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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 13

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 13

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: time – drawing book.


The ringing of my phone woke me up, It was Ebby. We became friends again after that day he paid me an unexpected visit.



I opened the door and saw the person I never expected to see in a million years.
‘Ebby? What are you doing here?’ I asked quizzically.
‘Is that how to greet an old friend?’ He asked pushing me aside and walking in. ‘Hello mom.’ He smiled at my mom. She grinned and hugged him.

‘Longest time my second son, how are you?’
‘Very fine mommy.’ He said babyishly.
‘Awwwn, go upstairs and chat with your brother.’


‘He is not my brother.’ I said acidly.
‘Why? Because I stole your girlfriend?’ He asked smirkingly. I clenched my fist.
‘Kieran had a girlfriend?’ She asked shocked.
‘Yup! And I took her.’
‘Ebbison!’ Mom exclaimed.
‘Relax mom, it’s Kara and you know she will kill me.’ He said laughingly, she laughed too.
‘I will be upstairs.’ She carried curious Kyla, she had never seen him before. She sauntered back upstairs with Kyla digging holes in his body before she was out of sight.
‘You really have guts.’ I said through gritted teeth.
‘Do you really think I will date Kara? Hell no.’
‘So why are you here?’
‘To hit you but mom is around. Kieran don’t you think you should stop pretending and tell her already?’ He asked sitting on the couch. I folded my arms.
‘It’s none of your business.’ I said coldly
‘Kieran, I used to love her a lot but I let go because she is damn attached to you. How long do you think her heart will stay like that? She will fall in love with someone soon because she is ready to give love another try so you better act now.’
‘What am I suppose to do? I screwed up.’ I sighed slumping on the couch beside his.
‘There is a new word in town and it’s called “apologize” ever tried that before?’ He asked rolling his eyes.
‘Will she accept it?’
‘You will never know until you try.’ He smiled. I smiled too.
‘I’m sorry for the way I acted in the past.’
‘Like you said, Past.’
‘Robert will never forgive me. I slept with his girlfriend.’ I said regretfully covering my face with my palms.
‘You mean the crazy black girl that he is yet to confess his love to? **** both of you.’ He said laughingly.
‘Thanks for the encouragement.’ I said sarcastically.
‘Come on, we both know Robert have forgiven you.’ He said enthusiastically, always so joyful.
‘I know, I will apologize tho.’
‘The magic words, now get me something to eat before I eat your TV.’ He commands. I laughed evilly, a wicked idea popping into my head.
‘Zuma!!!!!’ I shouted. He don’t know him.
‘Who’s that?’ He asked curiously.
‘You’ll see.’ I smirked. Zuma ran in.
‘Sweet mother of ****!!!!!!!!!’ He screamed and ran to the locked door. ‘Kieran open this door!!!!!!’
Remind me in my next life to keep a lion as a pet instead.
I answered his call and we chatted for minutes about his dream girl, Nina. Like I care. I later called Robert and we talked.
I did apologize to him, got a punch at first but now we are good.
I stared at my phone intensely. I was waiting for Kieran’s morning messages. Since we settled our differences a week earlier, he always did that.
‘What is taking him so long.’ I whined.
‘Kara get your ass out of that bed, I’m late already!!!’ Kerah yelled from downstairs. I stood up and sighed. I plodded downstairs glumly.
‘Morning mom and dad.’
‘Morning Kara. How was your night?’
‘Wonderful!’ Kerah chirped. ‘She dreamt of Kieran.’ She teased while wigging her eyebrows.
‘I smile because I don’t want to kill you.’ I said seethingly.
‘Kieran sent you flowers.’ She smirked.
‘What! Where?’ I exclaimed excitedly.
‘Clara ate it.’
‘Nooooooo! Clara why!’ I cried. She barked wagging her tail.
‘You are the sunshine in my life, my beautiful rose, my darling flower. I greet your morning with a graceful kiss, I bless your steps with my heart felt words. To my beautiful flower, I say good morning…with love, Kieran.’ She said teasingly waving a note. I snatched it and read it myself.
