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Ever Best High Teens. Episode 8

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Ever Best High Teens – Episode 8

© Bumni B Gabriel

Theme : debt – IOU


I drummed my fingers thoughtfully as I stared at Kieran playing with the doll baby like it’s actually a real one. I must admit, he would be an excellent dad. His future children would enjoy his time and care, that’s if he stops flirting about. Sometimes I feel like he intentionally flirt around because of me. I’m crazy to think that but I can’t help it.
We finished eating a long time ago but decided to just stay back and relax or rather I decided to stay back and admire Revile and flirt with the three cuties at the other table. Flirting isn’t all bad.
‘Can you stop staring at Revile like that? He’s too old for you.’ Kieran sighed not removing his eyes from the baby. I’m not really a baby person but I love babies. I averted my gaze to him and smirked.
‘How is it your concern?’
‘He’s a flirt Kara.’
‘Your senior in the business.’ I sneered. He sighed and dropped the baby back in it carrier.
‘I know but he’s….well….suit yourself.’ He scoffed and looked at his finger. ‘Let’s go…’ He said upsettingly. ‘And if you wish to stay, your wish.’ He stood to leave but Clarissa walked in. Her eyes landed on us immediately and she grinned.
‘K and K!’ She shrieked and walked to us.
‘Clarry my love!’ Kieran shrieked and spread his hands wide for a hug, she pushed him back on the chair.
‘Do you want to be slapped?’ She asked cocking her hips. We chuckled. ‘Eating dinner with your baby huh?’ She asked tapping Kira. We nodded bitterly. ‘Good. I’m here to pick up my or….’
‘Clarissa!’ Revile exclaimed from a distance. He ran to us with a giddy smile. ‘You came!’ He said happily with an American accent. Kieran and I exchanged knowing looks. ‘I thought you wouldn’t co…’
‘I only came to pick up my order.’ She deadpanned.
‘Oh,’ he said disappointedly. ‘It’s with Sarah, get it from her.’ The sadness that took over his joyful smile was shocking. He looked like an abandoned puppy and worse is that Clary didn’t care.

‘Whatever,’ she hissed and walked away. Revile smiled painfully with tears in his eyes.
‘I’ll be in my office Kieran, we’ll talk next time.’ He said sadly with a Russian accent and walked away. Kieran tapped my shoulder.
‘How many accent does he have?’ I asked myself.
‘I’ll be back.’ He said hastily and ran after him. I waited until Clary came back.
‘Bye Kara.’
‘No, let’s have a heart to heart talk,’ I said suggestively and tapped the seat beside me. She laughed and sat down. ‘Care to share?’
‘He claims he is in love with me and all those bulls*** but I know he just wants my body,’ she said certainly. ‘To top it all, he’s too old.’
‘He’s thirty seven.’ I said guessingly.
‘He likes telling everyone that but it’s a lie, he’s thirty three.’ She smiled. I mouthed a “O.”

‘And how is that old? You’re twenty six.’
‘To me, it’s too much age gap. Anyways, I won’t let any man fool me.’
‘Sorry to say this but you are the fool not to realise who truly loves you. Think it through calmly and you will realise it.’ I said honestly. She stared at me unsurely for a while and rolled her eyes.
‘I can’t date anyone that can’t control his libido.’
‘Everyone deserves a chance and that special someone that can change them.’ I said calmly. She smiled and stood up.
‘Now take those words and manifest it in your life. Bye Kara.’ She smiled and walked out. What does she mean by that? I was still pondering on what she meant when I felt the presence of someone not Kieran. I looked up and frowned.
‘McHenry.’ I spat out like his name was poison in my mouth.
‘Hello girlfriend,’ he said mockingly. I frowned and crossed my arms. I can’t talk back at him, I just don’t know why. ‘So you are still alive,’ he said disgustedly. ‘I thought you would commit suicide or something, and where are those b****es of yours?’
‘One is behind you.’ Kieran’s voice said acidly or was it contemptuously? Either one but it was filed with hatred.

