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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 63

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 63

Elizabeth’s POV

I watched Mr Ashley Romeo walked inside the room, I sat by the chair for few minutes and wondered why Mr Ashley Romeo why acting this way to me.

He didn’t love me, he wouldn’t want to marry me genuinely, all his staffs treats me like I’m some bùll shìt.

I will have to leave this fãke marriage then, I will steal his money, huge one and I’ll never come back.

I walked to the kitchen and commenced cooking, I was angry and promised myself not to cook his.

After I had cooked, I took the food to the table and served myself only, I was eating when Mr Ashley Romeo appeared.

“You did not even invite me.” He said happily but I ignore.

He walked out and came back with a package.

He sat before me at the dinning and brought out what was in the package, he placed the package on the table.

He opened it and it was food, he began to eat.

“So lovely to eat with my wife.” He said.

Huh! Just when I was expecting him to ask for his food, and then I can tell him that I did not cook is so he can get hurt.

He already ordered for one.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, I do not like you.” I said and paused the food I was eating.

“Okay, I will tell my ‘run away’ bride to come them, she still like me.”He said indifferently and began to eat.

I held his wrist and stopped him from eating, I collected his spoon and dragged his food to me.

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” Huh! you know I did not cook for you right?”I asked as I took a spoon of his food.

“Angry women are easily predictable.”He said and I took another bite.

My plan was to finish eating the food so he can hurt him.

” And…don’t even think of bringing that your run away bride.” I said and was soon done eating his food.

“Few seconds please.”He said and walked out and came back with another food.

” Maybe you should eat this too?”He said and I angrily snatched it form him.

“Yes, I will eat it.”I said and opened it.

” Few seconds please.”He said and walked out again.

He came back few seconds with about twenty of the food.

“Maybe you should eat all this too?”Mr Ashley Romeo said and set all the twenty foods before me.