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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 14

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 14
© Bunmi B Gabriel
Theme: tutorship or tutorSHIP?
Subtheme: hot secrets.
If you think nursing a baby is hard, then you try teaching Kara. The girl’s attitude towards books was annoying and utterly frustrating, she’s a dunce at choice. I’d been repeating one thing for over five f****** days but every time I taught her, she dozed off or start playing with Zoom who was rocking her headphone.
‘Kara!!!’ I yelled and slammed the big chemistry book on her head, she screamed sitting up.
‘What did I do?’ She whined.
‘What do you think you dunce!’
‘What do you want?’ She asked with an eye roll.
‘I was teaching you and you dozed off again, for the twentieth time today!’
‘It’s so difficult and boring.’
‘Kara, there is nothing hard in this? I’ve been trying to teach you how to calculate percentage by mass of all component elements in sodium…. Are you even listening?!!!’ I yelled.
‘Sorry, you lost me at calculate,’ she said flinging her pen away. I sucked in a sharp breath and hit her with the book again. ‘You are really enjoying this teaching thing, aren’t you?’
‘Totally, I get to do this whenever I want.’ I said and hit her again.
‘Hit me again and I will break your head with that book,’ she threatened and I smacked her face this time. She growled. ‘Kieran stop h….oooh cookies!’ She squealed and picked up my left over cookies. I whimpered.
‘Kara…’ I drawled in exasperation.
‘I swear, am listening now.’ She assured me. I sighed and started over again but when I looked up she had her headphone on and was dancing around with Zoom who also had on the mini headphone Kara bought for him. I dropped my pen and face palmed myself. I threw a pillow at her, she stopped and grinned sheepishly.
‘I swear, I won’t teach you again.’ I said angrily packing up the books.
‘I’m sorry okay? Try literature first.’
‘That’s not your main subject,’ I hissed. ‘Calculus.’ I huffed and opened her calculus textbook but alas! She didn’t listen. ‘Kara!’ I cried out in frustration.
‘Sorry what were you saying?’ She asked averting her eyes from Zuma who was hugging the ginger fur Kara bought for him so he won’t try to eat her head. I folded my arms and thought of something that will make her concentrate.
Where is Kerah when you need one.
She averted her eyes back to Zuma and laughed. I texted Kerah.
“How can I get your coconut head sister to focus?”
She replied in a minute.
“Just kiss her and entwine your fingers together and she will focus on you and you alone.”
“You kiss her?” I texted to annoy her.
“Yes I kiss her, idiot.” I chuckled and dropped my phone. I took her right hand and entwined it with mine since she’s left handed.
‘What?’ She asked blushingly. I moved closer and kissed her lightly for a minute before unlocking, she pouted with heated cheeks. ‘We are suppose to be reading.’ She said shyly and tried to remove her hand but I held it tighter.
‘Let’s study like that.’ I said smirkingly.
Kerah is a genius! When you see her fighting with Kara, you will think she knows nothing about her but she actually knew Kara more than she knew herself and the same thing goes to Kara to her.
I closed the books with a big grin.
Kara did way too well because she actually focused and that was satisfying.
‘That will be all for today?’ She asked tiredly. I nodded and picked up my glasses. ‘You use glasses?’
‘Only if my eyes start hurting,’ I said calmly and wore it because it actually did. I started using it a year ago when she punched my left eye but I won’t tell her that or guilt would kill her. ‘You look kind of s£xy with it.’
I chuckled and focused on prechecking her work.
‘Aww!’ She awed, I looked at her staring at Zuma and his son sleeping together. She carried Zoom up and took him to his mom. She came back and tried to carry Zuma but what is the possibility of that ever happening? She was struggling seriously. I laughed and went back to the book. ‘Oomph!’ I looked at her, Zuma intentionally laid in her. ‘Kieran!’ She cried.
‘Zuma.’ I called averting my eyes back to the book. He purred and stood up even tho I didn’t see it, I knew he did. The next thing I heard was a door being locked and Kara huffing. I shook my head.
