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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 5

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 5

Theme: push up death – dodge ball.

Subtheme: golf the idiot.


Gym class, another opportune place to flex my awesome muscles and show off my amazing skills and strength. I wore the school’s gym outfit, A red joggers like short with two devils”>green streaks at each side and a yellow T-shirt with “I love EBH” written at the front in green. I ripped the short sleeves of the shirt off to give myself a little bad boy look. Girls love it. Adjusting my green headband which had my name on it, I sighed remembering what Clarissa did to me earlier in class. She teamed me up with the devil only that this devil had a set of fresh b00bs and big butt. How would I survive being alone with her without grabbing and kissing the bejesus out of her. It’s impossible! And I had to pretend to be mean and hate her. Clarry is wicked.
‘Okay, listen to everyone!’ Coach Wesley shouted. The human speaker with a sonic boom effect. ‘Today’s training will be bodybuilding for the boys. They will do thirty pushups with a girl on each of their backs and the one that can do more than that will be gym captain for the semester.’

‘You say it like push up is hard work.’ Robert scoffed.

‘It might not be hard for you but I know that 90 percent of the boys here can’t even do ten pushups, for example, Oscar and Trent…’ Coach said frowningly and we laughed. ‘I know that you, Kong, his Majesty king Kieran the great…’ He said that ironically. ‘Shade and Ethan can do more but I have other plans.’ He said smirkingly. I gulped.
‘This is not a military base coach.’ Oscar said rudely.
‘Thanks for volunteering Oscar, you will do fifty pushup.’ He smiled.
‘What! But I…’
‘You can’t make me…’
‘Seventy,’ Oscar gulped and stared at his feet. We laughed. ‘Rihanna, you are with Shade.’ The coach said smirkingly.
‘Not again!’ Riha exclaimed. Shade looked like someone who just encountered a three-headed snake. I laughed silently.
‘Oscar, I was going to give you Gina but your big mouth just landed you in Lydia’s net.’
‘No!!!!’ Oscar screamed. Lydia smirked wickedly and Robert chuckled.
‘Bianca, you and Hudson.’ Hudson smiled and winked at her. She blew him a kiss and looked away laughingly. Lucky him. ‘Heather and Ethan.’
‘Yes!’ Ethan exclaimed fist-pumping the air. We laughed while Heather burst into tears.
‘Kong and Charlotte—’ Coach said wiggling his eyebrows at him.
‘The devil is at work!’ Kong yelled holding his head. Charlotte nudged him roughly. ‘Get away from me you witch!!!” He yelled. She laughed like a true witch and punched his rib. I chuckled and drinking from my water bottle.
‘Roberto and Nancy.’
‘God of my ancestors!’ Robert exclaimed weirdly and we burst into laughter at his strange outburst, he kept calling names and then he let out the final blow.
‘Kieran and Kara.’ I heard the coach say. I choked on the biscuit I was eating while Kieran fake fainted flatly. ‘Oh you guys shouldn’t be like that, Kieran stand up.’
‘Please let me stay here, I never noticed how beautiful the floor was until now.’ He said dramatically.
‘Kieran,’ coach snapped. He sat up and raked his hair frustratedly. I hate his hair, so perfect. Silkily long with midnight black beauty and always covers his eye and brings out his s£xy red red baby lips. Mtcheeeeew, idiot. Handsome moron.
Kara you have started again.
‘Now begin.’ The coach shouted. All the guys went down and we sat on their backs. Well I didn’t, I stood there with crossed arms while Kieran sat on the floor in a crisscross position. Lydia bounced on Oscar and he fell. ‘Oscar, again.’
‘But Lydia won’t….’
‘Shut up and continue.’ Coach snapped.
‘Mr Wesley, Riha keep using my head like a drum.’ Shade complained.
‘Rihanna stop it.’
‘Coach I’m about to poo on myself,’ Robin said quaverly. His hands were shaking badly like his body. ‘Nancy is too fat.’ He cried. Totally true because Nancy was the fattest girl in the whole school. Poor Robin.
‘Shut up Roberto…Oscar again.’
‘Coach, Riha bit my ear and pulled my hair. Her teeth are sharp.’ Shade cried. I laughed, she always wears a fake vampire teeth.
‘For God’s sake! Can all of you not behave like children and get to at least ten pushups!!!’ Coached yelled furiously.
‘Easy for you to say, you’re not carrying a thousand pounds on your back.’ Robin gasped out as he shrugged to push himself up.
‘Kieran and Kara, don’t dare me.’ Coach threatened, ignoring Robin. I sat on his back gently and he grumbled before starting with his pushups. My hands were on his shoulders and I must confess that it was quite pleasing to hold, so strong and pleasurable.