‘Awwwwn! My sweetie is in love.’ Mom awned. I hugged the note blushing like crazy. Dad laughed.
‘I have to tell Christopher about this.’ He laughed bringing out his phone.
‘Stop it you guys.’ I said shyly.
‘Wow! Kara! You look gorgeous today!’ Mom shrieked. ‘Do you know why?’
‘Because she’s not wearing any of our things today.’ Dad laughed. I rolled my eyes.
‘Kieran took her shopping yesterday so now she’s in love with what he bought.’ Kerah blabbermouth said.
‘Whaaaat?’ She drawled innocently. They laughed.
‘Finally! Some pe….’ She frowned. ‘You are wearing my earrings.’
‘Glad you noticed.’ I smirked.
‘Kieran and Kara sleeping on the bed, K-i-s-s-i-n-g.’ Kerah sang childishly.
‘Shut up!!!’ I yelled. They laughed and teased me for an extra ten minutes before dad dropped the big bomb.
‘Oh yes, Kara if you don’t get straight A’s this year, you will repeat and won’t go to Yales again.’
‘Better get Nina to tutor you.’ Mom added and they meant it. I pouted and walked out forgetting to eat. After a long drive of Kerah teasing the life out of me, I dropped her off and went to school. Kieran was outside waiting for me?
‘Kieran,’ I called walking to him. He grinned and opened his arms for a hug. ‘Kieran, I said no public act.’ I said glancingly. Glad not too many people we were outside.
‘At least let me hug you sometimes,’ he pleaded. I folded my arms with a plain face. ‘Right. Did you get my gift?’ He asked curiously.
‘Clara did and she loved it.’
‘That dog! What about the note?’ He cried. I waved the note in my hand and he grinned. ‘Do you like it?’
‘It made my day.’ I smiled.
‘Yes!’ He exclaimed.
‘I’m sorry, come on.’ He took my hand and led me into the school.
‘Kieran, people are watching.’ I panicked.
‘Are you that ashamed of me?’ He asked sadly.
‘Well no but…’
‘Suit yourself.’ He said upset, he left my hand and left me. I hurt his feelings, I know.
In class I couldn’t concentrate, I kept glancing at him. He had his head on the table all through. We only had two classes together before break so I didn’t see him again.
‘Won’t you go out for lunch?’ Lydia asked packing her books. I sighed. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘I hurt Kieran’s feelings and I feel bad.’
‘I don’t know why you won’t date him already,’ Charlotte said scoffingly. ‘Thought you wanted to date the dude ASAP?’
‘Stop hurting my brother.’ Riha said rudely and stomped out.
‘I will go talk to her.’ Nina said not removing her eyes from her phone. Chatting with Ebby for sure, she left like the others.
‘Think it through.’ Lydia patted my shoulder and left. I sighed heavily, my sigh echoing back to me. I was alone.
I rest my head in the table and sobbed. Why am I being so difficult.
‘My flower,’ I heard his voice called softly. I lifted my head and saw him squatting beside me. He held my cheeks as more tears rolled down. ‘You are always so beautiful,’ He whispered. He wiped the tears away. ‘I’m sorry if I made you cry.’
‘I’m sorry.’ I sobbed. He smiled sadly.
‘It’s okay, I brought you food. Sister in-law said you didn’t eat this morning.’
‘Kieran, do you love me?’ I asked poutingly.
‘With my very breath.’ He whispered.
‘Please give me time to get use to everything, please bear with me.’
‘I know,’ he sat in the desk. ‘I’ll feed you.’
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Stop saying that.’ He laughed trying to cover up his sadness. What should I do?
‘Will you help tutor me? I dont want to fail this time.’ I asked pleadingly.
‘Anything for you.’ He kissed my forehead and I giggled. I saw the Lydia, Nina, Charlotte and Bianca at the door making funny faces at me. I burst into laughter. ‘What?’ He laughed too.
‘Nothing,’ I said amid laughter. He turned to the door but the girls hid. ‘Kieran.’ I called, he turned. I hugged him.
‘Oooooooh!’ The girls cooed. He laughed knowing why I laughed.
‘Did you take the picture?’ I heard Shade’s voice.
Like seriously!

