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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 10

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 10

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: messed up – slumber party.


I sprayed the house again for the umpteenth time, I double checked the food I made and myself. I hoped she wouldn’t find fault in what I’m wearing. Hmm. I turned on the music and sighed. Kara and I were friends and was pretty certain I would win her heart if I don’t mess up. The doorbell rang and Kyla who had been standing there and staring at it for over an hour, waiting for Kara, opened it excitedly.

‘You are finally here!’ She squealed.
‘Were you waiting for me behind the door or something?’ Kara asked quizzically.
‘Yes, my cupcakes?!’
‘Here, I bought donuts too.’ She squeaked and snatched the bag. Kara looked so beautiful with her straight hair, absolutely dreamy. Kyla ran away without a thank you, to share it with my cheetahs. Kara still hadn’t noticed me there, she started swaying gently to the music, her hips moving in perfect sync to the semi fast best.
‘Kara,’ I called. She froze. ‘Hi.’ She turned and looked at me sheepishly
‘How long have you been standing there?’ She asked sheepishly.
‘From the star, you have nice hips.’ I said winkingly, she rolled her eyes away but I could see her cheek turning pink. She sauntered to me and crossed her arms. ‘What?’
‘Nothing,’ she said evasively and looked away. ‘I’m hungry.’
‘I made something for us,’ she stared at me suspiciously. ‘Whaaat? I didn’t poison it.’ I laughed. ‘Yet.’
‘Where’s Kira?’
‘Upstairs, I put her to sleep.’ I literally reprogrammed her system so it will look like we finished the test. I wanted to spend time with her. She shrugged and walked to the dinning giving me a good view of her behind. We ate in silence and it was annoying. She packed up her plate and stood up.
‘Won’t you comment?’ I asked poutingly. She smiled.
‘It was surprisingly good.’ She said softly.
‘Just good?’ I asked annoyingly.
‘Yes just good.’ She replied sharper. I sucked my lip and sighed as she walked away.
What is my problem? Why am I quiet? I need to keep my feelings in check. I accepted the fact of me crushing on him but I couldn’t accept the like theory, never again! I finished washing the dishes and went back to the living room. He was playing video games.
‘Loser!’ Rang out and he scoffed throwing the control pad on the floor.
‘Need some help?’ I asked chirpily.
‘I need help passing this level not getting my ass kicked by a girl,’ he said huffily. I chuckled and sat beside him. ‘The mission is to defeat the boss and get to the next stage. I’m still in stage three.’
‘How many stages are there?’ I asked calmly picking the control pad. I passed it to him, our fingers brushed against each other. I smiled at the sweet sensation and removed my hand. I took the other pad.
‘Wow,’ I breathe.
‘Each stage have ten levels to complete before the boss stage,’ he added resetting the game. ‘Pick your avatar.’
‘Dariel honey, I’m off to the store with Kyla!!!!!’ His mom shouted.
‘Okay mom!!!!’ He shouted back.
‘Please be gentle with Kara!!!’ She shouted again. I gasped and he chuckled. I hit his arm and faced the game with a perky smile and flushed cheeks.

