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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 4

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 4

#Theme: Crazy love freaks.

Subtheme: define love – partnered up!


I got out of my car and hurried to my female besties. We’re called The Dragon Squad, firstly because our school team is called Dragons and secondly because of the mean way we treat the football team. Call it crazy but we love it. So meeee.
‘Kara!’ They exclaimed and tackled me down with a hug. We laughed, we are like sisters.
‘You are late again.’ Nina said poutingly. I gave her an apologetic look and she giggled.
‘Someone plan on beating you up today, guess who…’ Edeline said smirkingly.
‘Heather Graywood.’ I smiled.
‘Good guess.’ Lydia smiled. Heather is Kong’s new one week girlfriend. Stupid girl. Remember what I said about the names of my squad?
Lydia, Rihanna, Bianca, Nina, Shannon, Sheila, Charlotte and Edeline. Note that.
‘Let’s see her try.’ Lydia said crushing a can Pepsi with her hand. We laughed and stood up from the floor. We headed into the school, laughing and chatting when we heard…

‘My love!’ We halted with fear. It was crazy Ethan. He’s a really handsome rich dude with brain problem. Once his brian issue starts, he falls in love with any random girl he sees and you can’t stop him, one, he’s f****** strong and two he’s a psychopath. Everyone keeps their distance from him when his madness starts, him and the rest psycho people.

‘Not again,’ Rihanna whispered. ‘Please don’t be me.’ She added. He walked to us grinning widely. He was coming to me, my heart sank into my stomach.
‘Ethan! What a pleasant surprise,’ I said painfully as he hugged me tightly. I stiffened. ‘Why do you love me all of a sudden?’
‘I saw your love letter and I came to tell you that I love you too. You’re so pretty.’
‘B…b…b…but I didn’t send any…can I see it?’ I asked shakily. I was damn scared. He’s not a brute, hell no! He’s just a really really crazy guy. A genuine psychopath. He gave me the letter, I read and squeezed it.
‘My letter!’ He cried and took it. He smoothened it, my eyes watered.
‘Let me guess, Kieran.’ Lydia sighed.
‘How will I escape this one,’ I said tearily. Like I really wanted to cry. ‘Curse you Kieran!’
‘Did somebody call my name?’ Kieran asked coming out from the crowd. I huffed and hid my tears. ‘Ethan, got a new girlfriend I see.’
‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ Ethan asked dreamily hugging me again.

‘She sure is,’ Kieran drawled mockingly. ‘Say! Why don’t you kiss your bride?’ He asked smirkingly. My jaw dropped.
‘Yes! Let’s kiss!’ I pushed him away and moved back in fear. Everyone was laughing. ‘Don’t be shy honey.’ I ran away and saw Robin coming while typing his phone; I ran behind him.
‘Where’s the fire?’ He asked laughingly looking at me over his shoulder.
‘Ethan, help me.’ I begged. He clicked his tongue and stared at Ethan who stopped running after me.


‘That’s my girlfriend!’ He exclaimed. I think Robin put on his flirtatious look because he ran his finger through his hair seductively.
‘Ethan my darling, Have I ever told you that I love you?’ He asked flirtatiously. Ethan stared at him with utter confusion. ‘I’ve never fallen in love before but I did with you, I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love you Ethan, so will you be my Bae?’
‘B…b….b….b…b…but you’re a guy.’ He shuttered.
‘I’m sure we can work it out. The love between us can work so you can’t date my friend because I was the one who wrote the letter, she only wrote her name on my behalf.’ Robin smiled. Ethan stepped back.
‘Kara, your friend is crazy,’ he said fearfully and turned around. He shrieked clapping his hands and jumping. ‘New lover!’ He pointed at Heather. Her face paled out. ‘Hey you dude! Leave my girlfriend alone!!!’ He shouted at Kong. Heather took off screaming and Ethan followed. Ethan is a very fast runner, not faster than Kieran but still one of the reasons why he’s in the football team.