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They are sick


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I hurried to mom’s room because she screamed. Dad wasn’t home so I had to watch her even tho I needed to get to school early for cheerleader practice. She was on the bed crying.
‘Mom, what’s wrong?’ I asked sitting beside her.
‘I’m hungry and I miss my husband.’ She cried. I rolled my eyes.
‘Mom, he left ten minutes ago.’
‘No! It has been ten hours!!!’ She yelled. I sighed and brought out my phone and called dad.
‘Kara what is it this time?’
‘She misses you and won’t stop crying.’ I sighed and moved the phone closer to wailing mom.
‘I’m hungry, I want my husband back!!!!!’ She kept shouting.
‘But I left eleven minutes ago,’ dad whined. I chuckled. ‘Give her the phone please.’
‘Mom your husband wants to talk to you.’ I said, she snatched the phone.
‘Honey I miss you, you left me for ten hours,’ she cried. I didn’t hear their conversation but she shrieked excitedly. ‘I love you too, bye.’ She hung up and threw my phone on my face. I pouted. ‘Get me dress, my darling said you should drop me off at his company.’
‘Okay.’ I murmured.
Mom and kerah sang like idiots as I drove to dad’s company. She stopped singing and started crying.
‘What?’ I asked exasperatedly.
‘You don’t have time for me anymore. You are always with him,’ she sobbed. Who? ‘I’m always alone in that big house. When last did we have our girls time?’
‘Mom, I’ve been very busy lately. I have to work on my grades, the routines for the cheerleader competition because our opponent mean business and….’
‘Blah blah. How’s reading with Kieran going?’ She interjected. At least she stopped crying.
‘Fine, even if we just started three days ago.’
‘Are you sure you are studying or studying?’ Kerah asked wiggling her eyebrows at me. I burst into laughter.
‘Geez Kerah, you are foolish.’ I laughed, she laughed too. Mom hissed. I pulled over and the guards ran to the door and opened it for her. She stepped out with their help.
‘Welcome madam.’ They bowed. She nodded with a frown.

‘Why isn’t he here to greet me?’ She started crying again.
‘I’m right here!!!’ Dad shouted from a corner where he was talking to a fat man. She squealed and clapped her hands. The man laughed.
‘Drive off now before she insist we stay with her,’ Kerah whispered. I drove off quietly. ‘I swear, my husband will suffer like this too.’ She laughed at her wickedness. Foolish girl.
Everywhere was almost quiet as I sneaked to Mrs McKinley’s office to get my drawing book. She took it from Hudson who somehow brought it to school. She would show the whole school how awesome I was at art. She wanted me to date her daughter but I refused because literally her daughter is as fat as a house. I’m talking two rooms and parlour here.
Kieran have taste you know.
‘Sexy thief huh?’ A voice startled me. I squeaked and turned to see the heart attacker. It was Kara. She stood leaning on the wall with arms folded and left foot rested on it. ‘What are you doing?’
‘Oh it’s you,’ I said with relief. ‘Did you finish the assignment I gave you?’ I asked trying to change the topic.
‘Nice try, what are you doing sneaking into Mrs McKinley’s office?’
‘She seized my drawing book so I want it back,’ she tilted her head questioningly. ‘It has a lot of personal drawings.’ I lied. She chuckled and dropped her leg.
‘It’s in Clarissa’s office. She gave it to Clary to hide but didn’t mention who owned it.’ She said calmly.
‘Then how did you know?’ I asked suspiciously.
‘I was there talking to her about her date with Revilé last night,’ she walked closer to me and smiled. ‘I’ll help you get it.’ She walked away and I followed her. ‘If it was that personal, why bring it?’
‘Hudson accidentally carried it yesterday and then he brought it to school,’ I replied glancingly. She hummed thoughtfully. We got to the office but the door was locked. ‘s***! Kara please help me, sneaking around is your thing.’
‘No.’ She said and turned to leave. I held her hand and pouted.
‘I’m your boyfriend.’ I said poutingly
‘Under probation,’ she added. I whimpered and gave her puppy eyes. ‘Fine.’ She walked to the door and brought out her hairpin. ‘Move back a little…’ She whispered. I shook my head negatively. She sighed and bent a little brushing her butt on my area. I grinned. ‘Kieran move!’
‘No.’ She had no choice than to squat. She opened it and stood up. ‘Lady’s first.’ I said with a gentlemanly bow. She rolled her eyes and walked in. I followed her staring her ass.
‘Kieran, can you stop looking,’ she said walking sideway. I laughed and averted my eyes to the painting on the wall. I love drawing but I suck at it and I won’t stop trying. ‘Viola!’ She exclaimed. I turned and saw her with the book.
‘Kara no!!!’ I shouted. Too late, she opened it. She blinked awkwardly and stared at me. ‘I can explain.’ I said shakily. She burst into laughter.