She turned on the music and started dancing.
‘I threw a wish in the well
Don’t ask me I’ll never tell
I look to you as it fell
And now you’re in my way
I trade my soul for a wish
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn’t looking for this
But now you’re in my way…’ The lyrics distracted me. ‘Your stare was holding
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’
Hot night, wind was blowin’
Where you think you’re going, baby?…’ I used the remote beside me to turn it off.
‘Oh come on!’ She exclaimed and crawled in the bed to take it. I hid it behind me. ‘Kieran you are not being fair!’ She cried.
‘I need to concentrate and you sitting like that on my laps isn’t helping.’ I said frowningly. She smirked.
‘I think I finally remember my promise.’ She purred out seductively. I rolled my eyes, I wasn’t in the mood.
‘Kara, I don’t joke when it comes to studying.’ I said pushing her aside, she fell on the bed and scoffed.
‘Are you being serious?’
‘Dad always say, book time is no game time.’ I repeated the words dad chanted to me all my life.
‘I’m your girlfriend and I demand some attention.’ She said pettishly sitting up.
‘Go home Kara.’ I said coldly.
‘Right.’ I muttered and stood. I sighed guiltily, she packed up her books and wore her shoes.
‘Kara wait, I’m sorry.’ I apologized. She ignored me and put her headphone around her neck. I dropped the book and folded my arms looking at her plainly.
‘I’m leaving,’ she said when she opened the door. I hummed. ‘I won’t come back here again.’ I hummed again. She slammed the door shut and stomped to me. ‘Wicked boy, I said I’m leaving for good!!!’
‘That’s the door,’ I said pointing to the door. I knew she won’t leave. She huffed and sat down with arms folded. ‘Aren’t you leaving again?’ She glared at me and took off her shoes.
‘You want to drive me away so you can bring in another girl, I won’t go,’ she said with a weird tone. I laughed and shook my head. ‘Don’t laugh.’ She whined.
‘Yes ma,’ I laughed. She glared at me and I shut up. She smiled seductively, dropped her bag and crawled up to me. She straddle my thighs like she was going to give me a cowgirl ride making me chuckle. ‘Kara, what do you want?’ I asked innocently.
‘Yesterday, we didn’t finish what we started and I haven’t stop dreaming about it.’ She said cutely, she was blushing with her index finger in her mouth.
‘Kara.’ I groaned, she pouted.
‘Allow me seduce you, pleaseeee?’ She pleaded with puppy eyes.
‘Kara, I have to work on my project and I don’t want the case where you will stop me halfway because I won’t.’
‘I won’t, I promise,’ she said still pouting childishly. I sighed, she squealed. ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ She wrapped her hands around my neck and I clasped my fingers together behind her waist. ‘Tomorrow we will let everyone know we are dating.’ She blunted out.
I smiled.
‘Are you sure?’ I asked smirkingly pushing my hand under her dress. She nodded vigorously with flushed face. I smiled and removed my hands. She pouted. ‘What?’
‘How many times did you sleep with Henry?’ I asked what had been troubling me for years
‘Are you being serious? You can’t bring up that past issue.’
‘He touched you,’ I said through gritted teeth. ‘I wanted to be your first.’ I said jealously.
‘Kieran, you can’t be jealous of that, it happened two years ago,’ I crossed my arms defiantly. She sighed. ‘Just once.’
‘Are you being truthful?’ She glared dagger at me.
‘I’m not asking you how many girls you have been with and how many times,’ She brought out a point. ‘Stop being difficult.’
‘But he deflowered you.’ I argued poutingly. She hissed and tried to stand up but I pulled her back and kissed her before she actually left for real. I know I acted immature but I couldn’t help it. She was right, she wasn’t asking me so I shouldn’t have asked her but I was jealous, I’ve been jealous for years. Wait back to what was actually happening…me making out with Kara in my bedroom and she letting me.