‘Ah! Kieran, are you screwing this cheap b**** now?’ Henry asked tauntingly. My eyes watered because I knew Kieran would happily mock me too now there was an opportunity. I can’t bear such mockery.
‘She’s neither cheap nor a b**** so watch your damn mouth b******.’ Kieran hissed venomously shocking the life out of me.
Did he like just defend me?
‘What?’ Henry said bemusedly.
‘You heard me right you piece of trash, don’t you ever insult my girlfriend again or I’ll destroy you and everyone you care about.’ Kieran threatened deadly. Henry stared at him nonplussed for a while. I was worse. He would have insulted me, everyone knows that!
‘Are you seriously dating her?’ He asked surprised.
‘Yes and so bloody what? Get out of here and in the future when you see her don’t ever talk to her.’
Henry scoffed.
‘You have always been a cheap whore Kara, so easy to deceive and I’m s…..’ Kieran cut him off with a uppercut. Henry staggered back and moaned in pain.
‘You b******! I just told you not to ever call her names!!!!!’ He roared and pounced on Henry, punching the life out of him and Henry being a weakling couldn’t fight back. I stood up with hand over my mouth as they tried to separate Kieran from the almost dead boy woefully.

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He was furious!
Kieran was angry.
He was f****** angry for the second time since I met him and it was because someone insulted me. I couldn’t take it all in. The shock, the shock and the shock! Why would he defend me? Why do I have to feel grateful? Why did my heart skip when he called me his girlfriend? Why does he care? Why am I happy about everything? I shook my head and ran out of the restaurant blindingly. I didn’t even know where I was running to, I just ran.
‘Karana!’ I heard Kieran yell but I didn’t stop running. I didn’t know what was controlling me and it was scary. A hand pulled me back forcefully and I crashed on a hard wall. It was Kieran, we both fell on the ground with him under. He hit his back too hard on the ground and I heard some cracking sound. My head was ringing as I about took in my surrounding.
I ran into the road and almost got run over by a car. Die instantly run over type of accident but he saved me.
‘Are you crazy?’ He asked still angry. ‘You almost died!!!!’ He yelled and groaned in pain. I blinked dazedly, he held my waist and helped me up gently. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked softly.
‘Are you okay?’ I repeated his question to him with tears rolling down my cheeks. He saved me. Revile ran to us and held him.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked him worriedly.
‘I’m fine, just diz…..aaaah! My back…’ He cried.

‘You must have hit your back too hard. Kara why did you run off like that? Are you mad?’ Revile asked angrily with an American accent again. I only stood there sobbing.
Look what Henry made me do.
‘He’ll be fine, just need some rest.’ Ourr family doctor and my mother’s only younger brother, Pascal said calmly.
‘What about his back?’ Kieran’s mom asked worriedly.
‘It will heal in time just have to stay put in one place for a while.’ Pascal replied.
‘What about Kara?’ Mom asked caressing Kyla’s hair.
‘She’s still in shock and will be fine.’ Kyla left mom and walked to me. She held my hands with a smile, she’s Kieran’s six years old sister remember?
Kyla had health issue, she can’t talk to anyone except Kieran. She can play around her parents, my mom, me and Rihanna but Kieran was the only one that had the privilege to hear her voice. He really loves her a lot.

‘Mom please go home and rest.’ I finally spoke. They sighed with relief. ‘I will stay and watch over Kieran.’
‘Are you sure? You are not okay either.’ Linda (Shade and Robin’s mom) said anxiously. I smiled at her.
‘Mom 3, I’m fine really, rattled but fine.’ I assured her. She smiled.
‘Kyla won’t leave Kieran, you know that right?’ Mom asked Mom 2. (Kieran’s mom)
‘She can’t stay too long in a hospital, she’ll faint.’ She replied distraughtly. It’s hard having a daughter who is afraid of almost everything and won’t talk to anyone but her brother.

