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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 16

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 16

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Theme: push already!

Subtheme: everything will be fine.


I pinned Kara down with my legs and arms, when she was in panic mood, she act absolutely crazy. Kerah was talking to herself on the floor and Lyla holding her too just in case. Pascal had been in there for over an hour with no news. Mom and dad were out of town, in fact most of our parents were Shade’s mom was the only available adult present. Riha and the others sat down waiting patiently and throwing worried look at Kara who didn’t seem to care about their existence.
Also, Lydia and Charlotte weren’t present which was strange.
‘Kara, stop fidgeting,’ I snapped. She hit my lips with the back of her head. ‘Hey! Do you wanna burst my pretty lips? How would you kiss them then?’ I asked humorously.
‘Not funny Kieran, let me go.’ She begged.
‘No, stay put.’ I tightened my legs around her and she grumbled. Pascal walked out grumbling, I didn’t let her go or she would strangle her uncle.
‘So stubborn and hard headed, just like dad…’ I heard him grumble. ‘Kara your mom wants to die.’ He said angrily.
‘What happened?’ I asked pushing struggling Kara down.
‘Can you believe Millicent!’ He exclaimed. ‘God helped her and she didn’t get badly hurt, just went into labour which wasn’t all bad since her baby would arrive later this evening anyways but she still needs to use operation but did she agree? Nooooooo, she said she wants to give birth herself and your father must be here to hold her hands or she will gladly die.’ He said complainingly. ‘I mean of all the older sisters in the entire world, I had to be stuck with little Miss Stone Head. Your father won’t be here until almost two hours and she will die by then.’
‘Can’t you just inject her to sleep?’ Riha asked glancing at Kara.
‘Milly is a strong willed woman. If I inject her with such a disturbing decision, I fear the worse.’ He explained.
‘That annoying woman!’ Kerah shouted.
‘Kieran, please let me go,’ she begged. I let her go and she stood up. ‘Can Kerah and I go in there with you? We can convince her.’
‘We?’ Kerah asked fearfully.
‘Yes, we will hold her hands.’
‘Nuh uh! I can’t be in there, I will die.’ She cried.
‘Uncle Pascal?’ Kara called softly. He nodded. ‘Kerah you are going In there with me whether you like it or not.’ She added sternly.
I held mom’s hand tightly as I whispered to her. She was damn stubborn and it was getting irritating.

‘Mom, picture this,’ Kerah said grinningly holding her other hand. ‘You in your grave, we looking down and crying at you. Dad being miserable, your unborn baby’s spirit crying because of you and dad remarrying someone else later and then you cry and we cry because she’s wicked and dad disown us when we try to fight back. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?’ She said with a weird ironic smile on her face.
‘So mom? Will you do it or die?’ I asked harshly. Pascal laughed a little but cupped his mouth.
‘Yes.’ She muttered.
‘Such a wonderful woman.’ Kerah seethed.
For once, I’m proud of her.
So there we were encouraging mom to push the damn child out since she still insisted on giving birth by herself.
‘God I can’t take this,’ Kerah sobbed. ‘I won’t get married.’
‘Mom listen to me, you can do it, for dad’s sake,’ I whispered. ‘Picture him being happy with your baby boy in his arms, don’t you want that?’
‘Gosh I hate you!!!’ She yelled but still pushed and at last! The cry of a baby was heard. Kerah fainted immediately she saw the baby causing Uncle P and I to laugh.
‘Lazy girl.’
‘He’s not here to cut off the placenta like he dreamt of.’ Mom sobbed.
‘I’m here,’ I said happily and went to the baby, my new baby brother. Uncle Pascal showed me how to cut it and I did in tears. ‘I will call you Kendall. I’ve always wanted a brother with that name.’ I smiled almost wiping off my tears with my bloody hand.
‘Who will wake her up?’ The nurse asked staring at Kerah. We laughed and just then, mom went into labour again. It was more difficult than the first and more stressful for me because mom kept hitting me like I was dad. He owes me a mansion for the pain!
‘Mom please, try to calm down and breathe,’ I said and received a slap. ‘I didn’t get you pregnant!!!!’ I screamed. ‘I wasn’t there when he was making you scream and enjoying himself yet I received all the slaps and insult and that idiot is cruising the floor…’ I cried holding my cheeks, twelve slaps is not a joke. ‘Kerah stand up and receive your own too!!!’ I shouted. The three nurses and uncle Pascal were laughing seriously. Mom smiled and pushed again. Kerah stood up hazily just when the baby came out so she fainted again. ‘Stupid girl,’ I sobbed. ‘Hey listen!!!’ I yelled putting my lips on mom’s stomach. ‘Don’t better be triplets in there, I can’t take another slap!!!’