I took off the black turtle neck top she wore to cover the hickeys I gave to her the previous day, leaving her black bra. I broke the kiss.
‘Do you have to dress up in black to the very core?’
‘Is that what you are hung up on? Don’t give me more hickeys, it was hell hiding these ones from my parents.’
She said packing her hair into a bun.
‘Why? Are you shy?’
‘Kieran, have you met my mom? She’s worst than Lydia’s,’ she said rolling her eyes. She paled out. ‘Maybe we shouldn’t do this, my mom will kill me if she finds out. I ought to be a virgin until 20!’ She panicked.
‘It’s not like you are,’ I said remembering Henry. She muttered something to herself. I took that moment of her “self discussion” to weaken her by kissing her neck, her weak spot. She shivered and like I wanted, forgot what she was saying.
It’s fun to actually have a hold on her.
I gave her neck one more nibble before trailing my lips to hers. The kiss was desperate and unyielding, and she opened her mouth to grant me full access as her artificial nails sank into the locks on my scalp. We shifted position so we were laying side-by-side on the bed, all previous worries temporarily held at bay.
Her hands slid down to the neckline of my muscle shirt, tugging demandingly at it. Like she wanted, I let her take off the shirt, stopping the kiss temporarily. Crashing my lips back on hers, I pushed as much emotions as I could see into the kiss, giving her a hint of how much she meant to me. With every movement I made on her, her body stiffened harder and her shoulders tensed more than I’d ever seen on her before. Being a guy who had had a lot of s£xual encounters with different kinds of girls, I knew something didn’t feel right about her body movement, it felt as if it was her first. I had less time to ponder on and process it because the wonderful goddess called my mother decided it was the best time to intrude.
‘Kieran, how many times have I warned you not to bring your sluts into my house!’ Mom’s barked as she barged into my room. Kara squeaked and fell at the other side of the bed.
‘Mom, how many time have I told you to knock?’ I asked frowningly.
‘Don’t question me you son of your father!!! You have a girlfriend for Christ sake! How would Kara feel if she finds out you are cheating on her? She will be heartbroken!!!’ She yelled.
‘And who said I was cheating.’ I smirked folding my arms.
‘Don’t smirk at your mom!!!’ She yelled. ‘I could hear the m0ans from downstairs you he-goat! You, slut, get out of my house before I drag you out!!!!!!’ She yelled at her. I folded my lips to stop myself from laughing. ‘What?’
‘Kara, please come out.’ I laughed. She stood up covering herself with the bedcover. Mom’s lips parted in disbelief. I laughed holding my stomach.
‘Hi mom…’ She said sheepishly. Mom slowly smiled like a creep.
‘Wow! That’s my boy!’ She exclaimed. ‘High five!’ I gave her a high five. ‘The son of your mother!’ She said smugly. I laughed at Kara’s funny face. ‘Don’t worry, I won’t tell Milly,’ she winked at her. ‘Please continue.’ She bowed and left shutting the door. ‘Don’t get pregnant!!!’ She shouted.
Kara’s face was redder than my shirt. She couldn’t believe her eyes or rather ears.
‘She will tell my mom!’ She panicked. I chuckled and turned the music back on making sure the vowel was at it highest. It was a god thing my pets’s door was soundproof.
‘She won’t.’
‘She will, I have to go.’ I pushed her back on the bed and pinned her hands above her head.
‘We aren’t done yet.’
‘But your mom! My mom….’
‘Shhhhhhhh,’ I sibilated. ‘Don’t worry about that and trust me.’
‘Kara, do you trust me?’ I asked softly while staring into her sparkling eyes. She exhaled and removed the bedcover covering her chest as a reply. ‘Thank you.’ She smiled evasively and chuckled.
‘Just don’t be too surprise.’
