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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 7

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 7

Theme: totally not expected.


I walked into my room grinning from ear to ear. It wasn’t easy to get Kara to laugh her genuine laughter but I did and the percentage of her heart actually beating for me, hopefully, was 50%. I can’t wait for her to fall in love with me. I flung myself on the bed and heard a small “ow!” What’s that? I stood up and saw that it was Philip.
‘Question, what are you doing in my room? And follow up if I may, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BED!’ I yelled.
‘Chill kid, I just wanted to sleep a little.’ He said nonchalantly. Did he just call me kid?
‘You are as annoying as your sister. How can two people be so annoying!’ I said exasperatedly. He chuckled and made himself more comfortable. ‘Philip, I can manage you and Riha coming into my house but into my room is what I will not tolerate so get out!!!’
‘Yea yea, I get it. Just let me sleep first,’ he said calmly. ‘Oh yea, I found this weird plastic bubble thingy in your drawer and I don’t know what it is. What is this thing?’ He asked curiously showing me the pack of condoms I kept in my drawer. I snatched it.
‘You were going through my things.’ I said frowningly keeping it back.
‘I was looking for something to wear.’ He said casually. I groaned frustratedly.
‘Philip, you are ten and I’m eighteen, my clothes don’t fit!!!!’ I yelled.
‘But in movies when a girl sleeps over at a guy’s, she wears the guy’s shirt or something.’ He said cutely. Why is he watching such movie.
‘Philip, I don’t know if you realize this but you are a f****** ten years old boy. Don’t you get it?’ He mouthed a “O” and laughed. ‘Please my beloved cousin, leave my room.’
‘No.’ He deadpanned.
‘Then I guess you won’t mind me letting Zuma and Swift out for a walk.’ I said smirkingly. The speed in which he flew out of the bed made him fall down and somehow tied himself up with the bedcover.
‘Help me get out of this thing,’ he cried. I Chuckled and walked to Zuma’s door. I have an extra room attached to mine. I keep Zuma and his family there when ever I got out but they sleep in my bed at night. I opened the door and he screamed with fright. ‘Mommy!!!!! Mommy!!!!! Rihanna!!!!’ Zuma ran out and jumped on me, I fell down with a laugh.
‘Zuma boy, you’ve gotten more heavy in the last eight hours. Where’s Swift?’ He looked at the door and I nodded. ‘Sleeping?’ He licked my face as a reply. I laughed. ‘Why don’t you go give my cousin over there a sweet love bite.’ I said smirkingly pointing to Philip. His scream increased as he cried convulsively. Riha ran in and seeing Zuma strolling to her wrapped up crying brother, she screamed and fainted. I knelt up only to fall back down again because of my uncontrollable laughter. I wish the guys could see this.
‘Dariel!!!!’ Mom yelled. She was standing at the door. She ran to crying Philip and patted Zuma’s head. ‘Go back in there.’ She whispered. He licked her hand and ran back into the room. She untied Philip and carried him. ‘Dariel you are heartless!’
‘That’s just a warning mom, you know Zuma will never bite anyone without me saying so.’
‘And you would have said so.’ She said accusingly.
‘It was funny,’ I laughed. She hissed and walked out. I stared at Riha and laughed more. ‘You forgot one!!!’ I shouted.
Can this day get any better?
# Next_day
I watched Kara keenly as she brushed her hair humming dreamily. I don’t know if she realize that the places in the list are lovers zones, Clarissa was trying to get them to fall in love with each other. Kara is smart, she probably knew but believe it won’t affect her.
Since when does she hum love songs?
‘Yes Pumpkin?’ sweet name too. Wow!
‘How was the park yesterday?’ I asked suspiciously. Her hands paused as she stared at her reflexion thoughtfully. Kara will never take a halt before denouncing him. She smiled widely.
‘It was awfully nice.’ She said lowly.
‘Why? The wind? The grass? The animals? The baby? The Kieran?’ I asked jokingly. She chuckled, she f****** chuckled. Kara didn’t snap at me when I teased her about Kieran.
This is serious!
‘He was really nice and really sweet,’ she said absent mindedly. ‘I realised a lot of things I should have a long time ago and it’s welling up a new feeling in me. It wasn’t bad at all.’ She confessed again. I smiled to myself and dropped the baby.
‘So where to today?’
‘Aquarium and amusement park,’ she said smilingly. ‘I’ve never gone there with a boy other than Robin and Ebbison before.’
Light bulb.
‘I’ll go check on Clara to make sure she’s not destroying anything.’ I said calmly. I ran to the kitchen to meet mom. She was cooking while sitting on a stool. We need a maid to assist her. She stood up and walked to the fridge.
‘Mom.’ I said softly hugging her from behind.
‘Headache number two, what is it?’ She asked drily.
‘Can you please tell Uncle P to always assign Kieran and Kara together in everything?’ I asked poutingly.
‘Why? Want a funeral?’
‘No mom, this baby thing is going well and she’s starting to like him.’ She looked at me over her shoulder and shrugged.
‘I have another child coming anyways. If one dies, it won’t hurt.’ She said lucidly. I laughed and tickled her. ‘Aaaah!’
‘I’m so sorry mom, why don’t you sit let me assist you instead?’
‘So you can burn down my kitchen, thank you but I’ll manage.’ She said churlishly.
‘Just supervise me, mom.’
‘Alright.’ She said lowly. My mom’s not a housewife, don’t be mistaken. She was going through a really painful pregnancy section so staying home was the doctor’s prescription.
Okay, cooking is not my thing.
‘Kara!!!! I’m going to burn down the kitchen if you don’t come help mom cook!!!!’ I shouted.
‘Don’t you dare touch anything Kerah!!!’ She shouted back. ‘I’m coming mom!!!’
‘Tuk tuk tuk,’ mom clicked pitifully. ‘Lazy girl.’
Am I lazy?