Kieran and I played all day until we finished the game, it was difficult but we came out victorious. I stood up and stretched before cracking my knuckles and bones. He chuckled and stretched himself on the floor like a rug.
‘I can’t believe we played this long. I’m starving.’ He said grinningly. Why is he grinning? I trailed his eyes and gasped.
‘Pervert!’ I shouted and kicked his head. He laughed and sat up.
‘No one told you to stand over my head,’ he said nonchalantly. I moved back and sat on the couch. ‘Pizza?’
‘Yea.’ I sighed. He left to order the pizza and to feed his cats while I stayed still stabilizing my heart. He looked so ravishing in his simple knee short and tight vest. He returned.
‘Did you check on Kira?’
‘She’s still sleeping.’ He said innocently.
‘Kieran what did you do?!’ I asked alarmed.
‘Nothing I wouldn’t do.’
‘Kieran.’ I snapped.
‘Relax, she’ll be fine and we will get an A.’ He said happily and plopped himself beside me.
‘Sit somewhere else.’ I ordered uncomfortably. Anything can happen with him sitting so close. He snorted.
‘My house my chair,’ he crossed his legs and arms behind his head. I rolled my eyes. ‘Why? Can’t handle me?’ He asked flirtatiously.
‘Don’t even start,’ I warned. He dropped his hands and scoohed closer to me. ‘I’m warning you Kingston.’ I said nervously. He smirked and leaned even closer.
See what I mean!
‘You know sometimes, mommy and daddy goes upstairs and make wild love.’ He whispered huskily.
‘And sometimes mommy and daddy fight and mommy hit daddy’s head with a frying pan,’ I said sweetly. He chuckled and moved back only to fling his legs on my laps. ‘Kieran are you drunk?’ I asked laughingly.
‘Drunk in love.’ He said dreamily. He removed his legs and surprised me with a tickle.
‘Kieran cut it out…’ I laughed wiggling like a salted worm. He laughed too. ‘Come on, cut it out…’
‘Say I’m your king.’
‘Don’t make me break your hand, have you forgotten who I am?’ I laughed, he sighed and placed his hands at each side of my head, hovering over me.
‘You have forgotten I still know how to fight.’ He reminded smugly. I rolled my eyes and pushed his hand but he didn’t move.
‘You are so beautiful,’ he whispered huskily. We were laying on the couch now. I blushed and looked away. ‘Kara I love your eyes.’ He whispered leaning closer. I swallowed as my heart palpitated, he was going to kiss me and I wanted it.
“Kara remember Kieran is a flirt.” my subconscious warned me.
“Maybe he has changed.” I argued. Kieran’s lips brushed against mine and I felt butterflies in my stomach. The doorbell rang.
‘s***!’ He cursed and stood up. ‘I’m sorry,’ I nodded completely embarrassed and sat up. ‘That must be the pizza man, I’ll get it.’ He said sharply and scurried to the door.
I rushed to the door, ready to lash at the pizza man for ruining a perfect chance to kiss her. She was going to let me. I opened the door and saw Gilda (number one slut.)
‘What are you doing here?!’ I whispered yelled. ‘I thought I warned you to stop coming to my house except when I call for you!’
‘I missed you.’

‘I don’t care!’ I whispered yelled. Kara can’t see her. ‘Just go.’
‘But I love you Kieran.’
‘I don’t care! I warned you from the start that we were friends with benefit not lovers or couples so please leave.’
‘Why are you whispering?’ She asked loudly.
‘My parents are around so leave.’
‘I want to see them and make it clear that their son have impregnated me.’ She lied harshly.
‘What!’ Kara exclaimed. My heart sank into my butt. I turned and saw her standing there with opened mouth.
‘Kara, it’s not what you think please let me explain.’ I begged.
‘Who’s this?’ Brenda asked irritably. ‘Another side chick?’
‘I thought you have…God! Once again you proved me a fool for trusting easily.’ She said angrily.
‘Kara she’s lying I swear.’ I tried to explained.
‘You owe me no explanation.’ She hissed and ran inside to get her bag. She took it and ran out.
‘Kara, please try to listen for a minute,’ I begged running after her. She ignored me and got into her car. She drove off angrily. I turned to Brenda furiously. ‘Get out of my house.’ I said venomously. She scurried out.
There! I’ve messed up again.
I walked sluggishly into the house, mom and dad were seated on their favourite couch laughing to the movie they were watching. Kerah was there too but chatting with her phone and smiling. I stared at my parent wrapped up in each others arms, I sniffed.
‘Hi parents, bye parents.’ I said lowly.
‘Oh Kara, how’s Kieran?’ Mom asked not removing her eyes from the TV. I smiled tearfully and shook my head.
‘He is being Kieran as usual.’ I smiled and walked to the stairs.
‘Your food is in the microwave, heat it up when you are ready, okay?’
‘Yes mom, love you.’ I went to my room and to the shower immediately, to calm myself with the water. I came out in my towel and walked to my vanity. I stared at my broken self sadly, once again Kieran had broken my heart and I’m an idiot. I wiped the tears out of my face aggressively. I won’t cry because of him again. I said these exact words years ago. I need a hug.
I went to my parents’ room and searched for mom’s favourite night gown and dad’s favourite sleeping short. I wore it and went back to my room to see a tray of food on my bed. I checked the note.
“Drown your pain in food. I brought the biggest ice cream cup. Love you….Kerah.” I laughed as tears rolled down my cheeks. She’s always the first to know when I’m sad and heartbroken. She said love you. I will so tease her when I’m better or maybe not.
I brought out my phone from my bag and texted her.
“Love you too teeny squirrel.”
I dropped my phone and started eating. When I finished eating I went downstairs to keep the dishes, with plans to wash them the following day. Mom had slept in dad’s arms and Kerah wasn’t there again. I walked to them and kissed their cheeks.
‘Baby you are putting on our dress again.’ He whispered tiredly. I smiled.

