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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 6

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Ever Best High Teens – EPisode 6

© Bunmi B Gabriel

# Theme : parent for a week – dead baby.

Subtheme: first flip.


I sat in class glumly. It was the day for Clarissa to give us our baby, the day I die holding in my feelings.
‘Okay K and K, here is your beautiful baby girl.’ Clarissa said teasingly handing her the baby.
‘Awwwwn! Look at you princess, you’ve got your daddy’s eyes,’ Kara said mockingly. ‘Isn’t that right daddy?’ She asked me battering her lashes. I smiled and winked at her.
‘Yea, and she’s as beautiful as her mother.’ I replied sweetly.
‘Baby, daddy said I’m beautiful. I’m blushing.’ She said sarcastically.
‘Okay that’s enough. This is the list of things you must do in other to maintain her and the places she must be taken to so you can ace your test. If you don’t take her to the places listed, you’ll fail. I’ll know if you go there so better do.’ She said sternly giving her a file. ‘Lydia come and take your baby girl.’
‘Too bad her father is useless,’ Lydia huffed glaring at Robert who chuckled. ‘Don’t chuckle, I’m mad at you.’
‘Since you can’t take my generous apology, die there.’ Robin said nonchalantly.
‘Idiot.’ Lydia spat. Is she still angry about the golf thing?
‘I want a divorce.’ Riha said irritably poking Shade’s head, how did she end up sitting so close to him? Oh yea. Clarissa made the parents sit together so I was sitting beside Kara and dying. It was technically the first time since five years that we sat together and it felt awesome. I only wish I could hold her.
‘Can I die in the labour room?’ Oscar asked with a small voice trying to get Lina off him.
‘You’re a dude man.’ I laughed.
‘I rather die than be alive with her….Lina get your hands out of my pants!!!’ He shouted. We laughed at his misfortune. Hudson was so lucky to be with Bianca who won’t give him any trouble.
‘If my baby is as fat as her, I’ll cut off it head.’ Kong hissed glaring dangerously at Nancy who happened to be his “wife.” She looked terrified and she deserve to be.
‘Can everyone be quiet and come get their babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Clarissa yelled frightening everyone. We all stared at her and I’m sure it was with a nonplussed expression. She smirked. ‘Thanks for your cooperation.’
Craziest teacher ever.
# After_school
I was waiting by my car carrying the baby awkwardly. I always carry my sister but I couldn’t remember how to carry an actual baby. Kyla’s six and this dummy is two weeks old by figure or whatever. I sighted her walking out of the school in her hot cheer uniform, a lava color and golden yellow uniform with a dragon image at the front and back. Unlike the others, she always wore a black hose to cover her legs but that didn’t stop her from looking fabulously seductive. Cheerleader’s uniform are usually hot. She waved them goodbye while cat walking to me. Where’s Lydia and Rihanna? Where’s Robin also? She don’t go home without at least one of them. She got to me with crossed arms and cocked her hips with a plain look.


