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Ever Best High Teens. (Finale)

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 17 (Finale)

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: happily ever after?



I leaned on the door of the bathroom staring at Lydia as she threw up in the toilet for the tenth time that morning. Bianca sat down on the floor weakly too with Nina washing her face with water. They both had been like that for a whole week. I sighed as my eyes landed on the glittering engagement ring on Nina’s finger. Ebby engaged her three months earlier and they planned on getting married at the end of the year but they would propose any plan on starting a family, at least until Nina was through with her medical study.

Charlotte was still rocking off singledom, Kong did ask her out but I knew better than to let her date him. He liked her, yes but not enough to handle a girl like her. So after a lot of begging and pleading from Lydia, Riha and I, she turned him down and prefere to be alone, away from the commitment. Rihanna, still the same crazy protective girlfriend to Shade. I didn’t really understand their relationship, Riha was a fire Shade couldn’t quench, the weight he couldn’t handle thereby making their relationship wavered a lot. They weren’t a perfect match. Bianca and Hudson still remain the best. Quarrel a lot but still thee best love filled couple, same would have gone for Lydia if Robin wasn’t so possessive and jealous stricken but they are good anyways.
Me and Kieran? I wish I could say something good for us.
‘I’m back!’ Riha said tiredly. She handed me the bag, I opened it and gave one each to the sick girls.
‘Pregnancy kit? I’m not pregnant.’ Lydia said with an eye roll.
‘Just use it.’
‘I won’t.’ She said upsettingly. I shrugged. Bianca used hera and was waites for her result, I could tell she was excited. Lydia reluctantly used hers.
‘I’m pregnant!’ Bianca squealed, I rolled my eyes and packed my hair up waiting for Lydia’s. Riha took one and used it too.
‘What? I’m curious.’ She said staring at the kit. Lydia’s beeped in her hand and she stared at it.
‘What the ****! How is this….what have…how…’
‘How many months?’ I asked walking to her.
‘Two months,’ she cried. ‘Robert will kill me, he’s not ready for a baby yet.’
‘Well he should have thought about that when he was busy riding you pleasurably.’ Charlotte scoffed.
‘Oh my Lord! I’m screwed! I can’t tell him.’ She exclaimed and broke into tears.
‘Then would you prefer to abort it?’ I sniggered. She laughed sarcastically. ‘Get ready, we’re going to see the guys tomorrow morning.’



Distance relationship can be very difficult, but if you truly love that person, it would survive. Kara had been really busy with all her studies, learning three things at the same time is sure a big homework. She already started so she couldn’t stop herself. If my relationship should crash, it would be her fault. She barely picked my calls, replied my texts and when I paid her a visit, she barely attended to me. She didn’t even come home for Christmas the previous year and did doubt her but my love for her was greater than that. When she was ready, she would come around.
That was how I encouraged myself.
‘Kieran.’ That awful voice again. I rolled my eyes to her and she smiled seductively as she walked to us.
‘Here comes trouble.’ Shade sighed.
‘In the double.’ Hudson muttered.
‘Hey,’ Gladys said sitting beside me. ‘You’ve been avoiding me.’
‘Glad you noticed.’ I scoffed.
‘Hmm Kieran, why don’t you come do that thing with me?’ Robert asked trying to bail me out.
‘Oh yea, that thing.’ I said giving him a grateful smile. He smiled too.
‘You’re not escaping me this time, no way.’ She said standing up.


‘Just leave me alone.’ I said lucidly.
‘Why? I thought you loved me?’
‘I never said a thing to you dummy!’ I said upsettingly. ‘Can’t you just leave me alone!’
‘Well no, I love you and I always get what I want.’ She said confidently like the brat she was.
‘Then good luck getting me.’ I chuckled.
‘You are so faithful to that girlfriend of yours who doesn’t even care about you!!!’ She yelled. ‘Why!!!’
‘It’s none of your business.’ I said said with a warm smile, trying my best not to get angry.
‘Well it is.’
‘What about Shade? He slept with me….’ The other girl, Sepia or Serpent said angrily.
‘He did what!’ Riha’s voice exclaimed shockingly. Shade’s face paled out awkwardly. Bursted!
‘Rihanna please before you conclude, let me explain.’ Shade said pleadingly.
‘Hell yes you will….’ She said folding the sleeves of her long sleeve shirt up.
‘It was accidentally, I was drunk and…’
‘The usual words of guys.’ She cut him off folding her trousers up.
‘Okay, she seduced me.’ He finally confessed. We all kept quiet not wanting to get in furious Riha’s way.
‘Three times Shade, you can’t just control yourself,’ she said taking off her shoes. ‘I’m about to show you what it means to mess with Rihanna Gaia Kingston.’ She packed her hair up while the b**** stepped back.
‘Should we interfere with their business?’ I heard Kara’s voice! I snapped my head to her direction. Her eyes were fixed on me. I had missed staring into her big apple green eyes and kissing her pink lips tenderly, I missed everything about her. She smiled nervously, staring back at me with guilt. The scream of a girl made me look away, Riha had that b**** pinned on the ground while her friends tried to pull her away. Seeing that they were going to beat up Riha since they were eleven in number, Charlotte and Nina went to help.
‘Hudson we need to talk.’ Bianca said excitedly.
‘Robert can we go somewhere private?’ Lydia asked sadly. I gave Kara a questioning look. She shrugged and walked to the girls, she pulled them all apart.


