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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 3

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 3

# Theme : Apologize – solid burn.

Subtheme: won’t you date?


I drove home with Clara visibly furious at what Eran did. He threw a f****** poo on my face in front of everyone! Scratch the everyone part, he threw crap on my face. This time he will spend three days on that f****** car seat. I put on a false smile and walked into the house. Clara kept barking joyfully as she wagged her tail running around her new home. The truth is that I bought the dog for Kerah, she really wanted one.

‘Mom!!! I adopted a puppy!!!!’ I shouted nonchalantly plopping myself on the couch and eating what’s left of the brownies on the table. Who made this f****** s***.
‘What!!!’ She yelled. I tapped my feet counting the seconds she would drag her heavily pregnant self into the living room. Five minutes. ‘Wow mom. You broke your record!’ I exclaimed. ‘You were ten seconds slower.’
‘Karaaaaaaaa…’ She drawled tapping her feet impatiently.
‘Sit down momma, the baby needs it.’ I said sweetly. She sighed and sat down. ‘She’s homeless and needs a home so viola! Kerah has a puppy!’
‘Where did you pick her up from?’
‘She came to our school with her carer.’
‘I thought she was homeless.’ She said frowningly. I grinned.
‘Okay she was up for adoption and she dealt with Kieran for me.’ I said grinningly.
‘What did she do to the poor boy?’ Mom asked worriedly.
‘You mean to ask what did she do to the poor boy.’ I said jestingly and burst into laughter a little before I remembered how my face got poo smacked.
‘Kara you can’t keep the dog.’
‘But I’m good with animals.’ I whined poutingly.


‘It’s not you I’m worried about my dear. My problem starts with a K and ends with an H, do you get the idea?’ I chuckled. She was talking about Kerah.
‘Mom, the last time she took care of a pet was two years ago, she’s more responsible and thoughtful now. She can handle a puppy and I assure you I’ll be here to watch over her.’ I said assuredly.
‘Awwwn! If only she could see how her big sister is looking out for her.’ Mom cooed.
‘Don’t ever tell her I said that mom or I’ll hate you forever.’ I said seriously. She laughed and nodded. ‘So I’m keeping her right?’
‘Oh no you’re not.’
‘Oh come on! I just wasted my speech for nothing!’
‘Puppy!’ Kerah exclaimed. I turned to look at her, her appearance made me laugh. She had soap foams all over her hair, on her elbow, stomach and ears. She must have ran out of the shower when she heard me shout about a puppy. ‘She’s so cute! What’s her name?’
‘Clarabelle.’ I smiled.
‘More like RIP.’ Mom scoffed. I chuckled.
‘She’s all yours little sis. Thanks for letting me keep the dog mom.’ I said screamingly and walked away.
‘But I didn’t say you can keep it!’ She shouted.
‘I love you too mommy.’ I shouted ignoring her. Kerah ran after me with Clara, does she realize that she’s naked? She hugged me from behind anyways.
‘Oh thank you so much sis. I knew you’d help me. Sometimes the loose nuts in your brain reset itself and then loose back later.’
‘Geez wow, thanks for the fabulous compliment.’ I said sarcastically.
‘What I’m trying to say is that you’re not all of a psychopath and I feel a sisterly compassion for you, sometimes.’
‘Is that suppose to be love?’ I asked skeptically.
‘You understand. Anyways thanks for this sweetheart. I already read so much about taking care of dogs so time to put them to use.’
‘Can you let go of me now?’ I sighed. She let go and screamed happily. I turned and stared at her small boobs.
‘What?’ She asked confusedly.
‘Was this the little girl I carried….’ I sang. She rolled her eyes and headed to her room ‘When did she grow to be so tall?
Wasn’t it yesterday
When sheeeeee waaaas smaaaaall’
‘You have a problem!!!’ She shouted and slammed her door. I chuckled when I heard her humming the song. That girl needs serious music lesson.
After I freshened up. I went to dad’s room and took his shirt, my favorite among them. I wore it and returned my wet towel to the dryer. I didn’t wear any other thing than the shirt. Mom shouted my name from the living room so I ran down thinking she needed help.
‘Mom are you okay? Is the baby disturbing you again?’ I asked anxiously touching her stomach. She removed my hands and hit my head with her phone.
‘Was that suppose to hurt?’
‘You glued Kieran to his car seat!’ She exclaimed. I mouthed a ‘O’ she hit me again. ‘Don’t be like that.’
‘Yea I know I know. We’ve been friends with his family for years so we are expected to best friends yadi yadi yada, more lame words and the end.’ I said carefreely. ‘Mom, Kieran and I hate each other so much. Why can’t you accept our hate and let us be? Doesn’t my happiness matter to you.’ I asked dramatically with a playful grin. She chuckled and cleared her throat.
‘Apologize to him.’ She said feigning sternness giving me her phone. I took it and dialed his number.
‘Hello duck face.’
‘Kara!’ Kim whispered yelled.
‘My mom said I should apologize to you.’ I said mischievously.
‘I’m listening.’ He said smugly.

