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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 12

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 12

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: not that bad – lost?


I shifted on my bed uncomfortably, Kieran was on his bed opposite mine with arms folded behind his head as he tapped his feet listening to random music with his headphone. He was so nonchalant about the whole thing but I was freaking out, I mean there’s no need but come on!
‘Can you stop fidgeting and whimpering? You are breaking my concentration,’ he said calmly. Was I? ‘Yes, you are, Even now.’ He said again. Did I say that out loud?
‘Sorry,’ I murmured and mentally slapped myself for talking to him, I wasn’t suppose to. He sighed and sat up. Here it comes, the conversation.
‘Get some sleep,’ he said standing up and wearing his slipper. ‘You will need it.’ He smiled and left.
Just like that!
How rude.
How do you sleep like this? I sighed and before I knew it, I slept off. The beating of rain on the window woke me up. I was shivering seriously.
‘Why did I have to wear such a light nightie? Worst! I forgot my blanket and cardigans, I’m so screwed. I had a small fever but I hid it so mom wouldn’t banned me from coming and now I will die because of this stupid rain. Maybe I can go borrow the girls but they are fast asleep.
Lydia hate being waken up when she hadn’t slept well.
Rihanna always sleep deep whenever it rained.
Bianca is with Hudson, can’t walk in on them, what if they are naked?
Charlotte, even if you drop an elephant on her head, she won’t wake up at all.
I can’t take from the others. I don’t know them.
‘What about Kieran?’ My subconscious suggested.
I rather die. I went back to bed managing the light blanket that came with the bed. I heard the door open and closed. Didn’t he sleep inside?
I have to act strong and not shake.
I laid on the couch in the living room thinking, I couldn’t sleep because of her. How would I get her to forgive me and not see me as a dog again? I already got rid of all the trasha but now I’m stuck. The rain was making it worst. I found it difficult to sleep whenever it rains cats and dogs, it’s a habit I took from my mom. Even if I do find some sleep, I might get a nightmare.
Kara is sick. Kerah called me earlier before I left and told me to keep an eye on her. Did she bring her cardigans?
I stood up and went to our room, I opened the door and walked in. She laid still on the bed, I went to my bed and sat down, studying her body’s movement. I smiled knowing she was awake but trying to prove strong. Thunder roared and she screamed flying out of her bed. Kerah said she’s scared of lightning because lightning almost struck her when she was little and she claimed the sound of thunder is similar to the monster’s that almost killed her in her dream at nine. She’s funny.
‘Where’s Mr Cuddle,’ she cried checking her bags frantically with shivering body. ‘Ah! I didn’t bring him! I’m dead!’
I chuckled, stood up, I walked to her and hoist her up.
‘Hey! Drop me down Kieran!’ She squeaked. Good thing the rain was very loud. I placed her gently on my bed and tucked her under my big comforter. ‘For the record, I’m only doing this because you forced me,’ she said making herself more comfortable. ‘Don’t sleep on my bed and don’t touch me.’ She said smilingly. I shook my head and walked to my bag.
Mom always made me pack drugs for emergency. I brought the little box out and opened it, picking out a thermometer.
‘Open your mouth.’