‘Is this suppose to be a unicorn?’ She laughed. ‘It looks like a donkey with a stick on it massive over size head and balloon legs.’ I stared at my feet embarrassed. ‘Is this a house?’ She laughed more and flipped the page. ‘Oh my God! Who is this broom with a giant head? Look at the legs? Are these flowers? Oh my! This other one is Shade? With a blockhead….’ She fell on the floor laughing seriously. I snatched the book and kept it in my bag, I brought it along.
‘Shut up.’ She only laughed more. It was like my face was a constant reminded. I had a feeling that Clary was coming ‘Clary is coming,’ I whispered. She stopped laughing and stood up immediately. ‘She won’t bite.’
‘Do you want her to see the book?’ She asked folding her arms. I gasped. Once Clary sees it, the whole school will. ‘Thought as much,’ she jumped up and sat on the table. ‘Come.’ She whispered. I walked closer to her, she shocked me by wrapping her legs around my waist and plucking out half of my buttons.
‘What are you doing?’
‘Saving your ass,’ she said smugly and wrapped her hands around my neck. ‘We are making out.’ Was all she said before she kissed me. My brains temporarily stopped working as time froze. I slowly started registering the fact that Kara was kissing me
It must be a dream.
‘What the…!’ Clary exclaimed. Kara pushed me away like she was scared. I was still trying to calculate how stupid I was to not kiss her back.
I lost my chance again!
‘Couldn’t you guys do your thing somewhere else?’ She groaned. I was trying not to laugh at the look on Kieran’s face, one word…hilarious. ‘This is too good to be true. K and K?’
‘We are dating now all thanks to you.’ I smiled. She squealed silently.
‘I helped you with Kieran and you helped me with Revilé, awesome! You know we went on a date yesterday and it was so romantic, he is too romantic.’ She said moony. I rolled my eyes. ‘As your teacher I should punish you but as your friend I say continue this at home or the janitor’s closet.’ She said winkingly.
‘Certainly,’ I smiled and hugged her. ‘Thank you.’ I whispered.
‘Anytime.’ She whispered back. We unlocked and she rolled her eyes. ‘Please take dramatic idiot with you.’ She said chucklingly, I smiled and pulled Kieran out.
‘That was lit!’ I laughed. He stopped walking which made me also stop. ‘What?’ He pulled me into an empty classroom. ‘What?’ I asked again as he locked the door. He smirked. ‘Kieran?’
‘You don’t really think you can just kiss me like that and get away with it.’ He said smirkingly walking closer. I kept moving back but my luck ran out, I hit a wall.
‘I was only trying to help.’ I said with a tiny voice. This should be fun. He caged me looking down at my small frame.
‘That kiss was to be continued and now is the continuation.’ He whispered huskily.
‘Is that so?’ I whispered seductively, he smiled and kissed me. The kiss was small at first before it got intense. I wrapped my hands around his neck for support since he lifted me up, he trailed his lips to my ear.
‘I’m going to give you a hickey.’ He whispered.
‘Don’t….’ I whispered weakly. If my mom saw it, she would kill me for sure, he ignored me and placed his cold lips on my neck sending a cold shiver to shake my body to the core. I moaned as he sucked on my neck gently, biting it at interval. His hands moved up my thighs going dangerously deeply. I moved away breathlessly. ‘Kieran, not in school,’ I said under my breath. ‘Tomorrow at your place?’ I whispered. He arched an eyebrow ‘I promise.’ He sighed and dropped me down.
‘Tomorrow.’ He repeated with a smile.
What have I done!

