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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 2

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 2

#Theme: stick around – who’s the girl?

‘So what did you work on proletariat princess?’ He asked again. I waved the can.
‘I call this the touch and stay glue.’

‘This glue can stay on the surface of something for years and not dry up but the moment something else comes in contact with it, it glues immediately and the coolest part is that it comes with a natural warmness that won’t make you suspect it’s there. Perfect weapon to torment your enemy with.’ I said grinningly.
‘And you made that yourself?’ He asked scornfully. I nodded vigorously. ‘Then demonstrate.’
‘Kieran will help me.’ I smiled.
‘You wish.’ Kieran scoffed.
‘No wonder you made it.’ Mr Donald muttered. I chuckled.
‘Kieran, stand up please.’ I said smirkingly. He gasped and tried to stand.
‘****! Kara!!!’ He yelled. ‘What have you done!’
‘Isn’t it obvious? She “glucified” your butt.’ Lydia said smiling laughingly.
‘In a minute. Your butt’s gonna be on fire.’ Rihanna added. They high five each other while I laughed.
‘Wonderful Kara but please release him.’ Mr Donald said smilingly.
‘What fun will that be?’
‘You will get a C.’ He said sternly. So like him to help his lover boy.
‘A C? Mom will be so proud of me!’ I chirped. He rolled his eyes.
‘You will get an F.’
‘Whatever.’ I sang and went to my seat. He went on with the others after failing to get me to release him. The bell rang later, Mrs Gale walked in, Everyone hated her manner classes. I picked up my bag and walked to the door with the girls.
‘Kieran and co, you’re staying?’ She asked delightfully.
‘Yes, they decided to “stick” around.’ I said jestingly and walked out laughing.
‘Kara!!!!!!!!!!!’ They thundered. We ignored them and walked to our next class. Eve b****ison walked in with her older twin sister. She was once part of my cheer squad before Kieran took a sexual interest in her. The foolish girl started misbehaving and questioning my authority, she even tried to take my place but thank God my girls all love me; We kicked her out.
She then formed her own crew to bully everyone else in the name of Kieran’s girlfriend. She didn’t even realized she was being used because he doesn’t date any girl more than a week but he dated her for three for the fun of it. Her foolishness was amusing to him, he didn’t even ask her out but she asked herself out. He dumped her at the last day of school after screwing her twin sister Eva, in front of everyone.
‘I never asked you out dear, you were dating yourself. Kieran don’t date cheap b****es.’ His exact words.
Solid burn.
‘If it isn’t her Majesty.’ Lydia said mockingly – everyone tittered.
‘I thought she died after her last abortion.’ Sheila added.
‘Your grace please come sit so we can worship your feet.’ Edeline said bowing respectively. We burst into laughter.
‘Leave her alone.’ Eva snapped.
‘Why should I? Isn’t she married to King Kieran anymore?’ Lydia asked jestingly.
‘Leave me alone Lydia, you’re not better than me. You’re a b**** too.’ Eve spat. Lydia gasped dramatically holding her heart.
‘Ow! My poor heart,’ she smiled. ‘Honey you fail to understand the difference between us. I’m an expensive b****, one with class, dignity and respect for herself but you my dear is a cheap, classless, worthless, spineless pathetic street whore. Do you want me to state more differences?’ She asked sweetly battering her lashes. Eve’s eyes watered.
‘You are just jealous because I still got to be with him.’
‘Oh pe-lease, I rather get eaten by a lion than be with that thing.’ She said lucidly.
‘You, Her Majesty got to be with him and after slamming your cheap ass and making you scream, he threw you out the window not even a door.’ Edeline said tauntingly. We all laughed again. I didn’t utter a word and neither did Riha. Why talk when Lydia, Edeline, and Sheila were there to do the talking.
‘Isn’t marriage for better or for worse?’ Charlotte asked smirkingly. ‘You should go join your husband “stick” around in manner class.’
‘Will you losers leave my sister alone.’ Eva yelled. I gasped and stood up.
‘The female Judah Iscariot speaks, I didn’t know.’ I said churlishly. She kept shut immediately.
‘Look here Eve and Eva, you did this to yourself so if you can’t take it, get out of my school,’ Riha finally spoke. Eve ran out in tears. ‘****ed up slut.’
‘Senior K.’ a junior student called lowly, how long have she been standing there?