‘Please?’ She giggled and frowned again. She opened her mouth and I put it in there. After few minutes, I checked it, not that hot. You will take some drugs okay?’
‘Are you a doctor?’ She asked rolling her eyes.
‘My mom gets sick a lot and I always take care of her so I know enough to help you not faint tomorrow.’ I said calmly. She nodded sitting up and adjusting the comforter.
After half an hour of forcing her to take the drugs, she finally finished it. I slept on the floor like she ordered and it was damn cold but I need to impress her.
‘Kieran,’ she sobbed. I thought she slept already. I sat up and touched her forehead. ‘I’m okay but really scared. The lightning will strike me.’ She sobbed.
‘It won’t, just try to sleep.’
She shook her head negatively.
‘The thunder, the roar, It will eat me.’ She burst into tears. It’s true every girl have their really soft side, who knew Karana the great could be this scared of two simple things. I stood up and walked to the door. ‘Please don’t leave me.’
‘I won’t.’ I smiled and locked the door, I walked back to her and slipped myself into the bed. She hugged me immediately resting her head on my chest.
‘Thank you.’ She whispered. I smiled and caressed her hair.
‘Sleep Kara.’ I cooed. She sighed babyishly before I could say Jack, she slept off.
Will she be nice to me in the morning?
I hope so.
Soon I slept off peacefully.
I barged into the girls room and plopped myself on one of the beds. They all stopped what they were doing, Lydia was brushing her hair, Rihanna was wearing her shorts and Charlotte was painting her nails.
‘Good morning to you too.’ Riha said sarcastically.
‘Thank you.’ I smiled.
‘Okay, what happened? Don’t tell me you slept with him?’ Lydia asked frowningly.
‘Nope.’ I popped, Riha and Lydia gasped.
‘It rained last night.’ They chorused.
‘Yea.’ Charlotte said smirkingly obviously not getting the real point.
‘Are you okay?’ They asked again.
‘Kieran let me sleep in his bed and hugged me all night. He was so nice and warm, my perfect cuddly bear.’ I said dreamily hugging myself.
‘He didn’t touch anything?’
‘He was a perfect gentleman,’ I smiled. ‘Girls I want Kieran to be my boyfriend before the end of my camping and you all will help me achieve that,’ I announced sitting up. Bianca walked in. ‘Perfect! The gang is complete.’
‘Sort of.’ Riha murmured.
‘What did I miss?’ Bianca asked sitting on another bed.
‘I want to get Kieran to date me and ASAP.’
‘How will you do that? My job is to help.’ Bianca said staring at Charlotte’s nails. I smiled.
‘Riha you will go to him and get the info from him, the whole Brenda thing.’
‘Why me?’ She cried.
‘Because he loves you duh.’ Lydia said rolling her eyes.
‘What else do I need to do? Sleep with him?’ She asked skeptically. I chuckled.
‘Okay where do I come in?’ Bianca asked.
I smirked.
The guys and I stood outside waiting for the girls, by girls I meant Kara and co. I am certain they will make a dramatic entry. Shade tapped me, I followed his gaze and smiled. Like I said, dramatic. Everyone stared at the five beauties catwalking to us with their uniforms and “ponytailed” hair. No doubt they were the prettiest present.
‘Always dramatic.’ Robin said chucklingly when they got to us.
‘What can we say, we are stars,’ Lydia said flipping her hair. ‘Now I need to get a camp admirer or boyfriend.’
‘Do you need that?’ He asked disapprovingly.
‘What do you expect me to do?’ She asked innocently. I smiled as he looked away.

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‘Okay everyone,’ that woman said loudly. ‘The first game is something you won’t expect. We added new games to this year’s list. Tennis racket is the first game. Remember, every point counts. captain choose your players, one boy, one girl.’
‘Ethan,’ I called. ‘You’re up.’
‘Bianca,’ Kara said calmly. ‘Break them.’ She whispered. Riha tugged at my sleeve.
‘Can I talk to you for a minute?’ She whispered.
‘What is it?’
‘Private please.’ She whispered pleadingly. I sighed and nodded. I followed her to where she led me to.
‘Am I going to get killed?’ I asked humorously, she cackled.
‘Not yet,’ we got to a lake. I sat on a dried rock while she started skipping rocks. ‘Do you love Kara?’ She said more like asked. ‘Please be honest with me if you want my help.’
‘Why asked such a question?’ I asked suspiciously.
‘Because I want this to end once and for all so start talking while I’m still ready to listen.’
Rude brat.
‘Okay, what happened with you and Brenda years ago?’ I was taken aback by her question.
‘What do you know?’ I sighed.
‘I know Kara sent you a letter confessing her feelings to you but you sent her a heartbreaking letter.’
‘When? Where? How? I don’t understand.’ I said frantically standing up. She removed a paper from her short pocket and gave the old sheet to me. I opened it and my jaw dropped at what was written in the letter.
‘I know you didn’t write it.’ She sighed. My eye twitched from the stings of the tear yearning to slip out.
Brenda fooled me.
‘I told her how I felt about Kara and she told me to make Kara jealous with her. I did it because I was desperate but nothing changed, she only hated me more and then Brenda told me Kara liked Ebby and not me. I got angry and ended our friendship. She showed me the love letter Kara wrote to him…’
‘Never thought you could be that stupid too. She also fooled Kara, the letter was meant for you.’
I sat down back on the rock.
So this is why Kara hates me? She thought…Brenda made me break her heart unknowingly.
‘Rihanna, what do I do now? I really want Kara by my side but she will never be mine. I am tired of hurting all the time, please help me.’