‘Enough!’ She yelled pulling Gladys up. She tossed her aside like a piece of nothing and dragged Riha up. ‘Fix it with him.’ She threw Riha at Shade and walked to me. ‘Can we talk?’
‘Sure.’ I took her hand.
‘Nina,’ she threw her keys to her and I led her to my car. I opened the passenger door for her, she sighed before slipping into my red challenger. ‘Where to?’
‘My place.’
‘I thought you lived with the others?’
‘Yes, but that doesn’t matter, They are busy at the moment.’ I said calmly. She nodded. I jogged over to the driver’s seat, opened the door and jumped in. I shut my door gently, giving her a warm smile but that didn’t ease her anxiety. I started the car and drove to the apartment. She got out of the car and looked around the house like she had never been there before. ‘Kara, stop staring.’ She nodded again. I walked to the door and opened it with my own key. She followed me quietly, walking six feet behind me. I kept walking until I got to my room and shut the door.
‘So how have school been?’ I asked taking off my collar shirt.
‘Stressful,’ she said lowly. She sighed heavily and sat on the bed. ‘I’m sorry.’
‘For what exactly? Breaking your promise or making me feel like s***?’ I asked her nonchalantly.
‘Look, I have no excuse but I’m just sorry,’ she said shakily. ‘Is there another girl now? One I should be worried about?’ She sniffed.
‘Yes, there is.’ I smiled. She pouted and nodded.
‘I understand.’ She said lowly.
‘Don’t you want to know who she is?’ I asked walking to her.
‘No, I prefer not to know her….’ she sobbed. ‘I ****ed up and I understand.’
‘Kara, I made a promised and you know I never break my promises,’ I said smilingly sitting beside her. ‘I know it wasn’t your fault, you were busy and I understand, hurt and starved but I’m okay.’

