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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 15

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 15


© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: Shattered.



Riha laid on Kara’s bed watching a movie with Kara’s laptop, Bianca was polishing her nails as she watched the movie too, Nina stood on her hands, something she did whenever she was upset or sad. Shannon was checking out Shannon’s makeup kit, Edeline was dancing while Sheila and I were going through her wardrobe and Charlotte was looking for shoes she would “borrow.”
‘What the god damn ****!’ Kara exclaimed when she walked into her room and saw us. ‘What are you girls doing in my room?’ She huffed.
‘You didn’t come to school so we decided to crash in here until you return from your wonderful “honeymoon” Bianca said making air quotation. Kara glanced at Sheila, Shannon and Edeline sending us a “shut your mouth up.” message.
‘What honeymoon?’ Edeline asked curiously. ‘Did you sleep with Kieran?’
‘No, I haven’t even seen him since we said goodbye in school yesterday,’ she lied quickly. ‘SOMEBODY is just jumping into conclusion.’
‘Oh.’ Edeline mouthed.
‘I’m going to ask again, why are you all here?’ She asked sitting on the bed.
‘I came to borrow your shoes.’
‘Charlotte, you never return what you borrow.’ She said rolling her eyes.
‘I forget all the time. It is the job of the borroweé to come get it from me.’ Charlotte said defensively.
‘I came here to borrow any of your costume.’ Sheila said.
‘My Mom took my makeup kit so here I am.’
‘I borrowed your air pod for now.’ Edeline said swaying her hips to the song.
‘Is there anyone else who isn’t here to steal my things?’ Kara asked taking off her shoes. ‘Nina can you stop that, get over the upset thing already.’
‘I’m heartbroken, leave me be.’ She cried.
‘Your blood’s gonna enter the wrong places and you will die then when you get to hell you will explain to devil that you died because the **** you love isn’t what you thought he was and then devil will prepare a hotter place to roast you up like corn.’ Charlotte said in one breath. Sharp mouth, the one reason we all love her. Never afraid to say the truth and never let herself get intimated.
‘Charlotte, I swear I will turn you to an amoeba if you don’t shut up.’ Nina snapped.
‘What happened to Ebby?’ Edeline asked curiously.
‘I don’t even know why am here.’ I said with a shrug to divert the conversation.
‘To think of Robert I guess.’ Edeline quickly said. Always the first to speak.
‘Kara, where is your costume box? I need to find something to wear on Friday.’ Sheila said frowningly.
‘I need to know what Robert will wear to the party.’ I added.
‘I don’t know what to wear to impress Shade.’
‘Me neither.’
‘Fine! Everybody!’ Kara exclaimed. She brought out her phone from her pocket and dialed a number. ‘Robin, you are a wicked best friend…of course! When last did you call me? It has just been you and Kieran alone, no Kara….do you have to be our best friends from each side? Ebby will take your place now….just be a lesser **** and tell me what you and Shade will wear to the party…shut up and tell me!’ She snapped. ‘Good boy…heh heh heh…I’m sorry bestie…love you too, bye.’ She hung up smiling.
I sometimes envied their closeness but try not to show it. I really needed Robert to look at me from another light.
‘Okay, Lydia you will dress like a sexy pirate, Riha rock off a fairy queen…’
‘Ewww! Too girly.’ Riha said with disgust.
‘Wear it or leave it.’ Kara said nonchalantly. ‘Sheila, just wear a hot sailor costume, Shannon find a Frankenstein costume to wear…’
‘And I’ll wear a zombie werewolf!’ Bianca chirped.
‘Everything you need is in the box under my bed.’
‘Thanks Kara.’ We chorused.
‘I just need shoes,’ Charlotte said putting Kara’s shoes on. ‘I’m off, see you guys at school tomorrow.’ She walked out.
‘Hey that’s my favourite…nevermind,’ the rest people picked what they needed and left just the real friends. ‘Lydia what is wrong? I know you aren’t really happy.’
‘I want to tell Robert how I feel on Friday but I don’t know, I’m scared. What if he doesn’t….’
‘Take it from me, he does.’ She assured me.
‘God I don’t want my heart to get shattered, I don’t want to lose my mind because if he doesn’t love me it will kill me.’ I said sadly.
‘Don’t worry too much Lydia, just believe in your feelings.’ Riha smiled.
‘I’m dying to get the details of the bed scene.’ Bianca blunted out. Kara glared at her.
‘Bianca shut up and Nina please we are sorry, don’t kill yourself please,’ Riha said standing up, she walked to her and brought Nina down. ‘Just let it go, Kara said not to worry so I believe her.’
‘How could he be with all my best of friends.’ She cried.
‘You didn’t know him then, we will never do anything to hurt you.’ Bianca said sadly.
‘I know but it still hurts. I don’t feel anything towards you girls but now am just scared. When I see him again, I will tell him right in the face to get lost.’
We will see if you can.
The girls and I sang as Kara drove us to the game, we were late but who cares!
‘So who else have any confession tonight?’
‘I want to kill Ebby.’ Nina said childishly.
‘Other than that?’
‘None.’ Everyone chorused.
‘Nina and Lydia, be careful tonight. I can feel something bad will happen.’ Kara said ominously.
‘Okay.’ We said lowly. She pulled over at the parking lot and we all stepped out. Kara as usual wore a black hose to cover her thighs. She’s too protective of her legs. We walked inside and waved at the guys. Kieran smiled at Kara warmly and Robert who was sitting at the bleacher waved at me.
The game ended with our school winning effortlessly. Kara and Kieran were playing with Kyla, the girl can talk now but she talks too much. Kieran and Kara’s relationship came as a shock to everyone but they were super happy about it. I saw Ebby sneaking behind Kara.
‘Boo!’ He shouted. Kara turned sharply giving him a roundhouse kick. I laughed and ran to them. ‘Ow Kara!’
‘Ebby, you know better than to sneak up on Mulan.’ Kieran laughed helping him up.
‘I’m sorry.’ Kara apologized.
‘How am I suppose to kiss Nina now?’ He cried. ‘You broke my jaw.’
‘You won’t even have the chance, she hates you now.’ I said smugly.
‘Are you okay?’ Nina who ran in asked anxiously.
‘Kara broke my jaw.’ He whined.
‘Kara, you should have been more careful.’ Nina scolded.
‘Me! He’s the one who tried to pull a number on me!’ Kara said quizzically.
‘Where does it hurt?’ Nina asked worriedly.
‘Are you kidding me!’ Kara exclaimed.
‘You won’t kill him for me Kara,’ Nina said angrily. My mouth fell open as well as Kara’s. Is this the same Nina that have been blabbing of how she hates Ebby? He intentionally got himself kicked to gain Nina’s sympathy.
‘You should never have hurt him, look at his jaw now.’ Nina continued with her scolding. Ebby groaned trying to stand up. ‘Does it hurt that much?’
‘Have you received a kick from her before,’ he fired. ‘It really hurts…ow!’
‘Okay, did you come with your car?’ Nina asked helping him stand. He nodded. ‘Good, I will drive you to my place, I have something there that will help with the pain. Good thing my mom’s a doctor and she’s not in town. I know enough about medicine so it can help.’ She said like the fool she was.
‘It’s okay Nina, I don’t want to bother you with my problems. I will go home and put a ice on it.’
‘Nonsense! We are friends, aren’t we? You said you love me so it would be bad to let you hurt like this. My mom always say don’t hurt the heart that loves you….’
‘For God’s sake! I kicked his cheek, not his whole body!’ Kara exclaimed. Kieran chuckled.
‘Your kicks are hard, I’m dizzy.’ He lied holding his forehead.
‘He’s going to make you lead him to your house and **** the hell out of you.’ I said with disbelief. God! Ebby is a cunning b******! More cunning than Kieran.
‘Lydia, how can you say such a….aaaaah!’ He sobbed.
‘All of you go away!!!’ Nina yelled pushing Kieran out, she dare not touch wither me or Kara.

