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Confused Boyfriend. Chapter 6

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(He’s in love with two girls)

Chapter 6
Frank’s POV
“Here are some interesting novels she gave to me. I’m very sure you’ll love them” I told her as I handed over the seven books to her.

“Oh my Goodness! Frank, you are such a darling ” She said as she began to check out the books already.

Oh My! She called me a darling.

She checked the titles of each books, whining happily.

“OMG, they are all wisan’s novels and I love her books” She said.
Ok, why are they having similar things.

The bell for school dismissal rang and I sighed, it was as if today shouldn’t even come to an end.

“By the way, no lectures or classes took place today ” Paulina said.

“Yeah, today is kind of a lecture free day but tomorrow won’t be like that” I told her while we headed to the class to get somethings and leave.

“It’s nice meeting you Frank” She said and I felt like my head is gonna grow bigger like a balloon.

“Same here Paulina”

“Uhm? So we’ve spent half of the day together and you couldn’t even ask of where I stay, so you could come pay me a visit or something but anyways I stay at coker’s avenue” She said.

I think I’m the luckiest guy on earth this money.

“I stay at coker’s avenue too” I almost jubilated.

“Really? ”

“I stay at 33,coker’s avenue” I told her.

“Oh” She mouthed; “I stay at 8,coker’s avenue” She said.

“Oh, that’s kinda far from mine but whatever, we stay at the same avenue. My driver would be here soon or might be here already, do you mind if I give you a lift? ” I asked her.

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“I don’t mind. What are we waiting for? ” She said.
And lo, my driver was around.

Angela’s POV.

Didn’t he say he would come see me soon? I waited.
I want to ask him what he would love me to get him as a birthday present.

I couldn’t just leave the library just like that, I needed to wait for everyone to leave first they are already doing so except that some were sluggish and it was frustrating but being a very calm girl, I had to wait for them to all leave.

Finally I was left alone in the library. I closed the windows and locked the door then rushed down the stairs to meet Frank. He wouldn’t have left because he hasn’t given me a goodbye kiss or bid me bye.

While rushing, I mistakenly skipped a step and I was gonna fall on the rest of the stairs.. I tried to regain my stamina but I couldn’t… I fell down…down? on the floor… Floor?
It was more comfortable than a pillow. I opened my eyes, I shut it earlier b’cos I thought I was gonna roll down the stairs and it scared me to the marrow of my bones.

I was staring at a familiar looking guy’s face.- James
James? He is my very quiet classmate.

“Oh, thank you very much James” I said when I got an hold of myself.

“My pleasure” He said and I wanted to take my leave.

“Are you leaving? Did you lock the library doors? ” He asked me.

“Yeah, I’m done for today. By the way, why did you ask? ” I asked him.

“I wanted to return this book and lend another one” He said.. I didn’t even realise he was holding a book untill he said so. “But since you are done for today and it seems like you are in a hurry to go somewhere and see someone, then tomorrow” He said.

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Why am I rushing? Afterall, Frank won’t leave without coming to see me first and he doesn’t fail promises.

“Er.. Come get it” I said and began to climb the stairs back.

“What were you in hurry to get? Are you sure you are just gonna make it wait? ” James asked me while he climbed the stairs too, behind me.

“Well… ” I just said and we got to the entrance door and I began to unlock it.

“By chance, is Frank the guy you were rushing to meet? ” He asked and I was somehow shocked, how could he tell? Well, it’s an easy answer.

“Yeah” I answered and opened the door.. Then we walked in.

“He already left” James said.

“Huh?? ” I exclaimed not believing him.

“Yeah, he was with.. He was in a haste” He added.

Ohk, that would be the only reason why he must have left without informing me first. But what made him leave hastily?
…..and how about the newbie, Paulina or whatever she said her name is. I haven’t seen her too… Who cares anyways?

“Thanks” I said to James and he smiled and nodded gently.

“What book do you wanna lend? ” I asked him.

Ghost0;Ghosteens” He said.

Whao! Who would be so eager to read an horror story? Even the title itself sound so horrific.
I went to it category to get the book then soon returned to give it to him.

“Ghosteen, here it is” I said handling over the book to him.
He was staring at me yet he didn’t see me give him a book.

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“Hey here, the book you demanded for” I waved the book at his face.

“Oh.. Oh.. I’m sorry…I.. I was lost for a moment” He apologized and I chuckled as he received the book from me.

“Why won’t you be, when all you do is to read horror stories” I said and he bhrsted into laughter.

“Well…. ”

“Well what? ”

“Ok, you win but that’s just me. Lover of horror movies and stories” He said.

“Why on earth will I decide to watch or read horror movies or stories when there are thousands of romantic and love movies and stories” I told him.

“Well, I don’t believe in romance or love. In a simple word, I don’t believe in that four letters” He said.

“You don’t believe love exist? ” I asked him..now enjoying his company.

“Well, I know it does but it hurt alot” He answered.

“What? ”

“One sided love hurts alot” He added.

That’s very true. I haven’t been a witness but I have read a book whereby a girl wanted her bestfriend to love her back just the same way she did. ‘More than a friend’ I think that’s the title. Good thing, her best friend got to notice her some day and the story had a lovely ending.

“That’s why you don’t believe in Love? ” I asked, looking up to him because he was tall and all he did was to just nod and smile.

“I have read stories of similar one sided cases and it ended well. I hope yours well too someday” I told him.

“Yeah, someday. I’m still patiently waiting for that day”