Mom laughed weakly.
‘Kara, please keep an eye on my babies and make sure they are okay.’ She said drowsily.
‘Oh God! Mom please don’t die.’ I cried.
‘I’m not dying you foolish idiot!!! I want to sleep.’ She yelled.
‘Kara, you’re disturbing my patient. This noise is not needed in a…..’
‘Shut up Pascal, what do you know.’ Mom snapped.
‘Nothing, all lemons.’ I said with a hiss and a roll of my eyes.
‘God! Why am I related to such crazy women.’ Uncle Pascal laughed. Yea. Mom said craziness runs in the blood of all the females in her family or maybe just her.
‘I’ve never seen such in my life.’ The other black nurse laughed as I cut off the placenta. I chuckled and walked to the bowl of water, I carried it with a mischievous smirk playing at my lips. ‘What are you going to do with that?’
‘I won’t suffer alone,’ I seethed walking to Kerah. I emptied the water on her face. She screamed and stood up running out of the theater like a flustered mad woman.
Kerah ran out like a mad woman. She ran into Lydia who was just walking in and she held her.
‘Easy there, what’s up?’
‘Eh? What am I doing here?’ She asked flusteredly. ‘I will be back.’ She made to run back in but Robert held her.
‘Easy there.’ He carried her weightlessly and sat her down beside Lyla. ‘What’s up?’
‘We heard two babies cry but we are not sure.’ Shade said tiredly.

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‘I want to go home and cry, I have a broken heart to mend to.’ Nina said poutingly. Doctor Pascal came out laughing.
‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Shade’s mom asked.
‘She’s okay and now have two baby boys.’ Pascal said with a laughing grin.
‘What? Why are you laughing?’ Bianca asked confusedly.
‘Have you ever delivered a woman with two crazy girls inside?’ He laughed glancing at Kerah. She rolled her eyes and huffed.
‘You can’t blame me, I was shocked.’ She defended.
Okay what?
A nurse walked out laughing with a bowl.
‘That girl should be in every labour room to lift the tension.’ She laughed.
‘Isn’t it,’ Pascal laughed. ‘What did she do this time?’
‘She said I quote, “little brothers, look at your ugly faces and tiny dicks, you dare call yourself men!!!” Dear me.’ She laughed and walked away.
The rest of us laughed too, so like Kara.
The following day, dad hadn’t arrived yet, he had to land because of the stormy clouds but he was on his way. Kerah was dancing around celebrating that she now had someone to boss around while Lyla was laughing their small bald heads.
Stupid girls.
Mom was asleep, Mom Linda was carrying one of the baby while Riha and Bianca were dying over the last one, I call him Kendrick. Shade and Kieran were with Mom Linda cooing at Kendall but Lydia and Robin were off somewhere having sex or something. Charlotte’s mom was in a hospital so she wasn’t around and Nina was just quietly studying mom.
I don’t know where the others are and I don’t care.
‘Please calm down, she’s not dead’ I heard uncle Pascal yell. Dad burst in and ran to mom.
‘My love, are you okay?’
‘She’s sleeping.’ Nina smiled.
‘Phew! Where is my son?’ I pointed to both of them. ‘Sons?’
‘Yup.’ Kerah popped.
‘Please let me see.’ He begged. Mom Linda gave Kendall to him.
‘I call him Kendall.’
‘Kendall it is. The other?’
‘Hmm, as you wish, I tried,’ he said with a smug smile. ‘They are identical huh?’ I nodded. ‘Which means they both look like me.’ He said pompously and patted himself at the back.
‘If I wasn’t so weak, I swear I would have slammed a chair on your head.’ Mom said weakly with eyes closed. We laughed as he grinned, he didn’t want her to hear that. I didn’t laugh, I received all his slaps for heaven’s sake! I looked at Nina who was so sad and down. I sighed, she’s just too soft hearted.
‘I’m going to get the baby things and we need to check on Charlotte and her mom. Bianca and Nina, you will come with me. Kieran please drive us.’
‘Why me? I still need to admire this bald cutie,’ he pouted. Mom opened her eyes sharply. ‘I mean this slightly hairy cutie.’ He lied quickly. She closed them back. They aren’t really really bald.
‘Hey, you will bring back the babies things while I take my car to Charlotte’s’
‘Okay babe.’ He muttered and stood up.
‘Bye mom.’