‘Tell her how you feel. I will fix the letter with the help of Lydia…’
‘Please not her!’
‘Relax, she won’t bite. I will clear it up soon so all you need to do is tell her how you feel then.’ She smiled.
‘I will tell you when, I know! during the treasure hurt between captains in two days time.’
‘I have a condition tho.’ She said chewing her bottom lip.
‘Does Shade…you know, like me?’
‘No,’ she pouted disappointedly. ‘He loves you instead.’ She grinned.
‘Just convince him to tell me. That’s my condition.’ She smiled. I nodded, she took the letter and ran away.
Excitement was all I felt that day, I was celebrating my success already. I wore a black short sleeve shirt with black shorts and black combat boots. I tied the shirt up to review my stomach and tied a black bandana with a dragon on my head and let my hair fall. My silver belly ring shimmered brightly with my silver nose ring. I straightened my hair again and added glitters and made sure it glowed. Black really look sexy on me, that’s what everyone say.
‘You don’t have to dress so sexy.’ She said chucklingly.
‘You so have to.’ Lydia chirped.
‘Rock it girl!’ Charlotte squealed. I smiled.
‘Thanks for your support girls. It really means a lot.’ I said softly. They awned.
‘Group hug!’ We chorused and hugged ‘I miss Nina.’ We chorused again and laughed.
‘If you are going to go all hot, try adding black eyeliner and lipstick and add more black to your beauty mark.’ Bianca smiled walking to Riha’s make up kit. Bianca is the queen of sparkling makeup, Nina wears light makeup, Lydia is a dark skinned girl in case you don’t know and she wears “wow me” makeup. Riha is really the dark makeup kind of girl and Charlotte, she is just normal.
‘I don’t need that.’
‘You so do.’ Riha smirked devilishly waving her black lip gloss.
Oh crap!
The games have been going too well, I actually thought it would be challenging but it was damn easy. Things just seem so easy for the students of EBH; it’s like we are talented in everything.
We were running first place In all the twelve games we played so far. After the treasure hunt which turned out to be between four players, the following day waa to be the final game, rescue sea mission, a game where we have to swim and rescue a toy human and archery. I planned on taking that one since I was better than Kara at that and she would take the swimming with Lydia, Robert, Clair and Rihanna.
Also the proposal there was the proposal or rather the confession. It was up to her to agree or reject. Lydia said she was likely to put me under probation and I that offer for better than nothing.
‘Kong, stop staring at Charlotte’s ass before she catches you, you will die.’ Shade whispered to Kong who haven’t stopped staring at her ass since she came with the others. The funny thing was that Charlotte was raised by a single mom, she wasn’t really from a wealthy home, she came to EBH on scholarship but was always the no nonsense girl. That was what Kara saw in her that made her one of them. You have to be fearless and bold to be one of the beautiful dragons.
Hudson was busy in a serious make out with Bianca behind a tree. Ethan was talking to Lydia about something, Robert was snapping at a guy who flirted with Lydia the previous day and I was waiting for Kara and Riha to arrive. What’s taking them so long?
The rest were doing their own thing. Don’t really care.
‘Whoa.’ I breathed when I saw Kara. She looked really undescribably sexy in what she wore. Not the uniform but who cares! She was damn hot! Why did she have to be?
Way to make confessing more difficult Kara.
‘Is everyone here now?’ That wiry man asked through the microphone.
‘Your own problem. There are two treasures hidden in the forest, one with a bigger point than the other. That point can boost one of the lower team to a high level enough to almost catch up to EBH. The maps that will be given to you will show you where it is but you will have to figure out the exact spot yourselves, are you ready?’
‘Captains come up stage!!!!’ He shouted. Kara looked at me and I nodded. She walked up to the stage with the others.
I picked up some unreasonable murmurs, mostly about her good looks and jealous comments.
She took the maps and returned to me. I signalled for a group circle with an eyed contact, also briefly giving everyone a look to let her stand beside me and they understood. Even Ethan and Lina who seemed quite normal that day. I intentionally wrapped my hand around her waist to send a message to all the guys staring at her and she didn’t move either.
‘Riha, take this, you and Kieran should handle this one since you are a good tracker. I will take the other one with Shade.’
What the ****!
‘No, I want you to go with Kieran.’ Robin concluded, when he’s like that, you can’t argue with him. I smiled gratefully at him and he winked me a reply. Kara whose eyes were on the map sighed.
‘Okay Presido.’ She said calmly.
‘I have a strong feeling the treasure is in the shallow area.’ Ethan whispered.
‘That’s what it says,’ Lydia said rolling her eyes. I smiled. ‘So what’s next?’
‘Blair, Kelly and Sheila should handle the scavenger hunt while we are away,’ I said looking at Sheila. ‘On second thought, Sheila sit back and let Lina do it.’
‘Thank God.’ She sighed.
‘While you are away, I will work on ruining the face of that blonde b**** that poured itching powder on me yesterday, who’s in?’
‘I’m in,’ Lydia smiled. ‘Let’s put something that will make her face swell into her powder or worst, leave a skunk in her room.’
‘Ooh! I love that one,’ Charlotte chirped. ‘And I know just where to find one. Come on partner.’ She chirped and off they went.
I will miss the action.
‘Kieran for the twenty seventh time, do you know where we are going?’ Kara asked exaggeratedly. I bit my lip. Getting us lost.
‘Yes, I do.’
‘I don’t think so,’ she said upsettingly. ‘We’ve been passing that weird looking bush for over thirteen times now. Don’t you have a f****** map with you!’
‘Chill and trust me.’
‘Why should I? You’ve never proven to be trustworthy before.’ She flared.
‘That’s because you never gave me the chance to, so give me a break here.’
‘What do you mean I never gave you one!!!’ She yelled.