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‘Dad why don’t you take mom to bed, she looks really tired.’ I suggested.
‘This baby was unplanned and is stressing my love. Sometimes I fear what will happen next.’ He said ominously.
‘Nothing will happen to her dad, I believe in that.’ I assured him.
‘It’s scaring me sweetheart. Do you know that sex now hurts her too? Really badly? What if this…’
‘Dad be positive,’ I smiled and kissed his forehead. ‘Believe God in this one, she will be fine.’ He nodded and pinched my cheek.
‘Thanks baby, I love you.’ He kissed my cheek and carried mom up carefully. She winced a little and whimpered. We both sighed.
Ding dong
Dad and I exchanged look. Who could that be? Better not be Kieran. I walked to the door while dad carried her up. I checked the security lock and saw the girls! What are they doing here? I opened the door and they all rushed me with bone crushing hugs.
‘Girls, please allow me breathe…’ I gasped. They let go and giggled. ‘What are you all doing here?’
‘Kerah called and told us you are sad about something, as in really sad and she suggested we come over so I called the rest and viola! We are having a sleepover!’ Riha squealed.
‘Pipe down Riha, Mom 2 must be sleeping,’ Charlotte whispered. ‘Let’s go.’ Without any chance to object, they dragged me to my room and made me sit on my bed before going to say hi to dad and Kerah.
“You!” I sent to Kerah.
“O:-) goodnight. Try not to giggle too much.” I smiled and folded my legs. They returned and started uploading their things.
‘I will use the bathroom first!!!’ Sheila shouted raising her hand.
‘I will get the snacks ready, you coming Charlotte?’ Shannon asked coolly. Charlotte nodded.
‘We better use your sound proof door today.’ Lydia said calmly. She wasn’t happy, I could “smell” it.
We sat down in a circle with crisscrossed legs, we call it the circle of trust. We all had a bag of chips, brownies and ice cream with us. Sheila was talking about her love life with her boyfriend.
‘Well I think you should talk to him about it.’ I said calmly chewing some chips.
‘I think you should break up with him,’ Lydia objected. ‘Guys are so not worth our love.’
‘What did Robert do this time?’ Nina who was beside me whispered. I chuckled and threw my empty bag of chips away.
‘I go with Kara’s idea.’ Riha said with an eye roll. Shannon and Charlotte nodded agreeably keeping their snacks aside.
‘Yea you should.’ Bianca agreed too. Lydia scoffed.