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‘Kieran, I’m not sorry for gluing you to your chairs in fact if it was up to me I would glue you to the sun go jump off a mountain or get your brain crushed by a truck because it would be over your dead body that I will apologize to you,’ I breathed out. ‘Thank you for your time.’ I hung up and gave gaping mom the phone. ‘You are always beautiful mom.’ I said grinningly. She frowned deeply.
‘Why you crazy….’ I ran around her and hugged her from behind. ‘Let go of me you stubborn child!!!’ She yelled while struggling to push me off. I held her tighter but gently because of her big stomach. She sighed and relaxed. ‘Why can’t I be mad or stern with you.’
‘Because I’m cute and you love me.’ I smiled and kissed her cheek.
‘Kara, Kieran is a very nice boy you know. He’s sweet and friendly and…’
‘Promiscuous and bossy and a show-off. Mom I know you are concerned but this thing between us has been there since we were kids so please let it be until we are ready to fix it in ten years’ time.’
‘You’ll never change. At least apologize and go get him out of his car seat.’
‘Let Riha handle that and I won’t apologize, he put vinegar goat pee goo in my locker with glitters. Look at my hair,’ I showed her my hair. ‘Glitter takes forever to get off mom and he threw dog poo on my face.’
‘Ha! Kieran, the god of fastidiousness and tidiness touch poo, you are a terrible liar.’ She laughed. No one will believe that one. Kieran is too clean, extravagantly clean. Everything he wears and moves around in is white. I bet he’s cleaner than a thousand angel. He must have been really angry to have touched that thing. I better reduce my pranking before I activate Kieran’s deadly anger. He doesn’t really get angry, just upset, nettled or annoyed because he’s very cautious of himself. His anger is terrible. The first and only time I saw him get angry was back in fourth grade when someone beat up Rihanna. They might fight but he loves her and won’t take any bulls*** from anyone else hurting her except himself and his friends.
The kid who beat her up was a six grader who Kieran sent into a one-month coma. He’s so dreamy.
‘Kara!’ Mom exclaimed. I shook my head panicking.
I called Kieran dreamy!
I f****** called him dreamy!
‘Gotta go mom, bye.’
‘Hey hold on! What are you doing with my husband’s shirt?’ She asked eyeing the shirt.
‘I love it.’ I smiled sniffing the collar.
‘Go get your own boyfriend and wear his shirt, now give me my husband’s shirt.’ She said sternly. Dad walked in carrying his bag. He stared at his shirt and shook his head smilingly.
‘We need to get you a boyfriend.’ He said chucklingly making me roll my eyes. Mom grinned.
‘Honey, you came back early today.’ She smiled walking to him.
‘You said you missed me so I’m here.’
‘Awwwn! My perfect husband,’ she cooed. I hissed. ‘Jealous somebody carries his bag and Mr Perfect carry me, I’m tired.’ I chuckled and took dad’s work bag. Mom loves making me jealous of her love life to make me get a boyfriend. Dad carried her and huffed.


‘God, you are heavily graceful.’ He said evasively. Mom would have killed him if he called her fat or heavy.
‘Just move.’ She snapped.
He’s in trouble.
Later on, I laid on my bed chatting with Nina who was telling me about the cute guy she met at the mall two weeks ago. She went shopping but forgot her credit card. She would have been greatly embarrassed but he paid her bills for her. He paid for all the expensive stuffs she bought, can you imagine!
‘So you met him at the cafe again today?’ I asked cheerfully.
‘Yes! He’s gotten so much cuter. I offered to pay him back but he refused and even paid for my coffee. Kara I really like him, not because he’s rich but he’s obviously kind and really handsome. I haven’t stop dreaming about him since I met him. I need to do something about it before I die of love.’
‘ you don’t even know this guy.’ I said as a matter-of-fact.
‘That’s why I need to know him.’
‘My advice is let it slide. If he’s meant for you, you guys will meet again soon.’
‘You think?’
‘I know. Bye Ninny.’
‘Bye girl, thanks for the advice.’ I sighed and dropped my phone. It dinged, a message from Kieran? Since when did he have my contact. When did I get his number?
“Kara you are very stupid and worthless. That’s why McHenry found it easy to use and dump you like the trash you are.” I don’t know what prompts such a topic but it hurts. He knew it was the only thing that hurt me.
Solid burn.
McHenry was my first boyfriend. I met him at summer camp, I was fifteen then and so very stupid. He dated me to annoy Kieran because they were enemies. I don’t know why that would annoy Kieran, it’s not like he likes me or anything but, either way, I thought I was in love with him so I gave him my body
The idiot deflowered me and boasted about it to everyone, humiliating me along. It really hurt that my “first” was a b****** and Kieran knew that, putatively that is.
‘You are such a loser and a dirtbag Kieran. I was a fool but this fool has grown up and will be the one girl you can never have no matter what you do so suck it up loser. At least my first guy was someone better than you in every way possible.’ I sent back. It hurt my dignity to compare Kieran to McHenry because he’s a thousand time better but I won’t let him know that.
Solid born, returned.
I smashed my phone on the floor angrily. Kara is just insufferable, I only wished she wasn’t a girl so I could beat the life out of her. I don’t beat up women and I can’t beat up Kara because she’s like a living Mulan. I hate her so…..lies. One of the humans I hate most is her first and only boyfriend McHenry. He was the lucky b****** that laid his hands on my Kara and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. She was really hurt when he dumped her and it pained me. I almost murdered him back then.

