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Confused Boyfriend. Chapter 3

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(I’m in love with two girls)

Written BY Wunmi Ijaola

Chapter 3

Frank’s POV

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked again since I opened my mouth widely and no word came out of it.

“I… ” I stammered.

“Frankie! ” I heard my girlfriend’s voice from up the library the building.
The library is a three-storey building

I sheepishly smiled at her.
“This is the library building, let’s go in” I told Paulina.

“Yeah, why not” She said and we climbed the stairs and soon got to the hall filled with few students and shelfs of books.

“Frank” We bumped into Angela whom was holding a book (novel). She kinda frowned when she saw me with Paulina. We were not just together but holding hands too!

“Who is she Frank? ” Angela asked.

“Paulina” I just said.

“Hi, I’m Paulina. I’m a newebie” Paulina introduced herself.

“Oh Okay! ” Angela taking her gaze off her and took them (her gaze) to our hands which was still interlocked. I quickly separated my hand from hers and stood like a soldier.

“Won’t you tell me who you are too? I already told you my name” Paulina said to Angela.

“I am Angela” Angela said and looked at me. I kept mute. “I am .. ” I’m very sure she wanted to say she is my girlfriend so I quickly interrupted her.

“She is the school liberian” I quickly said.

“Oh, nice to meet you Angela” Paulina said smiling at her and Angela smiled til.

OMG! Two charming smile and one is more charming.

“Is that Paradise on earth? “Paulina suddenly asked after seeing the book she held.

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“Oh my God, I’ve been longing to read that novel, I heard it is super interesting. Can I lend a novel right away? ” Paulina asked.

“No, not yet” Angela barked kinda harshfully.

“Why? ”

“I would love to know you better first” She gave a eye roll and Paulina frowned sadly.

“Frankie, would you join me, my big butt hit one of the movable shelfs and all the books fell, littered. Funny enough, I’m too lazy to bend and pick them up” Angela said go me.

“Big butt my foot! ” I heard Paulina murmured to herself.

“I… ” I wanted to speak but Paulina interrupted me.

“No, he won’t” Paulina half-yelled and held my hand.
Little did she know that, Angela is my girlfriend.

“He is busy as you can see, Busy with me. The principal appointed him to take me on a tour around the school” Paulina said as she pulled me to herself.

“Ye..ah, she..i..s.. ri..ght” I stammered, confused.

“Are you blind, deaf or dumb or all? ” Angela yelled.
I wonder who she was referring to, Me or Paulina? besides, I have never seen her so angry.

“Because if you add not blind, you would perambulate around the school periphery yourself with the aid of the instructions scribbled on the doors. My own Frank cannot be your tour guide and if you insist you want a tour guide, meet one random guy” Angela said and pulled me by the other hand.

Trouble in paradise, Paulina held my left hand while Angela was holding my right hand.
Paulina rolled her eyes … Aw! She’s more beautiful when she roll her eyes
Before she would throw her own words at Angela, I came into the story or unless these two here would fight… Over me.

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“Chill Angela, she is just a new student” I said.

“So? Being a new student, does it cut off her eyes? ” Angela said.

“I am not blind” Paulina spelled. “Frankie, Francis or whatever your name is, it’s left for you to choose one of us, it’s either you agree to help her pick up the books caused by her buttless or you follow me and continue to show me around the school” Paulina said and I was dumbfounded.
“I don’t believe just any girl would make you do the work of a servant” Paulina added, smirked and folded her hand waiting for me to make a pick as if I were playing dot and line game.

“Did I hear you call me just any girl? ” Angela flinched.
Ah! There she goes.

“See who was calling me ‘deaf’” Paulina said.

Then Angela faced me and said: “Frank, won’t you say anything? This newbie here is giving me tse tse flies and you stood there saying nothing? ”

Mehn, what will I say? What should I do?

Angela gave a weird laugh and pulled me closer to herself in such a way that my left hand got released from Paulina’s hand.

“Well, Miss Newbie. You are a fool and I won’t be sorry I did called you that” Angela said. Boom!
“I, whom you called just any girl is not. I am Frank’s girlfriend ” She spelled one by one – syllable by syllable.

I was… I don’t know.

“Fra.. nk” Paulina stammered my name, she was shocked.

“Shocked? You see, I am not just any girl but the girlfriend of the school senior prefect. While you standing here, is actually the just-any-girl” Angela concluded boldly.

Paulina stared at me with a look to kill.

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“Get lost! ” Angela screamed at her… It made students rush to see what’s going on between the three of us.

Paulina didn’t say anything, she kept gazing at me with that look then turned to leave.
Angela won!

“Paulina! ” I screamed her name, released my hand from Angela and ran after her.