No one, not even my friends knew it but I never really slept with Henry neither did I deny his allegation. I never let him touch me and that was the main reason he was furious but never said it out just like I didn’t. Kerah was the only one who knew because it was difficult lying to someone who knew me too well. It was our own secret, or maybe what I saw as a secret shame. I trusted Kieran, at least I had to. I let him kiss me again trying not to think about what I was about to do. Kerah said it was okay, I really didn’t want to believe in the words of my inexperienced little sister’s but I knew she was right.
She’s almost always right, almost.
His hands burned trails of fire down my sides as they moved across the bare skin on my ribs, down to my hips and across my stomach, before finally reaching up and cupping my bre@st through my bra. My n!poles hardened and I groaned slightly and pressed myself further against him, not used to the foreign sensation of being touched there. Kieran groaned impatiently and reached around, fingers tracing my spine before finding the clasp of my bra. I made no move to resist as he quickly undid the hooks, even though I was freaking out internally. My hands clung to the bedsheets after I shimmied out of the bra.
Every single move he made afterwards, set my tension to overdrive. I wasn’t afraid of losing my V-Card, don’t get me wrong but I was afraid of the person I was going to lose it to. When there is no feelings attached, it’s much more easier for a girl to get over it than when there was, it was would be like a spirit tying the girl down to him and making any breakup hard to let go. That was my fear, getting attached.
‘Are you okay?’ He whispered. I nodded with feign smile. He moved back to my lips and kissed me as he continued with his finger ministration. I m0aned softly, more like a whimper to me, clinging to his hair tightly. My mind raced with doubtful questions; what if he doesn’t change? What if he remains the Kieran I hate? What if I end up broken? What if I get pregnant! My mother would murder me.
Of course I knew what my subconscious was doing, she was blocking my awareness to what was actually happening and I gladly let her. I squeezed my eyes shut, ready for anything. ‘I love you Kara.’ He whispered kissing my unknown tears away.
‘If I get pregnant and my mom kills me, I’ll kill you.’ I threatened playfully to lighten my own nervously. He chuckled.

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‘Don’t worry, she won’t.’
‘Are you trying to say you want m….oh la la!’ He didn’t let me finish my sentence before maneuvering inside of me. At first, he began to ease into me, and I felt an unusual tightness followed by a sharp pain. It hurt. I’d always knew it would, but I tried not to visibly express the pain that radiated from my core. l could manage the pain and extreme discomfort. The pain was suppose to go away but it wasn’t. My tears betrayed me as they escaped the prison of my eyes.
‘You should have told me,’ he whispered into my ear. ‘I’m very sorry.’
‘What will hurt more is if you continue talking.’ I pushed the pain into my lip, granting my teeth permission to stab my lower lip. Kieran began to pump slowly at first, until he realized I was adjusting to the sensation upon which he picked up the pace. I was pretending to be adjusting, for some reason, the pain was not decreasing or increasing.
‘Get off me,’ I sobbed not able to bear it any longer. He pinned my hands above my head again and kissed my cheek.
‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered again slowing down his uncomfortable pace. There was no single feeling of pleasure, just pain. Mom told me that I might inherit that trait like she did from her mom but I thought such a thing wasn’t inheritable, I mean it’s utterly ridiculous.
‘Kieran…’ I whimpered trying to free my hands from the painful pin down.
‘Please bear it.’ He whispered and kissed me again. After minutes of pain, he retreated and wiped my tears away, the stupid music wasn’t helping.
‘**** you’. I cried turning to my side. He stroke my head gently.
‘Was it that painful?’
‘Am I jubilating.’ I snapped. He chuckled, I glared at him and he shut up.
I jogged to the kitchen happily to get something to drink, after I cleaned Kara up, she slept off. Mom sat on the counter peeling an orange as she hummed. She saw me and grinned giddily. I rolled my eyes and went to the fridge.
‘How’s Kara?’
‘Fine.’ I said plainly taking out a bottle of water.
‘Is she sleeping?’ I nodded. She kept smiling. I opened the water and drank from it. ‘How many babies did you guys make?’ I spat out the water and choked on it.
‘Mom…’ I drawled.