‘What?’ I asked confusedly.
‘Kieran, when you were born, did your mother carry you upside down?’ I looked at the baby and grinned awkwardly. ‘Give me that…’ She snapped and snatched her from my hands. ‘You’re a terrible father.’ She hissed.
‘It’s not my baby. Go find it biological father b****.’
‘First of all, it’s a her. Second of all, you’re the father whether you like it or not and lastly, call me a b**** again and I swear by all my hair, I’ll make sure we fail this test. Got it?’
‘Yes wifey.’ I said unenthusiastically.
‘Glad we could come to an understanding. The first place to take her to is the park so hubby, pick us up by 4 sharp, nothing less.’
‘Whatever,’ I muttered. She kicked me and walked away. ‘b****.’
‘What did you say?!’ She yelled warningly.
‘I said see you later.’ I lied sharply, I can’t fail any test.
‘Good dog.’ She laughed and walked to her car. God I hate her!
I rang the door bell and waited patiently for someone to answer. Mom 2 as we all called Kara’s mom opened the door.
‘Dariel Honey, what do I hold this pleasurable surprise visit?’ She asked nervously.
‘Mom you speak like it’s wrong for me to come over.’ I said calmly.
‘When last did you come?’ She asked crossing her arms. I raised my hands up in surrender.
‘Okay okay I get it, I haven’t come to see you for a while.’
‘Almost two years Kieran, we only meet when I go to see your mom or dad.’ She said accusingly.
‘Because you have a dangerous daughter in there, remember?’ I reminded her.
‘You are bigger than this Kieran. You have to stop it.’ She said leniently.
‘I intend to soon,’ I said sincerely. ‘Anyways I’m here to pick up my pig and child.’ I said raucously. She laughed, a shoe flew out of nowhere and hit my head.
‘Butt head!’ Kara yelled. ‘Who you calling a pig?’
‘Don’t start.’ Kerah’s voice said warningly. My favourite person. I walked pass Mom 2 into the house, it was really messed up. Does Kara know she’s tying a towel?
I saw that stupid dog that poo on my shoe the other day.
‘What the ****!’ I yelled when I sighted what she was chewing. ‘Kara what have you done to our baby’!!!
Did I just say our?
I threw my bag on the bed and dropped the baby gently on the bed. I ran to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. When I returned my phone was ringing, I smiled at the caller ID
‘Ebby darling, how ya?’
‘Hi Karabel.’ He said sadly.
‘My name is Karana not Karabel, you people should get that for once.’
‘Yea whatever.’
‘Are you okay?’ I asked worriedly.
‘Glad you noticed. I haven’t ****ed anyone for weeks and it’s killing me.’ He cried, I hissed and rolled my eyes.
‘You are very stupid.’ I said mirthlessly and he laughed.
‘What? It’s true,’ he laughed. ‘My **** needs some exercise.’
‘Don’t you know how to locate an electric pole.’ I said with an eye roll.
‘I get it. I’m talking to the wrong girl.’ He said chucklingly.
‘You better know that. Why haven’t you screwed anyone since?’ I asked curiously.
‘I’ve been thinking deeply about someone and whenever I tried to get down with anyone else, that person pops into my head.’ He said sadly, I smiled.
‘Oooh! Someone’s in love.’ I said teasingly, he sighed. ‘Wait you’re serious?’ I asked quizzically.
‘Just forget about it, bye.’ He hung up. Ebby was in love! It was impossible to believe and I couldn’t call him back because whenever he cuts a call on someone it means he’s upset. He’ll call back when he’s calm. I sighed and looked at the bed….where’s the baby! I tied my towel tighter and ran out to Kerah’s room.
‘Kerah, did you take my baby on the bed?’
‘You have a baby?’ She asked puzzled.
‘Don’t be cute with me Kerah, I’m being serious here, where’s the baby doll I kept on my bed!!!’ I yelled.
‘I hate dolls!’ She yelled back. True. One thing we both have in common.
‘Clara went to your room to greet y….’
‘Clarabelle!’ We both exclaimed and the search began. Mom, Kerah and I searched everywhere but couldn’t find her, just some chewed off pieces of the baby’s body. I was panicking because Kieran was going to come any minute, we even messed up the house. I heard a doll bell. My life is screwed! Kieran hates failing and he will because of me and then he’ll get really upset and I’m doomed. I paid no attention to what he was saying until I heard him call me a pig. I threw mom’s shoe I found on the floor at his head.
‘Butt head!’ I yelled. ‘Who you calling a pig?’
‘Don’t start.’ Kerah warned. His eyes scanned my body and I felt really exposed. His eyes averted to something behind me and his eyes widened with horror. I turned around and saw Clarabelle with a chewed up doll head.