The original plan was to go with Nina to Ebby’s after seeing Charlotte’s mom. Bianca would stay with her for support. After I gathered the things, I took a bath with Nina and gave her something more fascinating to wear.
‘Kara, you haven’t slept for two days now,’ Kieran said worriedly ‘I don’t want you to get sick.’
‘Don’t worry, when I get back I will come to your place and sleep off after a nice hot make out. I need it.’ I promised. He smiled.
‘Try to get a little sleep at Ebby’s when they are busy with their make up kiss,’ he winked at Nina and she looked away blushingly. I chuckled and sighed. ‘Drive safe?’
‘Sure,’ I smiled and kissed him shortly. ‘To be continued.’ I whispered on his lips. He chuckled.
‘I’m counting on it.’ He winked and walked to his car. ‘Nina tell Ebby to be gentle!!!’ He shouted and she went crimson.



I sighed as I walked into my apartment. I turned on the lights and screamed when I saw someone on my couch. Wasn’t expecting that.
‘Jesus Jesse! You scared the bejesus out of me!!!’ I screamed at my friend. He laughed.
‘Hey,’ someone said from behind me making me jump out of my skin with a scream. ‘Why so jumpy?’ The idiot laughed.
‘I’m too heartbroken to be in a balanced shape.’ I snapped.
‘Uh oh! Did the pretty skirt you went after not accept you?’ Jesse asked picking up his bottle of beer.
‘Why are you drinking in my house?!’ I flared.
‘Don’t change the topic here Ebby, what happened?’ Lean asked bossily.
‘Turns out you were right.’ I said walking to the couch.
‘Me or him?’ Jesse asked confusedly.
‘Him.’ I sighed jerking my head to Lean’s tall frame.
‘You see! You never listen to reasons. I warned you and I’m sure your dear Kieran did too, now what are you going to do now if she doesn’t give in ever?’
‘I don’t know!!!!’ I yelled. ‘I don’t know,’ I said soberly. ‘I just want to crawl into a hole and bury myself.’
‘Or get wasted. There’s this party tonight and I’m sure you will be better by the time you get high and get some random b**** slammed.’ Jesse said excitedly.
‘Jesse his promiscuity is the reason he is having troubles with the girl he actually love and yet you are advising him to get drunk and laid? Are you insane?’

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‘He needs it, he can edit the laid part and just rock off the party. Girls will go crazy when they find out DJ Garland is coming to the party.’ He said happily. I was sort of like a popular DJ back there in school but I barely attend parties since I met Nina.
‘No way! I won’t let you go to Nevin’s party, he always throw the wildest parties and you always over do it there.’
‘Did you have to spill the bean.’ Jesse huffed.
‘Stop ruining his chances Jesse because you are envious of him. You can not and will never be him.’ Lean scorned. Jesses stood up abruptly.
‘What is that suppose to mean!!! What is your problem?’
‘Enough!!!!’ I yelled. ‘Both of you get out of my house!!!’
‘Ebby, I know you are upset and broken but please don’t go anywhere, just for the fact that I believe she would come around. I trust you will do right thing, bye.’ He patted my shoulder and left.
‘Come over to the party if you change your mind.’ Jesse said angrily and left too. I sighed heavily and brought out my phone. I dialed her number and it was off.
Staying at home alone was killing me, all I thought of was her and her alone. Will she ever forgive me? Why didn’t I listen to Kieran and Lean? Why was I such a fool?
Questions I asked myself then.
I need to get drunk.