I heard a snapping sound and a loud cry, Lydia broke Oscar’s arm. Coach quickly carried her up and helped him. Oscar was shedding tears like a baby. It was serious.
‘Witch.’ He sobbed.
‘Lydia why did you break his arm?!’ Coach yelled exasperatedly.
‘He called me a sour ****.’ She said angrily.
‘That doesn’t mean you….’ He stopped because of the loud thud. Robin laid flat on the floor like a dead man with Nancy laying on his head. He was muffling. Lydia gasped and ran to him, she pushed laughing Nancy off and Robin lifted his head gasping for air, he was sweating badly. We laughed but the laughter was cut short by Shade’s painful cry.
‘b****!’ He tossed Riha off but she wrapped her legs around him and twisted his body pulling his hair too. ‘Aaaaaaah!’ He howled. I attacked Kieran’s nerve and he fell down paralyzed.
‘Coach, Kara has paralyzed me!!!!’ he yelled. I smiled and stood up.
‘Kara release him.’ He ordered angrily.
‘Don’t worry, it will wear off,’ I said happily. ‘Eventually.’ I added and grinned.
‘What in the world is happening! Why did I put you all together!’ He said regretfully. ‘Okay Dodge ball in ten, boys versus girls.’ He yelled. ‘Kara, release him or you’ll be in serious s***.’ He threatened again.
Kill joy.
I tied my yellow shirt up and pulled down my knee-length short, I intentionally made mine long. I don’t like boys staring at my legs or rather my thighs. It made me feel uncomfortable.
‘Ready in five, four, three, tw…’ Lydia cut him off by throwing a ball at Kong and Riha at Shade. I threw a ball too but Kieran dodged it. I smiled and threw another one but damn his athletic agility. Hudson caught Bianca’s ball and she frowned before walking away to sit. It was a great battle between Kieran and I, honestly, I must comment on his great reflexes. How come I never noticed it before. Robin, on the other hand, was dodging the balls like it was nothing while staring at Lydia who was flirt throwing with his fellow basketball teammate. He wasn’t the type to show negative emotions but I could easily see the fury and jealousy in his face and the way he dodged the balls. He picked up a ball and threw it at the guy who fainted at impact.
‘Whoops!’ He said innocently and smiled at her. She gave him a surprised look because she obviously knew it was intentional but was confused about why. I mean Robin never does anything bad or negative, except chasing pretty skirts.
‘Oomph!’ I said when a ball hit me. Kieran hit me but it was gentle, so gentle that the hit would not even be enough to make a baby cry. Something suddenly struck me. Kieran had never hit me roughly once during dodgeball or any violent game. He was always gentle with me no matter what but I never really noticed it.
‘s*** Lydia!’ I heard Robin exclaimed, Lydia hit him. I stood there staring at the ball that hit me on the floor remembering all the times Kieran had the chance to hit me but never did. Maybe because he doesn’t ever hit a woman, yea that’s it. I shook it off and raised my head to watched him jubilate over his victory. His hair was bouncing and swaying like a fairytale Prince and my heart was…! Gross!
A ball hit my head hard and I fell.
‘Kong!!!’ He yelled at Kong who hit me, I pouted and rubbed my head dazedly. I smirked. All my friends picked their balls and threw it at him. He fell down but they weren’t done at all. They all ran to him and turned him to a kick dummy. Surprisingly, Kieran didn’t help him at all, he was staring at me worriedly and I was still dazed. Why was I noticing strange but yet cool things about him all of a sudden. Kara you need a hit on the head to remind you of who he is to you.