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Here it comes.
‘Kieran, I’m talking to you!!! Do you know how many times you picked on me when we were kids? Huh!!!’
‘Stop yelling Kara.’ I said calmly, she huffed and turned me around aggressively to face her.
‘No, you must give me an answer to that question.’ He said softly but commandingly.
‘Yes, I picked on you because I was a foolish kid trying to prove that am above everyone just like my grandpa said,’ I sighed. ‘But that was then so let it go.’
‘Let it go?’ She asked skeptically and scoffed. ‘You have no idea what you did to me Kieran, not just the picking but something else and now we are lost.’ she said whispered for reasons best known to her.
‘We aren’t lost.’
‘Then where is the map?’
‘I lost it.’ I said nonchalantly.
‘Jeez Kieran, how so much like you. Always messing things up and being selfish.’
‘I will ignore you for our own good.’
‘Really?’ She asked scoffingly. She bent down and packed a hand full of mud and grass. ‘Ignore this.’ She smashed it on my face before I could run. I felt my head spinnin
I can’t just stand dirt.
The memory of the day she put the baby doll’s barf in my mouth at the park, flashed in my head. I growled and brought out my canteen. I washed my face and mouth.
‘You! That day at the park!’ I yelled angrily.
‘Uh oh.’ She said moving back. I took in a deep breath.
Come on Kieran don’t get mad.
Don’t get mad.
Don’t get mad at all.
Deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
I calmed down and opened my eyes to glared dagger at her but I saw her running away.
‘Kara please wait!!!’ I yelled running after her. I don’t know where we ran to but she really got us lost because we weren’t before. She ran over a cliff. ‘Kara!!!’ I ran to the edge and sighed with relief when I saw her holding on to a tree by twisting herself around it
‘Don’t just stand there pretty boy, help me!!!’ She shouted.
‘I should leave you here.’
‘Don’t you dare Kingston!!!’ She yelled. ‘Get me out of here!!!’
‘I thought you could do it all.’ I said mockingly stretching my hand to her.
‘So funny,’ she said sarcastically taking my hand. I pulled her weightless body up effortlessly. ‘Proud you.’
‘Ungrateful you.’
‘We are so screwed here and it’s all your fault.’ She accused crossing her legs on the ground.
‘My fault! You were the one who got us really lost!’