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Ah aye aye!
‘What the ****!’ He yelled. ‘Kara what have you done to our baby?!!!’ Did he just say our? ‘Kara why?’ He asked tearily.
‘It was an accident.’ Kerah said defensively. Kieran grinded his teeth and walked out angrily. Why did I adopt this stupid dog? I ran after and caught up to him. I held his arm but he pushed me.
‘Hey relax, I’ll get another baby easily,’ I said calmly. He eyed me and walked to his car. ‘**** you Kieran Kingston!’ I yelled. I walked back to my room and video called Bianca.
‘Hey, what’s up?’ She asked nervously.
‘What are you doing?’ I asked suspiciously.
‘What nothing.’ She smiled and shook her head.
‘Okay I might have done something with Hudson when he came by some minutes ago’, she said regretfully. ‘I don’t know how it happened, we just ended up having a serious make out on my couch and even almost went beyond.’ She whispered.
‘And you didn’t? You know what? I’m coming over to your place in thirty. Wait for me.’
‘Okay but please don’t tell anyone else for now, I already called Nina.’ She pleaded.
‘I’ll be there.’ I hung up and sighed. I was going to tell her about what happened but never mind. I called Clarissa and after begging for twenty minutes, she agreed to help me.
What can I say? I have a way with people.
I ran into the school breathlessly to Miss Clarissa’s office. I barged in and saw Kieran begging on his knees, this boy is kinda humble. She kept quiet watching him nonchalantly.
‘You are late.’ She said sternly still looking at him.
‘Sorry, got caught up with traffic and mom. She gave me a “talk” about my irresponsibility but here I am.’
‘How’s she?’ She asked turning her face to me.
‘Fine and more bossy. Is pregnancy always like that?’ I asked irritably walking to her. She laughed.
‘Yea it is…I remember the time my older sister got pregnant, the poor guy almost died from yelling and slaps.’ She said laughingly. I laughed too but Kieran snorted.
‘You are going to get pregnant too so shut up.’ He hissed and stood up, I shrugged and faced Clarry.
‘So Clarry darling.’ I said screamingly. She sighed and walked around to the other side of her table, she brought out a baby and walked back to me. ‘Thank you so much Clarry,’ I chirped ‘Don’t worry, God will dash you a billion Romeos and a thousand children. The Lord will butter your….’
‘Shut up stupid,’ She laughed. ‘Who are you giving a thousand children? Are you crazy.’
‘So you accept the billion Romeos.’ Kieran said smirkingly crossing his arms.
‘I didn’t day that.’ She said distraughtly.
‘Mm hm…’ We both hummed teasingly.
‘Okay I’m your 26 years old teacher and you have no right to tease me so get out of my office.’ She said blushingly.
‘One billion Romeos…’ I started singing swaying around with the baby doll.
‘One billion Romeos
One billon Rooooooo….’
‘Bom bom bom bom….’ Kieran surprisingly backed me up imitating a deep base voice.
‘Clarissa have wonderful billion Romeos
All around her
Some on top
Some under and three hundred inside….’
‘Three hundred insideeee…’ Kieran sang with his normal light voice. We sang it in a capella style. We kept singing and swaying around giddily and I must say it was so fun to tease her in song with Kieran. Who knew he had such a fantastic voice and he hates singing but his voice was awfully good
I can’t believe I said that. We finally stopped singing and clapped for our stupidity. Clarissa’s jaw was probably hitting the floor. Don’t know what’s more surprising:
We teasing her.
Kieran singing.
Or we singing and teasing her together.
Even I am surprise but by his voice, it’s like totally wow!.
‘You will both get an F,’ she declared with red face. ‘Leave.’ She said sheepishly. We both walked out laughing.
‘Hey Kingston!!!’ I shouted. He halted and twisted his body around halfly to face me, his beautiful girly smile on his face and his dimples too deep not to fall for. ‘You have a beautiful voice,’ I confessed. His mouth opened slightly. ‘Shut up.’ I said sharply. He licked his lips and smiled again. Did he just blush! I need to get my eyes checked out quickly before it gets me in serious s***.
‘So what are we going to name your daughter?’ He asked tucking his hair behind his ear girlishly. I couldn’t reply, his hair was out of his face and his eyes were so……oh my God! Kara!
‘Ugly Kara Jr?’ He asked jokingly.
‘ERM er…er…n…n…n…I…I…’ I stammered. He turned around fully and walked closer.

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‘I..I…I…I…have to go.’ I said distraughtly and pushed the baby into his arms and scurried away. I broke into a panic run when I was out of his sight. I was still running when someone caught my hand and turned me around. It was him! He held my waist tightly with his left hand and held my forearm with his other. His perfect striking electric blue eyes stared at me with mixed emotions, I couldn’t look away, I was stuck.
Rewind! Does anybody realise that I, Kara Jones was standing in the empty hallway of an empty school in Kieran, my greatest enemy’s arms? Am I crazy?
I pulled away reluctantly and cleared my throat.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked with a croaked voice. Normally I would snap but I was still dazed so I nodded. ‘You are a little bit off you know, you didn’t snap at me.’ He said as a matter of fact. I opened my mouth to speak but closed it back because I had nothing to say. ‘Okay what about we call her Kirana?’
‘Yea,’ I said lowly. ‘That’ll be good, see you later then.’ I added and ran off again.
Kara you have finally lost it.
# Fast_forward >>>>>>>>>>>>
I pushed Kerah’s door open and walked in breathing heavily. I came back from school and went straight to her room. We might not get along but she’s easy to talk to.
‘Thanks for knocking.’ She said sarcastically drying her hair.
‘Not now Kerah.’ I said stressfully. She stopped and stared at me suspiciously. She chuckled.
‘What happened this time?’ She asked continuing with her hair. I paced around.
‘So I went to see Clarissa to take the baby like I planned but Kieran was already there. Somehow we ended up singing and teasing her…’
‘Kieran sang?’ She asked quizzically.
‘I know right! I’m still surprise and his voice is A-ma-zing.’ I said dreamily.
‘Whoa.’ She breathed.
‘Anyways we left I talked he blushed I’m not sure about that he tucked his hair behind his ear…’
‘Kieran removed his hair from his face?’ She asked quizzically again.
‘Still surprise.’ I said shrilly.
‘Double whoa.’
‘Okay his eyes I stared and then I ran because my heart won’t stop beating and then he ran after me and held my waist and now my brain is not working well.’ I breathed out. She clicked her tongue and dropped her hairdryer.
‘So you finally noticed the hot side of Kieran.’ She said teasingly.
‘Kerah I need a serious sister now!!!’ I yelled maniacally.
‘Okay calm down. It’s normal for every girl to go crazy over him, he’s Kieran for God’s sake!’
‘But I’m Kara!’ I cried.
‘And a human being, it’s just simple admiration, trust me.’ She said assuredly. I breathe in and out.
‘I’m okay now, thanks sis.’ I smiled but she frowned.
‘Now get out of my room b****.’ She snapped. Here we go again.
I laughed as I pushed the baby trolley in a run. I broke Kieran’s phone so he was chasing and letting me win because he clearly knew I suck at running. Now I think about it, Kieran and I knew a lot about each other.
I hate him.
‘Gotcha!’ He exclaimed tackling me to the ground. We both fell on our backs, me laying half on him and his hand around my waist again. There goes the sparks. ‘You owe me a new phone.’ He said amidst his laugh.
‘I owe you three kicks and nine punches.’ I said breathlessly.