‘National idiot.’ I said chucklingly.
‘All of you, out!’
‘What did I do?’ Kieran asked confusedly. Nina ran out to get her bag. ‘Ebby, I don’t agree with your planned method, just explain to her and don’t do what’s on your mind.’
‘What? I’m hurt.’ He said innocently. Kara folded her arms.
‘I will be really hurt if you break her heart.’ She said seriously.
‘Hurt?’ I snorted contemptuously. ‘I will hurt you if you break her.’ I said threateningly.
‘You guys know I love her a lot.’
‘I do but I must be careful.’
‘Don’t care, just don’t hurt her.’ I warned.
‘Can’t you just ignore the bed part for now?’ Kieran asked.
‘Kieran, leave me to my method and stick to your girlfriend, okay?’
‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ Kara said ominously. Kieran nodded.
‘Just mind your business,’ he hissed. Kara groaned and kneed him, I flipped him over on the floor and Kieran stepped on his balls. ‘**** you all.’ He moaned painfully.
‘Goodluck screwing her with that.’ Kieran said smirkingly.
‘My God! All of you are evil!!!’ Nina shouted furiously.
‘Run!!!’ I yelled and dashed out. Kieran held Kara and ran out too laughing.
Later, I saw Kara walking out with Robert, what’s up?
‘Kara, can you tell me why we are here?’ I asked looking around the boys locker. ‘Do you want to test my manliness?’ I asked jokingly but she didn’t look like she was in the mode to joke. ‘I will shut up now.’
‘Tell me Robin, why do you hurt yourself?’ She asked tapping her feet. I really don’t understand why she can’t call me by my real name.
‘I don’t understand.’ I said confusedly.
‘Robin, do you or do you not love Lydia?’ She sighed. I hate it when she brings up this issue. Maybe I feel something for her but it can’t be love, just simple attraction. Lydia is a fine girl, a wild one for that matter.
‘I don’t love her.’