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‘She’s afraid of nurses and doctors, just keep them away and she’ll be fine,’ I said lowly. ‘I will take care of her, you all just go home and rest.’
‘You need it too Kara.’ Pascal said tenderly.
‘And I will get it while looking after them, it’s my fault he got hurt this bad.’ I said regretfully.
‘It’s okay my dear,’ mom said tenderly and kissed my forehead. ‘I will send Kerah over at dawn, you need her.’
‘Don’t tell her that,’ I said smilingly. She chuckled. ‘Now hurry up before she ends up preparing dinner for dad. You will lose your husband.’ I said jokingly. They laughed.
‘Kerah still can’t cook?’ Linda asked laughingly. Mom chuckled.
‘We will leave now honey, don’t cry okay? Kieran will be fine.’ Mom 2 whispered to Kyla and she nodded tearily.
Poor child.
Wanna know why she is like that? Our guess is that because she was kidnapped as a child and Kieran went crazy until he found her himself is the reason she is scared and closer to him
Or something else. Either way she’s suffering and I’m worried about Kieran.
This is ridiculous!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I placed Kyla and Kira between Kieran and I, she was playing and cuddling the doll.
‘Do you like her?’ I asked softly, she nodded. ‘Why? Thought you were afraid of dolls?’ She clicked her tongue and stared at Kieran. Her eyes watered. ‘Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.’ She shook her head negatively. I carried her up to sit on my stomach. ‘Kyla do you know I love you?’ She nodded. ‘Do you love me?’ She nodded again. ‘What about your parents?’ She giggled and clapped her hands. ‘You are cute.’ She tilted her head and grinned then pointed at Kieran questionably. ‘He’s ugly,’ I scoffed. She pouted and hit my head. ‘Okay, I must admit he’s really good looking…’ She hit me again. ‘You really want me to say it right?’ She crossed her arms with a stern face. ‘Okay, Kieran Dariel Kingston is a very very very very very very very a thousand time more very handsome and good looking and really cute guy, happy?’ She laughed and jumped on my stomach. I smiled. ‘Kyla you really need to stop hurting everyone that loves you. Your mom, your dad, your brother, my mom and dad, Riha and me. You don’t talk to us and is very scared of everything. You need to learn to be bold and defend yourself and even tho you can’t, we are all here to protect you’. She shook her head negatively with glistening eyes. ‘I know you are scared of what happened back then, you always had a sharp memory just like your stupid brother…’ She hit me again. ‘I’m sorry, just like your handsomely wonderful brother Kieran…’ I rolled my eyes. ‘You were four and they did that to you, almost being killed but it’s in the past now.’ She held my collarbone tightly and let the tears dropped. ‘Didn’t Kieran come to save you? He did and in that way we will always be there for you. Our four dramatic moms, our crazy dads, brothers and sisters will be there to save you. Even your Superman….’ I stopped and scoffed. She thinks Kieran is Superman. ‘So don’t be scared please.’
‘B….b…b…but Kieran is n…n…n…not gonna be okay.’ She sobbed.
‘He’s going to, I promise.’
‘Pinky sunshine and holy heaven promise?’ She asked cutely with a tiny voice, her voice is really sweet. I nodded.
‘With an extra cherry blessed angel to go.’ I smiled and crossed our pinkies.
Can someone explain what the hell we just said? I don’t even know what am saying, I’m just letting words fly out of my mouth and it’s creepy but working anyways.
‘Now let’s sleep.’ I carried her down and patted her back as I crooned softly until she fell asleep. The thought of him saving and defending me was tormenting me because a new and powerful trait of gratitude, love, care and trust was growing in my heart and the most scary thing about it was that I liked it. I sighed heavily and stared at him sleep peacefully with a slightly open mouth. He looked so cute and adorable. I stretched my hand and removed his midnight black hair from his eye. He’s so handsome! The male version of his mother; Kyla looks like their mom too just that they both had their dad’s hair color and eyes. He is way more handsome than Ebby and it feels good to say that. I hate myself for actually thinking he’s hot and all and for wanting to kiss his red lips. So much like cherry.
I love cherry.
I closed my eyes and placed my hands on my heart trying to steady my breath. Kara you are messed up.

