stepped out too.

Is this Mr Ashley Romeo or a different person.

I walked to the man that head my department and greeted him.

“Impressive, sign in there. ” He pointed to the seat of a different female worker

I went there and greeted her

“The time book, please?” I asked.

“There.” He pointed to another female worker

I felt like I probably didn’t know where the man had pointed too.

I walked to the desk of another worker and as I was about to ask of the time book, Mr Ashley Romeo came walking in and said to the head of my department; “I’ll be back in thirty minutes, I have some urgent meetings with the asasians, manage book D and keep it on ground till I come.”

“Sure, sir.” The man replied politely.

My gaze was fixed on Mr Ashley Romeo who was a totally different man at work.

As he walked pass me, I had to call; “Mr Ashley Romeo.”

He didn’t even act like he bears that name.

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“What is the shout for, please?” The head of department asked.

“I know him.” I said confusingly and the man and other workers present scoffed at me.

“You must be mistaken, next time you shout nonsense again, you will be punished.” The man said and I stood still.

I was like a fool.

Isn’t that Mr Ashley Romeo or….

I’m so confused.

I faced the female worker that I was before and asked; “Where is the time book?”

“With the head of department.”She answered.

” But he directed me to that lady and that lady directs me to you.” I said but she didn’t even answer me again.

Where did Mr Ashley Romeo find all this rude workers?

Is he treating me like this cause I’m his fake wife?

It’s time to turn into an original wife, I want to see all these stubborn people lick my foot.