‘I’m curious.’ She whined.
‘Mom, I’ve told you before, my s£x life is none of your business.’
She pouted.
‘Rude boy, I’m your mother.’
‘I’m sorry.’ I said nonchalantly and went back to drinking.
‘I can’t wait to tell the girls!’ She chirped and I choked again coughing my liver out.

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I woke up with a wince plastered on my face. My memory of what brought me to Kieran’s room was hazy, not until I moved a leg. I sat up and sighed rubbing my eyes. An alert invaded my head.
I slept with Kieran and was still in his house.
My life! My mom would kill me! I tried to move my second but I felt a leg tying me down. Kieran entwined our legs so I won’t run when I woke up.
What time is it?
I looked at his clock and seeing the time, I fell back on the bed and covered my face with my palms.
‘Kieran?’ I whispered yelled tapping him. He groaned and tossed wrapping his hand around my waist. I struggle to get free. ‘Kieran?!’
‘Just sleep please, I already called your mom and told her Kyla won’t let you go so you had to stay back. Kerah came by and dropped some things you will need for school tomorrow or rather today.’ He said with his eyes closed.
‘And she didn’t freak out? No yelling? No questions?’
‘And your dad?’
‘He’s out of town, mom will too early at dawn with Kyla so you won’t have to see her.’ He sighed and pulled me closer.
‘Can you let go of me so I can use the bathroom?’
‘I doubt if you can walk.’
‘Kieran, I’m hungry,’ I whined. He sighed and let go of me. He pushed himself up and knelt on all four. ‘Can I get something light to eat? Toast bread?’ I asked poutingly. He muttered and stood up.
‘Anything else?’
‘Glass of milk.’ He nodded and left. I searched for my phone and saw it on the nightstand.
Ten missed calls from Lydia.
Fifteen from Nina.
Eight from Riha.
Five from Bianca.
Seven from Charlotte.
Ninety nine from mom.
I laughed, mom was impossible. The girls must have been worried, we ought to have had a meeting in the cheerleader group chat but I didn’t sign in. I went to our private group chat for me and my bestie besties only.
‘Sorry I didn’t show up guys, I’m with Kieran.’ I dropped my phone and stood up. I huffed angrily at the pain radianting from my core but ignored it and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth with the spare toothbrush I found and went back to the room.
‘I’m back,’ Kieran announced carrying a tray. He dropped it and sat down. ‘How are you feeling?’
‘Let’s not talk about that.’ I said coldly.
‘Why? Are you regretting it?’ He asked sadly.
‘No, I just don’t want to.’ I sighed and picked up the bread.
‘My first game is this Friday? Will you be there?’ He asked stupidly trying to change the topic. He faced palmed himself and I laughed. ‘Of course, you are the cheer captain,’ I shook my head with a smile and faced my food. ‘What about the after party? You know there’s an after party, the costume party.’
‘I know Kieran, I planned it since am literally part of the planning committee.’ I smiled. He pouted.
‘I don’t know what else to say.’
‘Then don’t talk and think instead. I know you are dying to tease me flirtatiously but I don’t want that.’
‘It’s me! you are forcing me not to be myself. I have to flirt, it’s my nature!’ He exclaimed like I just told him to chop off his tarse.
‘Then maybe next time.’ I snapped.
‘So there will be a next time.’ He said smirkingly. I glared at him.
‘If you don’t shut up, there won’t be.’ He zipped his lips.
I counted the time he would explode and it landed in five seconds.
‘So you were a virgin after all, how come?’
‘Kieran.’ I snapped.
‘Sorry,’ he shut up again. ‘Why didn’t you…’
‘Stop talking!!!!’ I yelled. He raised his hands up in surrender. I sighed and dropped the half eaten bread.
‘Won’t you eat again?’
‘I lost my appetite,’ I said and went back to bed. ‘Goodnight.’
‘Are you mad at me?’ He asked pettishly, poking my right arm like a little boy waking up his mother in the middle of the night.