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‘So there is no one else? Just me?’ She asked poutingly.
‘Only you.’ I whispered and kissed her forehead. She smiled and embraced me.
‘Thank you so much,’ she sobbed. ‘I almost died of anxiety thinking I’ve been replaced.’
I smiled.
‘No one can be more crazier than you,’ I laughed. ‘Trust me, I tried to find one.’
‘Yea, I’m gifted.’
Back to herself.
‘So why did you girls come?’
‘Your friends impregnated mine. Hudson won’t mind being a father and I’m sure Robin will jubilate since he did it intentionally.’ She said chucklingly in amusement.
‘So you know?’
‘Let’s just say I have the gift of knowing people like the back of my hands. If Lydia finds out it was intentional, she will rip off his head and eat it for lunch so my mouth is sealed.’
‘Robert shouldn’t have done that.’
‘That’s their own problem,’ she said dismissively. ‘Now this is our problem..’ She left her words hanging as straddling on my laps seductively. I chuckled. ‘We should mind our own business.’ She whispered into my ear.
‘Kara, who’s Bartholomew?’ I asked calmly.
‘Huh?’ She asked pulling back to stare at my face. ‘Why ask?’
‘Well, about a month ago, I called you and a guy picked up warning me not to call his Bae again. He thereafter took my number and called me later saying his name was Bartholomew and he’s your boyfriend. He said a lot of things and sent me some uncomfortable pictures, Kara did you cheat on me?’
‘Kieran, you know I’m not that kind of girl.’
‘Change is constant my dear, you can change as well as me. I didn’t believe him fully because I gave you the benefit of a doubt, because my heart wouldn’t accept the bitter truth of you moving on.’
‘Kieran look at me,’ she said lifting my chin up. ‘I will prove him wrong. Do you still have his number?’
‘He sends me daily pictures of you two.’ I said laughing painfully. I really didn’t tell anyone about it because I couldn’t bring myself to believe that Kara was cheating and guys don’t just send pictures like that, it’s immature and girlish.
‘He’s just a friend, call him and play him smart.’ She smiled. I brought out my phone from my back pocket, unlocked it and dialed his number. It rang three times before he picked up.
‘Kieran? Why did you call? For more confirmation that Kara have moved on?’ I could literally hear the smirk in his voice. I clutched Kara’s waist too hard, she winced. I mouthed a sorry to her.
‘Where is Kara? Is she with you? I want to let her know I know she’s cheating.’
‘She’s not cheating man, she moved on.’
‘We haven’t broken up yet so it’s called cheating you a****le!’ I snapped. He sniggered and scoffed.
‘Kara is in the bathroom but I will let her know you called.’
‘How many times have you slept with her?’ I asked eyeing Kara. She pouted sadly.
‘I swear Kieran, I didn’t cheat.’ She mouthed.
‘Why will I answer that?’ He asked irritably.
‘Just one final confirmation and I will leave her with you since that is what she wants.’ I said through gritted teeth.
‘Fine, more than I can’t count’ I placed my hand over her mouth because I knew my next question would make her scream.
‘What is the color of her nipples?’ Kara screamed my name but it was muffled by my hand over her mouth.
‘Dude respect her a little.’ He said nervously.
‘Bartholomew, you have no idea who you’re messing with,’ I sneered. ‘You have ten seconds to answer that or I will make sure I find you, trash you and ruin the life of everything and everyone related to you.’ I threatened. ‘Ask her and she will tell you that I don’t joke.’ Lies, I’m never serious. She bit my hand and knocked my head.
‘That is an absurd question, I can’t answer that.’

‘She has a birthmark somewhere in her body, at a visible part. Where is it located?’ I asked huffily realizing I’d been fooled.
‘Er…er…I don’t need to answer…’
‘Bartholomew, be ready to die when I return!!!’ Kara shouted after she successfully removed my hand. ‘You will regret ever meeting me by the time I’m done with you!!!’ She yelled angrily and hung up. ‘See! I didn’t cheat. He’s too ugly for my liking.’
‘I’m sorry.’ I sighed.
‘No, it’s way too okay. Other guys would have believed that s*** instantly but you gave me the chance to explain and prove my innocence,’ she smiled and encircled her hands around my neck. ‘Reason number 10 why I will never let Kieran Kingston go added.’
‘What are the rest?’ I asked falling back on the bed. She giggled.
‘My secret.’ She whispered huskily and locked our lips together.
Maybe we are going to last after all.
‘I stay up too late
Got nothing in my brain
That’s what people say, mm mm
That’s what people say
Mm mm
I go on too many dates
Yet I can’t make them stay
At least, that’s what people say, mm mm
That’s what people say…’ My five years old daughter, Kirana sang happily. Always joyful and enthusiastic, just like her father or maybe me. Yea, Kieran and I got married two years after graduation and we had a daughter, it was easy for us to name her Kirana. She’s just like her dad, same hair, same face, lips, eyes, nose and character. Just a little of my madness. Kieran loves her more than me, I’m not jealous but sometimes it annoyed me the way he attends to her and forget about me…just kidding!