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‘Robin stop denying it, you know you love her, why can’t you just accept that fact.’ She snapped.
‘She is my friend Kara, I can’t think of that!’ I yelled. ‘I can’t date someone as loose as her.’ I said remembering the guy she flirted with the previous girl. I was still angry about that, I always get angry when she is with other guys.
‘What is that suppose to mean?!!!’ She yelled back.
‘She bed with Kieran, she bed with Ebby, she bed with Jack, Boris, Manuel…’
‘Do you keep record? It proves you are in love with her!!!’ She yelled angrily.
‘No!!! It only proves that she’s nothing but a b****. A cheap slut!’ I blunted out. A pang of guilt hit me after those words left my mouth. Kara instinctively punched me on the nose and I swear it broke. She kicked my stomach and I crashed on the floor.
‘How dare you!!!’ She roared with rage slamming my head on a locker. Getting beaten up by her wasn’t my problem, what I said was. ‘How can you say such a thing!!!!!!’ She yelled, tears streaming down her cheeks. I coughed out blood as I knelt, I deserve it. I looked up and my heart sank to my knees, Lydia stood there with hands on her mouth and uncontrollable tears streaming down her cheeks too. Worst! Riha, Bianca and Charlotte were behind her. Charlotte and Riha had the eyes of a demon while Bianca was bemused.
I’m finished!
My thoughts.
Ever been in a moment were you feel like dropping dead to the floor without any reluctance? That moment were you wish you had superpowers to help you escape a particular situation? That was what how I felt. I ignored the two murderous girls staring at me, ready to kill me at the spot and focused on the girl I’d hurt. In my entire life of knowing her, she had only cried thrice in my presence and that was when she was little. Seeing her tears drop because of me made me feel like my heart was ripping to shred and dragging my soul into a void. Guilt is not enough to describe what was eating me up.

She deserved nothing of what I blunted out, I didn’t mean it at all. It came out as an angry sentence but I really didn’t know why I would be angry over someone’s own life.
‘You do.’ my conscience said increasing my death wish. Never did I wanted to accept it but it felt too hard to resist. Kara held Charlotte’s hand to stop her from doing anything crazy while Riha struggled to set herself free from Bianca. Lydia ran away still crying and it felt like she ran away with my spirit and heart.
‘Riha, Charlotte, get her before she runs into a trailer!!!’ Kara shouted. They gave me one final glare and ran after her. ‘Bianca, please get our things and meet us by the car, not a word to the others.’ She added, her eyes not leaving me. Unlike the others, her eyes had softened and held no fury at all, just sympathy and concern.
Bianca left and she sighed. She knelt in front of me and wiped my bloody mouth with her hanky.
‘I’m sorry,’ I said weakly. ‘I didn’t mean what I said, I just…I don’t..I…’
‘Robin, I understand why you said that. You were jealous and that jealousy rose a anger that should never have been there and made you say what you shouldn’t have. I know that feeling because I’ve been there with Kieran before but unlike you, I knew why I was like that and I accepted it.’ She shoved the hanky into my mouth.