‘Thank you so much, Robin.’ I squealed gratefully hugging his back. He smiled looking at me over his shoulder. I raised my head and winked at frowning Kieran. He looked jealous? Nay! My brain isn’t working well.
‘You’re my hero Rob!’ Rihanna screamed hugging him too.
‘I really loved that guy,’ Robin said poutingly. We laughed and I released him. Riha linked her arms with his. ‘My girlfriend for a day.’ He smiled. She giggled and flipped her hair.
‘Shall we boyfriend?’ She asked coquettishly.
‘Let’s paint the school red.’ He said winkingly and dragged her away. Two things I noticed, the furious jealousy on Shade’s face before he stomped off and the painful look in Lydia’s eyes. Just hope this won’t cause a problem because we all know they are just kidding. Riha will never date Robin.
‘Ready to get Kieran a date?’ Bianca said smirkingly.
‘Dead ready.’ I smirked back. In school we have five crazy girls like Ethan. Lina, Mina, Pepper, Rickey, and Shena. It’s not like their craziness is worth a psychiatrist’s help, no. They are just wacko. Oh, he’s so dead. We split up after school to look for the girls. I found Lina at the football field talking to the grass. I smiled and walked to her.
‘Hey Lina.’ I called smilingly. She turned and smiled too.
‘Her Majesty.’ She bowed and kissed my foot. She’s hell crazy!
‘See that cute boy over there?’ I asked pointing at Kieran. She nodded. ‘He’s my friend and is in love with you but is too shy to speak. I can’t bear to see him dying like that so here I am.’
‘But he’s Kieran Kingston, he can’t love me.’ She lamented.
‘Yes! He’s mine!’ She squealed and ran off to him. So easy. Lydia and Nina walked to me with cocky smiles.
‘Let the show begin.’ Nina smirked bringing out her camera and Lydia her phone.
I was practicing football when I saw Lina running to me. Okay, what?
‘My love!’ She jumped on me screaming. I screamed.
‘Get it off!’ I screamed. They tried to get her off but suddenly the four remaining crazy girls came and hugged me too. They tackled me down each dragging different parts of my body. ‘Somebody please help me!!!’ I screamed. It was impossible to get them off. Lina kissed me before they finally dragged them off by they I mean Ethan, Shade, and Kong. Oscar handed me a towel to wipe my face. Crazy drooling Shena escaped from Kong’s hold and jumped on me. She successfully kissed me, like she f****** kissed me! Her mouth stinks and she drools!
I still wonder what psychos are doing in the school.

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Kong got her off and I knelt down feeling sick. I chundered convulsively on the grass. I would have to brush my teeth twenty-five times. I heard Kara’s mocking laughter, I sniffed with red eyes and stared at her, Lydia and Nicky waved their phone and camera.
Note to self; Never use such a prank again or it will backfire.
‘And that my dears are why Romeo and Juliet are one of the most famous romantic love couples in the history of love.’ Clarissa ended her boring speech. Honestly, I slept through it. Kieran who slept off too snorted while wiping his eyes. ‘Kieran? You and Kara slept throughout a romantic lecture.’ She said annoyingly.
‘What so romantic about two idiots killing themselves in the name of love.’ He snorted contemptuously. I nodded in agreement.
‘For once your useless mouth spoke something reasonable.’ I said still nodding. He glared at me, I smirked and winked at him and he rolled his eyes away. He’s so cute when he does that.
Urgh! Kara!
‘Kieran and Kara, you are both idiots. Love is amazing and wonderful and those two heroes proved it.’ She said dreamily. ‘Imagine such love, it would be epic!’
‘Okay dear Miss Juliet. Fall in love and kill yourself so your Romeo will follow you.’ Kieran said derisively. She cocked her hips and stood akimbo.
‘Okay smart pants, what’s your definition of love?’ She asked sarcastically.
‘You won’t like my definition.’ We said simultaneously ‘jinx!’ We said again. ‘Jinx again!’ Okay annoying! ‘Will you stop saying everything I say you Numbskull!’ We shouted. ‘Seriously stop! This is utterly annoying!’ We said again and crossed our arms exasperatedly. ‘I hate it when we do this.’ We said again and growled.
‘Okaaaaaay, weirdos,’ Clarissa said awkwardly. She shook it off and smiled. ‘Your definition?’
‘Love is a barbaric feeling filled with atrocious brutality and can addle ones brain so he or she can display their visible stupidity and gullibility love is a death wish to it bearer and suicidal mission because it can lead to someone jumping off a building and putting an end to their miserable and worthless life in other words love is the younger sister of death and wife to excruciating misery agony and pain…’ I said in one breath. The class fell into a pin drop silence. I bit my bottom lip and shrugged. ‘Told you you won’t like it.’ I glanced at Kieran who had an unsure and hurt look in his eyes before it quickly change to that of nothing, no emotions at all. Sometimes he confuses me with his mixed emotions.
‘What type of stupidly horrible definition is that!!!!’ Clarissa finally broke the silence with her yell. ‘You just insulted love!’ She cried. ‘Love is not a death wish!’
‘Tell that to Romeo and Juliet. Love is like being run over by a truck.’ Kieran said bitterly.
‘And have you ever been run over by one?’ Clarissa asked tapping her foot.
‘In the heart.’ He said dramatically touching his chest. What’s his problem?
‘Love is sick!’ I exclaimed.
‘Finally! You both agree on something.’ Robin chipped in, earning a glare from us.
‘Well then everyone, give a warm welcome to the first parents of our parenting class. Mr and Mrs Kingston!’ She announced joyfully.
‘Say what!’ Everyone exclaimed.
‘And if you refuse to do it, I’ll fail you for the rest of the school year and every other teacher will. You know they always do what I say.’ She said smugly. I gaped at her with shock, not believing my ears. Kieran stood up and headed to her. He laid on the floor and held her legs tightly.
‘Please Miss Clarissa, hook me up with anybody, Lina, Pepper, Nancy anyone! Even if it’s a raccoon just not her. Don’t send me to my early grave.’ He begged. Everyone burst into laughter including me. What? He looked really cute and funny. He gave me a look.
‘What? You look like a pathetic beggar.’ I said innocently. He rolled his eyes back to Clarissa’s legs.
‘Name your prise, I’ll pay anything even if it’s my glorious hair. I rather give it to you than her. The last time we got partnered up four years ago, she turned me bald.’ He cried.
‘It’s not like it was permanent.’ I said sweetly remembering bald head Kieran. I laughed out.
‘You see! She’s evil. I was bald for six months, six huge months! I couldn’t step out of my house because of fear and shame!’ He feigned soberness.
‘That’s because you somehow switched my shampoo to chicken yellow dye and it was permanent. I had to cut my beautiful long hair and I wasn’t ready to rock bald alone so together forever.’ I said nonchalantly twisting my lips.