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‘I never miss a beat
Lightning on my feet
And that’s what they don’t see…mommy can I go see Robin tomorrow?’ She asked looking up at me. She was in her cute baby tub playing with her ducks and mermaids as she took a bath.
Who is Robin? Robinson is Lydia’s son, you know that pregnancy of that time? They had a son and I named him Robinson. He’s Kira’s baby crush even tho he’s way older. They didn’t get married then, but they did immediately after school and had a daughter a year older than Kira. Saraline.
‘Sure, you can go see Robin and not your best friend Saraline’ I said rolling my eyes.
‘Saraline will understand,’ she smiled. ‘Mom, can Rosella, Brianna, Nino and Lesley come over on Sunday?’
‘They always come over on Sunday.’ I said calmly washing her hair.
Let me explain so you won’t get confuse.
Bianca and Hudson happily got married after the baby thing, their daughter’s name was Hadley, then later they had Brianna, six years old and Kira’s other friend. She also had a baby boy with her, Judson. Bianca is a makeup artist and Hudson is something I don’t understand. Charlotte, she never dated in college because of the whole commitment thing and it really got serious until she met a guy at my wedding. He was Kieran’s college friend or something and he succeeded in sweeping her off her feet. They recently got married and that’s all for her…oh! She’s a super model along with Sheila and Edeline. You already know about Lydia and Robin, two kids, Robin Jr is actually a black kid like his mom and Saraline’s white.
Ebby and Nina, one of my favorite couples, quarrel rarely, love fairly and live merrily. Ebby went on to be a DJ like his passion led him to and Nina rocked off her medical career like her mom. They only have one kid just like me, Nino. Lesley is Kong’s son. Don’t wanna talk about him because he’s not important.
Riha and Shade’s relationship will shock you the most. They broke up later that year after their argument like I knew they would. They weren’t meant to be but telling Riha would have caused a war then so I kept shut. Guess who she fell crazily in love with? The only man that could make Riha Stoneton cry. If I may add a dramatic drumroll please….a pause would go nicely too.

I really don’t know how it happened but she fell hard for him like he fell hard for her. Craziest thing ever! He was normal now, took some treatment or maybe he fell off a bridge and his brain corrected itself. Riha’s kid is Rosella and Sean, good twins kids.
Ah! My crazy sister Kerah. That b**** still argues with me a lot but we don’t fail to let each other know we love ourselves too well, our brothers think we are the craziest idiots in the universe. Kettles, they can fight and quarrel for earth but never let anyone get in between them…cool tho.

The rest are just normal and cool.
‘Come on now,’ I smiled carrying her out. I tied her with her little towel and took her to her room. As I dried hair, she made us sing.
‘baby shark tu tu tu tu tu tu
Baby shark tu tu tu tu tu tu
Baby shark tu tu tu tu tu tu
Baby shark
Mommy shark tu tu tu tu tu tu
Mommy shark tu tu tu tu tu tu…’ I stopped singing and she whimpered. ‘Mommy sing already!’
‘Singing such lame songs is your dad’s job.’
‘And that is why I love him more than you,’ she rolling her eyes. ‘When is dad going to come back? I miss him.’ She said shakily. ‘Daddy have abandoned us!’ She cried
‘You spoke to your dad an hour ago.’
‘But he haven’t come back for over ten years now,’ she said and burst into tears. Kieran went to take care of his new company branch in south Africa since the person he sent there was ruining it. I couldn’t go with him because of my job and Kira’s school and friends. Especially her crush so he went alone, three months now and she made my life hell with crying over her favourite person.
I’m not jealous.
‘It’s has only been three months Kira, don’t exaggerate.’
‘I want my daddy!’ She yelled.
‘He will come back soon.’
‘No, he won’t! You chased him away!’ She cried bitterly. I miss him too honey, more than you do.
‘Okay, let’s make an agreement, on your midterm break next week, we will pay your dad a surprise visit.’ She squeaked excitedly and wiggled out of my hold. She ran to the calendar and picked up her marker.
‘When?’ She asked with bulging eyes.
‘Saturday.’ She marked it and squealed.
‘Kira you can survive, just ten days to go.’ She said cheering herself up. Like I said, a little bit of my craziness and her father’s brain.

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‘Kira, slow down!!!’ I shouted running after her, we arrived at the airport earlier but she insisted we go straight to the company first. I had to beg and beg and beg before she agreed to follow me to the house, good thing I knew the address. We dropped our things and changed before coming and I was chasing my five years old daughter with a seven months pregnancy.
Ah! Homework.
‘Hey lady!!!’ She shouted jumping up to see the secretary.
‘Me?’ She asked astoundingly.
‘Was I talking to the shadow behind you.’
‘Kirana.’ I snapped.
‘Sorry Miss, can you tell me where my dad is?’
‘I’m sorry,’ I said apologetically to the secretary. ‘My name is…’
‘I know who you are.’ She said blushingly. I flipped my hair stylishly. Aside from me owning a big and popular jewel company with the help of Kieran, I don’t know why I would be recognizable….Oh yea, I’m a advertiser and face model.
‘Okay, how?’
‘Mom your pictures are literally everywhere.’ Kira said with a duh tone. I looked around and scoffed amusedly. He really did put my picture everywhere.
‘Wow! Can I see him now?’
‘He’s presently in a board meeting so you will have to wait a little.’
‘Where is it?’ Kira asked desperately.
‘Sir is at the fifth floor in the last room but you will….’ Kira ran off. I sighed and face palmed myself. ‘Sir Jr wait!!!’ The secretary shouted. It’s so easy to guess she’s Kieran’s daughter. Like I said before, no difference. I ran after her huffing. This girl will kill me.


