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Confused Boyfriend. Episode 13

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(He’s in love with two girls)
Written by Wunmi Ijaola

Chapter 13

Frank’s POV
“Hello dear, how do you feel now? I asked her.
Well, right from her voice, I knew she was okay.

“I told you I’ll be fine and of course I am” She spoke with her sweetest voice.

“You know.. I was only being concerned” I said.

“Yeah, I know. Since I’m one of those that are special to you then you ought to be worried about me” She said and I smiled.

“I’m always there for you hun? So what are you up to? Did I interrupt your sleep? ” I asked her.

“No, I was just reading the novel you gave to me, This is the last one. So you’ll return them back to your so called girlfriend” She said, I think she is insinuating into something…

I just muttered “Yeah”
But did I say hi to Angela today?
I asked myself.

“So thanks for checking up on me Frank, see you tomorrow in school”

“I promise to pick you up tomorrow” I told her – I promised.

“And I’ll be so grateful dear” She giggled.

We said Bye to each other and the call got disconnected.

I smiled to myself thinking of the perfect time to ask her out… on a date or as my girlfriend.
I don’t think it’s too early though, if it is I’ll just have to wait for few more days.
A sudden movement above me, jerked me off from the thought and it reminded me that Freddie is here – there – above.

“Hey dude” I stood up from my bed and looked up to him.

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“Her phone was’nt available earlier, now it is but she won’t even pick up my calls” He said sadly.

“Are you so madly in love with her? ” I asked pitifully to a fact that his very first crush doesn’t want him.
With teary eyes, he sniffed and nodded in affirmation.

“I’m so sorry Twinee. You can continue to try to speak with her. I don’t know how but try a different method” I told him.

“Thanks. I also tried to get over the feelings but they won’t leave” He said already cheering up himself as he fought back every possible tears.
“Was it Angela you spoke to? ” He asked me.

“Errm…” How am I going to tell him that she wasn’t?

“At times Frank, I must confess: I envy your relationship. It’s the sweetest one ever” Freddie said and I smiled -somehow.

“It was not Angela I spoke to”

“Then who? ”

“Hmm, a new girl. She just came on Monday and it suddenly happens that I’m so into her” I told him.

“What Frank, don’t tell me you broke up with Angela because of a new girl”

“Actually no, I’m not planning to break up with Angela. I really still love her” I said. Right?
Yes I still like her.

“What do you mean? I thought you just told me you are like a new girl, Isn’t that what you said? ” He asked.

“Err… Yeah” I almost stammered.

“So.. Are you gonna get married to two girls? ”

I laughed: “Of course not. But I don’t know. Let’s not talk about marriage yet, I’m still too young and just about to hit 19years next Saturday”

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“You seems to be forgetting that you have a twin. We, both of us are gonna be 19 years” He corrected.

“Sorry” We laughed.

“Told ya, I won’t fall asleep first” Frank said.

“Neither will i” Freddie argued. “We’ve got alot we are yet to talk about right? When are your exams coming up? ” He asked me.

“Oh exams. I think it’s a month after our birthdays”

“Same here and I really can’t want to be in college, Uncle Timothy said there are more fun there than high schools” Freddie said.

F~F – Fast Forward

Angela’s POV
It’s no more a new thing. Wednesday and Thursday is no different from the first school days; Monday and Tuesday. The same Monday, Paulina arrived and ruined it all. My Frank barely talks to me not even an Hi, I can’t even remember the last time he called me on the phone. Seriously, is that what guys do? They’ll make you feel loved but when there’s any available girl, they’ll leave you. Our three years relationship couldn’t even guarantee us that we’ll end up together forever.
Will I continue to cry everyday blessed day because of him?
Perhaps, James was right, he doesn’t deserve my tears not even a drop.

Speaking of James, here he comes.

“Hello” He said.


“And What are you doing? ”

“Trying to… read a book. Our exams are already at the corner James” I said. True, I was with a book but I wasn’t reading it. My mind was far away, somewhere else – someone – Frank – and, or Paulina.

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“You are reading a book with red eyes?” He noticed but I didn’t say anything.
“May I join you? ” He asked.

“Sure” I permitted and he took a seat in front of me.

“Will you attend his birthday party? ” He asked.

“Whose birthday?”

“Your boyfriend, Frank” He said.

“Oh, Erm, Well mmm I don’t know but I ought to” I responded not knowing what exactly to say. I even forgot his birthday.

“In order to weep more? ” He asked.
Ok, looks like James knows what is happening between Frank and I.

I sighed;
“Listen James, I don’t seem to understand you and what you’ve been saying to me recently but whatever it is, Frank is still my boyfriend” I said then shrugged: ” I just need to give him time and space, He’ll realise his mistakes soon and he will return to me” I added.

He only nodded – continuously even when I was done talking, he didn’t say anything but to stare at me and finally, he said something:
“Tell me when you understand and tell me when you are done giving him space”