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‘Shut up,’ she smacked my head. ‘Robin you have to accept the truth already. Can you tell me one good reason why you don’t want to accept it? Aside from your “she’s my friend” theory?’ She asked folding her arms.
‘Well it’s simple! She…she..er…erm…honestly she’s not really….’
‘Robin, you can’t judge her, you are worst than her. Lydia isn’t a flirt, just a girl who have been trying to get over you by dating and flirting with other guys.’ She sighed. ‘I don’t know what happened between you two that made her heart start beating mercilessly for you but she loves you…as in IN love with you and that was what she planned on telling you today before you screwed up. Robin you have broken her and we both know how difficult it is to break Lydia 2.0, I expect you to think this through and fix it before I hate you. Even if I love you, I won’t take this from you.’ She stood up. ‘About the punch, sorry, not sorry.’ She smiled warmly and left.
‘Robert, I cannot say you are not a fool because you are.’ Kieran said coldly. I came to see him for a little help but there he was, making my life more miserable.
‘Kieran, the dude have had enough.’ Shade said calmly.
‘Shade, can you let anger make you say such a thing to Riha?’ He asked huffily.
‘Riha don’t flirt with guys, she’s the dark type so it’s a different case.’ Shade said looking away.
‘Shade don’t dodge the question, can you?’ Kong asked glaring at me.
‘For a start, no. One, Kieran over here will rip out my vocal cord, Kara will break my legs, Charlotte will break my nose, Lydia will trash my balls and Riha herself will murder me.’
‘And he shouldn’t be worried about Lyla?’ Kong snorted contemptuously.

‘Just help him out.’ Shade sighed.
‘What am I suppose to do? Go beg her for you? You have legs dude and mouth too. Go to Lydia and apologize and stop being such a **** and tell her how you really feel.’ Kieran was upset, obviously.
‘Kieran…’ Ebby called badging into the living room. ‘Oh, you guys are here.’ He said glancing at Shade and Kong.
‘We can leave if that’s what you want.’ Kong said standing up, he don’t really get along with Ebby.
‘No you guys can sit.’ Ebby sighed and walked to the couch where I sat. He slumped beside me and sighed heavily.
‘Let me guess, your plan for Nina went so well and you were happy until she woke up this morning and realised you used her and now she hates you for real this time.’ Kieran said emotionlessly. Ebby chuckled sadly. ‘What is wrong with all of you?’ Kieran sighed. So it gets to Ebby and he’s calm.
‘What is all of us doing in that sentence? I don’t understand.’ Kong said with a frown.
‘There is a girl out there your heart beats for but you keep messing things up. Trust me when I say messing up is a bad thing, before you know it, she’s hating you for years.’
‘What am I suppose to do? Tell Riha? Have you met her?’ Shade asked fearfully, the rate in which he fears that girl is sacred.
‘Riha might be mean and all but she is a human being Shade, a one that feels something for you so better tell her now before she gets angry too. Her anger is worst than Kara’s, remember?’
‘Easy for you to say, Karana is light headed but Rihanna is not.’ He argued
‘Okay, I didn’t come here for this!’ Ebby and I exclaimed.
‘Ebby your case is easy, I just need to talk to Kara and she will settle everything…’
‘Kara is mad at me.’ Ebby cut in.
‘And that’s why I will be the one to talk to her, just wait. Robert yours is to go find her and apologize.’
‘If Riha don’t kill me on the way, Lyla will.’ I sighed.