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‘We will die before the end of the parenting trash and it’s a happy funeral day in advance.’ He said seriously
‘Sorry honey, but I think you ought to say YOU will die before then because I will be the one doing the killing.’ I said churlishly.
‘Miss Clarissa please I beg you, just spare me the pain and kill me now.’ He said dramatically. Kieran is so dramatic and childish. A act that honestly makes my heart skip.
‘Kieran you are stuck with her and you can’t fail or you’ll lose football like your dad said.’ Clarissa said defiantly. I don’t really care, It will be fun to torment him in the one way he can never defeat me at. He will accept the “position.”
Kieran is a genius, a braniac. Very intelligent and all. His dad made it clear to him that if he failed one single subject, he’ll be banned from all sport and sport is a big part of his life. Without sport, he’ll be frustrated and moody, completely worthless and unenthusiastic. Kieran really loves it and can’t bare to lose it. As for me, I’m as intelligent as a fish, just kidding. I have photographic memory that helps me remember what is taught in class but aside from that, I don’t ever study. I hate books so big and boring and that’s why my knowledge outside what I remember is like that of a coconut.
‘Krasnut!’ He exclaimed and stood up. He stared at me like he was contemplating murder or suicide. I couldn’t suppress the urge to giggle so I did and slowly broke into a laugh. ‘Shut up.’ He snapped throwing his pen at me, I dodged it and Kenny (one of the male cheerleader) received it.
‘Hey!’ He yelled.
‘Shut up.’ Kieran hissed and walked to his seat.

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‘Now that’s settled, time for parents two, three and so on,’ in case you are wondering, my friends and I almost have the same classes so we see each other more often than usual. ‘Rubbish and Lydia.’
‘My name is Robert.’ Robin corrected.
‘Don’t care. Kong and Nancy….’
‘What the ****! There must be a mis….’
‘Argue and I shall tape you to Charlotte,’ Clarissa said smirkingly. Kong gulped. He’s super afraid of her and I’m proud of that. Charlotte smiled smugly and chuckled. ‘Sheila and Ethan.’
‘Why!’ Sheila and Ethan cried. Among all the girls, when Ethan’s head is normal, he hates her and she hates him.
‘Charlotte and Austin…’ Charlotte snorted and smirked at the poor boy who was shaking. Note that among my friends the ones to be scared of were Lydia, Charlotte, Edeline, and Rhianna. ‘Oscar and Lina.’
‘Dear God!’ Oscar exclaimed and we laughed. ‘Why Clarissa? What have I ever done to you!’ He said tearily. Oh, crazy Lina is gonna have fun. Clarissa ignored him and went on with the list.
‘Rover and Sharice, Kim and Percy, Chase and Nina…’ Shannon’s and Edeline’s classes were mostly different from ours. ‘Shade and Rihanna.’

‘What the what!’ They both exclaimed.
Oh, we are so screwed.