I stood up from my bed where I’d been wallowing and went to the bathroom. I took a quick bath and dressed up, took my car keys and walked out. After twenty minutes of driving, I got to my destination. The place was a duplex booming with music and screams. I dragged myself out of the car and into the building.
‘Hey look, it’s DJ Garland!!!’ Someone screamed and that was how the endless shriek and cheers started. People surrounded me forcing me to shake and take photos with them. Jesse came and dragged me out of the crowd of enthusiastic murderers.
‘I knew you would come.’
‘I want to drink and that’s that.’ I said coldly.
‘Lose the shade.’ Nevin said chucklingly.
‘Lose your brain.’ I hissed.
‘Ooh, feisty today. What’s up?’ He asked dragging me down to sit.
‘His girlfriend dumped him.’ Jesse said smirkingly.
‘That hot chick you once mentioned? She ditched you?’
‘Can we not talk about this?’ I asked scornfully.
‘As you wish,’ he smiled. ‘Hey Davis! Bring something for our top guest to drink, high taste!!!’ He shouted. I sighed and leaned back on the couch.
‘Hey Ebby,’ I groaned at the voice of the person I least expected to meet or maybe I forgot she was always at every party. She sat on my laps and played with my hair. ‘Baby, you’ve been avoiding me, why?’
‘I told you I have a girlfriend.’ I murmured pushing her off.
‘It’s a lie, she dumped him.’ Jesse laughed. I shot him a dagger glare. ‘What? It’s true, she didn’t like you so she moved on.’
‘I will bury a bottle into your skull if you say one more word.’ I said angrily. He bit his lips. The drink arrived and I didn’t even bother looking at it, I popped out the lid and empty the bottle a angrily in one minute.
‘What have she done to my sweetheart, for a whole Ebby to drink so much?’ She asked in shock.


‘Nevin, get me another bottle.’
‘I don’t think….’
‘Nevin just get me another damn bottle!!!’ I yelled. He sighed and ordered for more. An hour later I wasn’t myself again. Jesse was trying to unlock my phone woefully and I couldn’t move because of how weak and brainless I felt.
‘How do I open his phone and get her number?’ He said angrily. ‘This is my only chance to get her.’ Then I couldn’t make any sense of what he was saying but I knew I had to take my phone. I jerked up and snatched my phone back before falling back on the chair.
‘Baby, why don’t you follow me home so I will take care of you?’ She asked flirtatiously. What’s her name again? I snapped her hands away and stood up wobbly.
‘s***!’ I muttered staggering to the wrong direction. I felt something running up my throat. I pushed my head back to resist it until I walked out to the garden and threw up there, afterwards I passed out.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I could barely see what was happening, my head felt heavy just like my heart. My head felt like it lifted two thousand pound of block, I groaned and sat up.
Note to self, never get drunk again.
I scratched my head frustratedly, the door to my bathroom opened and she walked out. What was she doing there? I questioned myself. Why was she tying my tow….oh ****!
‘Good morning Darling, did you sleep well?’ She asked drying her wet hair.
‘Lauren, what are you doing in my house? What did you do?’
‘You mean what did we do? We had sex, it’s that simple.’ She said smugly. I hissed and fell back on the bed with a bitter smile. I should have listened to Lean. I remembered what Jesse said the previous night and smiled. My foolishness was upgrading. I touched myself and scoffed at my nakedness. I sat up again in confusion, unsure of what next to do.
‘Get out of my house.’
‘No.’ She said stubbornly.
‘Lauren, if you make me stand up, you will regret it.’ I said through gritted teeth.
‘No way! I won’t let you toss me out like the last time. Ebby I love you, why can’t you see that? I’m the only girl for you.’ I glared at her unable to speak before I say something not nice. The door opened slowly.
‘Ebby, I’ve been knocking for over fi….’ Nina said calmly but stopped at the sight before her. My heart sank to the floor.
‘Eb….Eb…Eb….’ Her eyes rolled up and she slumped on the floor.
‘Nina!!!’ I jumped out of the bed and ran to her ignoring the naked part. ‘Nina please wake up, I swear I didn’t do this on purpose.’ I cried. Kara would kill me.
Speak of the devil, she ran into the room and screamed.


