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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 11

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 11

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: accept it.

Subtheme: camp.


I drummed my fingers absent mindedly as I stared at the whiteboard. Kara and her friends were yet to come to school, they missed three periods of classes and that’s not a thing for them. It was the fourth class and neither them or the teacher had arrive.
Hold that thought, they walked in laughing.
‘Kara, that guy was dope, you should try him out.’ Lydia laughed.
‘I rather date a monkey. Let me understand that I decided to date a ugly thing.’ She laughed. They walked to her seat and surrounded her.
‘Okay, what about Richard?’ Riha asked typing on her phone.
‘**** him.’ Bianca cursed.
‘Okay, what about Brandon?’ Nina suggested again. Why are they trying to get her to date someone? I’m right here…oh I ****ed up.
‘I don’t like Brandon but if I should date anyone it would be Ebby, he’s worth it.’ Kara said dreamily. I frowned. Let it not be the same Ebby I know or someone is certainly going to die.
‘Hmm, Ebby it is!’ Shannon exclaimed. The teacher walked in and everyone went to their seat. Hudson sighed, what’s up with him? He have been really moody lately.
The plan was to get him so jealous that he would spill out whatever he was keeping inside and that would be easy, I think. Class ended and we walked out planning perfectly.
At lunch time, Bianca quickly packed up her things in an attempt to skedaddle when Hudson and Kieran walked in. I nodded at Shannon, she smirked and brought her leg out, Bianca tripped on it and Hudson ran to her.
‘Are you okay? Let me help you.’ He offered worriedly. She reluctantly took his hand and helped her up. I climbed the table grinningly. What I was going to do was either very stupid or very cool.
‘People of EBH, we have a situation!!!!’ I shouted. A murmur broke out. ‘Quiet down please!!!!’ They piped down. ‘Thank you. I, your queen have something to say. Aren’t you all tired of this silent love? Loving someone and not being able to show or tell.? Take Hudson and Bianca for example.’
I knew it!
That’s great!
Uh oh!
‘Kara, what are you doing?’ She whispered panickingly. I ignored her.
‘They are in love with each other but won’t date already, isn’t that stupid?’ I asked with a dramati tsk of my tongue.
‘Yes it is, they should just date already.’ They chorused.
‘Now Hudson this is the only chance we, the beautiful queens of EBH will give you a chance to date one of our own,’ Sheila said proudly. I glared at her. ‘I’m sorry.’
‘Hudson do you need an invitation to speak.’ Kieran snapped. I smiled but frown again and rolled my eyes.