‘Kara will be there so you are safe for now,’ he encouraged. ‘Now all of you get out of my house, I want to sleep.’
‘Am I part of the all of you?’ Kong asked.
‘You know your own problem.’ Shade and Kieran said simultaneously.
I stood up and smiled.
‘Thank you Kieran, bye guys.’
What was I going to say to her without losing my head at the end.
Eventually we missed the party, Bianca had to go because of Hudson while Charlotte couldn’t stay the night because her mom called in sick but Riha and I stayed over at Lydia’s. She was really broken as she spent all night crying her eyes out. Luckily none of her parents were around but Lyla was. That girl is much more crazy than Lydia so we didn’t really tell her the details. Just she had a serious fight with Robin and she caused it. That was the only way to get her off Robin’s back.
‘Am I really a slut?’ She asked staring at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were swollen and red and her voice lacked…well…soul feeling.
‘You are not a slut,’ Riha said worriedly. ‘Robert is just a passive **** brain.’
‘But he called me one and if he says so then I am,’ she said emotionlessly like a ghost haunted girl. ‘I only flirt with guys but I never really sleep with them….no no, only my boyfriends which don’t even last for more than two weeks.’


‘Lydia, stop being so stupid and just face this, you are stronger than this for heavens sake!’ Riha shouted slapping her cheeks. ‘Snap out of it!’ Riha’s phone rang. ‘Yea, Nina what’s up?…don’t tell me that please, it’s your fault…of course it is! Didn’t we warn you!!!’ She yelled and inhaled. ‘I’m sorry but you are overreacting, he loves you and that’s that. You either ignore the past and face the future or you live to regret it later…it’s the truth. Pay him a visit in his school and go with Bianca…I can’t, I have to deal with Lydia….Robert used her heart to play toss the gummy bear….shut up and face your own problem, bye.’ She hung up and sighed.
Ding dong dong! The stupid bell rang.
‘I’ll go get it.’ She said standing up. She walked out with heavy steps.
‘Kara, he’s here’ Lydia smiled. ‘I don’t want to see him.’
Riha walked in angrily.
‘It’s him,’ she groaned. ‘I slammed the door at his face.’
‘Actually, I’m behind you.’ Robin said quaverly. Riha jolted.
‘Didn’t I tell you not to follow me!!!’ She yelled.
‘Be quiet Riha and let him speak.’ I said walking back to the bed. I sat down and signalled her to shut up.
‘Hi,’ he said to Lydia. Riha walked to me and sat down, Robin walked closer to her. ‘Lydia.’ He called softly, she said nothing, just stared at her reflexion in the mirror.
‘At least we get front roll seat to the drama.’ Riha whispered drily. I stopped myself from laughing out.
‘I really didn’t…okay I was just jealous okay, I always am when I see you with other guys…’
‘Boring!’ Riha shouted. I laughed while he glared at her. ‘Sorry, proceed.’
‘You called me a slut,’ she said in tears. ‘Am I?’


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‘No, you aren’t.’
‘You sleep around with other girls too but she didn’t call you a dog.’ Riha said rolling her eyes.
‘Okay, time to go’ I said pulling her up.
‘But I haven’t finished watching the drama.’ Riha cried. I tugged her up by her bicep and dragged her out. I shut the door a little.
‘Be quiet.’ I whispered.
‘Lydia, I’m really sorry, okay? I hurt you and I’m sorry.’
‘How does falling in love with you make me a slut!!!!’ She exploded. ‘Trying to forget you made me one!!!! I never asked for you to be in my room that night, I never asked for you to take advantage of me after I told you I had I crush on you. I never asked you to deflower me and have my mind, body, spirit and soul sealed to you forever!!!!!’ She screamed in tears.
‘What-the-****……’ Riha counted in a whisper.
‘He did what….’ I whispered.
‘You made me this yet I’m the slut. Do you think it didn’t hurt when you told me right to my face that it was a mistake? You took my virginity and said it to MY face that I was a mistake that should never be thought of and you expect me to forget that….I didn’t!!! I only forgave what you said but I never forgot. You hurt me so damn badly Robertson, but instead of hating you, I fell in love with you every single passing day and I had to watch you run after so many girls and bear the pain secretly, never letting anyone know….’
‘I’m not done yet!!!!’ She screamed frantically. ‘I had to try moving around with others too to get over you but it didn’t work, it ended my everyday crying but it didn’t take the love away and now you call me a slut!!! **** you Robert!!!’
‘Wow! What a show,’ Riha whispered excitedly. ‘And I thought I was the only one.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘Well I thought I was the only one keeping huge secrets like the fact that Shade and I might had something with each other last year.’
‘God!’ I walked out to the living room. Lyla was there putting on her shoes. ‘Where to?’
‘Kerah, she wants to introduce me to her new crush or something and I don’t want to be here when the reunion s£x begins, I hate that ****.’ She said casually like it’s a pleasant thing for a thirteen years old to say.
Teens of nowadays are so spoilt.
‘Kettle.’ My subconscious said tauntingly. She stood up.
‘Please don’t let him hurt her again and I will make sure Kerah don’t get another heartbreak this time. I wonder why she can’t be like me, love free. That s*** sucks.’
Where did this girl come from?
‘Kara you are missing the show,’ Riha said walking into the living room. ‘Oh, hey Lyla.’
‘Bye Anna.’ Lyla smiled and ran out. Riha hate being called that.
‘I will kill that girl one day,’ she hissed. ‘Why did you leave?’