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‘What the **** man! Why are you n…’ She glanced at Lauren. ‘Seriously Ebby?’
‘I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, I was heartbroken and frustrated so I got drunk and I woke up with her.’
‘If you weren’t someone I knew from childhood, I would have killed you by now,’ she said scornfully and turned to Lauren who didn’t look perturb by what was happening. Kara ignored her and went to get water, she returned and poured it on Nina but she wouldn’t wake up. ‘Look what you’ve done! Nina is too soft for this kind of pain!’ She cried and faced Lauren who was still drying her hair nonchalantly. She has no idea who Kara is. ‘b****!’ Kara stumped to her and seized her hair.
‘Hey let go!!!’ Laura yelled out in pain. Kara ignored her rant and pulled her by her hair to the door.
‘You put something on before you pop someone’s eye out.’ She snapped and pulled Lauren out. I ran around and got dressed. I carried Nina and walked out carefully so I won’t bump into Kara and get killed. Kara drove to the hospital I directed her to, muttering and cursing under her breath angrily.
‘I’m sorry.’ I said apologetically.
‘You are always sorry, you want to kill my friend with heartache and you say you are sorry. Ebby I love you and that’s why I believe you even when I saw things with my own eyes but if my friend get one more heartbreak, I will make sure you don’t see her smile again. Is that clear?’
‘Yes, thank you.’ I said with relief. Kara was the only one that could make Nina hate me because it seemed like she trust in Kara’s words like a goddess’s prophecies. Nina murmured and tossed, her eyes slowly opened and landed on me. I stared back into her brown eyes which was glistening with tears; Kara halted the car.
‘I’m sorry.’ I whispered.
‘Why?’ She sobbed. ‘I thought you said you love me? Why do you keep breaking my heart? What did I do to anyone to deserve this?’


‘You misunderstood what you saw Nina, that girl was another Brenda trying to steal what’s not hers,’ Kara said not bothering to look back at us. ‘Ebby was frustrated so he got drunk and she took advantage of it, will you let that ruin your relationship?’ She asked calmly but I could still tell she was mad. Nina bit her lip thoughtfully.
‘Promise you won’t cheat on me?’ She asked cutely.
‘Promise,’ I said happily. She nodded and closed her eyes. ‘Does that mean you forgive me?’
‘Uhm, sure.’ She said weakly. I looked at Kara and smiled gratefully at her. She might be looking ahead but she saw me. She gave me her middle finger and started the car.
I dragged my feet into Kieran’s room tiredly. He was reading a book with his cute glasses on, Zuma sleeping beside him. He turned his head and looked at me, he chuckled.
‘You need to sleep for ten days,’ he smiled dropping his book. I sighed and sank down the wall. He stood up and walked to me. ‘Let’s save the make out for tomorrow.’ He carried me up to the bed and dropped me gently. ‘Zuma…’ He whispered, he stirred and woke up. ‘Please go to your room,’ he kissed Zuma’s head and helped him to his room. ‘Goodnight.’ Zuma purred and licked his hand, he looked at me.
‘Tomorrow.’ I sighed and Kieran shut the door. He walked back to me and removed my jacket. ‘I thought we were saving it for tomorrow?’ I whined.
‘We are,’ he whispered. He carried me to the bathroom. ‘You need to bath.’ He removed the rest of my clothing, washed me up while I slept unconsciously, then carried me back to the bedroom.
‘I’m too tired.’ I whispered.
‘That’s why you have me.’ He grinned.


After changing into his shirt, he tucked me in bed. I felt like a baby in his arms.
‘Kieran….’ I said sheepishly, letting my call hang in the air like a question.
‘We are going to different colleges, how do we do that?’ I asked tiredly.
‘I don’t know but when that bridge comes, we will cross it. All I know is that I love you and that will never change,’ he kissed my temple. ‘You love me, right?’
‘Like crazy.’


‘Then that’s gonna be enough for us, we will try to see each other every month no matter how busy we are. We’ll call, text, video chat and…’


‘If you really need a serious make out I will come to you. Don’t ever cheat on me.’
‘I won’t promise you anything.’ I smiled and hugged him tighter.
‘Neither would I,’ he chuckled ‘I love you Kieran.’ I said and suckered on my bottom lip.
‘Love you too.’ He whispered.