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I opened my eyes with a wince. Jeez! Did a rock fall on my head? Why am I in a hospital? Maybe it’s my imagination. I sniffed the air and scrunched my nose. Definitely a hospital but what am I doing here? My vision was blurry and my back and elbows were on fire. I turned to the other side and yelped out in pain. What happened to me? Why am I in so much pain?
‘Kieran, please don’t move.’ a familiar feminine voice pleaded.
‘Who are you? Why am I here? Why do my body ache allover?’ I interrogated the person.
‘You don’t remember?’
‘What do I need to re….’ I paused when everything came flooding in excruciatingly. That ungrateful b****! She’s not even here to assist me after I almost killed myself to save her.
Love sucks like a sore ****!
I mean like not love. I am so not in love with her, never!
‘Kieran you are hurting yourself, please don’t move.’ That voice snapped. I know that snappy voice but it can’t be, right? I turned to the other side to get a better view of the person but Kyla was the first person I saw.
‘What’s she doing here? She will faint!’ I panicked which sent a strong excruciating pain wave through my brain. I whimpered and sniffed in tears. I tried to sit up but was forcefully pushed down. I heard a crack sound and I’m sure my back bone just broke. I screamed in pain.
‘My God! I’m so sorry….’ The person sobbed. I ignored the pain and turned my head to see the same person I thought will never come. She was crying with hands cupping her mouth. Kyla was up now and flustered. ‘Kieran, this is my fault and am really sorry.’ She sobbed more.

‘You are here?’
‘You don’t expect me to leave you after saving my life, right? I’m not heartless Kieran.’ She said wiping her tears. I smirked despite the pain.
‘Kieran are you hurting badly?’ She asked crying too. She’s talking in front of Kara?
‘No, I’m fine my love but when someone do something for you what will you do?’
‘Appreciate the person.’ She replied wiping the tear out of my eyes. I smirked more and Kara cursed under breath.
‘You are unbelievable,’ she said through gritted teeth. ‘Thank you for saving me but you don’t have to be a **** about it.’
‘I don’t have to but I choose to.’ I said smirkingly. She shook her head.
‘You are in pain but still find it pleasing to annoy me.’ She said amusedly. I shrugged but winced at the pain. ‘See what I mean.’
‘If I don’t tease or annoy you, who else will?’ I asked smugly. She chuckled. ‘I only wish I can record this magical moment. The day Karabel Jones smiled and thanked me wholeheartedly. I’m deeply touched and impressed.’

‘Don’t push your luck,’ she warned. ‘And it’s Karana.’
‘Don’t spoil the fun of a half-dead man,’ I replied. She rolled her eyes. ‘Am I going to be okay? Is my condition really bad?’ I asked with little concern. ‘Will it affect my sports life?’

‘No. You just need to stay put and let your bones heal.’
‘Did they break that bad?’
‘No, they cracked but didn’t break or move out of position.’ She replied satisfyingly. I sighed with relief.
‘I can see you took care of me all night wifey,’ I said happily changing the lame topic. She smiled genuinely, she really smiled! ‘You know you owe me right?’
‘Yea I know but for now you are under my mercy.’ She said smirkingly.
‘You are kidding, right?’ I asked fearfully. She hit my elbow and I hissed painfully. ‘**** you Kara.’ I groaned.

‘This is my way of repaying my IOU. So Mr Kingston, do I still owe you?’ She asked with a lopsided smirk. I gulped.
Heavens save me.