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‘Mr P wants you in his office.’ She said shyly.
‘Tell my dad that we are busy in class and will come before lunch,’ Riha instructed calmly. ‘Tell him I love him.’ She nodded and glanced at Robin sheepishly, he winked at her and she ran out giggling.
‘Seriously? She’s like fourteen.’ Lydia said frowningly with a hint of jealousy in her tone. He shrugged.
‘She’s cute.’
‘And that’s enough reason to flirt with a minor?’ She hissed. Edeline scoffed.
‘Chill girl, it’s not your **** that’s gonna get screwed,’ she said calmly. Lydia’s eyes turned red. ‘Sorry.’ Edeline apologized lowly and sat on her seat beside Bart, one of the male cheerleaders.
‘Relax babe, it was just a wink, a harmless one.’ Robin laughed. Everyone knows that she hates junior harassment and all those stuff so they all thought that’s the reason she’s overreacting. ‘She’s too small for me. I know my limit sunshine but if you want the position, I’ll gladly accept you.’ He said flirtatiously. She rolled her eyes and winked at Riha who was beside him. She nodded and quickly kneed him. ‘Oh ****!’ He exclaimed falling on his knees.
We laughed.
‘**** you, Lydia.’
‘In your dreams.’ Riha scoffed and kneed his head. We protect each other a lot.
‘Enough girls.’ Clarissa, the school’s favorite teacher said calmly walking in. She’s a super hot and fabulous single lady, highly respected and feared by everyone.
My only adult best friend.
‘Robert stand up.’
‘I can’t,’ he groaned ‘I just lost my ****.’
‘And I’ll chop it off if I repeat myself,’ she said coolly. He pushed himself up to sit on his knees facing Riha and backing Bianca. Bianca pushed him and he fell. ‘Girls.’ Clarissa called chucklingly.
‘Leave him alone.’ Lydia said smilingly. Bart helped him up.
‘I hate you.’ he spat.
‘What did you say?’ We all said sweetly, (my cheer girls that is.)
‘Nothing.’ He replied sharply. Sucker.
‘Kara please set them free.’ Mr P pleaded. We call him Mr P instead of principal.
‘Nuh-uh, they have to beg me first.’
‘Over my dead body.’ Kieran said stubbornly.
‘Then die there you shall.’
‘Kara, please don’t make me call your mom again.’ He said tiredly. He can’t expel me because of my parents and he can’t expel Kieran because he’s the younger brother to Kieran’s father.
Yup! Kieran and Rihanna are cousins.
‘Call her,’ I dared. Riha cleared her throat, I was disrespecting her father. ‘I mean he has to beg.’
‘I rather die here.’ Kieran said defiantly.
‘Kara, I have nothing to do with your war, why glue me too?’ Hudson, the kindest among them said poutingly. He’s the only one we don’t hate because:
He’s nice and sweet.
He’s in the basketball team and friend to Robin.
He doesn’t involve himself in our problem just like Robin.
Bianca is in love with him.
‘Because you’re cute.’ Bianca said sweetly. He chuckled.
‘Please release us please, for your cutie,’ he said adorably with puppy eyes. ‘Pleaseeeeeeeeeee…’
‘Awwwn! So cute.’ Riha cooed.
‘Fine.’ I smiled. I brought out the other bottle and threw it at Kieran’s head.
‘Thanks love.’ He said winkingly. Bianca who was behind me giggled.
‘My work here is done!’ I squealed ‘Bye Mr P, love you.’ I kissed his cheek, he ruffled my hair and pushed me out.
‘Bye dad.’ I heard Rihanna say
‘I hate you!!!!’ Kieran yelled.
‘Go screw a wall!!!!’
Does he think today’s payback is over? He better think again.


‘Arghhhhh!’ I screamed out with frustration. Kara really humiliated me with her glue madness, my butt suffered a huge burning deal. She’s impossible to defeat, always coming back with harder pranks.
‘What are you going to do about her?’ Oscar asked angrily.