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I searched every shelf for Morgan and my friend Tammy. He asked me to be his girlfriend but my instinct said to refuse because he had something to do with my friend and I wanted to confirm if it was true or not. I had a feeling they were in the library so I came looking for them. My heart was ready to face it just like Kara told me to, she said to expect the worst and I did. I didn’t tell Lyla, my best friend, (Lydia’s sister.) She is as crazy as her sister so if it happened to be true, somebody would definitely get admitted and I didn’t want that, yet.
I found them at aisle 57 kissing like I prepared to see. I sucked in air and smiled Kara was right. It still hurt because I really really really really did like him.
‘Morgan.’ I called softly. They flinched away from each other.
‘Kerah!’ He gasped fearfully. ‘Wh…wh…wh…’
‘What am I doing here? To thank you for showing me a new side of life.’ I smiled.
I won’t cry.
‘Don’t be such a baby about it, he loves me and not you.’ Tammy said brazenly. I smiled and turned to leave but saw Lyla there staring with red monstrous eyes. Tammy’s face paled out ‘Lyla!’
‘Oh, you both are so dead.’ She seethed taking off her heels. Morgan who had experienced her madness before quickly slipped away through the opening to the other aisle but Tammy wasn’t lucky. With a single leap, Lyla had her pinned down on the floor. She cried out for help.
‘Lyla, am off to Kara’s.’ I said tearily.
‘No probs, say hi to my sis for me.’ She said nonchalantly as she hit Tammy’s head repeatedly on the floor. I walked away. What? If I tried to stop her, I will be the one to get beaten up. The librarian ran pass me to the building crowd while I ran to the parking lot.
Something wasn’t right somewhere, I could feel it, my heart was troubled and my mind kept shouting Kerah. We were at the cafeteria eating and you could imagine the nonplussed stare from everyone. The two cats and rats sitting together peacefully.
‘Kara your phone.’ Bianca who was on Hudson’s laps said. I got more worried when I saw Kerah was the caller.
‘Kara.’ Her voice croaked. She was crying.
‘What’s wrong? Is mom okay?’
‘Kara my heart.’ She sobbed. Morgan! I hung up and ran out of the cafeteria.
I knew this would happen. She’s too young to face heart break like I did. I ran to the parking lot like someone being chased and saw her sitting behind my car crying badly.
‘My Kerah.’ I said softly sitting beside her, she hugged me tightly and buried her face in my chest. I patted her back as she drenched my chest with tears.
‘Who’s up for ice cream.’ Kieran shrieked. He followed me! I smiled gratefully at him and he smiled back. He lift her up and carried her bridal style to his car. ‘My favourite person don’t cry.’ He whispered.

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Kerah cried as she licked her ice cream. I did all I could to cheer her up but to no avail. Kara gave me an apologetic look and I wondered why until I saw her bring out my DRAWING BOOK!
‘Kara please don’t.’ I begged but she opened it anyways. I sank under the table embarrassingly as they started laughing.
‘Kieran, did Kyla hold your hand while you drew this?’ Kerah laughed. I couldn’t show my face.
Wicked girlfriend.
I heard someone else laughing causing me to come out. A boy let’s say fourteen was laughing as he browse through the drawings with Kerah and chatted with her. Kara was just looking at them in awe.
‘Who drew this?’ He laughed.
‘My sister’s boo,’ she smiled pointing at me. I snatched the book. ‘Hey! We still had thirteen more pages to go!’ They exclaimed childishly.
‘Kara.’ I snapped. She winked at me.
‘Yes artist?’ She smiled innocently.
‘You are breaking my heart here.’
‘Okay, am sorry. Kerah we need to get back to school before mom finds out and arrange our funeral.’ She said standing up. I chuckled.
Mom 2 is really harsh, especially now that she’s pregnant.
‘I want to stay,’ she said poutingly giving Kara a secret message. Kara muttered and nodded. ‘Pick me up later?’
‘Trek.’ Kara hissed and walked away. I dropped cab money for Kerah and ran after her. ‘Artistic Eran!!!’ She shrieked.
‘Shut up.’ I huffed and got into my car. She decided to sit at the back sit and I wondered why until she pulled out my drawing book again half way to school.

‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha!’ She laughed.
Curse you drawing book!