‘Because it’s their personal problem not mine and maybe if I stay there, I will hear another heartbreaking secret,’ I said skeptically. ‘I mean I kept my virginity a secret but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I kept my feelings for Kieran a secret but it was no harms done but you girls keep secrets I don’t understand!!!’ I said raising my voice at the last part. ‘How can all my best of friends sleep with my friend? How can my best friend who is like a brother to me sleep with my best friend after she told him she liked him! How could you have had anything to do with Shade!!!! How could you date him secretly!!!’
‘It was just for fun, a two weeks things!!!’ She yelled back. ‘We just did something at yours and Kieran’s birthday last year, it wasn’t accidental and I don’t regret it. That was where it started from.’
‘I’m out of here,’ I said angrily. ‘The next thing I will hear is Edeline and Sheila have also been with Robin too.’ I said sardonically. She bit her lip. ‘God! I can’t believe you girls!’ I ran back to the room but crawled in when I got to the door. I picked up our bags and crawled out. They were too busy kissing to notice me. I threw her bag at her and walked out.
‘Kara can you just wait!!!’ She shouted. I ignored her and jumped into my car, I drove straight to Kieran’s. Luckily he was just driving out of his estate when we met. He parked his car beside mine
‘Hey girlfriend!’ He shouted happily. I got out of the car and shut the door. ‘Kara?’ He stepped out too and moved closer to me. ‘Are you okay?’


‘Just be honest with me now I’m ready to forgive you…how many of my friends aside Lydia have you slept with?’ He was taken aback by my question. ‘Answer me!!!’
‘Girl chill, none.’
‘Be truthful Kieran!!!’ I yelled. He smiled and hugged me.
‘It’s okay, whatever is making you upset forget about it,’ he whispered and kissed my temple. ‘What’s the real problem?’
‘I just found out that all my friends have been sleeping with my best friends, or rather have slept with my best friends. Did you know that Robin was Lydia’s first and Riha and Shade dated secretly for two weeks last year?’
‘Yea, they were all putting up a charade in front of me and doing other things in secret.’
‘Just Riha and Shade love, don’t judge your other friends with her actions. I know it may seem hard for you but you know Robert and Ebby are crazy when it comes to skirts, you can’t blame them for falling into the traps of those sweet talking devils. If I had wanted, I would have gotten them too but I chose not to.’
‘True,’ I murmured.
‘What’s the real issue? You’re directing your focus to one part to avoid the other.’ He was right.
‘I just have this ominous feeling Kieran, I’m so scared.’ I said breaking into a sob.
‘Of me or what?’

‘I don’t know, it has been there since yesterday. I’m really…’ My ringtone cut me off. I scoffed out tears and picked up. ‘Hi dad, how’s your trip going?’
‘Kara, Pascal just called me that your mom was rushed in few minutes ago, she was involved in an accident.’ He cried. My heart sank. ‘I’m about entering the jet, please go be with her until I get there.’ I couldn’t breathe as tears ran down my cheeks, Kieran took the phone from my hand.
‘Dad 2, what happened?’ He asked worriedly. ‘Okay, I will take her there, safe trip.’ He hung up and kept my phone in his pocket. ‘Kara, your mom will be alright.’ He said tightening his grip around me.

God what is happening.
To be continued