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‘And ten rounds of s£x’, he added drily. I nudged him. ‘Sorry, I can’t help the flirt in me.’ He laughed. I rolled my eyes.
‘One of the reasons I hate you.’ I said adjusting my head to look at his face. Our eyes met yet….God not again! What do I do now? ‘This is awkward,’ I whispered. ‘Let go of my waist.’
‘I’m not holding it.’ He whispered back.
‘Try again.’ He looked away and removed his hand before roughly pushing me to the ground. ‘b******.’ I muttered sitting up. He walked far away.
‘Check the baby!!!!’ He shouted. I sighed and knelt up, I carried the baby but she vomited on me. He burst into laughter, he knew she would puke. ‘You should learn to read the file genius.’
‘I hate you.’
‘And I love you too,’ he said laughingly. My heart flipped and I gasped, that was weird. He walked closer to me and took the baby. He cleaned it up and returned it to the trolley. I hugged him from behind and he laughed painfully. ‘Hey idiot, let go.’ He said.
‘There’s love in sharing.’ He pushed me off and turned around. I packed some vomit off my shirt and shoved it into his mouth. He fainted immediately. Oh yea, he hates dirt. ‘Kieran please wake up, I’m sorry…’ I begged tapping his cheeks. ‘Wake up.’ I stood up and took the baby water bottle, I splashed it on his face until he woke up. He sat up flustered and confused.


‘What happened?’ He asked puzzled.
‘Nothing…’ I pushed him and laid beside him after carrying Kira. I placed her in the middle.
‘Why is there doll barf on your…don’t care…’ He will flip when he realise what’s in his mouth. ‘My mouth taste weird.’ I grinned and looked away. He spat out green saliva.
‘Candy,’ I lied sharply.
‘I don’t remember l…’
‘She’s pretty.’ I said changing the topic.
‘She has h….’
‘Don’t you dare say she has my eyes,’ he warned. I chuckled. ‘Let’s go home now. I feel uncomfortable and my teeth need flossing.’ He said tasting his lips.
‘Yea,’ I agreed and stood up. He stood up too and carried her. ‘You suck at carrying a baby.’
‘Shut up.’ He muttered. ‘Where to tomorrow?’
‘Amusement park and ice cream shop. Next day, the aquarium and the next a beach and finally at home but not your place.’
‘I don’t know, maybe because somebody decided to keep a cheetah who’s in love with a ginger color as a pet.’ I deadpanned.
‘Zuma is my best friend, deal with it.’ He said childishly. I rolled my eyes and stared at his car, never knew a day I would ride in it would ever come.
‘One day he will eat you.’
‘He has been with me for four years frenemy so he won’t. He has a family now, his wife Swift gave birth.’
‘You don’t say.’ I said uninterestedly.
‘Better believe it. Speedy and Zoom.’ He said with an ecstatic pompousness. Stupid names like their owner.
‘This whole project makes me feel like you’re my annoying boyfriend.’
‘Point of correction, s£xy gorgeous boyfriend.’
You wish.


I made Kara’s heartbeat for me, I’m a hundred percent sure. I’m so happy!!!!!! What should I do next?
My mouth still tastes weird.
To be continued