‘Don’t do anything Eran,’ Hudson said frowningly. (Eran is the short form of my name. Funnily enough, Kara shortened it for me. I don’t get the difference tho.)
‘Why should he not?’ Kong asked detestably. He doesn’t get along well with Hudson. My friends are four. Shade, my best among them. We have been friends since childhood along with Robert before he broke our friendship. He’s kind but complicatedly feminine, a weirdo for the most. Hudson became our friend in sixth grade. He’s very nice, caring, mature minded and protective. Our punctual clock and dad like a smarty. I love him but I hate him. Oscar, a badass wannabe. He’s always trying to copy me but fail miserably. We became friends in eighth grade, I honestly don’t like him, he’s too dumb for my liking and a desperate showoff. Kong, you can imagine him as the board chested brute with frightening deep voice and intimidating aura. If I wasn’t me, I would have trembled the first time I met him in summer camp in eighth grade.
Nevertheless, he’s a reliable person just like the others but I didn’t trust Oscar.
‘He started it. If he’d listen to me and not prank her, the whole war would have ended because he always starts it.’ Hudson said accusingly.
‘Whaaat? I can’t help it.’ I drawled poutingly.
‘Better start helping it.’ He said fatherly.
‘Why am I your friend again?’ I asked scornfully.
‘Because you love me, bro.’ He smiled.
‘Let’s at least handle her case tomorrow, my butt is still on fiyah from the burn of the glue.’ Shade said humorously to lighten the mood.
‘Better fix this issue of yours with her because it’s starting to toy with my relationship with Bianca.’ Hudson said childishly.
‘Of all the girls you had to fall foolishly in love with, it had to be the enemy Bianca Gaines.’ Oscar said irritably.
‘You forgot to add future Mrs Dale.’ He said dreamily. We scoffed. ‘One day I’ll propose to her and she’ll say yes. Then she’ll be my girlfriend and after….’ He stopped and counted his fingers murmuring. ‘After high school, we’ll go to college for four years then work for one….’ He scratched his head and shrugged. ‘I guess after college, we’ll get married and have kids.’ He said happily. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who blinked awkwardly at the funny silence. ‘What?’
‘Are you really planning to stay that long with a girl? I mean they are a lot of beautiful birds in the sky, one can’t be your only choice.’ I said lucidly.
‘And she might see another fish along the way so change girls dear.’ Kong said buoyantly. Hudson twisted his lips funnily and scrunched his nose.
‘You guys are beyond redemption.’ He said derisively and left.

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‘He wouldn’t listen to advice.’ Oscar huffed. ‘One girl is a crazy theory!’ He exclaimed.
‘It’s not, you guys haven’t been in love before so don’t judge.’ Shade said defensively. We all turned to look at him suspiciously. ‘I’m just saying.’ He said raising his hands up. He looked nervous and scared. He’s in love!
‘Who are you in love with?’ Kong asked smirkingly. Oh. I thought I was the only one who noticed.
‘Me? I’m not in love with anyone…’ He said nervously. ‘You guys are annoying to be with I’m hungry bye.’ He rushed and scurried away.
‘Ha! I wonder who the unlucky girl is,’ Oscar laughed. ‘I have got to tease him. Shade wait up!!!’ He shouted running after Shade.
‘You’re okay?’ Kong asked softly. I smiled.
‘Yea, I’m fine.’ I lied. I patted his back and walked out with him behind. I understood what Hudson meant, I was somehow there with Kara.
I’m crazy. I know.
We walked into the cafeteria teasing Shade who we caught up to. Hudson was already seated with Bianca chatting happily. We ordered our food first.
‘Hudson!’ I shouted. He sighed and stood up but Bianca pulled him back down and entwined their legs. ‘What’s your problem?’ I asked screamingly. She gave me the middle finger and he chuckled.
‘Just ignore him.’ Shade whispered.
‘Where’s your heartbeat at?’ I asked wiggling my eyebrows. He hissed and walked away. ‘Shade, turn around!!!’ I shouted. He stopped and turned ‘I love your new girlfriend!!!’ I shouted again. I watched the way he glanced at Kara’s table before shooting me a deep glare. So the girl he loves his one of them, whom?
‘Not again,’ Kong whispered yelled. ‘Now Shade too. Her those girls born with magic?’ I chuckled nervously. I know what you mean bro. We walked closer to our table but slipped on the suspiciously slippery floor. Our food fell on us. Kara!
‘Food shower.’ She laughed. I smirked and scooped a handful of spaghetti and threw it at her face since she was closer to me. She dodged effortlessly and it landed on Lydia. Of all the psychopaths, it had to be her
‘Hey! What gives!’
‘That was meant for Kara.’ I said sharply. She growled and picked up her plate of hot seaweed soup? What kind of food is….duck! I rolled out of the way and the hot soup fell on Oscar and Kong.
‘What the ****!’ They exclaimed. I tried to stand but the ground was slippery as ****. Shade kept dragging me down whenever he fell. It was humiliation at the extreme end because we were swimming in our food while Kong and Oscar were fanning their semi burnt body.
‘This is amazing!’ Bianca laughed. I understood then why she pinned Hudson down, Kara must have told her to or she did it herself. Rihanna was videoing everything.
‘See ya losers!’ Kara shrieked walking away.
‘I hate you!!!!’ I yelled.
‘I love me too tits!!!’ She shouted.