I drummed my fingers bored. The meeting meant nothing to me, I missed my two beautiful girls and I still couldn’t return yet. I was sure Kara would kill me spiritually, I left her alone with a four months pregnancy which must be seven.

‘Sir what do you think?’ My PA asked calmly.
‘Blah blah whatever,’ I said boringly. ‘Same lame ideas and presentations.’ They all looked down. The door flew open and a little girl ran in… Kirana!
‘Daddy!’ She squealed.
‘Who let a kid in here!’ My PA shouted trying to catch her.
‘Touch me and I will shave your eyebrows you scrawny looking thing!’ She said smacking her hands away. ‘Daddy!’ She cried. I opened my hands for her. She ran under my PA’s arms and to me. ‘Daddy I missed you.’ I carried her and sat her on my laps.
‘Where’s your mother?’
‘Running after me, she’s too old to catch me,’ she said happily. ‘Daddy are we pregnant?’ She blunted out. I cackled a little.
‘Mommy said we are pregnant.’

‘What is pregnant? Is it that big swell in mommy’s stomach? Or her beautiful eyes?’
‘Kirana,’ I heard my sweetheart’s voice. She leaned on the door panting. ‘You are dead meat.’ Kira grinned and hugged me. ‘Come here and leave your father alone, you ruined the surprise.’ She puffed. Kira shrugged.
‘Daddy aren’t you surprise to see us here?’ She asked cutely. I nodded. ‘See! He’s so surprise that he can’t find his voice…success! Now let’s talk business,’ she crossed her legs and placed her hands on the table like the boss. ‘You may proceed.’ They all laughed a little. Kara shook her head and left.
Kira really helped with the meeting, she brought up ideas I don’t really understand but it made sense anyways and I could never be more prouder of my little me.
‘Finally.’ Kara breathed as I dropped sleeping Kira on the bed, we hadn’t had a time alone since Miss Kieran Jr wouldn’t let me go. I laid on the bed beside her and caressed her hair as I watched Kara strip sluggishly. Even with a big stomach, she still looked beautiful.
‘Kieran, stop staring please.’

‘It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, plus I miss you.’
‘I’m right here.’ She said rolling her eyes.
‘You know what I mean.’ I said shooting her a wink.
‘Find a way to remove her and we will talk business,’ I smiled and tried to remove Kira from me but she wouldn’t let go. ‘See, your second wife loves you so much.’ She said chucklingly.
‘Help me,’ I cried trying to peel her off me but Kira had a gluey grip. ‘I’m stuck.’ Kara laughed and walked to us, she patted Kira’s back.
‘Robinson says let go in three…two…one…’ She let go and hugged the pillow. ‘There.’ She carried Kirana and the pillow and took them away to the other room.
‘Robin? She still have a crush on him?’
‘So it seems.’ She sighed sitting on the bed tiredly. ‘Kieran you are wicked.’
‘I know my love, how’s she doing?’ I asked hugging her from behind.
‘Stressed out, it haven’t been easy taking care of Kira and her.’ She sighed yet again while rubbing her stomach. I bent forward and kissed it.

‘Special girl three, daddy is sorry for not being there, okay? Can you beg mom not to be mad at me?’
‘Kieran please don’t talk to her, just like Kira’s she will kick aggressively at the sound of your voice.’ She whined.
‘My blood is strong, isn’t that true honey?’ I asked the unborn baby, I felt her kick against my hand and smiled. Kara hit me and I chuckled. ‘I’m just happy to be the father of such a marvelous girl and soon to be additional princess.’ I kissed her stomach again and then her neck, she chuckled. ‘My love, didn’t you miss me?’ I whispered huskily.
‘More than anything.’
‘Do you realise that you are n@ked?’ I whispered.
‘Nothing new,’ she turned away from me. ‘But I’m too exhausted for this, my waist hurts badly.’

‘Can I help?’
‘Maybe a massage.’ I helped her lay on the bed gently and placed a soft kiss on her lips instead. She frowned, warning me to back off.

‘Ew! Gross! Daddy what are you doing to my mother!!!’ Kira yelled.
Oh boy!

The End

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