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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 64

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 64

Elizabeth’s POV

“How do you expect me to eat all this, Romeo?” I intentionally called him by his name.

“It’s what I thought you would like.” He replied inifferently like he didn’t hear the name I just called him

Maybe he didn’t hear me well.

“Romeo… you are so annoying.” I said and he sat.

“I’ve never heard anyone tell me that, it’s a good thing to be annoying.” He replied differently.

“Did you hear that I’m calling you by your name?” I asked him.

“I already told you to call me sweet names like baby, honey but since you decide to keep referring to me as Mr Ashley Romeo, it’s your choice?” He replied.

Is there something that one could really do to this man that can hurt him badly?

I went to him and said; “Marry me, please.”

“We are married.” He answered and kept looking at my face.

“That’s a fake marriage, marry me genuinely and announce to the world.” I said softly.

“What if you steal my money and run away with it? If people ask of my wife , what will I tell them?” He asked.

“I won’t run away.” I lied.

Truth is, If I’m able to get hold of any huge money from him now, I’ll run away.

“Okay, I’ll give you three tests, if you pass the three tests, I’ll announce to the world that you are my wife, if you fail….well, I can’t really do nothing to someone I did not love.” He said.

“What are the tests?” I asked.

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“How can I tell you. If you have passed or failed it, I will tell you.” He said.

“What if I pass two out of it? Will you tell the world about me being your wife?” I asked.

“Even if you pass 1, you will become a boss to all those that are treating you like an ordinary worker in my company.”He said.

” I can not wait, I want those silly workers to lïck my foøt. I will show them that I am the wife of the great Mr Ashley Romeo. Mr Ashley Rimeo, please let the tests start already?” I asked, still standing before him.

“Don’t worry, it will start soon.”He said and I nodded.

I ran inside the kitchen to get five yogurts, I drank it as I prayed that I pass all the tests of Mr Ashley Romeo.