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I shouldn’t have brought that topic up but I did because am an idiot, I don’t think clearly when upset especially when it comes to her. If only I didn’t do what I did back then if only I didn’t change. I had good friends; Shade, Robert my very best friend and Ebbison, they both left because I became corrupted and every day I regret it but my pride would never let me admit my mistake out loud.
My phone rang. It was Melina, one of my sluts. I sighed and picked up.
‘What is it?’
‘Whoa, that was harsh.’ She said dramatically.
‘What do you want Melina?’
‘I was wondering if I should come over and keep you company because I’m really bored.’ She said flirtatiously. I clicked my tongue. I don’t even know why I flirt around and get Kara more upset and irritated. I should stop but……I can’t, not now anyways.
‘No. I’m busy.’ I said coldly.
‘With what?’
‘None of your business lassie so good day.’ I hissed and hung up. I promised Kyla and Zuma that I would play with them and if I cancelled they won’t forgive me. Plus mom wants me to help her prepare dinner for dad’s return.
‘Dariel! Come down now!!!’ She called shrilly.
‘Coming mom!!!’ I shouted back. I stood up and ran down.
Yes! I have the perfect payback plan for her.
‘Kara, get off this bed right now!!!!’ dad yelled. I groaned and covered my head with the pillow. ‘Kerah!!!!!’ He yelled. I jumped up immediately.
‘I’m up! I’m up!’ I exclaimed. He chuckled.
‘Ten minutes.’ He said chucklingly.
‘Mean father.’ I shouted after his leaving figure. He gave me the middle finger and slammed my door shut. I ran to the door and locked it. I hate school, sometimes I don’t wake up so they use Kerah’s horrible yodeling to wake me up. It’s as horrible as eating pumpkin and cheese. I went back to sleep.
Few minutes later….
‘Mic testing, one, two, three.’ I heard her say from behind my door.
‘Oh no!’ I screamed. She started yodeling. I ran to the door and unlocked it. ‘I’m up now so shut up you yodel assassin!!!’ I yelled. I slammed the door and went to the bathroom leaving her to laugh at her useless success.
Today is themed pink and black!
After taking my bath and doing the necessary. I wore the pink armless turtle neck crop top with “here comes the queen” written at the front in thick black. The black mid thigh short and a mid calf heel boots went well with it. I took my mom’s black and pink bag. I French braided my hair with cool pink roses and wore a pink diamond stud. My makeup was just a black lipstick, pink eye-shadow and light powder. I added more black to my beauty mark and eyelashes too. We didn’t wear much makeup in this house. Mom’s rules. She would always say:
“Being natural is good. You must rock natural like I do.”