‘I don’t think this is the right place to….’
‘Just say it!!’ Everyone shouted.
‘Okay, Bianca I’m sorry about the thing I did. It was accidental but I don’t regret it, being there that moment with you was more to me than you think. I really wish you can forgive me and let this be a new start for the both of us.’ He sighed and stared at her hand which was clasped against his. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she smiled widely. He wiped it off smiling too.
‘Awwwwwwwwn!’ Everyone cooed. I chuckled while Lydia rolled her eyes with an half smile.
‘So what will you say?’ He asked nervously.
‘I don’t think I can….’
‘No!!!!!’ Everyone shouted.
‘Kiss her! kiss her! kiss her!’ Someone chanted. Soon the whole cafeteria was chanting that. Bianca stared at her feet shyly, her cheeks blooming rose. Hudson lifted her chin up and kissed her. ‘Ooooooh whooo!!!!’ The whole cafeteria cheered. Foods and shoes flew up in the air as some people bang the table and cheered loudly. Riha stood on the table and screamed her high frequent scream shutting everyone up but the couple were still kissing carefree.
‘I found a love, for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
I found a girl
Beautiful and sweet
I never knew you are the someone waiting for me…’ She sang.
‘We were just kids
When we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
Darling just kiss me slow
Your heart is all I own…’ Everyone started singing harmoniously making Hudson and Bianca laugh. They didn’t stop singing and it was perfect, I slipped out of the cafeteria to the garden and called Ebby.
‘Sunshine!’ He shrieked. ‘I’m so sorry about the way I behaved last time, forgive me?’
‘No offense taken. Can you come pick me up after school?’
‘Yea, anything for you love, bye.’ He hung up. Ebby was a year older than all of us. He was a second year student in a close by college and I couldn’t date him because I putatively thought he was gay. He said so six years ago. He’s a really nice guy and I wish he wasn’t gay.
I stayed there thinking until school ended. Riha, Nina and Lydia stayed with me all through, they are my best of friends. Ebby called me so we walked out. I saw him leaning on his car and looking perfect like ever.
‘Ebbison!!!!’ I shouted happily. I ran to him and hugged him. ‘I’ve missed you so much, haven’t it been a year now?’
‘Yes it is, I missed you too,’ he smiled and kissed my forehead. I chuckled and let go of him. ‘Looking good.’ He smiled.
‘Thank you.’ I smiled and bounced my hair, he bounced his hair too.
‘Together we are the bounceketeers!’ He shrieked. I laughed and smacked his bicep.
‘Earthworm,’ Lydia said coldly. They don’t get along. ‘Still alive I see.’ She said irritably.
‘Please don’t start.’ He sighed and averted his eyes to Nina. He gasped. ‘You!’
‘Thought you wouldn’t recognize me.’ She smiled. Okay?
‘You know her?’
I know Nina and I have been friends for a while but she hadn’t seen Ebby before. Somehow they always missed each other in a way I don’t understand.
‘He’s the guy I told you all about.’ She said softly. We gasped.
‘Whoa.’ We muttered.
‘We need to go now,’ he said hastily. ‘What’s your name?’ He asked her.
‘Nina,’ she said shyly. ‘Nina Happer.’
‘Your social media name?’ He asked slowly.
‘Nina Ann Happer.’ She replied with red flushed cheeks. Someone is going to fly to the moon.
‘I will chat you up. The name’s Ebbison Garland.’ He said with his signature “make em swoon” wink. He goat.
He made us leave hurriedly and I wasn’t please with that.
‘Why did we leave like that?’ I snapped.
‘Kieran, he was stabbing me with his eyes. So what’s up with you two? Still up at each others neck?’
‘Something like that’ I sighed.
‘Wanna share?’
‘My feelings for him returned and he broke my heart again so that’s it.’ I said evasively.
‘Spill it all.’ He said with a childish tone.
‘I want to get him jealous so he will come to me.’
‘Believe it or not, he’s in love with you.’ He said nonchalantly. I rolled my eyes.
‘I wish,’ he chuckled and looked at me before turning back to the road. I smiled and tapped my thigh. ‘So you met Nina….?’ I changed the topic.
‘She’s beautiful, that’s the girl I talked about last time.’ He buoyantly and clicked his tongue.
‘You are gay.’ I said rolling my eyes. Nina will be heartbroken. He parked the car abruptly.
‘What?’ He asked shockingly.
‘You are gay, remember?’
‘How am I g…wait! Don’t tell me you really believed what I said that…’ He burst into laughter, resting his head on the wheel. ‘Jesus Kara! You are an idiot. That was sarcasm.’
‘But you kissed that skinny white guy!’ I said defensively.
‘Idiot! Weren’t you there when he kissed me?

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‘You kissed him back!’
‘He had cherry on his lips and you know how I am with cherry. It’s my major weak point or have you forgotten the time I leaked a dirty fridge because cherry syrup was stained on it? It’s a family thing you nitwit.’ He laughed. I looked away in embarrassment. I am sort of stupid.
‘I rest my case.’
‘So you thought I was gay for six years! Karabel!’
‘Why can’t anyone understand that my name is Karana and not Karabel!’ I exclaimed exasperatingly.
‘I want her.’ He blunted out.
‘Don’t you dare hurt my friend b******.’ I warned.
‘Yes mom.’
So he wasn’t gay and I just lost him to Nina. Oh well.
I sat in the living room flipping through channels glumly. Zuma’s head was on my thigh and Swift laid on my feet watching her kids drag a pillow. My mind wasn’t there, it was with a certain someone who might be dating my ex best friend and it really made me feel empty.
‘Kieran! Kieran!’ Mom called happily. She was so loud that it sent both Zuma and I flying out of the couch flustered. She ran into the room jumping and squealing softly.
‘Mom did anyone send you to give us an heart attack?’
‘Shut up.’ She said excitedly.
‘Okay, can you tell me why I almost died now?’
‘Kyla talked to me! She said “I love you mom” isn’t that amazing!’ She squealed as tears rolled down her cheeks. I smiled and licked my lips, Kara’s doing.
‘You owe Kara for that then.’ I said smilingly sitting back on the chair.
‘Mommy you left me.’ Kyla’s voice said cutely from the stairs. Mom gasped.
‘Your dad have to hear this!’ She quickly texted him, I smiled and patted Zuma’s feet. Kyla walked in hugging her stuff panda.
‘Mommy when is daddy coming home?’ She asked sweetly. ‘I want to tell him I love you too.’
‘My baby,’ she sobbed and hugged Kyla who giggled. The doorbell rang. ‘That was fast?’ Mom asked confusedly. I sighed and stood up, walking to the door. This stupid securities, they can’t just let anyone in here. What are they paid for? Stupid bodyguards
I opened the door and saw the person I never expected to see in a thousand years…..
Robin sat on my bed with Lydia and Rihanna, we were planning the school’s events, as the president he ought to plan all the events of the school with the event communities. Me, Riha, Lydia, Shade and one dude with a big nose. Yea Shade was here too but the big nose wasn’t.
‘It’s a school tradition to always change the designs of our lockers but we must announce it first.’ Riha said chewing her gum nonchalantly while leaning on my headboard.
‘Shade post it on the school site now and also make a notice for the school’s beginning of semester costume party and first game for the school teams. Make sure the football, basketball and the other sports are placed on different days.’ Robin instructed briskly. Shade who was typing on his laptop looked at him questionably.
‘The couches of each teams will have to give us the dates then I will know how to separate it.’ He said calmly returning his gaze to the laptop.