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I walked to my car furiously. Kara really got to me this time, she’s getting more dangerous by each day. I’ll stop this pranking soon and focus on getting her to like me.
‘Arf! Arf!’ I heard a tiny bark. I looked down at my feet and saw a beautiful strawberry blonde puppy with a white spot. So cute. It’s a good thing I changed my cloth. He or she might have eaten me up.
‘Hello there little one, are you lost?’
‘Arf! Arf!’ He or she barked.
Wait a minute! Did he/she just…..OH ****!
‘WHAT THE HELL DOG!’ I exclaimed. I heard that mocking laughter that I’m used to booming out. Did she plan it?
‘Awwwwn! Isn’t that cute? Kieran made a new friend.’ Kara cooed and laughed with Riha. I hate that she’s my cousin. A girl ran in.
‘There you are, Lilly!’ She looked at my furious face and gasped. ‘Lily what did you do?’ She asked upsettingly.
‘You mean what did she do.’ Kara said laughingly. God, I wish I can kill her. The girl looked at my feet and gulped.
‘Si….si….si….si…Sir it was a mistake! She’s just a very stubborn puppy. I’m sorry.’ she apologized tearily.
‘Just get this thing off my foot.’ I said stridently.
‘Y….y….y…yes sir.’
‘Come here girl,’ Kara called out to the dog and it ran to her. ‘Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl….you are! You pooed on that mean old goat’s foot. I’m so proud of you.’
‘You know Kara, you have a serious problem.’ I said through gritted teeth. She winked at me. ‘Hey don’t use your hands!’ I shouted at the girl.
‘There’s no tissue.’ I threw her my car key.
‘Compartment.’ I told her. She ran to my car while I face Kara.


‘You could have just done it yourself instead of suffering the poor girl.’ She said irritably still in her squatting position stroking the puppy’s head.
‘Mind your business.’ The girl returned and squatted to clean the mess.
‘Is she open up for adoption?’ Kara asked sweetly. ‘I’ll love to keep her.’
‘Yes but no one can adopt her, she’s too stubborn and uncontrollable.’ Not for Kara, she’s like an actual fairytale princess.
‘An enemy of my stupid useless enemy is my friend.’ She smiled. ‘What do you say Clarabelle?’
‘Arf Arf!’ She barked.
‘That’s it. You’re my good girl,’ she cooed. ‘Robin look at my new puppy!!!’ She shouted to Robert who was walking to his car with Lydia and Rihanna. They gave her a thumbs up.
‘Are you sure?’ The girl asked worriedly standing up with the poo carelessly wrapped. I smirked.
‘As long as she hates him, I love her.’ Kara giggled. ‘Now follow me so we can process the adoption papers.’ She walked away. I snatched the poo with my hand which is always gloved. I hate dirt.
‘Kara!!!!’ I shouted. She turned and I threw the poo, it smacked her face causing laughter from everyone around.
‘What the hell!’ I heard psycho Lydia yell. I sprinted to my car immediately. I got in and drove off with speed before she would kill me. I wasn’t scared of her, I can handle her but the problem was Robert. He’s always behind her and I’m afraid of him.
You’ll know why later.
I took off my gloves while driving and threw it on the road, their problem. I brought out my spare gloves and wore them. At least I left with the last laugh. When I got home, I killed the engine and opened my door but alas! I was stuck to my chair.