‘No, just tired.’
‘Do you still love me?’
‘Kieran, go to bed.’ I chuckled.
‘Prove to me that you still love me, am I annoying?’
‘You’re starting to get there, Kieran goodnight.’


‘Kieran!’ He laughed and picked up the tray.
‘To be continued.’ Nitwit.
I knew she was feeling bad, obviously because she feared I might leave her. I wouldn’t but it will take time for her to get used to it. Screw that anyways! Henry didn’t touch her and that was what really mattered. Mom already left and Kara was showering. I was brushing Zuma’s fur after his bath. Kara’s phone rang.
‘Kara, your phone is ringing!!!!’ I shouted
‘Who’s calling?!!!’ She shouted. ‘Check!!!’
‘Don’t move Zuma,’ I warned and ran into my room. I plopped myself on the bed and picked up her phone. It was Riha. ‘Hey cuz.’
‘What are you doing with Kara’s phone this early?’
‘She slept over.’
‘In your room?!!!’ She shouted.
‘Mm hm.’ I smiled.
‘I swear Kieran, if you tricked my friend into sleeping with you and then you hurt her like Henry did, I will commit murder and you know am not joking.’ She threatened seriously.
‘That’s not what…’
‘I don’t care! Just know that the moment you sleep with her, you are stuck with her forever!!!’ She yelled and hung up.
Wow! That was cool.
‘Who was that?’ Kara asked walking into the room while drying her hair, I don’t know if it’s me but she looked seductively. ‘Keep your eyes up here.’
‘Sorry, it was Rihanna.’
‘Please tell me you didn’t…you did.’ She whimpered. ‘Kieran, I said check, not answer. Isn’t your brain working?’ She sighed, walked to me and took her phone. All she was saying didn’t matter, she was tying a f****** short towel. ‘Now I have to tell them what happened and I wasn’t ready for that.’ She sighed typing on her phone.
I logged into the group chat and read the messages.
Lydia: You were with Kieran didn’t mean you slept there.
Nina: I was worried and in a gossip mode.
Bianca: what happened?
Nina: Ebby asked me out and I was wondering if I should accept, Kara?
Lydia: earthworm is worse than Kieran so darling, don’t try it. He probably just want to screw you.
Riha: Lydia! Be quiet!
Lydia: she needs to know.
Bianca: Kara is the only one that can answer that question.
Charlotte: where is she?
Lydia: who added Charlotte to the private chat for us only?
Charlotte: ouch! My heart.
Riha: I did. She deserves to be here.
Charlotte: thanks dear and I won’t tell the others if that is what you are worried about.
Lydia: good.
Riha: you guys won’t believe who just picked Kara’s call.
Nina: her mom?
Bianca: Clarabelle?
Charlotte: seriously? Clara’s a dog.
Bianca: it can happen.
Nina: idiot
Lydia: Kieran.
Riha: how did you know?
Lydia: she said she was with him and the time was 3am then, what will she be doing there?
Riha: I think she did the deed with him. That cunning b****** have gotten her.
Charlotte: Kara will never do something she is not sure of. Let her explain.
Me: thank you Charlotte.
I texted back.
Me: why are you girls angry? If I did the deed how is it your concern?
Lydia: boss lady, we are sorry.
Riha: I just don’t want to see you get hurt again.
Nina: I don’t really care.
Bianca: is he good like everyone say?
Lydia, Riha, Nina and Charlotte: Bianca!!!!!!
Bianca: what? Am curious.
Kara: how good my boyfriend is in bed is for me to know and for you guys to die of curiosity.

Lydia: she’s on the moon.
Riha: own it girl!
Bianca: wicked somebody.
Nina: ooooooh! He must be really tasty for your mouth to be this sharp.
Charlotte: oh hail Mrs Kingston!
Them: hail! Hail!
I laughed out and sat on his laps.
‘Kara, you are looking for a trouble you can’t handle.’ Kieran groaned.