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Three days was out of our parent week. Kara was taking me somewhere. She walked quietly swinging a drumstick skillfully between her slender fingers. I carried the stupid doll; she would hit me with the stick that is whenever I said or did something wrong.
She was beautiful.
Her long ginger and slightly red hair swayed and bounced behind her in it glorious curled ponytail; she never lets her hair down. She wore a simple custard yellow flare gown with vertical neckline and red sneakers with no makeup at all. I’ve always admired her habit of no or less makeup. it was unique to me because when you see her glowing in beauty and sophistication, you’ll know it’s absolutely natural.
‘Kara….’ I called calmly.
‘Shut up.’ She deadpanned.
‘But I’m bored.’ I whined childishly.
‘Still shut up.’
‘Why are we walking along this stupid street again? It’s so l…..ow!’ She hit me with the stick. ‘You are insufferable,’ I murmured. She hit me again. ‘You know I don’t like being bored.’ I cried.
‘Why don’t you quiet down and listen to the music in the street.’ She said rather suggestively.
‘There’s no music coconut head.’ I scoffed. She took in a deep breath.
‘The movement of everyone is the music. Just listen to the sounds and shut out every negative ones and empty your mind. The music will give you peace and relax your nerves. You need it Kieran.’ She whispered softly.
‘I’m not a fan of music, why do I need it?’ I asked plainly.
‘You are thinking Kieran, I’ve noticed it and that’s why we are here, you just have to shut up and listen to the damn music and be relaxed you vagabond,’ she snapped. ‘For once Kieran, just listen to me.’
‘Fine,’ I said lowly. I’ve been thinking about you and Kyla, I so wanted to tell her but held my peace. I closed my eyes and did as she said. ‘Wow!’ I breathed out when I finally heard it.
‘Mm hm,’ she said smugly. ‘Music can be made out of anything, even the sound of your breathing. Combined with other sounds, it becomes magical.’
‘I honestly still don’t care,’ I replied opening my eyes. ‘It is nice tho.’
‘My mom and dad used to come here a lot. It was their great lover spot and my dad showed me four years ago. It feels like magic whenever I listen to music, this whole place is magical.’ She gushed with a faraway look. I looked around the street and smiled. It was lit with dim lights and lanterns. Different people shade their business while some played guitars and dance. It wasn’t much but being there that moment with her was much more. She stopped abruptly and pointed the stick threateningly at me. ‘Just because I showed you this doesn’t mean we are friends and certainly you can’t go bringing your sluts here or your idiotic friends. If I find out you did, I will so break you for everything you have got and this is not a bluff.’ She said seriously, she meant what she said to the core.
‘Since we are here, we should visit the next two streets. My favourite restaurant is there and I’m starving.’ I said with my best boyish grin.

‘Hey! Don’t bring anyone here.’
‘I won’t.’ I sighed. I’ll return here with you soon. Just wait.
‘Better, now let’s go.’ She said smilingly. I didn’t come with my car, I insisted we take a walk which she agreed to easily. I took her hand and fortunately, she removes it. I smiled and led her to the restaurant. I was holding her hand tightly like my life depended on it and the greatest part was that she didn’t retaliate. The restaurant belonged to a Frenchman in his mid-thirties, cheerful and good looking for his age, not that I…..whatever.
‘Master Kieran!!!’ He shouted the moment we walked in. He loves me just like everyone else. I seem to attract more adult males than females which are a very weird and strange trait or don’t you think so? It’s a good thing I haven’t come across any gay yet because then I will really be in serious trouble. ‘Ah! Who is this embodiment of beauty? The queen of the stars whose eyes glow like the shining sun?’ He asked jokingly.
‘Bonsoir.’ Kara greeted.
‘Mademoiselle, my humble name is Revile Hugo Dante and I give you a warm welcome to Revile’s stomach hunt.’ He said bowing slightly taking her hand. He kissed the back but refused to drop it.
Did I forget to mention that he’s a big-time flirt?