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‘Okay I will talk to him.’ Sheila smiled. Lydia hissed.
‘Your loss.’
‘Okay what is your problem Lydia?’ Nina asked coldly. ‘Because Robert did something to you doesn’t mean you should take it out on someone else.’
‘What did he do this time?’ Bianca asked.
‘I went to that idiots house to see him and there he was with a girl, in bed. It was like him and Shade were having a bed girl party.’ She said angrily.
‘What’ Riha said with a small voice. ‘Shade too?’
‘Yes, both of them with Oscar,’ she sobbed. Edeline who was beside her hugged her. ‘I hate this weak feeling.’ she added.
‘Who was Shade with?’ Riha asked wiping her nose. She was going to cry too.
‘Can someone tell me what’s going on here?’ Charlotte asked puzzledly. I sighed.
‘Lydia is in love with Robin.’ I said calmly.
‘Everybody knows that.’ Charlotte said dismissively.
‘Really!’ Lydia exclaimed.
‘Scratch that, Riha?’
‘Yea, I like Shade, so what?’ Riha snapped.
‘Yes! I won!’ Charlotte squealed. ‘Shannon, Edeline and co, pay up!’ She said stretching her hand.
‘Wait you girls bet on me?’ Riha said bemusedly.
‘We bet on a lot of people like Kara and Kieran. They both speak perfect couple.’ Shannon said with a teasing grin.
‘I wish,’ I sighed releasing my legs. I hugged my knees and buried my face in my thighs.
‘Kara, what’s wrong? Please tell us.’ Lydia said anxiously. To think she was just crying.
‘Kara?’ Nina whispered patting my back.
‘Kieran made me hate Barbie dolls and fairytale.’
‘How?’ Riha asked confusedly. I never told anyone except Robin and Ebby this.
‘When I was a little girl I loved and believed in fairytale a lot.’ I started lowly.
‘Yea, I remember that, wou were really obsess with them, then you suddenly stopped and no one knew why. We just chalked it up to maturity.’ Riha said.
‘No, it wasn’t,’ I raised my head. ‘From when I understood what love…or rather when I started understanding things, I saw him as my Prince Charming, the perfect fairytale lord,’ I scoffed and dropped my legs. ‘I knew that Kieran was the type that liked adventures and courage so I acted tough and unbreakable to impress him, I was only mean to him then because I wanted to get his attention. This went on until I was nine….’
‘Wait, all these time you liked him?’ Nina asked quizzically. I nodded.
‘It wasn’t fully an act. Kieran was a jerk remember? He was always picking on me and being so wicked with all his pranks. That’s why I started mine too but I really did like him. Then he started dating Brenda, remember that backstabbing friend of ours?’ I asked bitterly..At nine we were just me, Lydia, Riha, Bianca, Nina and Brenda. My ex best friend.
‘I decided to let go of my pride and tell him how crazy I am to like someone at that age and I told Brenda because she was always the quiet and secretive one. She advised me to write a letter to him instead and she would deliver it and I did.’
‘Ah!’ They all exclaimed.

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‘Shut up,’ I muttered. ‘Then he sent a letter back to me. I still have it.’ I stood up and walked to my wardrobe. After searching for five minutes, I found it. I gave it to Lydia.
“Who knew the great and mighty Kara could be this stupid. Ha! You are really dumb you know. Do you really think I will like a trash like you? Never! Do yourself a favour and commit suicide. You are not worth even crushing on…Kieran” Lydia read out. Tears rolled down my cheeks.
‘I was so hurt that I told Ebby and Robin. They advised me to move on and pretend like that never happened but I couldn’t. It really hurted and still does.’
‘Then two weeks later, Kieran was sending flowers and chocolate to Brenda all the time, always talking to her and all. You were so depress then but I was too young and clueless to connect the dot.’ Lydia sighed wiping a tear out of her cheek.
‘I’m so sorry we didn’t notice it then.’ Riha sobbed. I chuckled.
‘I made up my mind to hate him and I successfully did or maybe I made myself believe I did. His continuous promiscuousness made it more convincing. Now I think about it, I was just angry and bitter toward him but I never really hated him.’ I licked the tears on my lips.
‘Then he saved your life and all the anger and bitterness that you used to lock your feelings vanished and the love resurface.’ Nina said softly. I hugged my knees again and buried my head there.
‘You saw him with another girl again right?’ Bianca asked tearily. I hummed.
‘And now it hurts again.’ Sheila added. I hummed.
‘Come here,’ Charlotte whispered. I dropped my knees and crawled to her. She hugged me and patted my back. ‘Let it out.’
‘I don’t want to—’ I sobbed
‘Kara, please cry.’ Nina begged. I slowly started crying while they all hugged me except Riha.
‘You should date someone for a while.’ Lydia suggested.
‘No, I don’t want to.’ I cried.
‘This isn’t Kieran’s childhood writing,’ Riha suddenly said. We all looked at her. ‘When Kieran and I were kids, we always wrote insult letters to each other everyday so I know his writing like the back of my hands,’ she said seriously. ‘Nina take a look at this….’ She gave it to her. ‘Who is the one person we used to know that write her M like that?’
‘Brenda’s twin sister, Glenda,’ she replied. Riha smiled. ‘Glenda wrote that letter under Brenda’s instruction.’
‘Kieran always put an apple or skull over his “I” so this isn’t his.’ I took it and scrutinize it. I scoffed out tears.
‘My grief blinded me!!!’ I yelled throwing it away. ‘Which means Kieran never got a letter.’

‘No, but Brenda must have told him something else.’ Bianca said reasonably.
‘Something that pushed him to her.’
‘So what do we do now?’ Lydia asked.
‘Hmm,’ Riha muttered.
What do I do?
To be continued