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‘Like we weren’t before.’ She said sarcastically.
‘We weren’t!’ I exclaimed. ‘I lied okay.’ I sighed.
‘Why? To get me killed? If you kill me my ghost will hunt you forever.’ She said humorously trying to raise the tension.
‘No, to be alone with you.’
‘But we are alone stupid.’
‘Not that alone, what I mean is that I just want to talk to you.’
‘And that’s why you pretended that we were lost?’ She snorted.
‘Stop being difficult Kara.’
‘Okay, what then? What do you want to talk about?’ She asked folding her arms. I brought out the letter I took from Lydia earlier and gave it to her. She read it and her eyes widened. ‘Where did you get this?’ She gasped.
Drama queen.
‘Kara, I’m smart enough to know that you know everything and you set Riha up to it, the her I know will never do it without being told.’
‘Dickhead,’ she muttered. ‘So what? I just wanted real answers. Did you really think getting me jealous would work? I mean of all the things!’ She exclaimed. ‘Everyone knows when I get jealous, I get angry and when I’m angry, I make irrevocable decisions. You succeeded in doing that.’
‘I was just clueless and nervous,’ I admitted. ‘It really hurt me to know or rather to think you liked Ebby instead of me. He was my very best friend as Robert was my very very very very very very very very very very….’
‘I get it. We were both idiots and I can’t believe Brenda played me that much, she’s pretty smart. I will so kick her ass when I see her at the cheerleader competition.’ She said through gritted teeth.
‘Why bother,’ I said flamboyantly. ‘Lydia and Charlotte will do it anyways.’
She laughed.
‘You’re right, they are already planning their revenge. Edeline, Shannon and Sheila are so ready even tho they don’t know her personally.’ She said laughingly.
‘You have really great friends Kara rare gems, ones that will risk it all for you, not betray you.’
‘We will risk it all for each other and hopefully, we won’t separate.’ She said smilingly.
‘Really?’ I asked folding my legs too.
‘Shannon, Edeline and Sheila will leave after high school. I’m sure of it but the rest will stay. Charlotte is too clingy to go anywhere.’ She said confessedly.
‘Oscar is the only black sheep, the rest will stay.’ I smiled. She sighed.
‘So what now? I honestly still don’t trust you, Brenda lied didn’t mean she made you a dog.’
‘That was me vowing to not love….I mean like anyone again but I have now. Just give me a chance to prove that.’
‘Okay, I will because I like you.’
‘Well I love you.’ I blunted out. She laughed awkwardly.
‘Funny joke.’


‘I’m serious here.’
‘Can we not say that yet? This whole thing feels so awkward and weird for now.’
‘For now,’ I murmured. ‘So when am I getting my kiss?’
‘When elephant learn to fly.’ She smiled standing up. I clucked sadly.
‘When I win your trust fully?’
‘We’ll see, now let’s go home.’
‘We are lost.’ I said with a duh tone.
‘Are we?’ She asked smirkingly. I scoffed amusedly.
‘You sneaky b****.’
‘So you know it.’ She said smugly. I stood up and dust my pants.
‘Nice work girlfriend under probation.’
‘It’s boyfriend under probation, I’m the chooser here.’ She said pompously.
‘Mm hm. I wonder what Riha and Shade are doing, they better find the treasure.’ I mused.
Well we lost the game. Shade accidentally knocked Riha out when he hit a tree. The big branch fell on her head and she passed out. and Kara and I on the other hand forgone the stupid treasure and now we must win the final round.

We won! EBH is back up top. The archery game was my favourite since Kieran really pulled off the s£xy hot archer, so drool worthy. Not really surprise tho.
I can’t wait to get home and gist Kerah and the girls on everything, so to die for. Sure we aren’t dating yet but it will happen anyways right?