‘Manage it baby.’ I said coquettishly.
Lydia: on a scale of one to ten, Kieran is at ten.
Me: but he wasn’t really that good.
Riha: my dear, it was your first time, he had to be gentle.
I choked on my saliva.
‘What?’ Kieran asked worriedly.
‘Nothing.’ I smiled.
Me: you knew!
Lydia: we are your friends Kara, not a bunch of morons.
Riha: I suspected that so we challenge Henry and forced the words out of his mouth.
Me: and you didn’t tell me!
Nina: we knew you had a reason for not telling us and we didn’t want to force you.
Bianca: at least we know why now.
Lydia: she was saving it for Kieran.
Me: shut up girls.
Charlotte: I’m the only virgin here now, everybody is out…Nina you still are, right?
Lydia: that one is waiting to get screwed by Ebby Dogson.
Me: Ebby is a good guy and won’t hurt you as long as you play hard to get. Don’t give in easily.

Bianca: he will find a way to get you. I’ve been there.
Nina: you slept with him?
Riha: I did too, he knows how to get what he wants.
Me: anyone else here who have slept with my second best male friend?
Lydia: heh heh.
Bianca: Shannon and Sheila have too.
Nina: God! I hate him!
Riha: you won’t say that when he has you screaming in bed like an idiot, just wait.
Nina: if I ever get in bed with him.
Lydia: we’ll see. I’m off to think of ways to get Robert, any ideas?
Riha: make the boy beg for you.
Nina: seduce him.
Bianca: find a way to get him in bed.
Charlotte: I need a boyfriend.
Me: meet Kong.
Charlotte: you are mad.
Me: lolz, you are all b****es.
Charlotte: virgins aren’t b****es, b****es.
Me: I just lost mine yesterday so b**** free.
Nina: I’m not but they are.
Lydia: hey virgin b****, it’s not my fault you fell for a dude that seduced me three years ago.
Riha: take my sorry like that. He forced me.
Bianca: you shouldn’t be mad, it’s in the past and you are not fully a guiltless. You made out with Robert once.
Lydia: what the ****!
Nina: it’s not my fault you fell for a guy I once had a hot romance with.
She used her own words against her.
Lydia: me and my big mouth.
I logged out laughing and sent Ebby a message.

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“Spy report, Nina and I just found out that you have screwed all my friends. She hates you now and I will motivate her.”
‘Kara get off me, your are turning me on.’ Kieran whined.
I ignored him.
Ebby: I’m a dead man! Kara please don’t, I love her.
“Die there.” Kieran snatched my phone and flung it away.
‘You have ten seconds to get your big butt off me before I do something you aren’t ready for,’ he said sternly. I smirked not knowing I was playing with fire. ‘Kara this isn’t a joke.’


‘Beg me.’ I said folding my arms.
‘Beg you for what I won’t regret? I pity you Kara. I might be gentle the first time but I won’t assure you the next,’ I stood up immediately and he laughed. ‘You shouldn’t have stood up honey, it would have been better for you to wait so I will beg you to stand up.’


‘Stupid fool, we are late for school.’
‘Aren’t you too tired to go?’
‘Screw you.’ I said seethingly. He pulled me back on his laps and laid me on the bed.
‘I rather screw you,’ he said huskily. I gasped and crossed my arms over my chest holding my towel tight. He chuckled. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.’ He whispered in my ear. He trailed his lips to my collarbone as his hands moved under my towel. He suckered on the tender skin of my neck to my cleavage. I m0aned softly, squirming slightly. He uncrossed my arms and took off my towel, nuzzling all the way down to my stomach. ‘Should I stop?’ I gulped and shook my head positively. He moved down to my lower region and kissed my most sensitive part, I shivered. ‘Are you sure you want me to?’ I nodded positively with fear. ‘You are no fun…’ He said sitting up. I sighed with relief and closed my towel, he held it and smirked. ‘And who said am done with you yet.’
Oh God!