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Days later
Saturday morning finally came, the day of our fantastic family get together golfing, note the giant sarcasm. We were golfing at Robin’s dad country club field, so whoo. So you won’t get confuse, here’s how the family is. My parent, kieran’s and Robin’s have been friends since childhood. My mom, Kieran’s mom and Robin’s were before Lydia’s mom joined them at college where they met their husbands, the three best friends. Lydia’s dad wasn’t part of them but when he started dating her he had to be one.
My parent names are Clement and Millicent, as you know they had me and Kerah.
Kieran’s parent are Christopher and Kayla and they had Kieran and Kyla.
Principal Kristofferson is Riha’s dad and younger brother to Christopher. Her parent are divorced over an issue no one can fully understand. Riha have a younger brother, Philip.
Lydia’s parent are Owen and Kamila and she has a younger sister, Lyla.
Peter and Roberta were Robert’s parents before Roberta died. She died when he was one and Peter married Shade’s mom, Linda when they were nine, got pregnant and gave birth to his younger siblings, Albert and Alberta.
Now don’t get confuse okay?
So the parents were golfing while the younger children played somewhere else except Kerah and Lyla, they believe they were too old to play with nine to ten years old children so they sat at a corner talking about boys or something.
‘So I’m going to file my nails over there far away from dirt’s like you.’ I said directly to Kieran.
‘Or you can just say you don’t know how to play.’ Robin said lowly.
‘So you girls can’t play a simple game like golf.’ Kieran said mockingly.
‘I can play hit the Kieran piñata.’ I said sweetly waving my golf stick. He scoffed.
‘And I love playing golf the idiot.’ Riha smiled at Shade who moved back fearfully.
‘What am I holding in my hand? A thread?’ Kieran asked scoffingly. ‘Pathetic excuse for a cousin.’ He added. Lydia dropped a golf and whacked it. It hit Kieran on the back and he howled out in pain.
‘Oops! Sorry, didn’t see you there.’ She said innocently. He groaned and dropped his on the grass but I quickly whacked his back knees and he fell down. Riha pushed Shade and he fell on top of him.
‘You know Shade, you are such a girl.’ She said irritably.
‘Mom!!!!! The girls are beating up the boys again!!!!’ Robin shouted childishly.
‘Girls behave yourselves!!!’ Linda shouted. We quickly adjusted ourselves while the guys stood up.
‘Can we not fight today,’ Shade sighed. ‘I just want to rest’. Riha was taken aback by his calmness for a second before she frowned.
‘Nice try Spade, not happening.’
‘It’s Shade.’ He corrected.
‘When have I ever cared.’ She scoffed. The boys picked up their golf sticks and we ran away screaming.
‘Moms! The boys were going to hit us with their sticks!!!’ We cried. My dad groaned and yelled for the boys. They ran to us pouting.
‘Shade, why did you want to beat them with that?’ Peter asked tapping his foot impatiently. Shade gasped.
‘We didn’t do anything.’ He said defensively. They all turned to Robin.
‘Robertson who started the fight this time? Kara? Kieran or Lydia?’ Mom said glaring at me.
‘What? I’m innocent.’ I said poutingly. Lydia gave Robin a warning look, he chuckled and muttered something.
‘Robert?’ Dad asked.
‘Kieran mocked Kara for not knowing how to play golf then Lydia hit him and Kara also hit him because he wanted to hit Lydia and Riha pushed Shade…’ He paused and smiled. ‘Then I saw a bird and looked away, I don’t know what happened afterwards.’
‘Robin, don’t make me ground you again.’ Peter said angrily.
‘I’m eighteen dad, you can’t ground me but anyways, the girls are responsible for today’s fight. Lydia started it and Kara being her overprotective friends policy self also attacked blah blah they did it but Kieran pushed them by insulting them badly as for Shade…’ He paused again and smirked. ‘He hit Riha first.’ Shade must he offended him before.
‘Wow! So truthful’ Lydia said smiling deadly. He’s so dead.
‘Kara, for once in your life can you get along with Kieran and not fight, you too Lydia.’ Mom said annoyed.

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‘Why will you hit a girl!’ Linda yelled.
‘But I didn’t do it!’ Shade cried distraughtly.
‘I’m not troublesome.’ I said innocently.
‘So says the queen of pests.’ Kieran scoffed.
‘Should I show you how pest behaves?’ I challenged. He waved his golf stick with a smirk.
‘Challenge accepted,’ He smirked. ‘Come close to me and I’ll whack you with your boyfriend.’
‘You mean like this?’ Lydia asked angrily and hit Robin’s back.
‘Or like this.’ Riha smiled and whipped his leg.
‘Or like this.’ Shade growled and hit Robin’s leg again, he fell down m0aning in pain.
‘Me and my big mouth.’ He m0aned.
‘Hey don’t hit my b….friend!!!’ Lydia yelled and hit Shade super hard.
‘All of you stop it!!!!!!’ Mom roared. She gasped and clutched her stomach, grunting in pain.
‘Mom? Mom at you okay?’ I asked anxiously.
‘Millicent are you okay? Is it the baby?’ Dad asked softly.

‘I’m fine, you all want to kill me before my time.’ She said tearily.
‘Sorry mom.’ I said soberly.
‘Sorry mom 2.’ The rest chorused sadly.
‘We’ll try not to fight in fr….’ We were cut short by the golf that hit Mr P’s head, he fainted.
‘Who did that?!!!’ Dad yelled kneeing before Riha’s unconscious dad.
‘Oops! Sorry dad!!!’ Philip shouted. ‘It was accidental!!!’
‘Philip! You knocked dad out!!!’ Riha yelled. ‘You are so dead.’ she spat and ran to him.
‘Run!!!’ Philip Yelled joyfully and ran away with Albert and Alberta. I don’t know how but everyone ran off.

Two words to describe today.
Confusingly complicated.
What will Monday hold for me and Kieran? Geez! I’m scared.