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‘Since Kara is also the captain of the swim team, she can talk to the couch herself and report back to me,’ Robin said tapping me because honestly I wasn’t paying too much attention. I tapped him back harder and he chuckled. ‘I will talk to my own couch, Shade relate this info to Kieran also…’
‘Or post it on the school’s site that every captain should alert their couch’ Lydia suggested and we nodded. ‘What else?’
‘The national cheerleaders competition.’ Riha said
‘Do we have to compete this year? We always come out first and it’s boring. The challenge isn’t strong enough.’ Lydia sighed.
‘We have to Lydia. It’s our last year as cheerleaders, it wouldn’t make sense to not compete.’ I said absent mindedly.
‘Beside, I want to face the new cheerleaders everyone is talking about. They say they are better than us, I want to see for myself.’ Riha said smirkingly.
‘They are.’ Shade muttered.
‘What do you mean by they are?’ Riha asked seethingly.
‘I’ve seen their videos and I know they are good.’ I picked up my phone and researched on them, I needed to see what am up against. I saw five videos and played one. ‘Is that them?’ He asked stretching his neck.
‘Uhm,’ They all came to look at the video and indeed they were good. Robin took my phone and put it in his pocket. ‘Why?’ I cried.
‘Okay, what?’ I snapped.
‘The annual school camp competition is this week, Mr P notified me earlier and since we are the seniors of this year, we will be the ones to represent the school.’ He said calmly. Lydia squealed excitedly.
‘I’ve been waiting all my life for this! I can’t wait!’
‘Since Kara and Kieran are almost good at everything, especially Kara, they should be the captains.’ Shade suggested. I hid my smile and snorted instead.
‘That’s a wonderful idea.’ Riha smiled.
‘So it’s settled then?’
‘Yes it is.’ We agreed. He smiled and nodded glancing at Lydia’s opened cleavage. I hit his head with a pillow.
‘Oomph, whataaaat?’ He drawled. Riha laughed.
‘What did he do?’ Lydia asked frowningly.
‘He was s….’ He covered my mouth immediately.
‘Please in the name of God don’t do this to me,’ he pleaded. Lydia looked at us weirdly and stood up. ‘Lydia you look beautiful.’ He blunted out making her halt confusedly.
Oops for him.
I got out of the bus hurriedly, the scent of Kieran was everywhere and I hate it. We didn’t come with the whole seniors, hell no! The list of people we selected were:
Sheila. (Not my Sheila, another Sheila who is from science club.)
Lina who is really good at sport even tho she’s crazy.
Bevin. (a girl firm dance club.)
Clair and Blair. (the twins from nature club).
Robin. (who must come.)
Kelly. (a male cheerleader)
Noah. (a football player)
Ethan. (you know him)
Chad and Brad (the two athletic brothers)
All together we were 20. I chose our uniform to be a black shirt with a flaming dragon at the back and burning fire at the front and a lava colored short with black combat boots but we came in our normal clothing.
‘Ew! Mosquito.’ Sheila said disgustingly. I rolled my eyes. Why did I choose her again?
‘This place is sweet!’ Lydia chirped. I smiled and nodded. We walked to the other campers and stood there ready for the announcement.
‘Welcome campers!!!’ The wiry man with a gruff Italian accent shouted. ‘I’m very glad that you could all come to this year’s camp comp. Many didn’t come this year but I’m glad that the fifteen that came came…’ Okay what is he saying? A woman tapped him and somehow chased him away.
‘Sorry about that, welcome to camp guys. Ever best high, St Matthews and Hilton high, our annual winners, we welcome you.’
‘Do we have to be first in everything?’ I asked grumpily.