‘I’m Karana Jones but you can call me Kara or KJ.’ She said shyly.
‘Sacre Bléu!’ He exclaimed. ‘Isn’t she the gorgeous diablé you speak about like all the time?’ He asked quizzically.
‘Hot devil?’ She asked seethingly, shooting me a glare.
‘Oh mes excuses if you are not her. Don’t want to ruin your relationship.’ He apologize sincerely.
‘She’s not my g….’
‘Just give me food, I’m hungry.’ She inter£cted huffily.
‘This way madame,’ he smiled and took us to a two chair table. ‘Can I ask what the enfant is all about?’
‘It’s a school project or whatever.’ I replied. We got to the table and I tried to sit but he kicked the chair away, I fell down on my butt. ‘Ouch! What did I do?!’
‘When you bring a beautiful lady to a restaurant, you don’t just sit without pulling out her chair be it she is your girlfriend or not, it’s rude.’ He said sternly switching from French accent to New Yorker. Kara grinned.
‘Yes, teach him some manners….’
She said gigglingly. ‘He needs to know how to treat a woman with respect.’
‘Of all the life Frustration,’ I muttered and she laughed at my choice of word. ‘I rather date a pig.’

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‘That can be arranged. Should I get you our pig at the back kitchen? She’s single and searching,’ he said tauntingly. ‘You can be classless enough to date a pig,’ he snorted. ‘Kieran you have disgraced all that flirts stand for.’ He said pitifully. She burst into laughter.
‘Monsieur you are funny.’ She laughed.
‘Can you just get me something with a lot of flesh so I can imagine it’s her.’ I said nettling.
‘Why? Can’t get enough of her in bed.’ He taunted again and she laughed.
‘Revile!’ I gasped.
‘Shut up boy. Keep your bed scene to yourself, not everyone is interested.’ He scoffed, switching to Australian accent, he has that problem. He put on his charming smile and faced her again. ‘My beautiful darling,’ he took her hand and kissed the back again. ‘What will my treasure have?’
‘Can I just get fries and hot chilly sauce?’ She asked blushingly.
‘Anything for milady.’ He kissed her hand again and she giggled blushing at the same time.
Code red red red red red red!
He’s flirting with my woman! She’s like ten…I mean seventeen!
‘Aren’t you too old to flirt with a teenager.’ I said through gritted teeth.
‘Age is nothing but numbers, isn’t that right belle?’ He asked with a flirtatious tone. She nodded eagerly and he winked at her.
Kara blushed again! Arch!!!!
‘Will you stop that? It’s gross.’ I said giving him a warning glare. He licked his lips and smirked.
‘Kara honey, do you want me to stop?’ He asked flirtatiously, switching to British accent. She shook her head shyly. He took her hand again but this time he kissed from the back of her palm to her forearm and she enjoyed it.
‘We’re in public!’ I whispered yelled. ‘This is teenage harassment.’
‘Mind your business Kieran.’ Kara snapped. I huffed and crossed my arms
‘What will you have Kieran?’ He asked innocently.
‘Your head.’ I deadpanned venomously.
‘Your head it is,’ he smiled. ‘Trust me Kieran, if I’m flirting you’ll know.’ He said smirkingly and winked at a lady at another table. She giggled and covered her face before he walked away.
‘You didn’t stop him!’ I flared at her.
‘A chance to see your face turn red in anger is something I will never throw away and plus, he’s so handsome and dreamy.’ She sighed dreamily and placed her hand on her chin.
‘So you will happily get down with him?’ I said more than ask.
‘Nope,’ she popped. ‘He’s not my type, cute but not my type.’
‘What sort of men is your type?’ I asked nervously.
‘Men who care and love wholely. Men who aren’t proud or bear the name Kieran.’ She said rolling her eyes. I smiled but her words broke my heart.

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‘It was fun to tease you through Trevino.’
‘Revile.’ I corrected
‘I like it that way.’ She shrugged and turned to stared at Revile who was coming with our orders.

‘Bon appetité.’ He bowed, French accent back on. I opened my tray and screamed when I saw a dead pig head.
‘Revile!!!!’ I yelled.
‘You said you wanted a head,’ he said innocently filling Kara’s glass with wine. ‘Did I misread that?’

‘Just take this away.’ I huffed. Kara laughed.
‘You are such a gentleman.’ She awned. He laughed and left with the tray. She giggled and faced a guy beside our table, a flirtatious smile gracing her lips. She found joy in flirt-drinking with him.
Stupid girl!