Who cares about makeup tho, not me. I sprayed mom’s perfume and ran downstairs. I love using my parents’ stuff, it’s a strange habit of mine. Somehow, it makes me feel confident and bold. Sorry if it sounds crazy
‘She’s finally out and looking fabulous.’ Kerah said jokingly. I rolled my eyes with a smile. ‘Where’s mom and dad you’ll ask and here’s the answer. Dad said mom went through pain all night, she just slept earlier and so he can’t leave her side until he’s sure she’s okay.’
‘If that baby turns out to be ugly after hurting mom so much, I’ll kill him.’ I said seriously. She giggled. ‘So did dad cook?’
‘Not really. He’s tired as hell too so he slept off after waking us up. I made breakfast tho.’
‘Ew! I’ll skip.’
‘What? I can cook too.’ She said poutingly.
‘You mean you can fry and burn.’ I said sarcastically heading to the kitchen. I walked to the fridge to get the bread and make us a sandwich. I saw some badly burnt toast on the breakfast table. ‘Yea you can cook.’
‘I still don’t understand what the hell cooking is all about,’ she said exasperatedly. ‘Make one for me too please.’ She added cutely.
‘Remind me to teach you how to cook before you poison your future boyfriends with your terrible cooking.’ I said jokingly bringing out the bread and Nutella. She nodded and sat down. ‘Don’t just sit, come help me.’ I snapped. She huffed and rolled her eyes.
Lazy girl.
‘Kara, can you please drop me off at Logan Ray’s restaurant?’ Kerah asked sweetly as she buckled her seat belt. I arched a questioning eyebrow at her. ‘I met a guy two weeks ago and it turns out he came to our school yesterday and blah blah, he always eat breakfast at his dad’s restaurant every day so I want to go see him there.’
‘Don’t he have a mom?’
‘She can’t cook.’
‘Just like you,’ I laughed. ‘How old is he?’
‘Fourteen.’ She said shyly. I smiled and clicked my tongue. ‘He’s my tenth never happening crush.’
‘Yea, you know you can’t date yet even if anyone asks, right?’
‘Yea I know. A little crush won’t hurt,’ she said absent-mindedly ‘Won’t you date someone? Are you still hung up on McDirtrick?’ I laughed. That’s what she calls Henry.
‘No dear, until I find that guy that won’t break my heart, I’m flying solo.’ I said laughingly. I turned into another lane.
‘I wish I was there, I would have killed him.’ She said through gritted teeth. As I said, we love each other a lot but don’t say it out loud. Once in awhile we communicate well without fighting. ‘What about those hot friends of yours? Dustbin and bighead?’ I burst into laughter.
‘Jesus Kerah! It’s Robin and bighead….I mean Ebby…’ I laughed. She shrugged. ‘Robin is in love with Lydia but won’t accept it and as for Ebby, eh! He’s out of the picture.’
‘But Ebby is f****** hot! Sometimes I compare him with Kieran and my brain end up getting hurt from conflicting too much on who’s the hottest.’ she squealed.
‘Ebby.’ I said plainly. It’s really difficult to decide who’s hotter between them but I hate Kieran so yea. Ebby.
‘You are blinded by false hatred but skip that. What about that handsome black haired boy with blue eyes? The one that hangs with Kieran, Dustbin’s brother or something?’

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‘Yes Blade!’ She said happily. Why is she so terrible at memorizing names?
‘I think he’s in love with one of my friends but I haven’t been able to pinpoint who but my big guess is Rihanna or Nina.’
‘Rihanna! They are like cats and rats!’ She exclaimed. I shrugged.
‘Like I said, just a guess.’
‘What about Lydia?’ She asked curiously.
‘She’s in love with Robin too but I don’t know about Riha. Why all these questions?’
‘I want you to get a boyfriend so shut up and answer the questions. What about Junk and Garbage?’ She asked thoughtfully.
‘John and Garry,’ I corrected. ‘They aren’t my type. John is too fat and mucky and Garry smells like a garbage yard mixed with a boy’s gym sock.’ I said disgustedly.
‘And that’s why I call them Junk and Garbage,’ she laughed. ‘So you seriously won’t date anyone?’
‘Haven’t seen anyone.’ I replied buoyantly.
‘What about Kieran?’ She asked innocently. My head snapped to her. She licked her lips and twisted it to suppress her laugh.
‘What did you say?’ I asked warningly.
‘What about Kieran?’ She repeated fearlessly. I hissed at her and she laughed. ‘Your eyes are as red as your n!poles,’ she laughed. I rolled my eyes away and focused on the road. ‘You know he’s a nice guy right?’
‘You know I can dump your ass here right?’ I asked smiling deadly. She giggled.
‘We are here anyways,’ she smiled. I stopped the car. ‘That’s him!’ She exclaimed. ‘I have to go, bye.’ She removed the seat belt while I studied the boy. He had a bowl cut brown hair and eyes and his aura told me one thing…
My little sister was going to experience her first heartbreak soon. I smiled. Live and learn.
‘Kara your bag!’ I shouted sticking my head out of the window. ‘Hey you brown-haired Logan junior dummy, wait for my sister!!!!’ I shouted. He was about to enter his car. He stopped and looked at me confusedly before averting his eyes to Kerah who was running back to the car.
‘Did you forget my name or what?’ She asked laughingly. I chuckled.
‘He’s gonna break your tiny heart.’ I told her bluntly.
‘That’s for me to worry about, thanks, sis. I L-dash dash dash you.’ She said smilingly and picked her bag. She slammed the door and ran off. Is it so hard for her to say she loves me? I tell her that like once every three years.


Stupid girl.
I started my car and drove off. A car filled with half-n@ked boys drove beside me and whistled like f****** b******s.
‘Pretty girl pullover!!!’ Two shouted.
‘Ugly boys go **** an electric pole!!!’ I shouted back and drove off faster.