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‘Not really, the last three seniors ****ed up at the game. We moved to second position and then third position twice.’ Kieran said calmly.
‘I hope that will be a challenge.’ Lydia smiled, we nodded. I glanced at Kieran and he was staring at a scrawny blonde girl with freckled nose. Seriously! She was even throwing him flirtatious looks. I huffed and looked at my hands.


‘Why is she here? To represent the pole of her team?’ He asked amusedly. A big grin crawled into my lips, Everyone who heard it laughed. ‘She’s even flirting with me, do I look like a pole too?’ I couldn’t help but laugh too.
‘She’s too ugly.’ Kong said laughingly.
‘You guys should beware of insulting one of the champs,’ a guy said smugly. ‘We are from St Matthews, we took first position for the last three years your school ****ed up.’
Ouch! Insult to my person.
‘Then tell your thread to not stare at a third placer.’ Kieran said calmly and we laughed.
‘Silence please!!!’ The woman on stage shouted. ‘The winners you have a separate camp house,’ she pointed to a two story wooden house. ‘EBH stay at the bottom, Hilton the first story and St…’
‘Yea we get it.’ That same guy scoffed. I smiled.
‘It would be nice to mock him.’ Kieran said as if reading my mind. I looked at him and he smiled at me apologetically. I looked away.
‘Everything you need to know is written on the board in your house. The rest of you, wait to get your room grouping.’ We nodded and walked towards the house. A stupid board chested guy ran past us knocking me out of balance.
‘Make way losers!!!’ He shouted and his teammates laughed. I was too shocked to stable myself but before I hit the ground, someone caught me by the waist. I breathed heavily as he carried me up to my feet. Of course I knew who it was, the sparks made it obvious.

‘Are you okay?’ He whispered softly in my ear. I let out a deep breath because of our proximity and nodded. ‘Should I deal with him?’ I shook my head negatively completely dazed. He let me go and I moved back quickly to see Riha and Lydia showing the guy who’s boss.
‘Girls, it’s our first day here, let him go.’ I pleaded. Lydia kicked his groin and hissed at his nonplused and terrified teammates.
‘You guys haven’t met real crazy before so welcome to our world,’ Kong said smirkingly daring them to move an inch. We walked passed them. ‘Now we just showed them what will happen if they mess with these crazy sisters.’ Kong laughed. Charlotte smirked.
‘They so don’t know the students of EBH, we will gladly show them.’ She added and everyone nodded in agreement.
‘Remember girls, don’t fight the boys,’ Robin reminded talking to my friends and I. They muttered and nodded. We entered our “house” it wasn’t fascinating for wealthy kids like us. ‘How amazing.’ Robin said not impressed.

‘There are seven rooms in here,’ Bianca said reading from the board. ‘It’s compulsory that the captains stay together in the biggest room.’ She added. I choked on nothing.
‘What?’ Kieran asked lowly but I could sense his excitement.
‘No way!!!’ I shouted.
‘Yes way,’ Robin said sternly. ‘Since Hudson and Bianca are together, they will share one room. Charlotte, Lydia, Riha and Bevin, take another. Lina, the twins and Sheila another making it four out.’
‘I will take one with Kong, you and Kelly!!!’ Shade shouted quickly.
‘The other twins, Ethan and Noah.’
‘One room is left, please let me take it.’ I begged.


‘No.’ They chorused.


‘Bevin and Kelly are dating so they will take that room.’ Hudson said smiling ear to ear.
‘I’m the captain here, I have the right to do the sharing. Kieran say something.’ I said distraughtly. He twisted his lips to hide his smile.
I’ve been tricked!
How will I survive a room with Kieran!
To be continued